Cardinals should be 'very concerned' about their offense - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Shannon Sharpe has doubts about the Arizona Cardinals offense and their ability to protect Kyler Murray after their first two preseason games.
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Cardinals should be 'very concerned' about their offense - Shannon Sharpe | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Published on 6 months ago


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    What are your thoughts on the Cardinals’ offense?

    1. Real Honcho

      Let kyler throw deep

    2. Michael Spires

      This ain't college. NFL different level .

    3. Alex Weixler

      1 Man Dynasty Who’s trash now?

  2. Cerone 747

    Unodat skyip comagidit

  3. Doyle Murphy

    They do need blocking. They may not win 5, but they tie in 5.

  4. YoungSavv GTV

    The only 1 who actually giving us linemen some respect🙌👏

  5. One Fan

    Week 1 is over. Now say something.

  6. xMHMEx

    You had my curiosity … but now you have my attention!

  7. Jordyn Barrett

    Man Aaron Donald is going to have another season of 20 sacks just off the two times he plays Arizona.

  8. Rob Hicks

    Kyler Murray gets drafted by the Arizona Cardinals and he has a big smile on his face.😁. Kyler Murray gets drafted by the Arizona Cardinals and in his mind he is thinking DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!!!😖

  9. Steve

    Murray won't be able to evade every hit

  10. Guy Picard

    Skip thinks Kyler is so good that he doesn't need a good offensive line, lol.

  11. Guy Picard

    Vikings have the worst offensive line in football.

  12. Derek Castillo

    That’s that gravy train 😂😂😂😂 Shannon killin me

  13. Gil Armenta

    Yeah skip!! College not pro. He's gonna get smoked!! And I 'll be watching!! Go Patriots!!!!!!

  14. Karim Amin

    Their OL have tags on their backs that reads "Made in China"

    1. Scotty Haines

      More like made of China


    I was 9er fan until Carmen Policy was forced out, then after Rice left them I reluctantly became a Cardinals fan because I live here. However after 15+ years of rooting for the Cards it's more than obvious that it's not the QB's/WR's/players even coaches fault. It's the front office and that has come down to the GM's, which ultimately has come down to the owners fault. So I'm changing my team to KC, don't ask me why, but two reasons is I like their coach and QB, the defense is horrific, but anything is better than the desert disaster.

  16. Mandela's Cellmate

    Whether you like Kyler or not, this is just a poorly constructed roster with no proven talent.

  17. LaBrantt23

    I haven't heard them bet on not 1 case of Diet Dew this season, yet!! I thought they were going to bet on if the Cards win 5, but no bet was made!

  18. Oscar Sillas

    If kyler ends up playing well. He'll end up like the next Andrew luck if they dont protect him tbh.

  19. Big C

    Look at the flick of the wrist

  20. jole' Mays

    May god have mercy on kyler Murray hopefully the ol learns from josh rosen

  21. Gator Don’tplay

    Damn he said vanilla vs chocolate thunder, and she haven’t stopped smiling yet.

  22. Jason Wood

    Security is expensive

  23. Dewayne White

    The cardinals might wanna get some protection for this quarterback not saying he's weak but this man is not going to take many hits and keep playing or they're going to have another Andrew Luck on their hands if they don't get all of their quarterbacks protection!!

  24. Jose Gomez

    That’s not even our starting line

  25. Emmanuel Ellis

    diminutive Kyler Murry 5'10 207lbs

  26. Emmanuel Ellis


  27. GoldenChild214

    shouldve traded down and got more o lineman. now kyler about to suffer lol. i go to nfl games every season. its like they hit harder and run faster every year. including lineman

  28. WRECK 215

    Yeah Arizona needs to invest in a offensive Line ASAP...!!!

  29. bangsdagong

    cards stinky o line getting worse. never should have cut the center..sendlien!! they suck...talent killers!!!!

  30. Kras 4

    If the Cards don't get that O line sorted out, Kyler will be broke up by week 9.

  31. Elmo AK-47

    It’s drip bayless

  32. Mitchell Whitehead

    I don't think he's going to be an upper tier quarterback. Patrick Mahomes is the guy I'm excited to watch for many years to come.

  33. Brad

    Shannon is right. One of the oldest sayings in football is “the game is won and lost at the line of scrimmage.”

  34. WolfCastle Wolfcastle

    Poor Larry Fitz & D.Johnson wasting away the last cpl yrs & probably end of their careers on that team.

  35. Gary Evans

    Outside of a few years here and there, I can’t think of too many other teams who have had years of consistently high draft picks. The cardinals should have accidentally drafted a steel curtain on defense and a ‘49er skilled offense in other times. In this era of free agency, the tightwads show themselves and high drafters can’t keep their players past their initial contracts. Some teams just don’t want to spend the money to build a winning team. I feel sorry for fans stuck with such ownership.

  36. El Quednau

    So dumb. What a waste of a year with rosen. Draft a OL if your QB doesn't have time to throw, not another QB! Atleast Kyler can run for his life, saved Rosens career sending him to miama

  37. AAA

    We won our division with the worst line in football.... stranger things can happen

  38. shane hester

    josh rosen was a great qb but didn't give him a decent front line

  39. Kevin Hagberg

    The NFC West is a two team battle between LA and Seattle. Seattle needs to get some WR for wilson, so im leaning towards LA Ram winning the West.

    1. Jj

      LA Rams cannot win it all unless they have a stellar running back. Their RB was hurt last year, and their 3rd down receiver Cooper Kupp was out for season injured. We all saw what happened as a result in the S Bowl. Therefore agree if they have a strong running game, they will beat Seattle 2 of 2.

  40. Anonymous

    Arizona's King Kobra offense

  41. Julius Ulit

    Wow a topic not related to COWBOYS

  42. Anthony Nafegar

    He should of played baseball

  43. Camera Buff

    Shannon: "If you're a gentleman, play tennis..." Hahaha!

  44. bustdetector

    Kyler is gonna pull an Andrew Luck and dip out early if the Tardnals don’t upgrade that paper wall you call an oline.

  45. traveion woodson

    They gotta build up that online up. Gonna take time.

  46. TheHolySC

    Doesn't matter if you have Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady, if you can't give 2 seconds to throw or can't run block consistently, the team is going to be bad.

  47. Jackie Crisco

    Rosen looks good with a better line in Miami. Miami's line not the best but a big step up compared to Arizona

  48. xavier lopez

    I've been concerned since the draft. Why on earth did they pick up so many wr's?? 🤔

  49. Val Sagaon

    This kid will NOT last all season...

  50. Jose Rivera

    Case of Mt dew. Diet.. For skip.. Dallas Cowboys @!!Day...

  51. Jose Rivera

    Shannon Sharpe I bet that point, that Skip said Murray az.. will win 6 games

    1. Jj

      Cards 0-6 NFC West, possible 0-16

  52. Stephen Mitchell

    Shannon Sharpe great player horrible analyst. He has no clue. I guarantee most these guys dont actually watch the cardinals just the box score or highlights. I have seen all 3 preseason games and kyler going to be a beast his release is so fast. Cardinals need better wr and lineman but dont sleep on this team.

  53. Steven Contreras

    Omg that lady in the middle looks like she is having so much fun! Look at that board face lol.

  54. David Carroll

    The Cardinals should be extremely concerned. Murray has arm but he is not accurate. They have no protection.

    1. David Carroll

      Stephen Mitchell yes he is Johnny Manzeil

    2. Stephen Mitchell

      Your joking right lol watch some game film and not a box score

  55. Michael O'Malley

    Skip doesn't know anything about football

  56. Mpr Baby

    I’m a fan and this is true

  57. Solemn Solace

    P.S. shut up Molly!

  58. Roy McCoy


  59. Rheper

    “Is blocking limited” 😂😂😂😂

  60. tedmich

    Well Skip was right about that little white dude in Cleveland... Johnny, Johnny...what was his name?

    1. Jj

      from Texas A & M

  61. john smoot

    I think cardinals do alright. But this year is not their year. Theyre gunna be a good 7-9 team with a couple close loses.

  62. Kiefer Culligan

    Who would've known a college offense doesn't work in the NFL

    1. Mandela's Cellmate

      Bullets don't work Jon bUt TaLeNt!

  63. TheDizzyChicken

    Kyler is going to be a bust

  64. Trey Hall

    U had a. PROBLEM with Cleveland Starting OUT with 2:00 offense

  65. Trey Hall

    Arizona is The REASON Salary Cap was Implemented!!! Kyler can PLAY Ball

  66. Mike Bostic

    1-15 for arizona this season

  67. RAAM855

    Kyler Murray gon be the next RGKnee

  68. Opry99er

    Jenny got lost from 2:43 to 3:24. 😂 😆 WTF was she looking at? Lookin' like Rain Man.

  69. Carson Taggart

    Im glad theyre talking about the blocking. Doesnt matter how good you are if your o line is trash

  70. Re Netimaras

    No skipper!!! Coach gruden means your a**...not kylers a**👍👍😆😆