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    As we approach the holidays, our dietary requirements for meat and cheese are elevated to dangerous levels. On this episode of Basics, I'm giving you some ideas on what to put on your meat and cheese board.
    Shopping List: This is everything I bought, but feel free to mix and match what your store has or what you're most interested in!
    + Cheeses:
    Goat Cheese
    Aged Goat Gouda
    Double Cream Cow's Milk Gouda
    "Midnight Moon" Goat Cheese
    Aged Irish Cheddar
    American Brie
    Gorgonzola Dolce
    + Meats:
    Peppercorn Soppressata
    Fennel Salami
    Cured Chorizo
    Prosciutto San Daniele
    Prosciutto Cotto
    + Additional sidekicks:
    Marcona almonds (fried in olive oil)
    Nicoise olives
    Mixed olives
    Smoked almonds
    Artichoke hearts (dressed in oil and herbs)
    Orange marmalade
    Caramelized onion jam
    Sundried tomato puree
    Grilled cipollini onions
    Spicy honey
    Salted crackers
    Baguette, thinly sliced
    "Even or Odd" by Blue Wednesday
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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Matthew Cotton

      Oh sweet Babish why do you do this to me, I'm so hungry for all these different wonderful flavors now

    2. hoi7100

      Wtf is double cream gouda????

    3. BLT FireBurst

      2:49 -riccota- *_R I C A A T A_*

    4. OGS Maverick

      Just saw 0:55-1:00 being used for an advertisement on channel 7 for sunrise in Australia. Wonder if they asked babish for permission first >_>

    5. BeanFromPA

      Have you tried Euphoria sheep’s milk Gouda? It’s delicious & crunchy

    6. DaveyC

      Soooooo....... if you happen to have 300$ for a single cheese board, this is a good video.

      1. Shawna Spadafore

        DaveyC maybe this is just a guideline and you can have as much or as little as your budget allows. Looks for cheese on sale. Here in Canada we have a store called food basics which has a good selection of cheese at a cheaper price than the more expensive stores

    7. Tanya Nguyen

      To me, your board is way too busy, and there for not as visually appealing. I emphise, TO ME. I use three or four different boards, placed thoughout my party space, depending on the number of guests. I always have a bend of fruit, heat, meat, cheese, and bread. Spreading them out also creates spaces for guests to linger, rather than in one place. And i always tey new things. Like your onions, ill try a relish, some new olive, a local jam, especially if ive brought one back from somewhere (recently lilicoi jam from hawaii). Such fun, cheese boards.

    8. Te lo explico

      I would highly recommend adding jamón serrano, or if you can get it in the States: accorn-fed Ibérico ham. It's way WAY better than prosciutto

    9. mgzw90

      Another great video. Please do one of your watches!!

    10. Patrick O'Brien

      Lol "Ricotta - sorry - Rekadda"

    11. Patrick O'Brien

      Goddamn I love cheese

    12. Angry Irishman

      Also, it's pronounced more like shar-coo-teh-ree.

    13. Evan Goyette

      Midnight Moon is titts.

    14. Alpin Art

      it's called Speck but pronounced like Shpeck. I would know, I'm german

      1. bobbyjoe2402

        Well no, because it's italian

    15. CKMLMA8

      Who's here after Pusha T?

    16. Amber Ramel

      Idk why im watching this like i have enough friends to invite over for a dinner party lol

    17. Sodapop Jukebox

      Push sent me here 😂

    18. Saint Poppy

      As someone with a dairy allergy I'm morbidly fascinated.

    19. Rick de Vroede

      What about raw milk cheeses?

    20. ACR

      yes daddy babish put your cured meats inside me

    21. Missy

      I hate that plating..

    22. Angelica C

      I will stick to my lunchables ty. Lol

    23. fufufuaru

      “this stuff smells like slow death” LMAO

    24. David Dolce

      As a vegetarian, I guess I'll be sticking to the olives and nuts.

    25. forever314

      is this the video where Babish reached peak snob

    26. Liwiathan

      Cheese roll call. Midnight Moon is yummy melted.

    27. Gabby Cavaliere

      i think i just had a seizure from how you pronounced ricotta a second time

    28. brödlimpa

      As an Irishman, I appreciate the addition of the Irish cheddar. The cameraman has good taste!

    29. GOGOgomes

      Why so many french words among italian food?

    30. Akai Ika

      Charcuterie only fucking refers to meat.

    31. shadowmaster335

      yeah my favorite cheese is an apple smoked red medium cheddar, 10 times better than the processed red cheddar you buy in stores, ohh yeah for those of you who doesn't like brie's & those kinds of cheeses (like me) try adding sweet chili marmalade, it does wonders (unless of course you don't like the texture of the cheese itself, then sorry, that ain't something anything can change)

    32. Jerrel Ellerby

      Wine you go to the store to grab some wine and cheese then $100 later

    33. Raian M

      Thr.most expensive Babish video

    34. Tori Simmone

      This platter makes me want a Chardonnay and have tennis practice with Karen in a Manhattan penthouse 😂

    35. Green Ghouls

      Food for divorced rich 50 year old women

    36. RainyDayzDraws

      Damn how he said ricotta the second time XD. Sometimes if you grow up hearing a word one way saying it americanized changes how your voice sounds.

    37. Not a phony

      My family prefers ritz crackers, cut up hotdogs, and yellow american cheese.

    38. Damir Mešić

      Bacon in Croatian is called špek (pronounced shpeck for americans)

      1. Crykng Mason

        bacon is speck in germany, languages intervine

    39. Michael O'Brien

      I'm not real into this idea. It seems horrible for a party if no one know what goes with what, and all those hands touching all the food is kind of gross. A small gathering is fine I guess but seems too pretentious.

    40. Rithrius

      This is your cheesiest video yet.

    41. Alessandro Ferrari

      Can you please make a video about pairing cheese with fruits/veggies/nuts?

    42. Metallic Visions

      We watched this at midnight and were drooling. Ran to our kitchen and made our own with what we had in the fridge. Look what you've done to us Babish! Wish I could post the photo, it turned out ok.

    43. Tyler

      Ricotta versus riCOTTA

    44. notcyn

      bougie with babish

    45. Mckenzie Pittser

      I’m lactose intolerant and vegetarian but I love Babish.

    46. Cathy A

      Goat cheese but sharp cheddar is where my thing is at there's something about the Nutty funkiness of it that is absolutely amazing that and sneaking samples of it from Whole Foods and sharing them with a Chihuahua it's always a plus a little

    47. PeachesLenoir

      Your voice doesn’t sound real

    48. zeveroare R

      Find some Shropshire cheese. And for meat: Secreto 07. Good luck.

    49. Jaaa C

      Yea all you really need is pepperoni Ritz crackers and some pepper jack cheese.

    50. Lindy Lou

      You don't have to be a city planner XD

    51. Ying the Eevee

      Goat cheese is best when it's on a burger or grilled cheese. Melty Goat cheese is best..or maybe my autism makes it so melty cheese is the only way i'll cheese...

    52. nib nob

      You need som Applewood chedder, mango chuckny lime and pikle and peanuts

    53. Tristan Wright

      Im mildly offended u didnt have any oka with your cheeses

    54. Not so ProDestiny

      Is it weird that I got slightly more turned on every time Babish said "nutty"?

    55. 5160411406 Jimmy sim

      another video to flex your collection eh? hahahahaha

    56. Romain

      This is the supidest one so far. Why the fuck Americans have to put fucking grapes, peanuts or olive on charcut and cheese boards?

    57. butterscotchbox

      when an Italian grandmother momentarily takes you over to pronounce fancy food names and then you have to wrestle her back with your NY accent ya know, just the usual

    58. Elena Hein

      But what is charcuterie? Can I use gummy bears?

    59. Kassie C

      Smells like heartburn. I love it

    60. Mijeman

      Along with the meats and cheeses, this video was nutty.

    61. Ekinreis986

      No wallnuts? Come on man

    62. Omedchazak613

      I work in a deli and we make a charcuterie tray very similar.

    63. ara

      Nice watch! What kind is it?

    64. BIG smoke

      You know it's good food when Babish does this 🤜🤛🤝💪☝️👆👋🤟👊🤙🤘🤘👎🖖✋🙌👐🙌🤝👏🤚🙌🤲

    65. Nani Chantel

      Oh yeah, why didnt you get a mozzerella ?

    66. trill gates

      no american kraft singles?? throw the whole board away

    67. Anangryviking

      Nutty, creamy, sweet, and funky seem to be today's words

    68. Brent 13377331

      5:40 kind of ironic that your using cyanide to remind your guests they are alive but ok

    69. Dude bro McDude

      ..... don’t you dislike ricotta on lasagna?

    70. Erich Salloch

      isn't your camera man a tripod?