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    Catching giant koi fish in city canal!
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Roderick Lee

      I have to come to Florida and go fishing it's a must

      1. Unstable Behavior

        @alec krug seriously you do realize that I'm not going to list every species that I know of it wouldn't fit on my list😋

      2. alec krug

        @Unstable Behavior you don't know what your talking about. There's a lot more species under your nose then you think

      3. Chuck White

        You don’t even deserve these catches disgusting fishermen

      4. Megan Barnes

        Timmy!!!😍 I’m so glad to see him back!

      5. Vân Hugo

        Roderick Lee please sub

    2. Dafa Saputra


    3. Yslbarbieconfidential Nicole

      You missed the visual on the catch bummer

    4. mike yates

      Bet the two were a mating pair looks like the orange one was a male the one caught looks female you should go catch the orange one

    5. z_german

      Click bait garbage

    6. Henreee

      It's in Florida?

    7. Grant Q Kelly

      Hi, I am trying to catch a big koi in a pond near me, I was wondering if you had any tips

    8. doug


    9. Elliot Gruvsjö Lehtola

      White is the big red koi

    10. Michael Brown

      Timmy nice

    11. c a g

      I want to know if you sold it for 4000...that fish is an easy 20 years old..or not cause its florida..down there it eats all year...???

    12. GBPC

      $4000 ? Lmfao 😂

    13. Jeff Smith

      11:04. "I'm not sure if its gonna eat, but it looks hungry". Now that's funny.

    14. Lee Thorne

      Won’t be any places left to fish if people like this guy thinks it’s okay to take them.

    15. Cape Fear Koi

      Definitely not a $4k Koi. Those markings are way too scattered and has a very poor kohaku pattern. I have a channel if interested in learning about qualities in Koi.

    16. Kelvin Young

      Man I’m soooo jealous that you’re able to catch so many beautiful types of fish!

    17. Lesa B.

      Please go back and catch the other one. Don't leave it by its self.

    18. Luis Romano

      Rogelio rosas @koi fish Brooklyn

    19. Luis Romano

      Face book @koi fish New York

    20. Luis Romano

      @koi fish New York

    21. J C

      No way cost 4k

    22. Phenos Xplicit

      It's poaching? In France it is forbidden, all carp must be returned to water

    23. SiN Apocalypse

      Koi in japanese means CARP.

    24. Gary Norden

      Y didn't get a picture of the other side of the fish. Get the other one looked like a breading pair just saying

    25. sportnimportfrank

      how old do you think it is ?

    26. Gerardo Ortiz

      So how is it a $4000 fish?

      1. Gary Norden

        The Japanese

    27. midlaj ck

      He want some skin. He is a piranha

    28. Toker Toker

      Can you contact me through message or something need some advice

    29. Earin  Beltet

      just fooling yourself...

    30. Simon Greiner

      poor us fake bullshit

    31. Martin Addison

      Did you net it or hook it hard to tell without a camera lol

    32. pianomatt1022

      Lived in boca Raton south Fla like 14 years ago. .. was always cool fish in local canals and pond

    33. Gatty Gatt

      So fake, how convenient that you didnt get a video of the fight

    34. Mr J

      That wasnt 1 of the 2 koi from the reservoir!

    35. danna mae lamayen

      I wish i can have that fishing rod😭

    36. Maycee hope Gomez


    37. Man Bat

      You have a mini seaworld going on there. Outta the river into a thimble.

    38. Neven čujić

      Full of shit

    39. Werner

      that's not a $4000 koi, quality wise it's very bad, no clean lines and no crisp white areas and markings on the fins. real worth maybe 300 - 500 buck just based on size

    40. Mr. Wells

      Love the energy my dude! best stuff on the tube right here what a beautiful moment

    41. Chuck White

      Ben to Florida bout ten times fished every time from Rhode Island takes us a day to drive we stay for 3 weeks it’s really great can only imagine living there

    42. Jaisen jaisen

      For some reason you are irritating as shit or perhaps it’s just me, but I really think it’s your full of shit bad actor attitude 🤷‍♂️

    43. Brad Bartkus

      You should use barbless hooks for koi though, so you don't injure them.

    44. Brad Bartkus

      A koi IS A CARP dude. It's just a fancy one!

    45. Erik Land

      How did you price this koi at a value of 4000?

    46. George Fidee

      They are so fucking annoying. Stop talking and fish

    47. Big Dog

      Maybe you should get a bigger pond you get a cheap bastard you take it from a nice big pond and and put in shit hole in your trailer park backyard

    48. Rick Baldwin

      Make shirts fer the boi tim doe

    49. Glenn Nino Laguna

      Oh my god I want that koi fish!!!

    50. Alen Koutni


    51. chris

      If you left the koi there, then it would have multiplied.

    52. Ken Hopf

      Your pond is too small for one of those fish... you should put them back and make a video on a larger pond build then get the fish back...imagine if you had that canal to live in w your girlfriend then you were put into an overcrowded fish bowl... make it right man, you can make $$$ on the build w the tube

    53. saat Kotak


    54. Samsoninthepit

      lmao $4000 koi, dont be dumb timmahhh, thats a mutt worth $20 max

    55. Thunder Up 405

      So my granddad use to thumb me to be quiet for no reason.

    56. Никита Хороший

      Во они страшные

    57. Adib Bekti

      Goblok anying

    58. jay dee

      The dude filming looks and sounds like he would beat a woman.

    59. GEO RED

      That white one was an og and a 🐐 new koi lookin phat thicc tho😂🔥🐐👌👌

    60. Vonte 352

      Im wondering Y he didn’t get the other one

    61. Milquiades Flores Natera

      Hello hi

    62. Ryan Stewart

      $4,000 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    63. sikk5150

      Have you fished with the helicopter lure?

    64. Gregory Fairchild

      You need to expand your pond

    65. Gregory Fairchild

      I've actually caught a black/white and orange 4 lb koi and a solid orange 5 lb koi and sold them for $10 ea

      1. Gregory Fairchild

        In a river down town area

    66. Gregory Fairchild

      Since Koi are carp use Wheaties cereal. Put a big handful in a handkerchief and dip in water. Smash into a dough ball. Let the dough dry a little until firm. Store in Ziploc bag. Don't over dry.

      1. Gregory Fairchild

        Put some dough on a hook in the hook shape. Kinda looks like a shrimp tail when done.

      2. Gregory Fairchild

        Like crack to carp.

    67. Dill Mann

      So you can sell that thing for $4000.00?

    68. ironkong26

      This dude is the king of click bait titles lol.

    69. erika B

      That is Not a 4000 dollar fish you Moron !

    70. Jesica Nurfatma

      Asdasgrc ghn