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    Catching giant koi fish in city canal!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Roderick Lee

      I have to come to Florida and go fishing it's a must

      1. Chuck White

        You don’t even deserve these catches disgusting fishermen

      2. Megan Barnes

        Timmy!!!😍 I’m so glad to see him back!

      3. Vân Hugo

        Roderick Lee please sub

      4. Florida Fisherman Pace

        miami got deze exotics boi

      5. Faith Finder

        Timmy and harly

    2. pianomatt1022

      Lived in boca Raton south Fla like 14 years ago. .. was always cool fish in local canals and pond

    3. Gatty Gatt

      So fake, how convenient that you didnt get a video of the fight

    4. Disco Stu

      That wasnt 1 of the 2 koi from the reservoir!

    5. danna mae lamayen

      I wish i can have that fishing rod😭

    6. Maycee hope Gomez


    7. Man Bat

      You have a mini seaworld going on there. Outta the river into a thimble.

    8. Neven čujić

      Full of shit

    9. Werner

      that's not a $4000 koi, quality wise it's very bad, no clean lines and no crisp white areas and markings on the fins. real worth maybe 300 - 500 buck just based on size

    10. Mr. Wells

      Love the energy my dude! best stuff on the tube right here what a beautiful moment

    11. Chuck White

      Ben to Florida bout ten times fished every time from Rhode Island takes us a day to drive we stay for 3 weeks it’s really great can only imagine living there

    12. Jaisen jaisen

      For some reason you are irritating as shit or perhaps it’s just me, but I really think it’s your full of shit bad actor attitude 🤷‍♂️

    13. Brad Bartkus

      You should use barbless hooks for koi though, so you don't injure them.

    14. Brad Bartkus

      A koi IS A CARP dude. It's just a fancy one!

    15. Erik Land

      How did you price this koi at a value of 4000?

    16. George Fidee

      They are so fucking annoying. Stop talking and fish

    17. Big Dog

      Maybe you should get a bigger pond you get a cheap bastard you take it from a nice big pond and and put in shit hole in your trailer park backyard

    18. Rick Baldwin

      Make shirts fer the boi tim doe

    19. Glenn Nino Laguna

      Oh my god I want that koi fish!!!

    20. Alen Koutni


    21. chris

      If you left the koi there, then it would have multiplied.

    22. Ken Hopf

      Your pond is too small for one of those fish... you should put them back and make a video on a larger pond build then get the fish back...imagine if you had that canal to live in w your girlfriend then you were put into an overcrowded fish bowl... make it right man, you can make $$$ on the build w the tube

    23. saat Kotak


    24. Samsoninthepit

      lmao $4000 koi, dont be dumb timmahhh, thats a mutt worth $20 max

    25. Thunder Up 405

      So my granddad use to thumb me to be quiet for no reason.

    26. Никита Хороший

      Во они страшные

    27. Adib Bekti

      Goblok anying

    28. jay dee

      The dude filming looks and sounds like he would beat a woman.

    29. GEO RED

      That white one was an og and a 🐐 new koi lookin phat thicc tho😂🔥🐐👌👌

    30. Vonte 352

      Im wondering Y he didn’t get the other one

    31. Milquiades Flores Natera

      Hello hi

    32. Ryan Stewart

      $4,000 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. sikk5150

      Have you fished with the helicopter lure?

    34. Gregory Fairchild

      You need to expand your pond

    35. Gregory Fairchild

      I've actually caught a black/white and orange 4 lb koi and a solid orange 5 lb koi and sold them for $10 ea

      1. Gregory Fairchild

        In a river down town area

    36. Gregory Fairchild

      Since Koi are carp use Wheaties cereal. Put a big handful in a handkerchief and dip in water. Smash into a dough ball. Let the dough dry a little until firm. Store in Ziploc bag. Don't over dry.

      1. Gregory Fairchild

        Put some dough on a hook in the hook shape. Kinda looks like a shrimp tail when done.

      2. Gregory Fairchild

        Like crack to carp.

    37. Dill Mann

      So you can sell that thing for $4000.00?

    38. ironkong26

      This dude is the king of click bait titles lol.

    39. erika B

      That is Not a 4000 dollar fish you Moron !

    40. Jesica Nurfatma

      Asdasgrc ghn

    41. Jonathan McGuire

      Timmy so

    42. Julib Tulip

      I'm no expert but wouldn't it be wise to quarantine it in case it carries any diseases that could spread to the other fish in the pont?

    43. saltyjonny1

      Let's hope u never get ripped out Yr home and dropped in a rat wheel to go round and round?

      1. Tall Diana

        He needs a bigger, deeper pond.

    44. daniel berggren

      I miss my pond and fish, had a pretty big Koi but Bill was less than half his size lol.

    45. daniel berggren

      Wicked Koi bro. Enjoy, Yep your mum's gonna freak; in a good way

    46. Samantha Moseley

      Is that not a she full of eggs??? And the other one could have been her male maybe

    47. James Hoffman

      heavy set dude low key is jealous of the main dude with the retro oakleys.

    48. Tristian Nguyen

      Wouldn’t really call that a “$4000” dollar fish, but maybe a couple hundred

      1. Tristian Nguyen

        CODE REDD You’re absolutely correct about people willing to pay top dollar for a quality fish. However, this koi in particular lacks qualities that would make it a $4000 dollar fish such as skin quality, body structure, and pattern. Check out the koi from from Kodama koi farm, champion nishikigoi or Pan intercorp. They’ll give you a sense of what a $4000 fish should look like. Cheers

      2. CODE REDD

        Tristian Nguyen check the Thailand koi market and enthusiasts will pay top dollar for a large koi with solid and rich coloring

    49. john locket

      lol 4k koi. very poor body n colors. cool catch tho

    50. Justin Owens

      Not trying to be an ass but, was that someone’s pet fish? You had to go through a gate.

    51. eogg25

      KOI , Carp, gold fish, call them whatever you like. dough ball bait, you should be using cane poles.

    52. Monica Anderson

      They will most definitely eat bread

    53. Monica Anderson

      All the fish you are catching are Rare...... Keep them in a tank

    54. Lee Andrada

      Are you gonna make another video to catch the other one? You guys are lucky to catch them.

    55. Ian Cloyd Boiser

      you just hit the jackpot men congrats

    56. Monte Maguire

      I want to know how Timmy broke his arm

    57. Heather Butler

      Catch the biggest largemouth bass this is Landon butler

    58. EvoXXX Bih

      Damn bro you should try and catch them all in the pond(catchemmalll)

    59. STL Fila

      I live in Hawaii and rainbow falls on the big island has some monster koi. One day I would like to join u in Florida and catch some fish🤙 Love ur channel bro

    60. Richard Quinones

      OMG I cannot believe there's a $4,000 fish in a canal really great job Zach

    61. Richard Quinones

      What's up Zack I love your channel brother I got to go fishing with you guys one day it will be a blast LOL😜💜👍👍

    62. Ducati Parts

      Be hard to find someone to give you $250 for that fish. Everyone thinks their koi are worth $$$. Try selling some and you will see most people will want them for free

    63. Konnor Johnson

      I like the color of the fish

    64. Cophee Whip

      Yay Timmy!!!

    65. Jason Kong

      that's not even worth $50, what a click bait . and you don't use such a net to transport koi, you will risk damaging their gills.

    66. Mr Sames

      Awesome stuff mate. Your pond is awesome how much maintenance does the pond need as I’m in wheelchair but can stand and walk 5 mins only your videos make me smile. Thank you keep going mate you missus and mates are all awesome peace from Australia

    67. Andy Sars

      So do you think calling this a $4k koi might get you robbed?

    68. Bonnita Claus

      I am so homesick for Florida. If only I can afford to live there. Anyone knows a sugar daddy i’m available. That’s 72 it is hard to find 😉 sugar daddies. Especially when you only want and will except one type of sugar daddy, they must love fishing and fish. 😁

    69. Bonnita Claus

      Oh my god he’s beautiful, congratulations! It puts a whole new twist on fishing when you want one fish only.

    70. kenneth chu

      Lol for some reason I think be used the net to catch the koi ?? Something's fishy. In any case good job!