Charlie Puth Reacts To College Kids React To Charlie Puth



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    Charlie Puth reacts to College Kids reacting to Charlie Puth. Watch to see his reaction.
    College Kids React To Charlie Puth
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    Charlie Puth
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    Charlie Puth Reacts To College Kids React To Charlie Puth

    Published on 5 months ago


    1. FBE

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      1. Madeleine H

        pop 00p0

      2. 김재은

        저 죄송한데요..... 한글 자막 너어주세요...

      3. Amirah Priester

        OH..MY..GOD!!!!!!!!I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. Sonia ruth villegas

      5. Jyl Lytle

        Why did he look so surprised when everyone liked his music? He's super talented and his songs are SO good!

    2. Zakk Cook

      Puth looked so arrogant when that chick said, “I don’t know this person” lol I don’t know him either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    3. worms are cool

      Imagine charlie puth saying you have a good voice

      1. Kim Le


    4. Alana Hill

      Who Remembers the O2L song??

      1. Alana Hill

        @I'm Indecisive truueeee!!!!

      2. I'm Indecisive

        The real question is: Who doesn't?

    5. james waitaminute

      Come one charlie ' one call away ' is very wonderfull song. Its kind of related with me

    6. Kareisha Jean Pierre

      Love you Charlie Puth ❤️❤️ Sagittarius people unite wahoo

    7. Kaz Tan

      Charlie: “Yeeeeeeeee” E-flat

    8. tHe contentless poorguy

      Love you charlie your so good

    9. jes 2105

      U know he is a pure musician when he knows ppl screech is Eb😂

    10. Ojo Oluwayemisi

      😭Who else remembers Charlie saying he hates one call away?

    11. Preet Rayat

      Wow 🤩

    12. Georgie M

      My favorite song from Charlie is I won’t tell a soul. All the way👏🏻💕

      1. Forever Thatter

        @top secret when your sarcasm is so perfect they think you're serious 🤗🤗🤗

      2. top secret

        @Forever Thatter lol

      3. Georgie M

        Forever Thatter it’s a song called “I won’t tell a soul”

      4. Forever Thatter just told US, and we do have souls.

    13. JayyAmv

      Charlie puth is under rated

    14. Damian Grijalva

      I thought his voice would be a little high

    15. Shaen Goodall

      I love him sfm

    16. Weird Fumes

      Btw... who threw that pickle at him?

      1. Weird Fumes

        @Awesome Technology I'd rather know who threw that pickle

      2. Awesome Technology

        Weird Fumes that question is missing the point. The real question is why did said person throw something that wasn’t even KOSHER?!!!!

    17. Allison Fieger

      He is literally one of the best songwriters of our era! Love him 💗🙌🏻

    18. Hadia Mirza

      I love Charlie Puth

    19. joel blazo


      1. Shaen Goodall

        joel blazo LMAO WHAT

    20. stevani meilan

      i love charlie, i love his music, and i love his hair :)

      1. NecTor 1

        stevani meilan I liked his old hair

    21. Nallely Meza

      Charlie my husband🤤

      1. Y̴T̴T彡 JERRY


      2. Shaen Goodall

        *my husband, sorry lmao

      3. II Psychic

        no just no

    22. EPIC GAMIN

      Omlll hes so amazing

    23. Feqs Raqe

      Nooo rip hair

      1. Nigel Watson


      2. Manjar


    24. Feqs Raqe

      Any1 remember retro pickel song

      1. Cadence Henry

        oh god that was THE BOP THOOOO

    25. Galaxy Daniella

      I love Charlie so muchhh 💕

    26. Mieke Official music

      Hey Bro #Charlieputh If You Need A Fan-Base Called Puth-Tors

    27. Fito Cabral

      Charlie is f@ckin' hot....dammn

    28. Lia Yim

      Is anyone else watching this after two of those songs came out?

    29. DCU

      Lol he is so relatable it’s insane

    30. Elena Vignoli


    31. qtie patootie


    32. Novitriyani Sekarjati

      Do Niki! Do Niki!

    33. Jassy McCoy

      My first time hearing Charlie puth was when I was six no seven and I was at my dad's viewing before we cremated him so it was see you again my first time wasn't Charlie puth was really sad

    34. Sopkai Zimik

      Please do Coldplay react💕😭🙏

      1. Eira Qo


    35. Karim Karim

      Attention is my favorite..💓💓

      1. wingracer 16

        Best bass line of the decade.

    36. Axnestia

      3:23 she's legit the female version of logic

      1. Noobs Productions


    37. Parallax Mo

      how is it pausing?

      1. Y̴T̴T彡 JERRY

        @your mum 😂

      2. your mum

        well if you see.. if you click, the video pauses

    38. PROUD Swifty ARMY Directioner

      Did he just say NigaHiga? My boy!

      1. Billy Mosley

        Sage Lionel D'souza 13:05

      2. Sage Lionel D'souza

        Wait what... When?

    39. Néstor S.

      I ship Austin with Charlie Puth. I see some chemistry there.

    40. Art School

    41. Jeddox

      The song he hates most is the song i love most WTF

    42. FrenzyBoi

      Heh, I still remember when he did that "pickle" song back in the day.

    43. Harry James Potter


    44. Suhaan Moonwalker


      1. Suhaan Moonwalker

        @Austin Patterson that’s aight!!

      2. Suhaan Moonwalker

        @Small Sky haha

      3. Austin Patterson

        Perfect pitch... It's insane

      4. Small Sky

        That's why he calls him self a music nerd 😂

    45. C Iris

      I hope Austin meets Charlie some day, I think they could work on something together 🤞

      1. crazy Girl

        Who is he I didn't know him!? Is he a US-newr singer!?

    46. Gabriella Sad

      YAS! and i love how he mentioned my country. YES YES YES YES

    47. Madeleine H

      9:37 you can see how his heart breaks when he hears "Selena"

      1. Manjar

        yes What a pity that their relationship did not last long, a sad time for him, I do not know if you knew that they stopped following on social networks because Selena always changed partners

    48. Sweet Tears

      Omg he sounds so different when he talks ;-;

      1. sachin kalyani

        @soldier of chaos nice try bro

      2. soldier of chaos

        no autotune when he talks

    49. Moises Perez

      God bless you guys JESUS LOVES ALWAYS

    50. Michelle D

      He’s such a breath of fresh air

    51. MANA🎶

      We all want Charlie as our boyfriend ❤️

      1. Amirah Priester

        Yep! Boi u correct!!! I want him as a boyfriend sooooooooo damn bad!!!!!!

      2. Septon Sephgreiafield

        I'm ready for a poly-relationship if he's our next man ;) :)

    52. 奶粉

      *a man hates Charlie Puth's early songs Me: *YOU HATER YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MUSIC!!!* *this man is Charlie Puth Me: Oh ok…

      1. Arpit Srivastava

        😂😂😂😂ohh mannn

    53. Sushil subba

      One call away of my favourite❤

    54. Ahmed Aathif

      i love charlie 🧡

    55. Jean-Philippe Razal

      Woman: *Screech* Charlie: thats E flat

    56. Edraine

      this makes me love charlie puth 😍 i love his music his look his personality, can he be my boyfriend?

    57. sandamali jayaratne

      Charlie u r awesome

    58. Alpha Isaac

      4:47 *laughs with flatter* “I wanna meet him”

    59. O b

      I love you more than my MOTHER

      1. ....

        Ophir B , cuz you stupid

    60. Satyam Sandilya

      15 minutes of Charlie Puth getting disgusted at his own vocals😂😂

    61. Sarah Songz

      I think I'm in love

    62. Neil Reposo

      Charlie being pitch perfect hahahahaha

    63. angela sukte

      He feels so sleepy in the end😂

    64. Katie Eisenhower

      I love Charlie's genuine-ness.

    65. Adobong Bangus


    66. New and Developed

      Charlie isn't hot he is a cutie

      1. Septon Sephgreiafield

        Both is cool :)

      2. Faerieshimmer

        Yeah he’s both!

      3. Alexa CejaJaimes

        Well, he’s both

    67. Anva Sjns

      What are you talking about, Charlie?? I still remember how we jive with your songs during vacant, even before "See You Again," back when I was still in Junior High School in the Philippines!!!

    68. Lulu M18

      He should grow his hair again

      1. Mercy Etemesi


      2. ItsLaraPlays


      3. Alexa CejaJaimes

        He is growing it !!!🙂

      4. jungkook's pigtails

        i agree :((

    69. Nixon Hyze

      Bass synth for 5 $ ?? Man this is why I love him 😍

    70. Emman vincent