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    CHEAPEST MOM IN THE WORLD! People can be cheapskates, they go dumpster diving and are very CHEAP! Are you? I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      Yo mama so cheap she ______________

      1. Coco Tria

        SSSniperWolf HIIYAAA

      2. Pickles Are yummy

        Doesn’t were cloths

      3. teresa orocio

        My mom is so cheap we WATCH THE WALL FOR FUN

      4. teresa orocio

        She acculy wearers boxes for pants

      5. İşîë Åñňĕ


    2. Lesley Castro

      Hi sniper wolf im 9 i haved wached you since 6 i love you so much

    3. crybabyxgurl

      This made me grateful for my Mom

    4. aleah

      How are they cheap and im living in a small apartment not living like this?

    5. Dragon Destroyer

      I went to Vegas and i couldn't breath i hated it it too bright rip

    6. Acherrywithasmile

      Only two showers a week. What about when the girls get their period. Omg that is very unsanitary.

    7. HuNtEr

      Lea the thumb nail looks like u. I still love ur vids

    8. Alvani365a

      Vegas Born check

    9. yarianny then

      can u react to Gacha Life

    10. Crazy _Nene

      Hey sssniper wolf

    11. Carlitos Avila

      🤮 that is nasty

    12. Gessel Garcia

      You are so kind to Everyone

    13. Gessel Garcia

      I an a big fan

    14. shrimptastic

      @SSSniperWolf the blank is: she cares more about her wigs than her son. and for the other mom: she cares more about dishes than the food

    15. M1ckFluffy

      I only shower 4 times a week

    16. Niya Nelson

      Yo mama so cheap she can’t afford things that cost a penny

    17. Madeline Sprecher

      Literally if I was that kid being told I could only shower two days a week I'd be asking a PE teacher if I could use the locker room showers honestly.

    18. Willa Hill

      Yo mama so cheap she uses her gum for 100+ needs/uses

    19. Willa Hill

      Yo mama so cheap when you stepped on the cigarette she yelled WHO TURNED OFF THE HEAT

    20. Willa Hill

      If I saw her walking down the street she looks like she got some nice money. Those tacky pink middle aged ladies ya know? Barbie boomers.

    21. Thao Da

      If you shower 2 times a week you could get lice

    22. Flãme Wølfff Gãchã

      UhMm...So she pays for her diesel or petrol but she doesn't want to pay for a FREE yoga class @-@ I am confusion...

    23. Melania Trompas

      my mom brings candy from the 99cent store to the movies its smart right?

    24. Melania Trompas

      LOL "what if it's that time of the month" i get it if you dont LOL LOL

    25. Krista Daley

      dollar tree

    26. Krista Daley

      how can you be that cheep this is so bad if she was my mom i would be ashamed like its free

    27. Abbey O'Driscoll

      And i thought my mum was cheap. this is 10 times more cheap than my mum will ever be

    28. Sammy Conte

      Off brand pop tarts

    29. Morgan Gibson

      You are so weird

    30. Alli Johnson

      We do that at the movies

    31. Merin Brandt

      shes so nice love you lia

    32. Lyndsey Foubister

      If they wear all there clothes they Fat

    33. Lyndsey Foubister

      She takes her kids on vacation to use there electric and shower to save there OWN money

    34. foxygirl idk

      I can take a shower every day if I want to because our water is from a well but the other half is from the county

    35. Aaron Lahti

      I liked the milk carton idea for the herbs. And some of the things the 2nd mom would do was actually environmentally conscious

    36. I dont LIKE ANIME THO! xxx


    37. Ina Gacha Studió

      The thing is that... *I've never been to a movie theatre.......*

    38. Abbie Williams


    39. Sanana Banana

      is sniperwolf not white?

    40. Justice Chance

      She live in a bigger house than me and my parents ain’t even that cheap

    41. KAMILA

      If that was my mom,I would say going to BECKYS,who's mom makes them shower every day

    42. Mikaela Velazquez

      Yeah my mom encourages me to take a shower every day. But that's just cruel like what the heck she can only take a shower 3 times a week!??!!?

    43. Iliana Sophia Sabillon

      i just realized you made this video a day after my birthday

    44. Lincoln Macumber

      I went to the place we’re the go carts are

    45. Colorful Leafey

      No no we have dollar store in Denver

    46. Xluna GachadrawX

      My mom is cheap but she ain't that cheap when I see it I want it I GOT IT I love buying stuff LOL

    47. Kynzie Thomas

      Nieeecee cliiieeeaaannn pannnn

    48. Lacy Sutton

      You’re really pretty, and I like ur accent

    49. Pyroman /

      Lol this gotta be child abuse

    50. Pyroman /

      9:12 yah until you get extra screen they pay you down and think you got cocaine laced cloths lol you do realize people do that now you can fit a like a.poubd of cocaine into jeans by .aleing liquid cocaine wetting the jeans and letting them dry ... Then you wear layers under so you don't absorb it threw skin

    51. Pyroman /

      5:42 whattt I feel bad when I miss one day of shower ( not the end of the world ) but every 3 or 4 day no way I'd be calling children's aid or throwing a dollar at my mom so I could get a 22 min shower

    52. Pyroman /

      5:09 I seen a episode where buddy unpluged his.fridge and stove at night and when he leaves the house ... But the thing is the fridge is going end up wearing out sooner from hotnpull downs and it probly cost more money to get the fridge back down to temp then just to keep it to temp ... His compressor is probly going end up flooding with liquid refrigerant one of these days and than Its.ruined

    53. Scott Mune

      karina is a youtuber

    54. Alison Garccia

      My mom not cheap were expensive

    55. Ruby Emerson

      guess what the cheap lady in denver there is literally a dollar tree on every block

    56. Jessica Horne


    57. GalaxyGirl_Playz


    58. Lea Hallab

      I looveee you you are the best I wanna be you💝💝💝💖💘💖💝💖💘😍😍😍😍

    59. Art Diva

      Well she has to sign up for it with a pen and pens cost money.

    60. Snowy and Aquarius

      I’m only allowed to take a shower when no one is

    61. Connorverse

      she looks like the fortnite skin

    62. kaiya clark

      That mother is very stingy cheap and selfish and definately an embarrassment.

    63. Muhammed NAMDAR

      First one is being cleaver not cheap. People pay for yoga but not for yogurt. This is middle east bro we don’t do yoga lameeeeee.

    64. Naomi Babynut

      So the girl in the second clip when shes on her period she uses the tea bag? 😂

    65. Gewell Daber

      When recycle went too far Kill people's life cause of reusing used stuff for too long

    66. Bethsaida Castro

      Love your vids

    67. Ham I am O

      I like last vages

    68. Tecumseh Cristero

      Lia you are white

    69. Tecumseh Cristero

      Tea bags are one use only

    70. Crissy Lockhart

      Wow cool