Coalition Of Cheetahs Attack Female | SNAPPED IN THE WILD



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    In June 2018, whilst on safari in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Botswana, photographer Anton Campbell-Harris got a little too close for comfort with a coalition of cheetahs. During this safari, a female presumably on heat was being harassed by four male cheetahs. After failing an escape up a tree, this female cheetah sought safety in the fleet of cars, where a fight broke out between the angry female and persistent males - right next to the photographers vehicle. Luckily the males were so engrossed in the female cheetah, they didn’t notice all the cars windows were still open.
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    Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
    Editor: Ethan Edwards
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    1. bryant dailing

      Well i guess cheetahs CAN fight

    2. Tray Savage

      Choo choo train

    3. Gret The Gymnast


    4. andiehardy

      1:36 smug

    5. Glen Coco

      what was she wearing tho?

    6. SugaKookie 13

      wooah!! cheetahs make weird noises, lol I think it's cute

    7. Moon Wolfy_18

      Cheetahs are my favorite animal!!! 1 like=1 cheetah saved. 😙

      1. Lady Tsunade Senju

        Lara Mazici damn no cheetahs are saved yet

    8. Yoyle 0340


      1. CKkio CKkio

        Let's call the Cheetah Cops and take them to jail!

      2. CKkio CKkio

        No Such Thing in the wild lmao

    9. Karlie Dupont

      do more animal cops episodes

    10. baylow

      Yeah, this is standard behavior between nomadic males and territorial females. The males do this even when the females aren't in heat and when they figure it out, they eventually stop harassing her. Unfortunately, the females can get beaten up pretty badly in the process.

      1. Kermit The Frog

        From the looks of it they do seem to stand their grounds pretty well tho. I’m impressed she successfully stood her ground against all 4 of those male cheetahs.

    11. Killa Watt

      Attack? 1:29 looks like a gangbang

      1. BunnyTelle 9

        Killa Watt it probably was.

    12. Bella McAlister

      Wow what’s different in the animal kingdom compared to human life

      1. Prime lee

        Bella McAlister Wow, where tf do you live?

    13. jemin kim

      Men r disgusting

      1. critterfreek82

        This is perfectly natural behavior for cheetahs. In fact, aggressive behavior like this by the males plays a very important role in getting the female cheetah to ovulate.

      2. Frank Xu

        If men are disgusting, So is every single person in this world.

    14. MacaronProd

      Weinstein and friends??

    15. ut bo

      cheetahs are the only big cats i think that can be pets....

      1. Thesunwolf

        Um....they are wild animals. A wild animal can’t be a pet. And that includes cheetah’s

    16. 5cats 2kids

      Poor girl! BTW, you people with the “first” claims are sadly pathetic. Who cares?

      1. 5cats 2kids

        Lady Tsunade Senju Maturity at its best!

      2. Lady Tsunade Senju

        KittyMom 419 second

      3. Gas MonKEy GaragEE

        KittyMom 419 First to reply.. Boom that just happened..

    17. fatbaldandhappy

      She got caught Cheet'ahn on her man! :)

      1. fatbaldandhappy

        @June @Dennis you both must be great fun at parties.

      2. Dennis Taylor

        Cats aren't monogamous. They don't have fixed mates.

      3. jemin kim

        fatbaldandhappy that's a no

    18. Philip Atkinson: SuperPet Channel Paws TV

      100,0000,0000,0000,0000 SuperPetCRAFT Stuff🐾⭐️❤️🌈

    19. Sandra Quirino


      1. Marcos Guzman

        Sandra Quirino Q

    20. Gas MonKEy GaragEE

      Dont worry everyone roll your windows down these particular cheetahs cant jump into small openings.

      1. Frank Xu

        People are allowed to state their thoughts no? I can agree that my comment isn't the nicest of comments, but if you think its rude... boy do you have a lot to learn.

      2. Ricky 88

        YES THOUGHTS not comments. There is a difference. You are welcome to your own thoughts, however if they are negative, my parents taught me to keep them to myself. Why be negative and break someone down when you can rather keep it to yourself? Think before you speak or in this case type. Many thanks. Kind Regards and have the day you deserve.

      3. Frank Xu

        Im just saying my thoughts. You don't have to shove your ideals into my face. I will also like to point out that dogs like you who discourage free thoughts are thorns.

      4. Ricky 88

        You think you would be smart enough to not say something negative and enjoy the amazing footage. Honestly dont understand why you have to say something negative on such an amazing sighting.

      5. Frank Xu

        And you think they would be smart enough to just sit there and film through the window.

    21. Hamo Grich


      1. Yoyle 0340

        Hamo Grich that's not a comment

    22. Madeline Ciresi

      Cheetahs are so beautiful

      1. BunnyTelle 9

        Madeline Ciresi actually, cheetahs tend to hurt the female to let it give in mating and becoming pregnant so it’s not very beautiful..but it’s your way.

    23. Grayhound 07

      I love animals and hi I’m first XD no idk if I’m first but maybe I’m first to say I love Cheetahs

    24. Boris Layman


    25. Easton


      1. Yoyle 0340

        Dishdude 33 nobody cares

      2. Darrin Solomon