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    What is a hit point? And more importantly, is it possible to know the hit points of your pet? Brian David Gilbert has figured it out, with the help of a scientist and his roommate's cat, Zuko.
    Want to calculate your pet's HP? You can find the necessary tools here:
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Polygon

      Want to bond with your pet by calculating their HP? You can find all the resources here:

      1. Mr. Mooerton

        When do u know when your fish is bathing

      2. hi i’m sophia

        my cat is a level 60 rogue with 140 hp. he is *very* vocal.

      3. The Capitalistic Dictator

        Instructions unclear, my cat is now dead... on the plus side I did gain 20 xp but lost 20 g due to fines

    2. Deino Eating Donut

      Where are rocks?

    3. Deer Killer

      Now you had to do that with humans

    4. Marbella Bender

      Meet my beautiful cat ,Suki (yes from Avatar Last Airbender) She is a Level 3 Cleric with 117 hit points

    5. Ofelia Gurdian

      All i can tell you is this, i cannot by any means take two masks if i don’t have grubsong on me because then i will PHYSICALLY turn into a shade and lose all my money to my shadow like Peter Pan at some point in his life probably did.

    6. R3aganLouise

      You can also own hyenas in Gotham.

    7. Brandon Gibson

      Why did he put wailord as a fish

    8. Aidan Olsen

      my rabit is level 20!!!

    9. Tula Cot

      Why not just use standard animal classification? Why bother obsessing over chance of survival when hit-points are just the amount of damage a pet can take? I'm starting to think you aren't a real scientist...

    10. Elijah Dage

      4:00 just... Just drop the Drop the S.

      1. Elijah Dage


    11. Eduardo Cherry

      If I were (hypothetically) a notorious human trafficker and kept humans as pets, would this system apply to them or would it need modification

    12. Lapis Lazuli

      My dog Marley is a level 126 rogue. And before you say that that seems highly unlikely, she's a tiny black dog who's favorite pastime is darting out of shadows, biting either your ankles or, if she can reach them, the undersides of your wrists, and then hiding away again.

    13. Camulus777

      I actually have 4 cats, 1 is a rouge, 1 is a ranger, 1 is a cleric, and one is a barbarian. That's a pretty balanced team with another barbarian beagle and a paladin german shepherd. I also have some chickens but they are all NPCs.

    14. Dan Sheets

      What about my pet rock?

    15. Jacobus Kurnia Kaalapaking A.K.A Lord Promodus

      My pet hamsters: Potato: female barbarian, 7 hp Tony: male cleric, 4 hp

    16. Preston Lucy

      Pokemon calculates hp by how thicc a pokemon is

    17. Preston Lucy

      I'm gonna go fight all the plants in my house

    18. larz anthony

      Thank you hawk bearer for your help.

    19. Endermage77

      Aight, what is something that does 1 HP worth of damage?

    20. August Snider

      BDG is so Passive-Aggressive to Zuko

    21. August Snider

      is there a class for "Coach Potato" ?

    22. August Snider

      elephants might have 2 Hit Points.

    23. Lost Redditor 🏵

      Yeah let me measure the number of vocalizations my lettuce makes in an hour brb

    24. Titanium Absol

      Anybody knows the song they used for the title? I really like it!

    25. Charis A

      I watch this video at least once every two months. 😭 It’s so uplifting ~

    26. sweetistweeter

      My cat did not enjoy Zuko's heavenly voice.

    27. Audacious

      "If your pet is magical, then what are you doing here?" but but rangers, clerics, paladins, rogues, *and* barbarians all have the capacity to use magic

    28. Elie L

      Imagine your brother calling you and his close friend of several years his “roommates”

    29. N1kq

      Can we talk about biology because whales are not fishes. They are mammals.

    30. Zachary Somogyi

      Brian and the biologist have the exact same glasses in different colors

    31. Taking your knees

      My cat's HP is at 0

    32. sweetpitts

      ahh you got it wrong he's a cleric

    33. Artifice

      Seeing this title and then seeing him kick the air made me worried that this was going to be some animal abuse Also, I thought HP was “health points” and not “hit points” until a few years ago

    34. D L

      I'm gonna calculate my friends dogs hp

      1. D L

        She's a level 29 paladin with 325 hp

    35. Sergio Guzman

      Pokemon in the Mist

    36. Yakisoba Dreams

      Please I'm begging, release the samba song playing in the title sequence. It reminds me of the 6th fairy tail OP by Plus called Fiesta. Come on polygon, release it.

    37. Bob_the_Mop

      They accidentally printed Yanmega as Magikarp

    38. Berend Brokkenpap

      I love Zuko more than anything on this planet.

    39. The X Crafter

      hmm why does he wear nail polish

    40. Blastotron

      I just want to know if Polygon expended the Ghilli suit.

    41. Gaby

      11:50 I haven't laughed this hard since I watched Tenacious D's Sasquatch scene after eating marijuana cookies

    42. Thomas Marrujo

      3 x 14 = 42 : 3 HP

    43. Notsure

      “I’m not dancing this season.”

    44. Overanalyzingismyhobby

      *brian:* what is the hp range of *your* dog? *me, sobbing:* z-zero

    45. Wazrobe

      my cat has 0 HP :(

    46. isabella Egan

      This video is art

    47. Connor Santos

      H o r n y d o g

    48. Zardizma

      Blissy must be a fucking chonk when it comes to food

    49. Finn Merlin Luan Gehr

      For some reason I thought this was about the power of petting...

    50. Sajirah Collazo

      ... so Zuko has an HP of 305

    51. Mad Fishmonger

      This made me laugh so hard, than you. Please give Zuko a hug and a kiss on his soft little head for me. I'm going to calculate my cat Jin's hp

    52. Megan Vincent

      Okay while with this information we shouldn't battle our pets...but...we could SIMULATE IT

    53. Jack Flinchbaugh

      When he got hit by the cat I couldn’t tell if he sounded like a cat or waluigi

    54. Josué Becker

      My dog is at its second evolution and has 56 HP he is a barbarian and he is level 15 dog btw.

      1. Josué Becker

        Btw he is level 15

    55. the game project


    56. Steven Lam

      If Zuko was healing you through your interactions, wouldn't that make Zuko a cleric? Is multi-classing supported?

    57. Leonard M

      My cats hp is zero because shes dead :'D

    58. Bamboo Bhang

      my cat tries to get into my room and get dirt all over my bedsheets whenever she can. she also likes to jump into cupboards and then refuse with all the power given to her to get out. she just genuinely loves fucking with me as much as possible. she will hide behind corners or doors to JUMP at innocent people walking by and then run away. she will climb through my window into my room if i leave it open at night. what class is she

    59. Sam The Space Sloth

      Exotic is just homebrew classes

    60. Bamboo Bhang

      what class is your cat if they are just an asshole and nothing else

    61. Masochist Incarnate

      i love zuko

    62. Lorax

      This is gold

    63. Kj16V

      14:50 Okay so I speak Cat and I hate to break it to you, but your cat is a massive racist. The things he just said about Ukrainians... Geez 0_o

    64. JaehaerysT

      bdg got a phat ass

    65. bean cat88

      14:57 that meow though 😍😍❤️❤️

    66. B M

      Zuko looks like he needs dental attention. :(

    67. Jesus Rodriguez

      Okay but the music is a bop

    68. rat kid

      my cat was sitting in my lap while i watched this and he appreciates zuko’s pleas

    69. you must not know dick about starkid

      My dog is a cleric. Too lazy to calculate level but maybe I'll do it.

    70. Luke Bubar

      The cat on your thumbnail looks like my families neighborhood cat...Coincidence?