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    Join us as the Click couples compete against each other!
    Who knows their partner the best?
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Big boy Z

      Wait cray is gay

    2. Rails outdoors

      Cray saying the country’s are close Tannar No Cray GIVE US THE POINT

    3. Muhammad Khalid


    4. Naj-seit 157

      Netherlands, Nice land it is

    5. Skip Heemskerk

      I am from the Netherlands and would love if cray comes here

    6. katsuki bakugou

      Cray could just teamed up with tannar

    7. Walker Stephenson

      Is cray gay

    8. FishiStiksGamer23

      I feel bad for liv She gets up in the morning, makes a good breakfast... Than out of nowhere... WhAtS GoInG On GuYs!?!?

    9. Ellnol Elfden

      I Love u Ilsa🥺🥺❤️

    10. S van de Water


    11. The Avon wolfpack 123

      Musulk: tf2 is my favorite game The spy from tf2: magnificent

    12. Sven Rosman

      His first name i Jonathan

    13. Lola Andalon


    14. Hayden Lepp

      Anyone gonna talk about the hickey on tannars neck?

    15. The Red Samurai

      Welcome people of the jury what's going on guys!

    16. The Red Samurai

      $10,000 on roblox

    17. PKOB2

      Lannan must win

    18. ShadowGamer X

      Look with your eyes Closed 3:56

    19. Proud American

      10:13 & 17:06 Two of the reasons why Lazarbeam is one of my favorite youtubers. Lazarbeam is the coolest one of all Click.

    20. Sniperkid Vlogging channel

      Did anyone notic smg4 mercy worn by tall man Bazaar gazza

    21. Christian Eddy

      Did anyone else notice the hickey on Tannar

    22. Sorrroz

      8:00 me when someone is being annoying

    23. My name Jordan

      Love the vid

    24. Derpy King

      It odd that cray (the shortest) and bazz (the tallest) don’t have gf

    25. ßoi

      14:41 I have that fear (the one Liv wrote) and I can confirm it's HORRIBLE

    26. ßoi

      6:09 as a dutchman I can confirm you'll feel even shorter than you already are. Also we literally cycle everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Our rap is only fun for 14 year old thirsty girls but at least the weed is legal! Wooo!

    27. Savage Epic

      Lanana choose girl friend or sister . Elliot girl friend or sister

    28. Archie Stoner

      Liv looks like she doesn’t want to be therr

    29. Ethan James

      Btw Tannar Switzerland is near the Netherlands and I live near them😑

    30. The Galaxy

      Baz and cray are just gonna get peer pressured into dating each other

    31. Izayah Willhite

      I have a fear of deep waters too!

    32. Reed Evans

      at 0:42 lazerbeams GF sees the future

    33. Kiwi099 Plays

      Marcus’s real name is Jonathan

    34. CH4OS XD

      When they put a picture of the egg with big forehead they should of just put a picture of ksi

    35. Ho Tung

      this will be the saddest episode of Click :))

    36. Ted Chapman

      Marcus Lloyd butler

    37. Ashley Carrel

      8:01 when your mom said its time to go home from your friends house

    38. Noah swan

      Bazaar cray your gay

    39. Jack Christian

      Did Tannar have a hickey

    40. mj

      I live in Canada and I want to visit Australia lol

    41. Elix3r ツ

      lol cray at 8:00

    42. Royalpro 899

      His name is Marcus Lloyd Butler

    43. Møìraѐ Thѐ Bëãr

      *I live in netherlands* c:

    44. crazycatgirl18

      I thought that was Tannar, but it's ilsa. They look VERY ALIKE.

    45. Derpy Dodo8899

      Best ship Bazaa X cray

    46. shinny bros

      Yo cray I also live in the Netherlands bro😀

    47. Yhuxz Suarez

      Shouldn't be 8/10 instead of 9/10??!!

    48. mj and chris

      SHUT UP AT 8:00

    49. Shadow

      thanks cray i live in the netherlands

    50. Hisham Shalabi

      I live in canada

    51. Fired Up Wax

      To those 1.9k people who are autistic fish nuggets: you're an embarrassment

    52. Blake Matako

      Notice how Marcus and tannar are kinda sparking sum luv

    53. Jacob Omega

      How did Muselk get such a hot girlfriend

    54. DylDJM9

      8:48 beautiful m8

    55. Leo Thomas11

      Why the hell is bazzagazza wearing smg4 merch

    56. EdgYChris 220

      It could be Baza Cray and Tanner tbh

    57. XqGamer56 I0S

      In 0:21 I think i know what happened in Paris

    58. Place Marius yt 58

      Marcus: saying his name is not Marcus Me: thinking my life is a Lie.

    59. YeetLazar3333 Yeet


    60. Scott's tube


    61. Scott's tube


    62. Crazyhawks

      My favourite is L and E.

    63. Bladen Keene

      When tanner asked what is lannans favorite US-newr I thought it was kwebblecob

    64. Mike Urquhart

      anyone notice tannars hickey

    65. Puddycat

      Honestly my favorite Click video.

    66. Illuminati's high

      Kath and Marcus were yelling out answers

    67. *jax* Ss

      10:28 noice

    68. Zer0 Ski11z

      Kath thinking us Canadian’s are nice

    69. francios dauteuil

      Lets be honest with ourselves, Liv is probably the most attractive one in the house and of the couples. Somehow she stays with the angry loud potato and I am amazed. :/ XD

    70. AelredXD ML Gamer

      Ilsa has big watermelons hahaha