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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      happy tuesdayyy today we going fishin

      1. Sunflowers & Moonshine

        Ooo what we catchin

      2. Wolfiegamer,nina Vercauteren


      3. нoneyвee. coм

        SSSniperWolf 🎣🎣🎣

      4. Evelyn Williams

        Lia your amazing ×××😋

      5. John Locked

        LIA U ARE THE BEST!!!!

    2. MiaAndMilly YouTube

      I HEARD MIKASA AND ATTACK ON TITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My animeeee favorite XD

    3. Gacha Panda The Ba

      I like the first second tbh.

    4. Sabby Tea

      Hey it’s your favorite friendly neighborhood van person! Today we’re going fishing..for catfish! Best intro ever! UwU

    5. Emily Salt

      1M VEIWS!

    6. YourAverageOtaku

      I’m laughing at Nex’s comment “where are all these Light Yagamis coming from”😂

    7. Dawn Douglas

      Jess acts like my boi bot

    8. The Jetsetter

      0:33 when my crush tells a joke

    9. Queen reble Clear

      Who else name is kelsea 😂😭

    10. Cana Murphy

      Fixin ta write his name in my death note

    11. Emma Earle

      He looked like a cardboard cutout at the beginning till he moved :)

    12. BxbaTeaxxx


    13. KmanGang Gaming


    14. aimee ruvalcaba


    15. Hayley A

      Please do moreee

    16. Fly Flyeaglesfly76

      The beginning tho.

    17. woah mo

      In the intro if the camera didnt

    18. Angela R.

      Make a parody of it lol

    19. Eowyn Post

      The closest thing to this I would do is not use my name, but my friends name

    20. Shantael Ward

      That intro tho...😐🤔😔

    21. bunnyboy

      Hey bro how’s it going my names *KELSEY* 😂😂

    22. Šhÿ Åñgēł

      That first dude kinda looked like villain from Spider-Man Far from Home

    23. Ugly Girl


    24. Gabrielle Albert

      tbh i would not be mad with the last girl

    25. Caitlyn Reece

      my friend goes: I ship SSSniperWolf and DigitalNex me: I am using E V E R Y part of me to NOT hit you right now.

    26. Kit Kat

      Guy: *gets out if car and claps* Digital: *OH MY-PfFfT*

    27. ninjahaven13

      Your laughing, lol

    28. hayden playz

      Whitch one is the catfiah

    29. hellolove 24

      She said you have your dads eyes which could mean her mom was gone and this was the way to look for her.

    30. Izzy ___

      Jess? Mr Beast? Who is it?

    31. PeytonDoesMusic

      They should make an option to where you HAVE to take a photo and cant select one

    32. Black Butler Burlesque

      Catfish file is the only fish i like to eat.

    33. Sir Meows14

      SSSniperwolf can you reply pls

    34. Life as Green

      The third girl I think was on dr Phil

    35. 3voOol

      How do you reverse search an image?

    36. Jesse Gray

      JOKES ×1000 DEATH NOTE REFERENCES ×1000 OOFS ×10000000000000 😂🤣😅

    37. Gamer Troller

      The iconic duo

    38. sylvia Hernandez

      Snipe’s friend... *he is a weeb*

    39. Emy Draw

      “Kelsey” cute though

    40. Faith Deon

      And a oop

    41. Michelle Hoosty

      7:13 like if u loved avengers endgame!! RIP tony stark

    42. Audri Dunn

      Omgg light is her Wait then THERE'S A SHINIGAMI IN THE VID

    43. galaxy _ gamer

      I love catfish

    44. Lun. Glow

      I see big ship here

    45. chloe anderson

      Sssniperwolf It’s her MOM Stranger :You have got dads eyes Girl: hugs her then cry’s Sssniperwolf: I’m confused

    46. kymani parkins

      learn to love it lol

    47. Alyssa Bresnahan

      Yall this not a joke i went to high school wit Tracy 😅

    48. Kat66XD

      Oh my god that Tracy girl with the messed up hair was on Dr. Phil too!!

    49. Princess Elizabeth

      SSSniperwolf I love your work can I be your BFF

    50. daniella stadelman

      at 8:16 digital looked liked a dancing fish

    51. Chickensav T


    52. Enchated Gaming

      Where is our favorite messy hair youtuber

    53. Kiana Whelan

      At the end the girl that said "you have your father's eyes" she says she can speak to her dead dad .. I watched this episode if I missed some part I will go back and edit it.. Hopefully , I answered your question!

    54. Kelsey Tanti gauci

      When your name is Kelsey and your a girl and you watching this...

    55. Rebellious Angel

      Gay dude comes out of car: Well well well 👏👏👏👏👏

    56. Eddie and Sabina Valdes

      This video is so wild


      imagine if Sssniperwolf would catfish and she showed up in the front of the guy and the guy who got catfished would probably be okay with Sssniperwolf instead of the girl she used to catfish lol

    58. Rainbow :3

      the first one was gay my go-

    59. Matt Parry

      Are you and digital nex a thing

    60. Lun. Glow

      When she said “ I bet he lives in Nebraska “ I was like Omg wait I LIVE IN NEBRASKA. No longer is Nebraska safe lol

    61. ѕмσl sad δɾαɡση

      Is it me or the dude at 1:04 has a wave check 😂

      1. ѕмσl sad δɾαɡση

        It’s a hair trend I think lol,

      2. TrulyGreg__

        ѕмσl sad δɾαɡση whats that

    62. Tyler Moreno


    63. Taylor Center

      The pic looked like she was 195 pounds lighter too

    64. elise bailey

      We have some death note fans

    65. elise bailey


    66. hannahco fam

      Some one actuly tryed to catfish me with pics they snapped from youre vids lol. Not counting on that i watch them . and not intrested

    67. Mermaids cookie life like Hi

      Plz do more vids with digital

    68. Sohail Khan

      I also catfish but in video games. A guy once gave me a lot of game money and a very rare item and was ready to pay me more if i marry him in the game. I am a guy too.

    69. Juliana Ingrid Jardin

      Hahahahahahahahaha wth