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    Join Chris Morocco in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as he makes molten caramel cake. Everybody has heard of molten chocolate cake, so we thought we’d try to create a caramel version, with a toffee-ish tender cake encasing a runny dulce de leche center.
    Check out the recipe here:
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    Chris Makes Molten Caramel Cake | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Stygian HD

      The banter is why this is my favourite channel on US-new lmao. I would kill to work there lol.

    2. diatra zulaika

      Bon Appétit, please include metric measurements in your recipes. Cup volumes are one thing, but like in Chris' chocolate chip cookie recipe, what's a stick of butter?? (Yea yea, google, blabla, but im more of a one screenshot, minimum scroll cook). Pleeeease?

    3. Macarena Puentes

      Chris makes molten DULCE DE LECHE cake

    4. Shawn Sisler

      Chris should make my Monkey Bread.. I put little chunks of caramel throughout it like this so it is melty in between the dough balls.

    5. Unnar Pétursson

      Hot melted caramel is like molten lava but delicious

    6. Josie's Journey

      Fabulous! Now how about some other molten filled cakes? Lemon curd, vanilla custard, fig, raspberry... more more more!

    7. Andrea Lafuente

      I've actually had this at a restaurant before! If came with house made banana ice cream and it was amazing!

    8. Ricardo Saltos

      Dulce literally means sweet, but is not candy, but can be used to address candy, jam and marmalade is sweet and can called dulce de (insert a fruit here in spanish). This is true for Argentina, however for other countries Dulce means sweet and can be used to describe anything sweet tasting but is not a part of the name of the dessert or spread, in Ecuador Dulce de Leche is called Manjar (man har would be the correct pronunciation), Arequipe (Ah-re-key-pe where every e sounds like the e in Emerald) if in your area you dont have access to Dulce de Leche and dont want to make it from scratch you can take a can of sweetened condensed milk, peel the label, and simmer it for about 120 minutes, water covering the can about 5cm (2in) top of it completely submerged. you can use a pressure cooker and do the same but it will take 20 minutes. (this may be dangerous). When it is done do not open the cans until they are cooled down ortherwise you may get a jet of hot boiling dulce de leche scalding you.

    9. nichi ce

      He’s so calming 🌸

    10. Luis Carlos Llanez

      They changed the color balance :0

    11. Sabina Maniak

      "yeah! I don't know who that is"

    12. SimonaLisa Burr

      I wonder why gabby doesn't wear her safety pin ?

    13. Maria Johnston

      Ughhh that looks so good! You nailed it, Chris!

    14. How many?

      I love Chris!

    15. Mikester919

      Jeez, chris kinda lost his temper towards the end huh

    16. spencerg83

      Oh man, Chris's and the off-camera guy's analysis on "Mug Cake" is spot on, all the way to the Forever 21 reference!

    17. Sarah N.

      brads a buffalo herder and budding ceramicist this time

    18. firewordsparkler

      You were so offended by mug cakes lol

    19. Thunder Rhododendron

      Class is over 😄 LOVE HER!

    20. TheGameLecturer

      Oh! I always thought it dulce de leche was an italian thing and it was pronounced "dulche" thank you Gaby !

    21. ChocolatTherapy

      camera dude: it’s like you’re stuck in (character’s name)’s world Chris: yea! Chris 2 seconds later: I don’t know who that is That is the most relatable thing I’ve ever heard I almost feel attacked

    22. Sara Jones

      ik everybody said it was rlly good but i kinda feel like they just quickly said thanks and immediately left. i just wish they would’ve given Chris more recognition and praise bc he worked so hard on it

    23. Billy Bob

      Great idea and its ell executed! Dulce De Leche is so underrated, it actually is very versatile! You should do an episode on how to have it at hope with the least amount of effort (regardless of how long it actually takes), please.

    24. seraphale

      I love Chris. He's a true individual. Also anyone who thinks that cooks should keep their hands out of the food needs to shut it and try cooking some time.

    25. T Morgan

      When they carry the plate away you know it's really good !

    26. Edin Kuduzovic


    27. Brett Ellison

      Macho Man Bradny Savage plzzzz

    28. iluvj00

      Vamos Gaby! Viva Perón carajo!

    29. Carolyn Stewart

      Oh my gosh, Chris, this looks DELICIOUS.

    30. Lagoss

      i want to try and make this

    31. matt

      is Brad the only straight white male in that company?

      1. Ron Benítez

        Chris is straight

    32. Roman

      Chris is a perfect host, he really takes the time to explain everything and he’s so sweet and funny

    33. Abril Cb

      Its like, you know like, like, like, like endless like

    34. Paul Warelis

      Chris sounds like Edward Norton

    35. Oph Anim

      Please someone go write a fanfic about Chris from Bon Appétit and Julian Baumgartner from Baumgartner Restoration getting married or something, and make my peak Trecento gay fantasy real.

    36. SuperSayainJesus

      Is Brad the only straight dude that works at Bon Appetit?

    37. Lillith666

      I want to make this so badly but I dont have ramekins

    38. yerikyun

      as much as i loved the tempered jokes, its gotten pretty bland. i see more chris appreciation comments on other chef's videos. appreciate this man and his skills!!

    39. Kikwi Art

      The way Brad's voice got higher from "Damn right it is- oH MOROCCO WHAT YOU DOING BUD"

    40. Kishibe Rohan

      You'd think Mr. Tempered Chocolate would make his own dulce de leche

    41. Frankie Griffen

      this is not the only time Doug has come up on BA & I look forward to a long future of Doug references

    42. Dev Chang

      Wow everyone’s getting heated in the comments..... I’m sure Chris will get his snap back when it cools down.

    43. Emmasue Lady

      I also wish you made your own Caramell. I live in Canada, I don't think we have the same kind of Dulce de leche that I cannot even find!

    44. F0rgiv3r

      I love how these cakes instantly disappeared

    45. sea green

      Its like everyone who works there is the coolest.

    46. Ariane Saldanha

      Dulce de Leche - Spanish Doce de Leite - Portuguese

    47. Lauri

      Red hair? Hand me down food? Must be a Tommy Weasley

    48. Siti Nadiah

      gaby is such a sweetheart 💖

    49. sumsum002

      Tommy is Bobby burns long lost brother ...

    50. Triple M

      Chisholm you're low-key the dark horse. Yes..... Innovation with Carmel

    51. Helin 550

      I’m so sorry for him because he is the only one who didn’t got to eat the cake haha

    52. Carla Montenegro

      But dulce de leche is not the same as caramel. It tastes different han caramel

    53. ciela cheung

      i love chris

    54. sukanya sharma

      I think Gabby should do one in spanish!!

    55. Eduardo Manrique

      I love Gaby so much.

    56. Eduardo Manrique


    57. Christina Surgent

      These videos are literally the best. My 2019 goal is to watch them all. Goal almost met 2 weeks in.

    58. Simón González Daza

      basically un mankeke

    59. Nathan Ho

      Remake molten lava cake!

    60. ConnieP

      Alguien de argentina por acá?

    61. Prajakta Shinde

      Chris is sooo underrated...!!! I enjoy watching his videos a lot.. he knows his stuff...

    62. Denise Hammons

      Great video and explanations. How long would these last at room temp? Would caramel stay soft? Freeze for service at later time?

    63. aza9washz

      can somebody please explain to me why is everybody in BA so damn adorable?? is it like a requisite when you apply for a job there?

    64. J Colón

      Caramel and Dulce De Leche aren’t the same things. You seem to imply that they are. Also learn to pronounce “dulce” you don’t seem to have a problem with the French names which are a lot harder to pronounce.

    65. seffi rotti

      That twink can get it

    66. Aly Perez

      is it just me or does Chris look like Mr. Bean

    67. Maddy Faulkner

      I feel like if BA started putting “Brad’s in this!” in the title, their views would like quadruple. Because I’ll be honest, I already was into the video but then Brad came on screen and I got way excited.

    68. D. A.D

      Chris is a magician I am drooling

    69. leafs autumn

      Chris we love you!! The tempered chocolate is just a joke!!! Loved your recipe 💜

    70. ClimateAdam

      I would love to watch a full on buddy comedy starring Chris and Brad.

    71. emjackson81989

      Wait... Chris doesn't know who Doug Funnie is? :-O

    72. sad_kylo_ren goth

      When is gaby going to start making videos?

    73. Tzisorey Tigerwuf

      "Dulce is anything you spread on toast" - Now I'm imagining a slice of pound-cake, toasted, then spread with butter and dulce de leche.

    74. Sude Büyükkurt

      Chris hates Brad so much that it makes me laugh. Brad is so innocent and friendly he can't even come back with attitude. I love them so much. And yeah guys obviously he should have tempered the caramel come on.

    75. Conradin Willers

      I used to not really like Chris but he is a great cook and definitely underrated so now I appreciate his videos so much. Also this is a great video, the cake looks so good!

    76. Riccardo Di Pietro

      Great recipe!!

    77. nic

      we all use store bought dulce de leche/doce de leite in latin america so yeah you’re fine chris ahdkahdh

    78. Noeris Gil

      How do you not know Doug Funnies?!

    79. Mary Lourenço

      I honestly love Chris

    80. Locutus of Borg

      Tommy is such a pretty man...

    81. DJ Jea

      Who is the beautiful thicc woman with the blue streak in her hair?

    82. Redbouquet Aida

      Love you Chris!

    83. Ahmed Wijanarko


    84. Richard Jones

      I am only 3 minutes in and already I love this video...seriously

    85. Anna Sommer

      What is the chocolate video everyone’s talking about? 😂

      1. Casey Bumann

        Anna Sommer it’s the one where Claire makes gourmet Reese’s

    86. Eduardo D

      13:16 Chris SNAPPED when Tommy suggested it was just a "step-up from a mug cake" LOL

    87. Melissa Holman

      Looks so good! I really want to try making this.

    88. Kayla Doman

      I would have added more Carmel

    89. Maham Fateh

      when i clicked the video i was 100% sure he would make his own caramel. but yeah.. okay.!

    90. stopdropandhowl

      I'm here for Chris Morocco reading mug cake the house down boots, but still feeling his oats with dulce de leche. Tempered chocolate? Dunno her

    91. Rodolfo Bontempo

      This is not caramel. Dulce de leche is made from condensed milk, while caramel is with burnt sugar and heavy cream...

    92. Metztli Maldonado

      So.. we’re talking about “dulce de leche” in the Argentinian way which will be Mexican cajeta, right? Because “dulce de lecha” is an entirely different thing in Mexico

    93. Vicente D

      Credits to the cleaning staff at BA. And thanks, Chris. Eloquent and knowledgable as always.

    94. Ale Loayza

      Take a shot everytime chris says dulce de leche

    95. Jamie’s Vlog Channel

      I had to stop watching cause he says caramel wrong

    96. JF

      Tbh I'm so sick of these fanatics trying to mock Chris for that reese video *outside* the context. But i guess that's what happens when other chef is more famous.

    97. Michał Szczerbacki

      Why he always has yellow fingers?

    98. Caro López

      Dulce de leche is the most delicious thing in this world! I just spent half an hour discussing with my mom and looking up online for an explanation of what Gaby said, that it's more like marmalade than candy, but who cares, I only came for the cake (and the tempered chocolate)

    99. sadkidandi

      chris: this is a family show my brain: don’t do it don’t do it don’t do it. me: OR IS ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT. if you know you know🥴

    100. Sofia Aslam

      i love gabby with my whole heart