Camping Overnight in David Dobriks Backyard!!

Heath Hussar

Heath Hussar

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    Mariah and I spend the night camping at the scariest place in California! (David Dobriks house)
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    Mariah Amato - IG; @mariahamato
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Chase Banas

      Call me dumb and retarded but being a boyscout and camping in some really remote places makes those freeze dried meals taste so good...

    2. choepai

      i’ve never seen anyone more desperate for clicks than this video

    3. Luke Giunta

      Your first mistake was going to rei. Fuckers mark shit up

    4. Daniel Flores

      “But can you get fucked up off a box of macaroni?” Quote of the year


      Heath with a Girl friend makes me Cringe. I always thought he was 🌈....

    6. Tara Tyson

      I caught Todd’s joke!!! I love Big Daddy!

    7. jalaya pursell

      At 0:50 David secretly has his middle finger out

    8. Adriane Hofmeister

      I LOVE that store!!!!!!!! But it's super expensive lol

    9. Jhoel Guevara Rubio

      2:53 there a mouth right there

    10. TommyNC2010

      You are truly funny and Epic

    11. Eddie d

      I'm so in love with Carly

    12. Ellumi Lucid

      is it just me or heath looks like a completely different person whenever he switches the camera angle

    13. Terri Mcgaffigan

      Camping is awesome!✌😎

    14. Pin Lover PH

      @7:38 Natalie and David going on an evening date? hmmm all dressed up

    15. catherine garcia

      this is so wholesome 🥺

    16. Aurelia x

      Why is nobody talking about that poor cat at 2:16

    17. Briisme

      I want a Blair witch project video of them actually camping in the woods and in between the cute camping shit it’s freaky Blair witch vlogging 😂

    18. Rosi Moeling

      I would go camping with you guys

    19. pureimagination 66

      Pink looks sooo good on Jason 👌

    20. Willy Fasick

      I am really starting to ship David and carly

    21. Dennis Massie

      👋🏻Florida ☀️🌴🇺🇸

    22. Emine Agdere


    23. Emine Agdere


    24. Emine Agdere

      omg yalls morningheads are so adorable😂😂

    25. Elizabeth Gonzalez

      When you notice them two stepping and you realize you trash compared to them

    26. Lindsay Piper

      Heath: “What happened?” Mariah: “hot..”

    27. Jonathan Moore

      Carly is not safe if I ever meet her. She getting asked out immediately 😂

    28. Zack Choppa

      Id give anything to meet carly...frfr

    29. elodie adidas

      7:49 Heath said: good morninggggggggggggggg

    30. Christina X

      I love Mariah she is so beautiful aw

    31. trashtan 87

      David was nice is this a dream🧐

    32. Canada Boy

      Please big vlog squad sleepover

    33. mel k

      11:20 she literally doesn’t look like him at all she was just wearing a black shirt and black hat and *tried* to pose/smile like him... she thinks she’s special 👀

    34. Raines Cook

      Ummmmm how come you didn't use the tent Mariah got u for Xmas Mr. ???

    35. Taryn Jean

      the way she said perfect about her Oreo sounded like when Olaf says now i'm perfect in frozen when she puts his head on right... leave me alone i'm mentally 7 and know every word to the first frozen

    36. Michael Teague

      How was Mariah sat on the kitchen chair like that?

    37. Bri333cheese

      0:19 🤣🤣

    38. Stuart Turner

      Why do I crush on Carly so seriously

    39. Its Grimm

      omg my friends and i had no idea about that 3 day rule and some dude claimed he wasnt doing so well and needed somewhere to stay, so my friend let him stay at his place but ended up getting kicked out of his own apartment by this dude. even called the cops on him before getting kicked out, but since he invited this guy in his house to begin with the cops couldn't do anything about it. super fucked, apparently in this day and age we have to be aware of the people we help out cause this guy also stole his credit card and put him in more than $1,000 in debt

    40. Clutch_ Goat_YT_

      1:18 omg yesssss Natalie you guys should do a big sleepover at David’s house!!!

    41. Braziliandude1

      I love how they all have ptsd because of David lmao

    42. LunaNeedzHelp

      You need a David horn

    43. Luna Wolfram

      "but can you get fucked up on a box of macaroni?"

    44. Rebecca Reithmiller

      9.09 why’s she sitting on the chair like that😂😂😂😂😂😂

    45. TheyCallMeRAVEN

      Am I the only one who's legit crushing on Carly? She's so pretty and so gentle.

    46. Matthew S

      I ship it Carly and Heath

    47. Libby Schiavone

      Do David and Natalie sleep together

    48. Elijah Villalobos

      I've always wanted to go camping it sounds so fun

    49. Marni

      I was watching the video and relized at 11:02 there's a clock on the wall and I have the exact clock but a watch and if I look closely mine and David's are by swatch! I just find it such a cool, funny coincidence! 🤗

    50. Sledneck

      I guess I just love the outdoor themes because this was second only to fishing with Carly and Erin, in my book. Also while you filmed this I was backpacking in griz country outside of Yellowstone...

    51. Celine Santoyo

      I’m sorry but are we not gonna talk about the cat and it’s owner fucking dragging it around the aisle😂😂😂

    52. Hamad Alkuwari

      I didnt see carley properly I thought it was billie eillish

    53. Zojax

      No disrespect but y’all definitely banged in there

    54. Remington Lee

      Camping with friends is so much fun!! The squad actually goes camping would get so many views.

    55. SFU

      lol Carly is so adorable

    56. Tiddy Jaguar

      yeees toddy smith with the referances @heathhussar

    57. Leighton Lundstrom

      Carly so hot

    58. Anna Eylse

      Heath makes good times merch Scotty makes sad times merch

    59. Kevin G

      So Dave isn't a psychopath. Lol

    60. Mary

      That smog in the thumbnail makes me grateful I'm not there

    61. Well Den

      Does anyone know the name of the song that starts in the background at 8:46? It’s such a bop and I’ve heard it before but I can’t think of the name

    62. The Voiceover Dynamic Duo

      Didn't you piss in that exact spot?

    63. ZyX

      He didn’t cook it right lmao

    64. Christopher Bravo


    65. Zachary Moon

      Carly is gorgeous. She's my favorite

    66. Anas Al-Humiari

      Very fun vlog! Love the idea & vid!

    67. Samantha Hatter

      Good times just makes me think of tanacon... triggered

    68. Nicolette Conway

      Awh David 😂😂❤️

    69. China Enas

      Hahah Just realized that was Dillion Francis!!🤣😝🤘🏽

    70. stacey rhoades

      I love the way he calls Mariah bubba ❤️