Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy | Late Penalty Drama! | HIGHLIGHTS

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    Two teams sitting just outside the top seven in the MLS Western Conference. LA Galaxy visit the Colorado Rapids at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park as both teams look to increase their playoff chances.

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Lavduri Symons

      Awesome job. Thanks heaps. I really like watching basketball. :)

    2. Pine Dunes

      Horrible penalty... embarrassing

    3. Reeno

      Did someone of the officials order a pizza or why did they give 10 minutes extra time?

      1. salman Khan

        Reeno 🤣🤣😁🤣🤣😁🤣😁

    4. Lazy D

      LA got robbed on that supposed "penalty". I'm a fan of VAR, but not when it's not even used right.

    5. Mike DeBrosse

      Terrible refs

    6. TH3 KiiD

      The referee system is a joke! I know I reff Development Academy!

    7. Shawn McMahon

      These refs should be investigated for match fixing

    8. Arz2003

      Super bad call Terrible

    9. Linjay Peres

      Pesima esa liga

    10. Unknown Person

      What was Bingham tryi,ng to do at the first goal? What a terrible keeper!

    11. Robert Glass

      So, I haven't seen an MLS match in a long time. But it's Friday and I turn on ESPNDeportes to see a match in the 80th minute and I think, "hmm, I can watch this for a minute." Now keep in mind that I could care less about teams in the MLS, I don't know who is good or if there are playoff implications or what. Anyway, I won't be watching MLS matches again anytime soon. Your league will only ever be as good as the officiating. I actually hope that the referee was coerced by the mafia or something, because that was horrible. At least he has an excuse if he was coerced. But if the referee thinks he actually made good calls, and after looking at the replays (or I guess not bothering to check the dive), then I fear that the MLS will never improve. That was disgusting.

    12. Ramon Hernandez

      North american football is a joke

    13. guess-who

      How is it that he gives a yellow for a foul he didn't see, but gives a penalty and doesn't review it???

    14. Wederson de Paula

      1:37 this is NEVER penalty.

    15. Khang Ho

      Ibrahimovic was invisible in the match.

    16. Dante Martinez

      all controversy aside are we not gonna talk about how Basset has yet to even get a sniff from the National team or europe ????

    17. Big White


    18. Sean Porter

      Don’t spoil the game in the title. Please?

    19. Kyriakos George

      MLS IS A JOKE OF A LEAGUE, Also its called Football not Soccer.. YNWA


      Hahaha lol.Zlatan is really bad.I posted today my first ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC MIX and it is with PANINI.Bad skills!Please go check out the work of a beginner youtuber and encourage please if I deserve it.I am open to every comment.Thanks guys

    21. Nate Raymond

      MLS is a joke


      I thought there is a rule about taking dives? Well, I guess if the ref is going to make the mistake of calling it a PK, then he is also not going to see the dive.

    23. RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me

      Shinyashiki makes Michael Phelps look like a three legged turtle with that diving ability

    24. Skeet Starr

      Awful call


      The first goal said Andre shinyashiki

    26. Francesco Solimano


    27. michael V

      Such a terrible ref smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

    28. Hector Valencia

      American goal keepers suck

    29. SportNut

      If the ref refused to go to VAR on a call like this, he must be fixing the match

    30. Manny 121

      No replay for the kick to Rolfs head?

    31. Angel Barba

      But I bet if Messi did that everyone would go crazy and say he's the best in the world

    32. Jovane Cisneros

      Wow no VAR not that Pk !!! #99 Colorado player felll down on his own foot steps

    33. StevenyGabby Perez

      LA GALAXY is the most frustrating team in MLS. Yes they got screwed but they should still beat Colorado.

      1. salman Khan

        StevenyGabby Perez boss who u think r best 3 defender Currently in la Galaxy who can save Tonight match !?

    34. Steven Gale

      IMO VAR couldn't conclusively show that there was not a foul on the Rapids PK. There was only one angle shown, and the screen was very crowded. I also thought that it looked on the replay like #21 may well have clipped the back of Shinyashiki's heel causing him to tangle his feet and go down, which would be a penalty. The replay did not rule that out at all, so the original call had to stand. Full disclosure, I am a Rapids fan.

    35. Jon petter

      Bad refeering

    36. sub to me for no reason

      F the referee

    37. Adam


    38. Luke Pitts

      That penalty call was ass

    39. Dreamer K

      Great game by Colorado Rapids.

    40. m g

      so not a penalty

    41. Victor Valencia

      MLS has the worst refs, what are the requirements to get hired? AYSO experience?

    42. Fact Channel

      0 to 78 minutes dang that first half must have been boring

    43. tubetella123

      It was a clear penalty that is why they did not take it to VAR. If you play back at .25x speed you see the right leg of Galaxy #21 hit the back of Colorado’s #99 right leg thus making him fall.

      1. tubetella123

        At exactly 2:08-2:09 you can see it happen. 0.25x playback speed

    44. Justin Chaney

      i just love looking through the la fanbase crying about being beaten again by the rapids. it's actually so dumb that the rapids can do so well against LAFC and the Galaxy but lose to everybody else. Glad Frasier is fixing the team.

    45. Giovanni Osbourne

      Joke. That was a free goal. How is that a penalty?

    46. Marcos S Rojas

      ??? Why was the penalty call not reviwed ????

    47. Team Forte

      LA is out !

    48. Brian T.

      Worst than the bs penalty call, We got a loss from the Rapids... The Rapids!?

    49. Luis Fernando Lucero

      No fué penal, qué mal arbitraje por favor,los galaxy tendrían que haber ganado!

    50. Chewsba

      Competition ruined by refs. Love to see it

    51. Felix

      This looks like WWE, fake and rigged beforehand

    52. CP3 originale

      How the hell did the Crapids get a penalty for a dive and LA doesn't get one for a kick in the chops?!!!!!

    53. 50Cent0313

      All the comments are about how the bad the ref was and I agree but more focus should be on the player who blatantly dived and diceived the ref. He should be retrospectively punished to deter that type of cheating in the game.

    54. Arturo Manjarrez

      Solo LAFC, Galaxy LPQP

    55. Cameron Clemmer

      That penalty call was a joke.

    56. Ryan

      Good game LA, Colorado rising up hopefully to the playoffs

      1. M18 Hellcat

        We'll have to win every single game, and have at least 2 playoff contenders lose most of theirs to get a playoff spot. Sucks, that if we had just won a couple more we'd be with the other teams fighting over spots 2-7.

    57. Angel Rodrigez

      13mins of extra time pathetic

    58. 90745


    59. oz *

      MLS REFS !💀

    60. Vicente Mendoza

      You are a shame for the l.a city

    61. J T

      Falling down is now deserving of PKs? Nonsense.

    62. Alternativo brazil

      Brasil 🙂🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    63. Nicolas Le Faucheur

      vrement scandaleux !! tu plonge dans la surface et tu gagne un penalty ces quoi ces faux arbitres !! but des rapids sur simulation merci l'arbitre mais sa mérite suspention...

    64. EAW Gorski

      I mean yes the refs were bad, and yes it wasn't a penalty, but nobody can change anything when the whistle blows.

    65. Rog Iba

      Where Zlatan was? Did he played at all? Ooooooh, that's right! It was the one playing with a cane right?!? Hahahaha. Galaxy fans go cry to the corner!!!! Bahahahahahahahahaha

    66. lula livre

      Galaxy wont even make the playoffs at this rate

    67. Daniel Barbosa

      Galaxy foi assaltado pqp!!!

    68. 3Speedboy


    69. Syam Konala

      Legend has it that Morgan is still looking for 100

    70. ihateusernames74

      All you people crying about the pen didn't cry when Zlatan CHOKED Sean Johnson and only got a yellow? Where are the tears and complaints about Zlatan elbowing Mohamed El-Munir requiring surgery? Why aren't you all crying about VAR missing that? Talk about shallow, I've stepped in deeper puddles....