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    My Black-tailed Cribo finally laid eggs, but it was not what I expected...
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    About Brian Barczyk:
    Hey, I'm Brian Barczyk from SnakeBytesTV, AnimalBytesTV and Discovery channel's series Venom Hunters. Follow the Barczyk family and I as we share our lives as reptile breeders. We post daily vlogs each day at 9:00 AM (EST)! We are reptile breeders of snakes, geckos, blue-tongued skinks as well as all other animals. I also travel around the world doing amazing animal adventures. As far as snakes I breed corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, Ball pythons, Sand boas, Woma Pythons, Spotted Pythons, Children's pythons, Carpet pythons and more! Besides breeding, I have two dogs, Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Tortoises, Lizards and an American alligator. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to check out my vlogs to go around the world with me!!
    Brian Barczyk

    Published on Month ago


    1. Jay Tomsky

      Heyyyyy that’s me :))) follow me on Instagram @jaytomsky !!!!

      1. Carrie an

        My name is Carrie

      2. Jeremy Farr

        Jay Tomsky you are the best US-newer

      3. JPs Pet Nation

        Nice to see your channel growing Nicely on US-new jay keep pushing and you get there

      4. HipHarry Plays

        Pls you can just be holding camera and do something else rather than always snake maybe a name of your title will be the type of an animals will be examples of : Snake Life Vlog no.701 and Zoo Life Vlog or Turtles Vlog in your title but still i want you to be in the main character in every video please i wish it would be like that

      5. Jannette Nguyen

        Your edits are amazing! I loved Brian’s vlogs before, but now I’m gonna love them more. Can’t wait for you to come back soon!

    2. Adam Holcomb

      I say move forward the videos are great 👍🏼👍🏼💯

    3. Rashane Williams

      Any one else see the turtle

    4. Christopher Santos

      Fghhbhubnjiyhgy hyf A👄

    5. Ice Cap

      Does Eric have his own channel? He's mad funny!

    6. rachel blacklow

      No don’t you are amazing and inspiaring 😇🙂

    7. rachel blacklow

      You should get a second lizard 🦎 just like Bella . 🙂😅😀

    8. rachel blacklow

      That’s sad

    9. Susan Siedler

      Anything that adds to the vlog, preferably hopefully even a bit longer--like maybe 25+ minutes (would feel really like a tv show then!) & give YOU back some quality time for yourself, I am all in! Let’s get’er done🤘🏼

    10. gobe90

      I love it! Offcourse i love it when you edit and film aswell. But if this will help you to get more time, then yes!

    11. Danyelle Snow

      Heck yeah. I just wish I could see more of sun

    12. Danyelle Snow

      Heck yeah. I just wish I could see more of sun

    13. Tammy Alto

      Great job Jay!

    14. Carrie an

      My name is Carrie

      1. Carrie an

        Hey how are you doing now tonight ok please

    15. Sabryn Phillips

      Loved the new style of vlog!! I hope Jay is back soon!!😊

    16. lawguy28marc

      I love snakes now

    17. Caitlin Navarre

      I absolutely LOVVEDDD the more cinematic style of vlogging.

    18. Breana Harrell


    19. Kasey kc Carpenter. #24

      Please show more of the babies hatching out and tell us something about the babied. Thanks guy.. I hope Noah and Eric with vlogs a tour for us...

    20. Jaime Zapata

      Is Ricky en morty i Still alive

    21. Mike Anderson

      Do it buddy! Get J ASAP!

    22. G low

      I love the new vlog style I think more shots of the family and staff would be awesome to save you time and all the cool shots make me feel like I'm walking thru the store even in another country!!

    23. Rowan Curtis

      This tiyal was clickbait nothing went wrong

    24. Kayla Hall

      Let's do this vlog thing!

    25. Nicole Kieffer

      Im so excited for the regular vlogs to be back!!!

    26. Rayn Cerda

      Is there any video of the correction of orientation of the eggs?

    27. Elizandra Nara


    28. Somer Chapple

      Where is that's detials please i might come for my birthday

    29. Normal Guy

      yeaaaaa just go ahead with it

    30. Phoenix Liz

      I just found this channel yesterday and I'm already in love with it and all the animals.

    31. Sheila Karch

      I like the more cinematic style. It’s nice to have someone who can get tight shots on the animals so we can really see what they look like.

    32. Brandee Metcalf

      I really liked the addition of the close ups, but the background noise can be too much. I have some hearing problems and the subtitles aren't great. It would be much better if I could hear everything that was said.

    33. leo ver


    34. leo ver


    35. leo ver


    36. leo ver

      do you have venomos snakes

    37. leo ver

      how are you duoing

    38. leo ver


    39. iiNSTiNCTS

      I love the professional shot videos. The only thing I would change is for you to not hold your own camera as you pull eggs because it seems like there is some struggling going on with only one hand and it’s just a lot easier with 2 hands. But I have definitely been enjoying the new cinematography going on. It looks really good. :)

    40. Kristina Syslo

      Have you ever dropped an egg brain?

    41. Adele Putter

      Please lose the music in the background, especially while you’re talking! It is so distracting and takes away from the speaking volume. Noah is sometimes quieter and you hear more music than speaking!


      I loved what I saw. But i love how you edit as well because it's the real you and all of my favorite animals like Lucy. I think it would great to add him to the team.

    43. Bird Knight

      You gecko eggs are like my bird eggs she lays them one at a time and they all look like real eggs but they have nothing growing in them

    44. Jennifer Vasquez

      Love what you do and thank you for all the videos it also helped my kids

    45. Leah Williamsl

      oh my gosh i'd give anything to be in your world, do you take volunteers to help out?

    46. Ariq Fawwas

      Please add more turtle species

    47. AliJaeJR

      Please turn the background music down... sounds like your competing with being heard

    48. Matryx Michaelz

      I like the video aspect when all the employees get a spot and voice in the blogs. No offense to you at all Brian. But getting their job for the day brought into view without having their employer asking them what they are up to can be nice. I'd love to learn more about their passions and such. More of a personal connection to those who don't mind sharing. I fully understand if they want their privacy as well. Have a great day Thanks to you and your crew for making this all possible.

    49. Denise Atkins

      Yay keep Jay

    50. Lea Hyndman

      I do like the new vlogs. It took some getting used to. One suggestion I have is when you are doing talking interview style near Bowsers enclosure, you really need a mic on your shirt. The background noise makes it harder to hear you talking with the camera and mic further away.

    51. daniel baldwin

      I’m your biggest fan 😃😁

    52. Melissa Seary

      Go forward with jay

    53. Jacob Thomas

      Brian has got to be the best businessman I've ever seen. Dude has multiple successful US-new/vlog channels, and sells animals, breeds animals, makes bank off sales, visits, tours, parties at the reptarium and just never stops. Insane. Mad respect.

    54. MonicaSpiritQueen MEDIUM

      Awesome video!! I travel for my business all the time. I'm hoping to land in your area & stop by soon. You all do amazing work every time!!

    55. kain Grant

      Love the new look of the vlogs Brian

    56. Glitteratti Bengals

      Can you PLEASE speak more slowly. You are so difficult to understand that I just give up!

    57. Patti Diggs

      hi brian

    58. Animal Addict

      Early squad!(kinda) saw this 43 mins after upload! ❤️👌

    59. Doctor Retic

      Bring JAY back! His cinematography skills are great and it will be totally worth it if you don’t have to edit

    60. Miel Krauss

      Only at Brian's place! Catch the alligator tail peeking out at 2:49 and the tortoise just chillin' in the background at 9:51 😂

    61. Dante LaFrankie

      what is your favoret snake

    62. Chandler Apling -Hobbies-

      Awesome vid

    63. Precious&Eric Grace

      What are slugs? Eggs that busted or didnt make it?

    64. Dustin Cole

      You could totally tell the difference when Jay was editing but honestly I dont think it makes it better it made them super corny .. just have him edit your vlogs the way u do it. Dont add all the dramatic bullshit

    65. Dustin Cole

      The cinematography honestly doesnt fit your channel. Just have him edit but keep your old style

    66. Michael Ruijzendaal

      love your video`s bro but that cornsnakes werent bloodred...none of them

    67. Nathan Grant

      The vlogs was great but the audio was terrible I couldn't understand you because of background noise like waterfalls in the reptarium or the dogs in Lori's office

    68. Cris Senfie

      I would like both types of video, the personal but also cinematic XD

    69. Jay R

      Would love to go man but the price a little to steep for me

    70. Erin Scase

      😐😕12:35 why is there a tortoise on the floor!!!

    71. Chrys Pettit

      I like the new vlogs, but they seem scripted, and the music is distracting, and annoying while you are talking.

    72. Trista Ickert

      I honestly think you guys already do a amazing job filming but if you think it will help you I'm 100% for it

    73. Airi Gonz

      12:36 just a random turtle on the floor passing through

    74. Liz Ginger

      Yes! Bring on a videographer and make it like a tv show

    75. woggirl98

      Your content is the same it looks good jay is talented i say let the channel grow

    76. Matt Hermann

      Business grows Brian. Looks good thanks for the vlogs

    77. Amber Price

      I'm so happy that you want to bring more to your videos and I think Jay did an awesome job and we have been enjoying the new vlogs!! We love the "old" vlogs and cant wait to watch more new ones!!

    78. Ambae

      Yea keep jay. Blogs w we re awesome. Love the whole crew!

    79. The Canadian Atheist

      Super-PRO vlogs FTW! It's a huge deal for a lot of reasons! Extra time for you is a HUGE plus too!

    80. DVL Exotics

      I'm sure we will all notice a positive change just like when Donny took over nerds channel. he has done an incredible job bringing Kevin into the spot light. which never has been easy because Kevin is such a humble guy

    81. Nasser Wael Hussain Ebrahim

      we want to see the albino alligator and the jet black alligator please it is awsome

    82. Suzanne Tate

      Definitely have noticed the improved cinematography over the last little while. I think anything that gives you some time back is a good thing. It has looked great, maybe some of the serious scenes have been a bit full on as far as setting that serious tone, that wasn’t’ as naturals your usual style. They did seem more scripted.

    83. BestSenpo0815

      The music + the fast talking is rly stressing, maybe calm down a bit on music or the talkspeed

    84. Bowser254 Xbox

      Just followed your page on instagram bhb reptiles love your videos wish I was able to go to Michigan to see your snakes and other animals that u have and I love it that u named one of the turtles bowser just like Mario boss from the games I have watched almost every video how is bowser by the way I haven’t seen u talk about him lately

    85. Kåre Wijk

      Jay's the way. Go ahead with your plans, by all means and take care 👍.

    86. kristen lonero

      My mother said I will have a b day there 🐊🐊🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎

    87. Michael Gunderson

      I like the videos the way they were before sometimes it's good to keep it simple. But it is your decision on how you do it. And remember that you can't please everyone...

    88. Mr. ShowTime

      why is it only the Really BIG! snakes that don't wanna leave their egg's and then try to bite? the smalle snakes just look like "okay I got no chance to protect my egg's so I'm gonna run away"

    89. Gage Hitchens

      Would love more cinematography..

    90. Jeremy Ciha

      I’d be down for that tour 😃

    91. Aaron

      Can we have a Verde update pleased!?

    92. diego vuur

      I still mis rick and morty

    93. joey shifflett

      Brian y'all should get Eric to start vlogging to...

    94. Michelle Steffensen

      Just loooove to follow your vlog🙏 Love the way you care about all of your animals 🐍🦎🐢🦂🕷 Hope i some day can visit the Repterium, it would be a DREAM💭 Please keep doing what you do!! And please remember to credit youre wife! She’s just Amazing!🤘 - Love from Denmark one question 😅 why do ben&jerry have two heads?🐍 is it normal?

    95. rowena Chadwick

      I think it's been great and if you can give yourself a break even better. You have to take care of yourself as well as giving your fans your time.

    96. Claudia Irene Yolanda

      Yeah this new editing style is dope. I love it!

    97. Maddi Lynn

      anyone else notice the tortoise in the background when they got the eggs from the spotted ball python 😂

    98. 65Porter

      I keep checking every day hoping Lucy lays those eggs! Come on girl!

    99. Paiiin In The Butt

      The new vlogs will have the perfect balance. Raw and slick 👌🏼

    100. Cathleen Baldwin Maggi

      I like your current videos. That being said, I am in marketing and you do need the more cinematic touch to keep green and keep growing (you know, when you are green you are growing and when you are ripe you rot!)