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Chris Broussard on Lakers shut downs & why Draymond is expendable on the Warriors | NBA | THE HERD

Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to weigh in on Los Angeles Lakers shut down Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball after injuries, and says Draymond Green is expendable on the Golden State Warriors.
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Chris Broussard on Lakers shut downs & why Draymond is expendable on the Warriors | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

Published on 2 months ago


  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Is Draymond Green expendable on the Warriors?

    1. Huey Newton

      if kd leaves they will offer a max to boogie and let Dray go or if kd says he will stay if dray leaves but they do need to get a younger version of dray i think jimmy khrie and kd will go to the knicks together to form a big 3

    2. FCC L

      I can't believe it took so long for people to think Dray is an average player. Anyone can look good if a certain player name Curry draw ALL the attention from the defense. A decent slasher would become a great slasher, because there is more space. A decent pass would become a great passer, again because of all the spaces. Dray is only good because he rode the Curry train. It's not a decline on his part, it's teams already figured him out. An all-time great player like Curry is different, he made changes to his game to settle KD into the team, still a 25+/5/5 player in the first year with KD. He then got back to his MVP year with 30/5/5 before making changes again for Cousins, still a 25+/5/5 player. If the team stay together, Curry would be a 30/5/5 player again.

    3. Ross Best

      *I Know 1000% what KD & KYRIE doing after this season! ***

    4. alpha omega

      Time and time again he is becoming a liability, he is playing like a guy 5 years out of his prime and he shouldn't be...I would say if anyone is in g.s. its him

    5. Dina Bautista

      No Colin. You are! Just like when ESPN discharged you because of your racial comments about Cuban players back in 2015. And as for Broussard.... Not sure why an AVID Lebron fan keeps commenting. Check Chris Twitter acct. He talks ALL Lebron. It's sickening!

  2. Saumil Parkhi

    they should pick up kyle anderson

  3. Waffle Spice

    Draymond to Lakers?

  4. hylianlegends

    I like how he picks new York as one of the best things to happen for the NBA. NY sucks

  5. Chase McBrien

    If Lebron is so great, then the Lakers should make the playoffs. Lebron is overhyped. Give a hog the restaurant kitchen and he will eat it all. Still doesn't make the food great.

  6. DhajahTV

    this is crazy Lmaoo

  7. #Nassgang Los

    They said Ingram was untouchable they been knew

  8. Don't take it so serious

    Why would A.D even want to go to L.A. with Lebron declining this fast? Celtics are probly the best location for him long term or NY if they get Zion and KD

  9. I-M Jerome

    KD waaaaay too hormonal to handle Newyork. Gonna need 6 social media accounts

  10. Neji055

    Draymond is not worth resigning at all. U can find other hustle players with proper size and better offense support.

  11. Jonathan Davis

    I like how he called him Draymon

  12. KRES 1

    Draymond Green has used his last trump card with the Warriors. -but i can't blame him for wearing his heart on his sleeve it's who he is. but he also has to remain a professional through tough times, because if he had done that his value and worth to the team would be unquestionable. it's easy to point the finger at other people but at the end you have no one to blame but yourself. i hope everything works out for the best of him.

  13. Xavier Stewart

    The media is too high on Anthony Davis.

  14. Sports Central

    Chris Bosh's clot was in the lung. Ingram's in his arm. With anticoagulant therapy STAT and prophylaxis continuously, he'll be fine.

  15. KBHfinanceguy

    If Golden State Put me, Steph, KD, Klay, and a big. We will win the NBA championship. I'm 5'9" and 46 years old. We wouldn't need Draymond. lol!

  16. Help Me Get 1000 Subscribers

    Draymond has been on the decline ever since KD joined GS

  17. Angry Ass Orphan

    If Lebron is actually on the trading block the Sixers need to do every thing they can to get him! And yes I would trade Simmons for him lol

  18. P H

    Colin my son he uses all my words show how he S/O Horace grant cause he read my comments

  19. damian smith

    Boston couldve kyrie, KD and AD

    1. JP

      I've said in the past I would hate to lose KD on the warriors, but I would find KD, kyrie and AD a fun trio to watch joining each other

  20. roylynn wall

    What player in their right mind would go to NY? That franchise is broken. Until they get a new owner, NY is a no win destination imo.

  21. celli351

    Pllllleeease fire draymond

  22. Ru Lz

    Ingram's value just depreciated before our very eyes. Good luck trying to add him to any package now.

  23. skulletor

    Ankle problems no good man !

  24. Spider Sense

    It's funny hearing people say that players consider not going to a City because of the media hype, and I think that's one of the reasons players have shied away from New York and L A, just shows how soft these players are today

  25. Salnsd

    The league should force AD to join the Lakers , and give the Lakers the 1st pick the next 5 years , and a 20 man roster and a 1 billion dollar cap, and ANY FUCKEN THING THEY WANT

  26. MoonMan

    KD is a legend? More like legendary snake.

  27. Jwxo Weeye

    Green, Klay and iggy are important asset.

  28. Jonathan

    When Draymonds talent goes all thats left is a big mouth. Its an easy decision to release or trade him

  29. Cedric Bethea

    How could the NBA let Lebron go West ? The league is even more unbalanced than ever. The Eastern Conference will never crown another champion if this keeps up. This league is becoming too predictable.

  30. Neal Hickmon

    Draymond signs with klutch sports

  31. D low Lofton

    Fun fact danny Angie is using this playoffs to show the lakers what young talent they have and just like does he will finesse NO for AD

  32. Steven Hyland

    Draymond is 100% an average player. Who would you want right now, Draymond or Khris Middleton?

  33. Steven Hyland

    Draymond Dreen???? C’mon Colin

  34. Angeloalim Stowers


  35. Angeloalim Stowers

    colin i love you but get off Baker stop hating

  36. C-Note Brewski

    Trade lebron to Houston. LA gets cash and draft picks. Everybody else stay in Houston.

  37. Nick Hinson

    Draymond to the thunder 🤷🏽‍♂️

  38. alpha omega

    Lonzo is sitting because of like Walton bottom line. Lavar made that obvious when he said its lonzo or Luke and when lonzo is t traded he is I hired and shut down for the year as luke stays coach..

  39. Sebastian Waddy

    Colin Cowherd is literally the worst NBA Analyst I've ever listened to, it's just a shame Chris Broussard had to talk about this issue on this show so I was forced to watch.. lol

  40. Peter S

    Bruh how is draymond an average player? This year he’s down but he has revolutionized defense in the nba by being able to guard both big men and perimeter players.

  41. Luis Hernandez


  42. Jeffrey San Nicolas

    LeBron will ask to be traded to NY if KD, Kyrie and Zion goes to NY.

  43. YoBoyTec

    3:40 Dramond Dream...?

  44. King Juice

    Lol and now Draymond signs with Klutch Sports 🤣

  45. Kontraversy Blac

    Draymond feminine attitude was aggravating but worth it when he played good but now he just annoying af and he not playing good so he aint worth it

  46. Raymond Talya

    That look like Paul Joseph Watson in the wing stop commercial lool

  47. Elomino Pee

    Kd should go to the Kings or suns and throw everybody off😂😂😂

  48. Elomino Pee

    Why would he want to go to the knicks? Ny media is BS. No one has gone there since Melo.

  49. Dios Sea Contigo

    TRUMP 2020! We just keep on winning. No time for losers, because we are the champions....... OF THE WORLD.

  50. The 2K GVDZ

    Draymond green ain’t average... I hope the warriors get rid of him. Watch how bad they’ll be on defense 🙏🏿

    1. JP

      as a warriors fan I don't think they should resign him he's a good player, but he's going to want a max and I don't think he's worth a max

  51. Mario Van Holle

    Draymond does alot that doesnt show on the stats ...he is not avg sorry

  52. Mario Van Holle

    Lavar said his son is better than .....yes he is better in being injured and showing being a softy

  53. Dreality Motion Pics

    Porte Richmond; season one [Amazon Prime]:

  54. Jon Davis

    My dream is the warriors lose Durant and green next year

  55. Politically incorrect

    Anthony Davis + the Greak Freak it’ll be the ultimate NBA take over!!!

  56. Keep Itreal

    Why dose every one play GM,every one thinks this team is going to do this or do that this player is going to do this,,come on every one no one really knows what teams are going to do until you have billions of dollars to own a team no one knows people just guessing

  57. Jeremy  R Hansen

    Masai Ujiri has entered the room: Masai: "Did someone say one year rental?"

  58. headtrouble

    Broussard is DUMB

  59. Black Betty

    Lakers have trash players! Wtf would they want them????? And on a personal note...i want lebron to fall on his face again!

  60. Tramaine Terrance

    Hello, Humans. There is a place that doesn't have sand or water. A place that allows you to manipulate the very fabric of reality. Nothing can prepare you for the unknown. The water and sand throughout the universe will create life. That life will end, in order to create more sand and water. Sometimes in life.... TERRANCE OUT

  61. bee sting

    Anthony Davis to the Grizzlies confirmed

  62. dre lucious

    Should have stayed young enjoy the process of watching the kids nt the Lebron show that nothing but turn overs and missed free throws in the fourth and have the nerve to point blame trade him do DLO

  63. James Okane

    Forget divorce mogul stage silicon valley, entourage is the new analogy. Next week lebron is ari kyrie is vince

  64. Eric Cartman

    #31 on trending

  65. DeAndre Page

    Nickeil Alexander-Walker, from the Virginia Tech Hokies = target of TANK MODE by the Lakers. 😂😂😂😂😂 Finally using a 1st Round Draft Pick on a SPOT-UP SHOOTER.

  66. Techsmahn360

    Draymond to the Lakers?

  67. William Howard

    The team that trades Zion would be foolish! Build a team around! Draymond is the Dennis rodman for warriors!

    1. JP

      completely agree right now I think I would prefer to keep cousins than Draymond

  68. Donald West

    Kahwi staying in Toronto

  69. Jon Seversike

    Draymond a hall of famer????

  70. Restless Mind

    Draymond is expendable. The attitude is a major concern.

  71. Mektek19

    Draymond is a hall of famer. He is a 3 time champion and defensive player of the league. He was a huge part of those championships. He's got to be.

  72. Logan Hoomana

    Johnny Drama is the best person on the show though

  73. P H

    Chris not giving up on bronny and the Lakers

  74. Joel Chavez

    What’s the appeal for KD to go the New York without Porzingis there?

  75. Stanley Keese

    the man has a blood clot...and Lonzo cant play a full season, Lakers assets look kinda bad right now

    1. Infinite cash flow

      Stanley Keese the young boys are playing the game

  76. Me3ks DaGOAT

    If i was Magic and could get Dame and Cj and seth curry and 2 picks from a 3rd team with a Lonzo trade id do it and go after KD or Kawhi

  77. L.Pasteur

    Lebron, AD and then...... a bunch of dudes, one year contract veterans and rooks? The Lakers might win less games than they do this year.

  78. Jeremy Burkhart

    trade lebron to the cavs ...were he shouldve never left in the first place

  79. strongforu

    I think I'm more excited for the off-season trades than the Warriors, Rockets, Raptors or Celtics winning a Championship.

    1. JP

      it's funny I been saying that since last years finals I had a really good feeling warriors were going to beat the cavs easily, and I was actually looking forward to free agency than I was the finals and was happy my team got cousins, but yeah with all the top players up for free agency I almost don't care if warriors win or not I just want to see where theses all-stars end up

  80. Joey Luckow

    I'll preface this by saying I think there is a 0% chance the Lakers trade LeBron. But if Kawhi came to Magic and said "I'll sign if you trade him", I wouldn't think twice about it. At this point in their careers, Kawhi very well may be better than LeBron. And it's 100% close enough that Kawhi + assets is more valuable than LeBron, ESPECIALLY considering that Kawhi is younger and can help you going forward more if Ingram's injury follows what happened to Bosh, and Ball never learns how to stay healthy. At this point those two things are very much in the air. Plenty of places you could trade LeBron and get long-term value. How about to Houston for Clint Capela + filler? To Philly for Butler in some sort of sign and trade after you sign Kawhi? To New York where LeBron can feel happy about leading the Knicks to contention for a few years. Heck, since he wants to follow MJ so bad, how about to Washington for Bradley Beal? Like I said, I don't think the Lakers have the stones to do it, but based on what we've learned from this year, it's what I'd do.

  81. Rabarberellum 101

    Why does Lonzo Ball always get injured when there are rumors of trading him?

    1. McNetDeck

      Lavar curse

  82. G P

    "Steph is a great passer, KD can pass the ball.." But neither of them have anything like Green's vision and anticipation. Basketball is NOT a linear sport. Players make hundreds of second-to-second decisions in one game. You can't understand the sport or the value of personel by following along with people like Daryl Morey and staring at stats.

    1. Gyf Gyf

      Put Draymond at full strength on Pheonix.. is he good for 10 extra wins? No hes overrated

  83. G P

    Draymond Green has been a top ten player every single year for the last 7 years. There isn't any other player in the league that can do what he does as well, and a lot have tried. Take away Green, and the Warriors themselves are just a good team, and that only if they make lots of personel changes. They can do what they do because of Green, not Thompson or Durant.

  84. Christopher Youngs


  85. J D

    I have no idea what was Jeff Van Gundy saying. How can Lakers trade their GM for other players? XD

  86. Rezareq

    Draymond runs the offense and K.D and Dreymond good. The Warriors and letting go nobody. Who in they right mind ain't try 4peat.

  87. Net User2012415

    If KD and Boogie leave the Warriors then the Warriors will get Anthony Davis. ✌🏽️😎👏🏽✌️

  88. Jaime Lopez

    Draymond is going to defect to the Lakers then A.D. gonna come to L.A. and boom we have a classic rivalry on our hands.

  89. prazertv

    Chris Broussard is doing a sell job for the Lakers. He's clearly on Lebron's payroll. I don't believe a word that comes out of that fool's mouth when Lebron James is concerned. Broussard knows that AD is the only way to save Lebron's legacy. I hope Pelicans don't trade him there.

  90. Don Jon

    Its really a crime that someone with the skillset and physical nature of Zion has to go to such a garbage team like the Knicks. The NBA is the only business that actually rewards you for being trash year after year.

  91. Adam Bernardino

    who cares

  92. Cameron Potts

    Lakers Last year 35-47, Finished 11th in NBA Western Conference

    1. Dean Farrissey

      Cameron Potts “Lamebron”, what age are you?

  93. Jermaine Blalock

    Yah crazy. I would keep Draymond over DurAnt. Durant is a bandwagon. Draymond helped you win titles

    1. Vincent Gelvez

      Keyword. Helped. You haven't watched him his year enough have you?

  94. M

    Sad to say, but Lebron is toxic. Everywhere he goes, he uproots the entire franchise (I don't like the coach, I don't like the GM, I don't like my teammates). He doesn't LEAD. He refuses to fit into a system, instead he demands to BECOME the system and the franchise. And when Lebron gets what he wants, he's not winning very often. 3-6 in the Finals. The teams that repeatedly beat Lebron are the teams that play system basketball (Spurs, Warriors, even the Mavs). Question for teams that sign Lebron is: Is your organization about WINNING or about the Lebron show??

    1. allergic to bs

      Lebrons only hope is that Anthony Davis comes...other than Anthony Davis no one wants to play with Lebron...hes gonna spend the next 3 years missing the playoffs or getting 7th or 8th seed and eliminated first round

  95. Lamar Shipp

    Kyrie isn’t leaving

  96. spacewalker

    Took me a while before I realized the microphone wasn’t Broussard’s tie...

  97. Tito Medina

    If Boston keeps kyrie they can trade for Davis if they can unleaded Haywards contract in that trade they can still sign kd that would be a great 3 in Boston.just for the record not a boston fan

  98. Meow Meow

    Draymond OUT, Davis IN PG: Curry SG: Klay SF: Durant PF: Davis C: Cousin Mark my word, you heard it from here first. ps: I'm not a Warrior fan.

    1. Meow Meow

      +d b Clearly my comment was a dig at the Warriors who seem to get everyone they want. Who knows the Pelicans might stupid enough to ship out Davis to the Warriors.

    2. d b

      They can't sign all them and there's no way Davis gets traded to gsw period let alone without giving up any starter.

  99. Asayah Ben Israel

    Why tf they keep hyping up new York nobody wants to play for the Knicks KD is staying with golden state he's about to three peat

  100. Carlos Byrd

    Draymond has been a good actor for years. He simply acts like he's a superstar, but stats don't lie.