Can 6 Psychics Predict The Fake Psychic?



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    Published on 23 days ago


    1. Jubilee

      Hey Goodhumans! For the first time, we asked our IG followers to guess who the mole was, and we were blown away by how many of you voted! We love it when you guys get involved, so be sure to follow us on Instagram to take part in the future! See you there!

      1. Ihab Almasri

        All moles vs one not mole

      2. Trevor Klein

        It is 7 not 6.

      3. Raves Kryizx

        Sabine SPILLER ju

      4. Top Clasè

        WTF is the point of this when they can all talk regular and find out whos the physic instead of lying through the game

      5. Lizbeth 99

        You should do a odd man out video with kids that would be a cool video.

    2. Altair TF

      this falls into the weird zone of life for sure

    3. thebear

      it was paris

    4. Logan Belcher

      Title who is not a pshycic me well all of them

    5. Cathleen Zhou

      Jubilee literally got a box of insane asylum people and then got a normal civilian to prove them wrong

    6. Pokémon Go Labs

      What's Breanna Instagram? For Psychic research purposes.

    7. Lord Poon

      Delusional peo... I mean psychics: I knew it! Erin: that's not vegan

    8. Dean_ Psomotragos_

      they are all insane

    9. Dakota Woodland

      These peeps are actually crazy🤷‍♂️

    10. Kraken

      The answer is none of them

    11. Chris Kendall

      There’s obviously no such thing as a psychic so isn’t this flawed from the get go? Con artist would be more appropriate but then they wouldn’t come on the show I suppose.

    12. DigitalHaunt

      These guys are insane bro

    13. halsa

      I am a sidekick


      They were all false they should have known

    15. 1nonly

      Not another erin pls

    16. ok

      The trick the blonde lady did was very easy. You write a bunch of papers, take a bunch of pictures. There's only a few dozen combinations. I wonder if these people really delude themselves fully.

    17. Rankings 101

      I would get along with this Richard guy

    18. Faradat R

      It was so obvious it was Paris all she did was piggyback of what the black guy was saying I called it half way through

    19. IAWIA

      Is that Mumbo Jumbo?

    20. Postosuchus 700

      Aren’t they supposed to read minds or something if you’re a psychic? They should’ve said something like, what am I thinking right now? And like there’s no way this is real

    21. Filthy Fish

      Where tf is moist critikal

    22. Market Pie

      "I wrote down who I was looking for" - Doesn't vote for the person she was looking for

    23. Naomi_

      This remind me of the spider man meme lmao

    24. Huuup Huuup

      Why are all of them weird lqbtg disgusting people

    25. Chimchomcham

      Plot twist: none of them are psychic

    26. Quiggs

      Psychics are a scam

    27. TruthfullyLying

      So this is find out who not is trying to scam mourning people

    28. Bobby A

      Who’s in the freezer lmaooo

    29. Leo Tataraha

      The mole what kinda shitty pshychic they must be? Would you now belive their psychic abilitiies or proposition, they all failed none of them should call themselves pshycic having failed to find the mole out.

    30. Noah Frenzel

      Too short this is way too interesting

    31. Eevee

      You can really sense that the atmosphere is a lot calmer and nicer when there are sensitive people there

    32. P slicer

      Every body after the mole is revealed but they didn't vote her yeah I definitely felt it

    33. Sonia

      The first episode of this season: Find the Taylor Swift hater The second episode: call it what you want

    34. LiveYourLife

      Rather telling that noone of the "psychics" even tried to use their "psychic powers" to discover the odd one out...

    35. Diego Dinero

      Who else remembered the one South Park episode, where Cartman had a psychic battle against all the other psychics?

    36. N T

      But no matter who they pick they're right Nobody is the psychic

    37. Luke Rowe

      I knew it was paris

    38. Max Mütze

      I love how at the end everyone was just like I felt it, I knew it...

    39. Hunter Geren


    40. matty205224

      Spoilers! None of them are psychic.

    41. Lily Marie Banford

      That guy was so satanic. His insta was proof. Nooooo thanks. Hes in deep with demons.

      1. Elysian Sounds

        No he's not. Nobody is

    42. Bernita Trahan

      i love how everyone 'felt it' but yet didn't get her out lmaooooo

    43. Floow Fs

      if they are psychics couldnt they just tell who is the "liar"? xD

    44. Fishy

      these people make me cry inside

    45. Mel Duya

      If they had a clairvoyance ability they should have predicted the liar in the first round

    46. TubeToYou

      These fakes got taken

    47. Jon B

      "My ancestry is very old." Uhh... Every human's ancestry is equally old lol. None of us just spontaneously sprouted up from the ground. 🤣

    48. Jon B

      "I've been to all the galaxies. I have 8 birthmarks on my body, so those are galaxies that you're from..." Honey, I hate to break it to you, but there are a lot more than 8 galaxies. 😂😂😂

    49. blah blah man

      the lady in orange is hot.

    50. Jon B

      Spoiler: None of them are psychics.

    51. Watashiniha yume ga arimasu

      5 psychopaths try to find the sane person.

    52. Samaa سماء

      Low-key intrigued that Elijah is wearing an ankh (☥)

    53. s say

      I’m kinda attracted to Dracula

    54. MrPogz Zamora

      Cant believe marcus smart is a psychic

    55. Harry Minnie

      7 bullshitters bullshitting each other

    56. The Investment Circle

      They all got it wrong, then go on to say “oh I knew it was you”, teaches me one thing about being a psychic. To be a psychic, you need to learn how to be completely delusional about yourself. Makes sense.

    57. Shelly Shah

      not even a "psychic" and I could tell who the liar was from the first round lol

    58. Revoltingsheeple

      I'm a psychic. They're all the mole.

    59. Nora Bugnatto

      *guesses that paris is the mole* *gets it right* "Look who the pyhycic is now"

    60. SDB

      why is lana del rey here?

    61. Titianna W

      I was just so into what they were talking about I almost forgot it was a game.

    62. Halima Gonzalez


    63. Jesus Fuentes

      Bro that first girl that was eliminated was THICK girl in blue dress ALSO THICK WHO ARE THEY

    64. Donald trump

      Put three heroin addicts in a room, spread them out equally then in the middle put a clean needle full of high grade heroin in it

    65. KautionTapeHumor

      Was that Johnny Depp?

    66. nineteen96

      Yet Elijah's the only one who voted for Paris lol

    67. Tanmay

      8:11 Erin : that’s not vegan

    68. Snowstorm

      Richard Lael could pass as a Supervillain Vampire and Psychic with that outfit

    69. XxAnxmexX 225

      I tought Lil Nas X was here

    70. Snowstorm

      7:59 She did divination and got super accurate yet only voted for guys. How much you wanna bet she wrote 30 of those and pulled out the most relevant one?