"Can Any Gender Get A Period?" Blaire White Lies & Virtue Signals Like Crazy



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    what an unrepentant piece of shit
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    1. Rachel Anderson

      @Vaush Here is my thoughts on Blaire and I know you're going to nail me on the pronouns so I will respect that I'm over stepping my boundaries but here is a big point that I would like to make about Blaire and would be great if you could take the time to listen.

    2. aaslo100

      Vaush is fucking communist asshole.

    3. Pat Harvey

      His response to every thing that she says is "What the fuck???.... THE FUCK???? Who the fuck is fucking saying this???? You're so stupid. The fuck??!?!?!" Stop being pathetic and grow up. You just seem unnecessarily hostile. She makes a joke and you go on and on about it for 5 minutes. Her jokes are not literal. Get over it.

    4. The Jetset Mike

      Blair’s white just gets more and more intellectually dishonest. “That’s like 50 people” Just accounted for the population of the United States. (I rounded down to 327,000,000) .01% is 32,700 And .001% is 3,270 There’s nothing alienating about removing the Venus symbol for inclusivity. What cis woman is going to buy her tampies and looks at the packaging without the symbol and thinks to themselves “wait the lady symbol isn’t there, does that mean this product is no longer for me?”

    5. ToNi

      fyi trans women can have periods fucked up but true. maybe not as bloody, but cramps nausea etc

    6. MrSporkster

      If you were born male, you can't get periods and you never will. Get used to it, because that's reality.

    7. Stoned Prophet

      I'd rather fuck Blaire than Vaush.

    8. Thisisthewater Andthisisthewell

      Almost all her content is bullying people for their appearance

    9. Dingaring

      You’re the only one brave enough to actually come out and say that she’s a piece of shit. There millions of videos praising her like she’s a fucking saint, but she sucks. She is so disgustingly transphobic it makes me sick. I’m non-binary. My parents didn’t influence me. The internet didn’t influence me. The “far left liberal agenda” didn’t influence me. I influenced me. I have never felt completely like a boy or completely like a girl. I never knew what to call it. But the internet taught me. It helped me figure out what I was. My parents support me, no matter what I do, and when I come out I know they’ll accept me. The “far left” have given me friends and a safe space to talk about what I’m feeling and figure myself out. The things she says are all blatantly fucking wrong, and I hope one day she gets called out for her bullshit. Thank you so much for talking about this.

    10. a chudomelka

      Off topic but......her extensions always look like shit!!!!

    11. Mockracy

      I love it 18:55. You have a world record of saying “WTF are you talking about” lol.

    12. I AM RA 88

      Man Leftists constantly get things wrong

      1. kt cool

        Says the 30IQ neanderthal.

    13. Tamara Lake

      ok to be fair 11 year olds SHOULD NOT be allowed to chemically castrate themselves because 11 year olds are not at the level of maturity to make that decision- children should not be forced into gender stereotypes but they should not be allowed to permanently and irreversibly change themselves at such a young age

      1. kt cool

        No 11 year old is chemical castrated in US.

    14. Azalea Williams

      Do you watch Blair's videos???? All the way through?

    15. Azalea Williams

      I'm trans woman can't get a menzie yet... Theres a difference.

    16. Azalea Williams

      Bimbo 😑 the guise 😑 ...ok

    17. Avery Truffelmen

      man Vaush is so mean, but I can't help but love seeing Blaire talking points get address 😬 it's disheartening how many views she has.

    18. michellandi

      Penis does not equal period... Penis equals vagina, both are genitals, the period doesn´t have its correlative in males biology, any gender CANNOT have a period, trans man and women CAN. This is a fucking circus, trans people are not fully women or men, they are TRANS women and TRANS men, let's keep it clear, as much surgeries or treatments they put themselves through THEY WILL NEVER BE FULLY BIOLOGICAL MAN NOR WOMAN, why is it so hard to accept? The problem Blaire White discusses is that some TRANS WOMEN are convinced that THEY CAN FUCKING GET THEIR PERIOD thats ridiculous and I'm not discriminating for saying that, IT'S A FUCKING FACT

    19. Lucia

      how in the fuck is pointing out stupidity neo nazi propoganda? who gives a shit if she duplicated the layout? its the words that count, and i dare you to fucking counter them. blaire exposed the absolute FUCK out of Yaniv, and the only thing you took from it was her refusing to dignify that literal child fucker with respect? you literal piece of fucking shit. imagine living up to just about every beta meme personified. evil little fucker. dismissing the degeneracy of a pedophile in order to support your agenda ("blaire white bad !!!"). imagine having that fwhr, and still being a complete bitch.

    20. Hannah Simoneau

      35:45 I guess Miss Blaire has never heard of a slippery slope argument...

    21. Weaver Fever

      I’d maybe be able to take your criticisms of Blaire with a bit more good faith if you weren’t calling her a cunt, bitch, bimbo, etc. if you think that blaire is more harmful to trans acceptance than people like you who. claim any criticism of the far left, politically charged trans folks and allies is transphobic you are ignorant and blind to reality. you lack any real substance and are not discrediting her points, just calling her names like a middle schooler for having opinions that are uncomfortable but factual.

    22. Fivogyh, okay?

      My friends and I have a running joke where we say that the Trans version of an Uncle Tom is an "Aunt Blaire"

    23. Swae Ocean

      My gawd, Vaush, you are a moronic, fallacious, false-ego loser. You only do this because you finally got attention, sadly only from other morons. You are a rapist, a pedo, and just too pathetic to exist.

    24. [REDACTED]

      only biological women can

    25. Mr E

      Being against children chemically castrating themselves is a conservative viewpoint now? Transphobic? Its child abuse. Id say she has a pretty level head.

      1. Mr E

        @ShowtimeAtWaco Tomato tamato. Its child abuse when a parent has the standard of care. Allows OR urges..one is just more insidious than the other. A parents job is to protect a child from itself because they cant make rational life altering decisions. This is all stuff that should go without saying. Unreal.

      2. ShowtimeAtWaco

        @Mr E Children don't do HRT. Kids who might be trans will usually take puberty blockers which are completely reversible and even those won't be considered until around age 11 or 12 (when puberty generally starts). Also it's funny that you call it "child abuse" as if it's solely the parent making all these decisions. They don't. What actually happens is the parents consults a medical professional, and after observing and examining the child mentally, the medical professional and the parent work together to determine the best course of action, in the interests of the child. So stop spreading transphobic lies.

      3. Mr E

        @ShowtimeAtWaco hormone therapy is chemical castration. They will never go thru normal development. Children should be kept away from these people.

      4. Lucia

        @ShowtimeAtWaco ya, they do lmao

    26. Moonlit×Sorrows

      “Look at that cunt face.” Very productive commentary. Not that I expected anything less from a woke white night. Your own sense of self-importance and smug attitude is equally as hilarious. On that note, you look like a sweaty neckbeard, so maybe stay away from name calling?

      1. kt cool

        @Lucia Blair's pronouns are she & her.

      2. Lucia

        @ShowtimeAtWaco he doesnt need to white knight when you're up his ass lmaoooooo

      3. ShowtimeAtWaco

        who is he white knighting here? 🤔🤔🤔

    27. seannwidHD

      You’re actually annoying, from the way you speak and carry yourself, to your mannerisms, you’re actually despicably intolerable

      1. kt cool

        ok smooth-brain

    28. Victor Guzman

      What's wrong with pointing out flaws in your own community? Sure I don't like making fun of people alot but I think it's a necessary evil. I don't think Trans people are that liked in society in general because of religion or because they think it's crazy but in Blaire's mind if she can seem not crazy and people know she's trans that can break the sterotype that trans people are crazy. It's kinda like what Martin Luther King believed in I think and she does condemn violence and oppression against trans people like in the video in where she was reading texts messages about people from the middle East and when talking about her father's side of the family.

    29. Bubble Gaming

      Stay triggered, landwhale.

    30. Chris

      She's no surprise. This is the exact Dave Rubin Candice Owens grift. She just corners a different market.

    31. toni Cisneros

      Although I do like Blaires videos and I do agree , sometimes she should talk about something positive about the trans community but I also believe your doing too much . We cannot ignore that the LGBT community also has it's issues and also children go through phases in thier life . Just because a child is masculine or femine doesn't make them automatically trans . That's why you have to wait until kids get a little older. Also 24:02 when has Blaire ever said that . Blaire has made an entire video saying how she ok with her penis ???

    32. Tine

      When Blaire disagrees with someone, she talks about it. You, sir-I am assuming your gender bc you’ve been obnoxious to listen to and disrespectful-have done nothing but call Blaire names. This is incredibly off-putting. Don’t quit your day job.

      1. kt cool

        When Blaire disagrees with someone, she lies about it.

      2. ProgPro96

        I mean he also pointed out Blaire's extremely dangerous hypocrisies and presented good arguments about how any gender can have a period... but ok.

    33. Marci K

      That kid with the sign probably has a dad that's trans and the dad had to explain to his child why he was bleeding. As any parent knows, you don't get a whole lot of bathroom privacy when your kids are that age. They're going to see it and ask questions. It's really not that difficult to grasp, which is the point of the sign.

    34. worms

      thank you blair, for letting me know i'm not putting in the right amount of effort to be trans/nonbinary. thank you for being the authority on trans people.

      1. worms

        @Lucia yes, i am a trans, nb man. I don't have the money to transition, and it is not safe for me to do so at the moment. That's why I'm not transitioning at the moment. But other people just don't want to transition, or they medically can't. your surgeries and hormones aren't what make you trans.

      2. Lucia

        @worms so Ur a trans guy who doesn't have the money to transition?

      3. worms

        @Lucia or maybe you're just transphobic. I'm a transmasculine person... I can't transition due to financial and safety reasons, which Blair would likely see as me not being trans "enough". maybe don't say this shit, especially when you know nothing about the person you're talking to ;)

      4. Lucia

        @worms can tell from ur comment that ur a girl with short hair who identifies as nb

      5. worms

        @Lucia pardon?

    35. Imperator

      Blair White needs to legitimately take a walk off a fucking cliff. She legitimately makes me so fucking infuriated for her normalization of transphobic rhetoric and attitude.

      1. Lucia

        does she? fucking beautiful. please do.

    36. Ellisofiam

      Blaire herself always whines about how stupid it is these days when everyone gets offended about everything. Then she goes and gets offended when a company decides to change the packaging of a product she doesn't even use... okay then. As a cis woman I can tell you I wouldn't give a fuck even if they would put dicks on the packaging. Doesn't change or effect my life in any way.

    37. Ben Watson

      I used to like Blair White and I still agree with her original videos against SJW's but then all of her videos got exactly the same (I'M TRANS BUT NOT SJW) and just getting both more boring and douchier along the way. Im done with her.

    38. Timmy Carl

      Vaush is transphobic.

    39. Dudebro

      Thank you for mentioning that "shoved down my throat" is such an overblown meme of an opinion.

    40. RainbowSprnklz

      you call bad women cunt and bitch a lot lol, i dont like it (and it literally doesnt matter) like the rest of your stuff tho!

      1. Christine McPherson

        I agree and that's also the reason i don't watch alot of Secular Talks i just can't stand cis white "woke" dudes calling woman they disagree with bitches or worse.

    41. rin

      how is she transphobic

      1. Lucia

        @Victoria Clerici like fucking who exactly? lmaooo

      2. Victoria Clerici

        did you even watch this video? or any other video of Blaire White shitting on trans folks who don't deserve respect (from her point of view)? or her Twitter account?????

    42. Soph

      Blair: They stopped doing something that made some people feel bad and I HATE IT

    43. Mr Marxmin

      Dude!?!?! You have a penis?

      1. kt cool

        Blair said she still has a dick.

    44. Mr Marxmin

      Yeah I'm trans Totally Relentlessly Accept Non-binary Sexual/gender identifies

    45. Stian Jonsen

      Gendered products need to just be banned, imagine if we started to put "for real whites" on our shampoo bottles. It is blatant discrimination that also implicitly tells people how they ought to behave.

    46. Valentina Z

      We are our own worst enemy sometimes

    47. Mathieu Leader

      this is guess would be Trans misandry

    48. Tomas S

      I only clicked on this because I thought it was a Blaire white video, but uh yu seem hella negative bro. I agree with yu on a few things, but for the most part i just find this kinda stupid ..

      1. kt cool

        Blair is a POS.

    49. zöe weitzeil

      The brand of feminine products I use has never had “feminine” packaging to my knowledge. They just come in a white box, with white wrapping. Haha who cares about this sort of thing at all?

    50. ninachkah

      A big bearded dude dragging Blaire White for 47 minutes straight? Holy shit I’m in. Grab my beer and God yes I’m ready for this good shit.

    51. Bootlebat

      This may sound dumb but I thought simp was just short for simpleton until now.

      1. COLLIN R 2

        You don't sound dumb you sound lucky

    52. Amanda Healy

      Lmfao “Blair White is so terrible, I bet my dick is better than hers.” Sooo pathetic

    53. Tangential_Tangine

      “You do you think you can purchase freedom through conformity, Tiffany Tumbles? That is not freedom. That is merely adding another cell to the prison.” -Natalie Wynn as Baltimore

    54. Brent Woods

      is a person that needs attention so much that they get surgical enhancements to look like a childs toy, are they really narcissistic? Seems like the opposite. They are trying to hide their low self esteem.

    55. turtlefriend97

      I appreciate you commenting on Blaire White’s behavior and hypocrisy but it’s gross to hear you call her a bitch and bimbo and a c**t. It’s really misogynistic language, especially coming from a dude, and it’s never okay to call a woman this no matter how much you hate her. And I’m not saying this in her defense I’m saying this because as a woman, it makes it difficult to listen to your rhetoric.

      1. turtlefriend97

        And your joke about Takis looking like used tampons isn’t funny either :/

    56. fallout 7634

      Blaire white is amazing and the best right now in the community. She does not shit on trans people she just tries to say her valid opinions. You need to pull you head out of her ass and worry about yourself. You have to have been born with ovaries to get your period. ONLY BIOLOGICAL FEMALE'S CAN GET THERE PERIOD.

    57. Zack Darshon

      now im the one who needs to drink vodka cranberries and try to forget she ever happened

    58. Paytin Gardner

      Regardless of her opinions, it's still not okay to call her a bimbo and a fucking cunt. The blatant slut-shaming really turned me off this video.

    59. Jasmine Knuppel

      only biological women can get periods end of fucking story

    60. Issy B. On Air

      I disagree w White being transphobic. There are a lot of issues within the trans-community that she fearlessly addresses. What _is_ alarming is TransTwitter bullying anyone who doesn't agree or understand.

      1. Issy B. On Air

        @Victoria Clerici I appreciate her confronting J. Yaniv and those individuals within the trans community who feel insulted over trivial matters such as: "transwoman vs trans _space_ woman." Petty and a waste of energy. The gay men who passed away from AIDS in the 80s-90s due to blatant homophobic people who said said their lives weren't valuable are rolling in their graves that their hard-earned legacy has come down to this.

      2. Victoria Clerici

        one day she'll notice she was never taken seriously for making a case for rational-thinking, non-sjw trans women, but that she was treated as a token for reactionaries to say "see? she's a trans woman and she can put up with all of our hatred, why can't you?"

      3. Victoria Clerici

        the fact that she addresses certain things doesn't mean she's not transphobic. She's constantly judging people who don't pass or maybe haven't had the chance to transition yet, she says they shouldn't be taken seriously, she misgenders trans folks, she mocks their issues or dysphoria, etc. All that shit is pretty transphobic for me, and even worse, it's internalized transphobia, cause she herself is part of that minority, and she's sucking in all the hate, the slurs and disbelief from people who are on the same side of the political spectrum because she chose to pander to them, seeing the profit. This isn't healthy behaviour, not for her nor the people she goes on to insult and disrespect.

    61. Don't Go Full Retard

      Is it fucked up of me to say that Blaire White might be the only woman in history who found a way to mansplain? Because here she is, talking about periods she can't have. I guess men really must have a say over women's bodies lul

    62. Danny Mc

      So if you are critical of Trans ideology you must be transphobic? If your arguements are so weak they can't be scrutinized you should really reconsider them.

    63. Danny Mc

      Men don't get periods. And Epstein didn't kill himself.

    64. Some Hipsterr

      Testosterone typically shuts down the menstrual cycle only a few months in. This has nothing to do with the main point of the video; just don’t assume trans men have periods by default, cuz a very large portion of us don’t.

    65. im Nobody

      The company didn’t decide to change it without people messaging them. Some people @ Always on Twitter and politely asked is they could change the packaging a bit. And Always did because they are kind and not transphobic

      1. Victoria Clerici

        also, how can she claim this is bad for the company's profit? most brands, especially the bigger ones, are beggining to associate themselves with "woke"/progressive points of view, or at least trying to. We have Gillette as an example of this. Not only is she concerned about nothing serious that no one has ever "bullied" to get, but she's unaware of or blatantly lying about publicity and stuff lol

    66. zippy

      Menstruation products have been in plain packages in the states since the 00’s. Women over here are doing just fine. I honestly prefer to have a handful of people feel comfortable if it means a “feminine” product has to be “de feminized” or some shit. Also, I don’t buy Always products anyway. Not because of the label change but because they give me UTIs and shit. I use cups and period panties.

    67. Ryan Dopson

      Just found your channel, used to be a fan of Blaire but my eyes are beginning to open a lot to her incessant scaremongering...

    68. Ilias yo

      I completely agree with the MLK comment that the greatest enemy is the moderate. They give cover and excuses to extreme righters and might even act as potential recruits for the extreme right.

    69. Ilias yo

      Her acting like an annoyingly overly sassy and overly feminine girl reminds me of how I used to think girls act like when I was 5. Her online persona is the typical vapid popular bully in high school who put other girls down. It's like watching someone doing a very bad attempt at recreating a scene of a typical 90s teenage movie about bullies and geeks.

    70. SwordOfTheRaven

      Wait you have that picture bra......forget everything I said