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    One of my favorite curries is the beloved chicken tikka masala. You can make this dish at home by making your own curry powder and tikka masala sauce.
    Shopping List:
    + For the curry powder:
    1 stick cinnamon
    1 whole nutmeg
    2 dried bay leaves
    1 Tbsp whole cloves
    2 Tbsp cumin seeds
    3 Tbsp coriander seeds
    1 Tbsp cardamom
    1 tsp red pepper flakes
    + For the chicken tikka masala marinade:
    1 cup full fat yogurt
    2 inches ginger, grated
    2 garlic cloves, grated
    1 Tbsp of the homemade curry powder (above)
    Kosher salt
    Freshly ground pepper
    Drizzle of olive oil
    3 boneless, skinless, chicken breasts (cut into 1-inch cubes)
    + For the tikka masala sauce
    2 inches ginger, grated
    1/2 small yellow onion, finely minced
    2 cloves garlic, grated
    1 small bird's eye chili, finely minced
    2 Tbsp vegetable oil
    1 Tbsp tomato paste
    1 heaping Tbsp homemade curry powder (above)
    1 28-ounce can of crushed tomatoes
    Pinch of white sugar
    3/4 cup heavy cream
    Optional: serve with long grain basmati rice and cilantro garnish
    Special Equipment:
    Spice grinder or coffee grinder
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      What’s your least favorite thing about cilantro: its flavor, its known toxicity, or its role in the subprime mortgage crisis?

      1. ajason495

        i always tell people this- it tastes like someone took grass clippings, added lemon juice and a healthly squeeze of dawn dish soap. mix together and voila- what cilantro tastes like to me. then they always say- you drink dawn dish soap. no its what it smells like I imagine it would taste like

      2. alluvermin

        I have the dish soap taste gene. I like the taste still. Help

      3. Noah HackZ

        Binging with Babish mate, I love coriander (cilantro)

      4. Louis Eguchi

        Please do a chicken Korma!

    2. ShiivaWilding

      God bless the Scottish for this incredible invention!

    3. Girlfriend

      Cilantro babies!

    4. Boo Bax

      Wondered why I can't pallet curry.. it's the nutmeg and cloves. 2 of the worst flavors ever imo

    5. Boo Bax

      Thanks for the hard work Babby

    6. CStarFlare

      use your strength ..damn

    7. Elliott Schelske

      omg finally someone who grinds their own curry powder

    8. Aarij Anwer

      Qorma next, please

    9. Dog Tooth

      The UK's national dish ? 😂😂😂 they don't have something British? This is Indian food and this version is barebones and incorrect. But good effort

      1. Lady Pinkymoe

        Uk's national takeaway British-Indian dish, he should have said lmao. Like Chinese food in the West is Western-ified, this is the same thing with indian food. And the Brits they love it!

    10. Jose Ramos

      Every step is flavor bombs!

    11. Girish Malage

      Chicken Tikka: UKs National Dish...that was hilarious!

      1. James Howell

        Pretty true though; wasn't it invented because Brits couldn't handle proper spice? Certainly would have to be on any table showing off British cuisine, right up there with the full English breakfast, fish and chips and haggis.

    12. Elliott Lars Olsen

      Wow, you're unbelievably arrogant and bougie. All of my local Indian restaurants are run by actual Indian folks, and I guarantee they make everything better than you in your peer-funded apartment.

    13. Cega1985

      My local indian places might fight you about that comment

    14. LuxuryDesiigner

      my fave dish

    15. Ovidius

      I do it with coconutmilk✌

    16. Akku gaur

      it's Indian boy

    17. Alicaido

      alternatively: do use your grinder for both coffee and spices to commence on a wild ride of bad ideas

    18. Emre Geylani

      UK's national dish??

    19. Kevin Bihari

      Lol, thats how you get dead

    20. Patryk Bic

      careful using ground cloves vs whole cloves, i used too much ground cloves and it came out bitter as hell

    21. FattyMcButterPants

      Garbage, what youd expect from a white dude

    22. Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailers

      Why is everyone so anal about how to make this dish? So many videos on the dish have so much hate

    23. Immortal-Pumpkin

      is a grill on a uk oven the same as a broiler

    24. Mikey L

      Drop the gloves ffs

    25. prateek surana

      Nopes,nada! ..this aint how chicken tikka is cooked

    26. Bruno Bursic

      Omg I dislike cilantro too! It tastes like weird soapy stuff... I love correander seeds in indian cooking, just discovered indian, soooooooo overwhelmingly tasty.

    27. kingzaxx productions


    28. A Nii

      Too much work besides that’s too rich in favor

    29. Jobu_Cerrano

      Love the vids, this channel is among one of my favorites. I have noticed this phenomenon lately, and I don't understand. Yes, people will probably cry that I am some sort of stupid hippie, but what is the deal with cooks being afraid of getting their hands dirty and using all these latex and plastic gloves these days? It is so wasteful. It seems like another method of destroying the earth when a simple rinse under the faucet would suffice. Just asking, don't get it.

    30. zack bop

      did you ever do naan?

    31. oski1128

      Tikka MaGÓWNO

    32. K K

      Does anyone know of an authentic curry powder that can replicate the curry powder he made? Most of those ingredients are tough to find for me.

    33. Hot Wheels

      Tikka Masala originated in Glasgow Scotland

    34. Hey It's Vher

      Dont attack me but i really find it super weird when ppl bake rice. Like y?

    35. Paul Di Libero

      Naan! Yes! When?

    36. Matthew Palanca


    37. rudeboymon

      I could eat that everyday

    38. Matthew Kefford

      Had to pause the video to see what on earth a broiler is!

    39. Martin Ďatko

      3:47 chilli bit: "Freeeedooooooom!"

    40. kumar Ankit

      This preparation is wrong on so many levels

    41. Nilajit Sinha

      you missed to add the smoky flavour and use red onion

    42. Glen M Lj

      2:13 that made me sneeze. Thrice

    43. Kay

      Cilantro tastes like Tide, but I love all the things it’s in so I eat through it anyways.

      1. K K

        What does... Tide taste like? I'm scared for you.

    44. VoiceOfReasonXXX

      So, your "curry powder" is essentially garam masala? Why not call a spade a spade?

    45. Norbert Didics

      Are we going to ignore that BIG PENIS SHAPED piece of ginger???!

    46. Abhimanyu Singh

      I'm an Indian and This is not chicken tikka masala. Period.

    47. Gulnaaz Afzal

      And what is missing is naan, samosas, mango lassi and some Khorma. Hahahah sure!

    48. steven song

      this is what cooking looks like if you have ocd.

    49. Kyle Brouwn

      Me: *doesn't know this video exists yet* Also me: *has frozen tv dinner chicken tikka masala for lunch* US-new recommendations: hey wanna learn how to make that yourself? Me: wtf?

    50. axcel zedd

      did he say UK national dish ?

    51. oh daddy

      the amount of people in this comment section that think that chicken tikka masala is a british dish is hilarious

      1. Zahara

        Well it was invented in Glasgow by Scottish born descendants of Pakistani immigrants to make curries more palatable to European tastes

    52. ishank kumar

      Omg.. That ginger is a dick

    53. kray97

      I copied the recipe for curry from scratch. My mother doesn't quite make it that way....she adds the spices in real time while she's cooking. She also usually doesn't grind the spice mix.

    54. Alan Martinez

      YSACs big brother that got his shit together

    55. Michael Druck

      Most white men do not like cilantro. Don't worry us Latinos will take all the cilantro you do not want to eat.

    56. Rahul Vats

      This is not chicken tikka masala!!!

    57. Achintya Pranshu

      Ok you made that better than my mom and I'm indian

    58. Fahad Rizvi

      Who else cringed how he pronounced tikka masala

      1. Hearts And Ducks

        Just you.

    59. Manpreet Narang

      Olive oil, sugar and pepper, liquid yogurt, grated ginger and garlic are all incorrect ingredients for CTM. Roasting spices before grinding was the only good thing I saw in your video. I am sorry to be a critic but what i saw is really awful.

    60. Manpreet Narang

      You marinade was incorrect to start with. Chicken tikka masala is prepared by marinating chicken in mustard oil with vinegar/Like juice with fresh spices and is left overnight so chicken absorbs flavours. Rest of the recipe is also incorrect. I think nowadays you can cook anything and label it as chicken tikka masala

    61. Manpreet Narang

      Sadly If I post a recepie which is authentic chicken tikka masala. I would be lucky to get 10 views. What an irony.

      1. Manpreet Narang

        @Ricky McKenzie sad but true

      2. Ricky McKenzie

        Because Noone cares who you are

    62. Manpreet Narang

      You made something else, it was not chicken tikka masala

    63. Louis Eguchi

      Well I’m British and made this yesterday and it’s insane and was the most satisfying thing I’ve made! Please make Korma!

    64. nishant99999999

      No turmeric at all?

    65. signorina27

      Did he actually say the U.K's national dish!??? ooohhhh boy there's about 1.billion Indian folks about to blow their roti's off!!!

      1. RyanD Green

        Chicken Tikka is a British Dish.

    66. Jack Sparrow


    67. PantherIsBoss

      This is like British Tikka Masala No shade, I ain’t tryna pull an Italian guy

      1. Cega1985

        Here for the Italian call out

      2. Hue Hue Hue Hue Hue

        Tikka Masala is pure scottish like, ken? Fresh ootae glaesgi ye bam. FAR YE FROM

    68. Tirath Singh

      You could have used the yoghurt marinate in the dish and reduced or totally eliminate the cream.

    69. Adam Paluck

      not using the juices from the cooked chicken is a crime

    70. Maanya Shukla


      1. Ibrahim Baliyawalla

        @MOCHATONE Fae White onions are sweeter. Red onions go better with savoury and spicy dishes, like the Chicken Tikka Masala here.

      2. MOCHATONE Fae

        Why is this so?