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    As we approach the holidays, our dietary requirements for meat and cheese are elevated to dangerous levels. On this episode of Basics, I'm giving you some ideas on what to put on your meat and cheese board.
    Shopping List: This is everything I bought, but feel free to mix and match what your store has or what you're most interested in!
    + Cheeses:
    Goat Cheese
    Aged Goat Gouda
    Double Cream Cow's Milk Gouda
    "Midnight Moon" Goat Cheese
    Aged Irish Cheddar
    American Brie
    Gorgonzola Dolce
    + Meats:
    Peppercorn Soppressata
    Fennel Salami
    Cured Chorizo
    Prosciutto San Daniele
    Prosciutto Cotto
    + Additional sidekicks:
    Marcona almonds (fried in olive oil)
    Nicoise olives
    Mixed olives
    Smoked almonds
    Artichoke hearts (dressed in oil and herbs)
    Orange marmalade
    Caramelized onion jam
    Sundried tomato puree
    Grilled cipollini onions
    Spicy honey
    Salted crackers
    Baguette, thinly sliced
    "Even or Odd" by Blue Wednesday
    My first cookbook, Eat What You Watch, is available now in stores and online!
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Elizabeth Van Lierde

      This looks amazing! I love cheeseboards!

    2. kyle Smith

      Hot capicola?

    3. Deshion Brown

      As a warning I will be rewatching this video often.

    4. John

      It's not "Gooda" it's pronounced "Gowdaa", trust me I'm Dutch.

    5. Mauricio Berlanga

      How can you make a charcuterie video and not include jamón serrano de bellota? :O

    6. A shadow in the night

      Growing up in Wisconsin I have learned "as long as it doesn't come from a bag it's fresh and it's delicious". My family used to travel to Rudolph just to get decent fresh made cheese. It was delicious and you could watch the cheese get made.

    7. Trevor Gibson

      He forgot the wine

    8. theduke ofweasels

      On my cheese / meat board which is just the cushion next to me on the couch I've got a bag of sliced pepperoni a can of spray cheese and a bag of Doritos. But hey you don't have to impress people when you have no friends XD

    9. Raven NEVER

      I could eat the whole board. My boyfriends could too. Guess I'll have to make 3 of them jfc

    10. Steph W

      One of my favorite things! Yum!

    11. Caleb Harris

      I physically cringe ever time I watch him chew on the olive stone 😫😖

    12. kazuma desu

      I would deffinetly add some mozarella

    13. Muscle Man

      I'm not gay but the way babish said the food with a native accent of the origin it made me feel way to good and happy and in love. Why...

    14. Joser The Gamer

      i would take a bite out of every single block of cheese on there except for the goat cheeses

    15. jkid1134

      So, uh, am I crazy? I thought it was pronounced like sharcuterie because it’s French. Is that not right?

    16. Fukui Hisoka

      Mmm, just made a char cute Cher e board! 👅👅 Osteoperosis! 👌

    17. Alyna Paparazzi

      I just found my new weed snack

    18. Delainey F.

      Brain: “but you’re lactose intolerant” Me, downing the entire 60 count of lactose enzymes pills: no I’m not, hand me the platter

    19. deleted account

      I would eat all that by my lonesome

    20. Derek D

      Add red and white wine and I could eat like THIS for the rest of my life !

    21. Derek D

      Love all the cheese 😍

    22. Afrika Smith

      Nutty.......Nutty Nutty Nutty is I mostly heard.

    23. Tobias Tolls

      speck is actually npronounced shpeck

    24. mythirdchannel

      can I be your friend? that cheese board looks amazing! I want to be your friend so that I can be a guest at such a prestigious event :D

    25. water . guns

      Ricada 😂

    26. Warden Cobb

      Mortadella is poop, Babs.

    27. duccio


    28. Andrew Harvey

      Every time I see babish bite down on the olive pit, I can feel the pain in my teeth.

    29. Chrispi Chan

      Can you do more vegetarian recipes???


      Me walking up Takes whole thing of chedder Bites

    31. Peps Deps

      Too many olives, too little grapes, but great nonetheless

    32. EYXYE

      You just made argentinian "picada" but with a fancier name

    33. Astoflo The sucker

      Ya know I’ve known that if Babish said anything sensual I’d ruin my panties, but I think him describing cheese flavors is one of the most arousing experiences I’ve had watching this show

    34. Thomas Ueland Torp

      Have you tried my favourite meat in the world? Jamon Iberico de bellota. If not, you should.

    35. Dimond Emerald

      Quick question, is there a substitute for blue cheese? I'm allergic to mold ;-;

    36. Ramikla 1

      You missed Pepper Jack Provolone Havarti (Danish) Esromada Danbo Fynbo Castello Tybo Samso Danish Blue Molbo Gruyère (French) Comte Bleu d’auvergne Epoisses Roquefort Fourme d’ambert Pont-L’evêque Cheddar (British) Colby Jack Monterrey Jack White and Yellow Swiss Cotija (Mexican Fresco Añejo Oaxaca Panela Manchego Asadero ) Cornish Yarg (British Stinking Bishop Cheese Shropshire Blue Stichelton Cheshire Wensleydale Lancashire Birkswell Stilton Cheese Red Leicester Caerphilly Gloucester Derby Cornish blue Brie Tintern Caboc Crowdie Dunlop Huntsman Tunworth Beauvale Winslade At this point I give up there’s too many Cheeses No one would even buy all of the cheeses possible for a video

    37. Flavio Da Silva


    38. Big Dummy Peck Neck

      thanks to work i make a mean ass charcuterie

    39. A JBG

      Prsuto is croation not Italian

    40. Pablito

      Charcuterie is actually kind of the french word for a carvery

    41. Kayleigh Lehrman

      "Prashuto San Daniel"

    42. Ruby-Clare Keeler

      The Italian fanciness emphasizes the French shamefulness

    43. Cookie Kilbane

      Ever takin into account that babish just waves his arms around without saying anything lol 😂

    44. Thaddeus Thicc Thighs

      A white persons wet dream

    45. Mannyzev

      This episode is pretty sweet & nutty

    46. F A

      He circumcised those sausages didn’t he?

    47. HoneyGameS

      No Bresola? Oke oke....

    48. Retro_WrathX13

      But, my mozzarella

    49. Lisa Fowler

      Call Arby’s 😂

    50. MinimanZero2

      you also "butchered" the pronunciation of charcuterie

    51. Hunter Jessup

      Where's the gabagool

    52. liveepically

      anyone else go nuts with the hard stutter of the intro music of this series? very jarring.

    53. Elijah Frederick

      6:41 You plagiarist!!

    54. Coco A

      Somebody call Arby’s because it appears we have the meats 😂🤣🤣

    55. Mikkel H

      This is the best kind of food. because it's a "make your own" so even a picky eater can join in. oh, and it's nutritious too!

    56. Eesa Khan

      Your website isn’t new anymore…

    57. Jordan Spencer

      Good thing I didn't see this when it came out

    58. KleinHanschen

      The fennel salami used to be my favourite of all the meats (before I went vegetarian)

    59. fibrilas

      It's an absolute crime to leave out of the display spanish charcuterie (best in the world). You have a piece of chorizo there, but from its looks...not spanish. And above all, the king of all, Jamon Ibérico. All you have there is rubbish compared Jamon Ibérico, a original and unique product from southwest of Spain, made from the also unique pig breed "Cerdo Iberico", which can only be found in Spain. I have to give some credit to italians, they are way ahead of us in product placement and marketing, but there is no competition in this department, believe me.

    60. Ajahnae Wadley

      Stares sadly in broke teacher

    61. Corey Barker

      Cheese boards are super good for small get togethers and such, my friends mom put one together for me and him, and it was awesome

    62. Abe Coulter

      sweet and nutty....sound like hammy the squirrel from over the hedge on a sugar rush

    63. skorpion

      Could eat the board too

    64. Gab'

      No gruyère? 😥

    65. Nicholas Froats

      Most underrated basics ever.

    66. HotCrazyCatLady Me

      Dude, why do your videos always have to include something disgusting that makes me not want to eat whatever you are eating, and regretting ever clicking on the damn video? Not falling for that one again. You would be like the worst person to eat with. My sympathies to the family who has to eat with you!

    67. Daybird Aviaries

      That's almost keto.

    68. Desi J Richert

      Why can't you talk to us in real time Babi?

    69. large and mildly threatening reptile

      fuck I would commit crimes for smoked ham or real salami right now. anemia is fun because you constantly have violent meat cravings like some kind of blood pressure werewolf

    70. Eric Christian

      Awh man, I wish I would be at some charcuterie parties that feature jamon iberico

    71. The Exotic

      mmm... cheese.

    72. CraveUrBrains

      I used this as a reference for a cheese board that I’m doing myself. My only thing is that if you’re going to take off the casing off yourself from the aged meets. Make sure to rehydrate them by wrapping in a wet paper towel for 10 minutes, before peeling. It will make it much easier. Thank you Babish. I love your videos. Keep up the good work.

      1. CraveUrBrains

        Also when serving everything should be a room temperature all the flavors will be at there bear.

    73. Musica et Amicizia

      Only Andrew can make “cornichons” sound that fancy

    74. Harsha Kumar

      People hate brie? How? KInda wish I could relate haha

    75. Josh Callejas

      As a guy who used to work the Kroger/Boar’s Head butcher counter, I fucking hate smoked prosciutto. It’s delicious, but it’s the hardest to cut and IT’S NEVER THIN ENOUGH FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ASK FOR IT.

    76. Gifuka Jones

      Have you tried Lamb Chopper from Cypress Grove? Same company that makes midnight moon and I think you might enjoy it (if you haven't already had it). Keep up the great work.

    77. James LionlyLion

      Where’s the coppa

    78. Iheartagoodstory

      And here I am with summer sausage and cheddar . . . . . sigh . . . . . . :D

    79. Kassy Marie

      I need a man to put one of these together, for our date

    80. Gabriel Salcedo

      My god 🙄

    81. Daniel Kanani

      what about basturma??

    82. Chris Manuel

      Bruhhhhh... Want

    83. Fady Laith Yacoub Cebe Alculdany

      Great video

    84. ann f

      alternatively, a cheese board consisting of American cheese, a sliced boiled hot dog, grape jelly, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and wonder bread. did I hit all the components?

    85. Jay Gatsby

      Did anyone get a nut count?

    86. Iyame monroe

      I seriously can't watch this video because it makes me sooo hungry 😋🤤🤤

    87. clash with moss

      At the start

    88. clash with moss

      Is it just me or does the meat on the way right look like big bacon

    89. DarthBane113

      I am highly offended by the complete and utter lack of Jamon Serrano which is significantly superior to Prosciutto

    90. Pheminon

      What about craft American? The superior cheeses

    91. The Scarlet Pimpernel

      Irish Cheddar.. you know Cheddar is English...

    92. FZ Gaming

      The more the Milwaukee Bucks win the less likely Golden State will have the best record.

    93. Kaleb Austermuhl

      This may be my favorite video.

    94. Jon Sudano

      I could feel my lower intestine becoming more and more blocked off the longer I watched

    95. DCents

      This costs at least $500 bucks

    96. Victoria DePastino

      Who else thought that when he said "ricotta belongs on a cheese board as much as it does in your lasagna" that he was saying NOT to put it on the board?

    97. Nathan

      can you make an episode about meals!! i've been making a lot of stuff and it always turns out great but i have issues making multiple things at the same time and pairing foods with each other.

    98. Allen Martin

      And, I just want to know the name of your watch!

    99. Silver Strats

      Why does it feel like there is a little like..... hiccup in the music intro bit?