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    CHEAPEST MOM IN THE WORLD! People can be cheapskates, they go dumpster diving and are very CHEAP! Are you? I'm SSSniperWolf! You can call me Lia, Sniper Wolf, whatever! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! I upload videos every single day! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      Yo mama so cheap she ______________

      1. xo lucid lawripops xo

        She reuses bathwater to clean the floors

      2. OOF DOGE

        SSSniperWolf She takin milk from school

      3. •Grumpy Gacha•

        I'm clueless

      4. The Gamer

        @SSSniperWolf not everyones rich like you

    2. Kei Lam

      Moms are SAVAGE

    3. Thejavi Srinivasan


    4. it's gamergirlsv

      me after watchin this = uh.... me myself learn everything from youtube

    5. Padmini Subramaniam

      Im literally eating md now. Sorry for the wrong spelling

    6. Lauren Hunt

      We ain’t saving money re-using ziplock bags, WE SAVIN’ THE TURTLES!!!!!!!!! SKSKSKSK 🐢

    7. Mallory Conley

      At work we wash and reuse plastic bags but it’s not for money it’s so stop throwing away plastic

    8. Lily Latour

      Yo mama so cheap she says bubble wrap is to expensive

    9. minecraft parodies v2

      5:03 you realize you probably lose money, because your children and you probably get sick and have to pay for pills and shit to compensate.

    10. Lovely 6743 Plazola Ortíz

      Mamá ya soo rich you can wast you money now!

    11. Karlie Shealy

      I take showers every day

    12. daniela acosta

      My parents are kind of cheap but not that much 😏😏

    13. Cotretek Inc.

      I also went to Fremont Street with my family

    14. Cotretek Inc.


    15. The lps FOXY

      Plz subscrib to mu canal

    16. Jon Ellis

      What about apple

      1. Jon Ellis

        the other cheapest woman

    17. Cara Nelson

      i went to LasVegas this summer

    18. Jimin has no jams.

      I am seriously mad....

    19. Ayesha Eunice Tijamo

      im glad my mom is nice and normal if we need it we buy if its not imprtant i cant and i understand it to save and healthy!!

    20. ayush chauhan

      I am allowed to take a shower 20 times a day but I take it 2 times a weak. Like if you do this too.

    21. Aina Amira

      I'll literally take a bath everyday at school before going home if my mom make a rule 'take your bath twice a week'😒

    22. Whale Films

      Am I the only one that has seen someone take the container of sugar packets in a restaurant and dump it in her purse? 😂

    23. babyy aprilll

      TBH you talk to much I videos can you just watch the video please 😄👍❤️

    24. Nicolee Valencia

      I live in las vegas

    25. Ava Schwartz

      Wᴏᴡ ᴄʜᴇᴀᴘ ᴍᴏᴍs

    26. GreatGrade Gaming

      buy nike we were going to buy louis vutton

    27. Galaxy Moon

      Me can be in the shower 40m to 1hr

    28. Alex Sabangan

      I can do that

    29. Madalynn Vega

      Like if the lady ain't just cheap she stupid for running away from free yoga hmm she says she saves money but really she spends $25 cents when she could get free yoga and just use an old towel

    30. Avi Agola

      Umm hey SSSniperWolf you know that Seattle is more expensive then denver

    31. Rebeca Vasquez

      I get my stuff at the dollar store and I save up a lot of money

    32. Dat_furry RX

      All my nieces and nephews all go on vacations, the only trip I went on was to my aunts in Ontario..... and all my family have goon to Africa,India,China,Mexico, etc.... I’m sad honestly.... 😂👌 but whatever

    33. Eevee Fan

      I hated Vegas it was loud bright and gave me a headache

      1. H20 just add water lover Hiestand

        You have got to be kidding me when I went their I wish I could stay longer in April 14 - 24 2019

    34. globetrotter39

      I got a yoga mat at Ross for $8.99. She is ridiculous.

    35. Cookie Gaming

      Is it just me or does she seriously have a car that costs money yet she still cheap

    36. crazy K

      4:00 TREE DOLLAR TREE oh...

    37. Omar Zarate

      Interesting channel of yours homegirl👌🏻

    38. Elanna Vigil

      The cheapest thing my mom said everything is went to Walmart and bought a water bottle

    39. Gacha star

      I can shower whenever I want to.isn’t the floor stick.i am a lucky person

    40. Derpy Eclipse

      Does that woman not have a ton of ants from cleaning her floor with tea

    41. Crystal P

      Honestly one of the cheapest things I've ever done is that I used to actually reuse Ziploc bags. I would wash them and then hang them to dry but it was more to be less wasteful than cheap but after my second child is born I don't have time for that lol

    42. Anoon Alharmuodi

      Yo mama so cheap she secretly copies a yoga class that costs -one hundred- *five* _coins_ ⊙__⊙

    43. Meiluns vlogs

      I am the only one who HATES taking showers?

    44. DexterKeep haters

      I thought only I mop like that. Only if I'm rush and spot cleaning.. And mom look like Barbie still. Still beautiful. Means I see why you so adorable and Amazing. . Xoxo love you 💗💓🌷⚘🛐💍🏩💒

    45. Ravenclaw_4Life

      "Cause obviously we're on a BUDGET"

    46. Ravenclaw_4Life

      each shower costs 45 cents omigosh its so expensive *gasp* im gonna hyperventilate *gasp gasp gasp*

    47. Whitney Fleming

      Umm just live in the badest naberhood in the USA

    48. Isaac Bradley

      My mom is a single mom raising me and my brother on a retail workers salary and we live better than this dude

    49. BTS Cult

      Couponing exists too 😐

    50. Potato -_-


    51. Sophia Abernathy

      Hi friends, it's me -sssniperwolf, every post, 2019. ❤

    52. Donut gamer _ty

      Do you live in Denver???

    53. Marcia Gallego

      Someone please call child services on them cheap AF moms out there

    54. Amaya Chandler

      she probley smell like butt I take a shower everyday at night and they have tiney water bottles at doller tree

    55. Jordan Granados


    56. Jeanneee H

      i feel so bad for the daughter, shes like so pretty but if she can only shower twice a week... uhmm yh

    57. İbrahim Yaldez

      Umm I feel sorry for the girl she only gets to. Take 2 showers a week !!!???!??. I am happy I dont have rules like that.

    58. Marvel Meme

      I take 20 mins of shower a day

    59. Yeet Lols

      I think the child should be taken away she’s not providing properly

    60. CameronVids

      Omg i feel bad for her friend

    61. Alice Angel

      I don't have a dollar store in hobart

    62. lilylord07 and her brother

      They cost 5$ at fire blow

    63. Jacob Kawana

      Free is to expensive 😂🤣

    64. W426 1

      0:22 when a yoga Matt like $5

    65. Pewdie’s Pies

      We have lots of dollar stores in Denver thank you.

    66. -フレヤ AnimeGacha ふれや

      I thought my mum was cheap but no this person is way more cheaper

    67. Cutiepie Shorts

      Not even my dad,he gives all five of us,siblings,20 dollars when we go somewhere.

    68. YouTube Lover

      I go out of the country twice a month and get what I want whenever I want and I’m thankful for it and I love my parents and brother and the whole fam dad’s side and mom’s side I only have my mom’s mother all the rest are dead they died one died before my brother was born but we are only a year apart I’m 10 he is 9 he dreamed to see my brother cause he is the only boy on daddy’s side bone died normally and one because she was sick

    69. Emily Vlogz

      she’s making fun of ppl re using things and she’s acting like they have the money for that, like maybe the can’t afford any of this !

    70. Electro music

      What about when they’re on their period just going to not cleanse 🤢