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    What is a hit point? And more importantly, is it possible to know the hit points of your pet? Brian David Gilbert has figured it out, with the help of a scientist and his roommate's cat, Zuko.
    Want to calculate your pet's HP? You can find the necessary tools here:
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Polygon

      Want to bond with your pet by calculating their HP? You can find all the resources here:

      1. dragonmaster 100

        You know the ironic thing is that a Pokemon can have in nature that affects the growth has your Pokemon stats but the one stat Nature's do not interact with is HP.

      2. Atamosk1221

        i swear to god that better be a real moustache you had in the video.

      3. Megan Elbel

        My dog Parker is a Lvl 44 Paladin with 141 HP. Thank you, Brian.

      4. Maximilian Cooke

        :C why not put the table and the blank form all on one PDF. I'm not a ranger. This is a lot of work!

      5. T h I c C B u R g E r

        You include Millennial plants, but not the Gen Z pet rocks? AGEIST! AGEIST! AGEIST!

    2. Skeletor Not nice

      1 hitpoint is biting a chip and having it stab you in the roof of your mouth

    3. Anthony Baradat

      Dude... whats the song playing during the title card. Pleasseee someone come thru

    4. Marc Standley

      Where do you get your work ethic BDG?! TELL US PLZ!!!

    5. brilziana

      Thank you for another excellent installment of Unraveled! I was rewatching the first one, about the LoZ timeline, while my roommate was playing Link's Awakening, and something became very obvious to me: the Mario games depict the future of the Zelda universe. It's clear that Peach is Zelda's heir, and that Mario is the descendant of the mushroom-packing Tarin. However, the events that led to the evolution of the toads, the ascension of goombas from an underground minority to Bowser's foot soldier of choice, and the identity of Mario and Luigi's mother all remain a mystery that I think only you and your fabulous mustache can solve. Please, if you can find the will, extend the Zelda timeline into the era of Mario.

    6. Dandy Noble

      It's nice to see that the creepy mustache isn't impeding viewership.

    7. Maenyd

      Okay, but which Final Fantasy Character is actually the most decent as a person? Not like, good, but a decent person who's reasonably well adjusted.

    8. Consternated Sheep

      Please calculate the Nook family's net worth, I beg of you

    9. Culverin Harley

      this made my godamn day

    10. Limey Lemur

      Please, please do something with the Harry Potter books! Maybe all of the willful child endangerment? It'll be so good!

    11. Paxton Morton

      The hp range of my dog is 0... Haha.. Ha 😢

    12. Evil Minion of The Month

      Should anyone tell him that whales are mammals?

    13. Enrico Coochie

      All zuccinis are canonically paladins and that's valid, folks!

    14. carlos delgado

      This video has too little views. 20 million more would do it good.

    15. Zelculo The Squid

      However many hit points my sundew Lloyd had, it wasn't enough. Rest in peace to a legend.

    16. Robert Blanchard

      So, my Mainecoon, Jagger, is a 7.5th level Cleric with 90 HP. He very well may have multiclassed into Ranger though.

    17. Sarah R.

      I would catch a grenade for Zuko I love him

    18. emeralddarkness

      Today I learned my dog is a ranger

    19. Molly B.

      Brian, you are the only reason I watch content from Polygon. Thank you for including plants!

    20. Claire Lawson

      you look like j jonah jameson

    21. nkane81

      That mustache is about 3 videos away from sentience.

    22. Ainsley Geary

      What class is my cat if he's sweet, skittish, and very strong?

    23. Simon Warburton

      whales are not fish, idiot.

    24. Trekky


      1. colorbar.s

        @miojo belmont ohhh okay I don't usually watch these videos so carry on

      2. miojo belmont

        @colorbar.s it's a reference to what brian said when he first revealed his mustache

      3. colorbar.s

        @miojo belmont neither do friends though??

      4. miojo belmont

        you're not his friend and you have no control over his body

      5. colorbar.s


    25. John Newhouse

      HP = BUM

    26. chapel976

      Always turn on the Closed Captions.

    27. NinthClanMember

      I learnt you can keep count of every number(/variable) you must use with an abacus. That's something I would totally bring to a house party.

    28. Logan McKenzie


    29. TheLangenator

      Is it just me or does that cat look like Ron Perlman?

    30. NeveD Plays games

      My dog has 5 hp. He just stupid

    31. meowstical òwó


    32. Austin Games

      4:12 I have called cows beef dogs before, its great when things are just dogs

    33. Cyn

      this is the first time i have ever payed any positive attention to polygons existence. thanks to this man.

    34. Jake Sloan

      You should find every ServSafe violation in Overcooked

    35. CreativeName 487

      Is a sponge in the fish category since it’s all aquatic animals or is it exotic

    36. Aidan

      i really can't stress how funny this video is to me, but suffice to say i've been laughing to the point of crying on the floor for the last 20 minutes or so

    37. Thomas Quigley

      That is not a cute cat

    38. T. R.

      It is killing me that I can’t find the name of the song BDG dances to during the title. He danced into my soul at that moment, and I can’t even find the song to relive it.

    39. katchatty26

      ok but whats his hp

    40. KingMJAH

      wait so he is barbarian class level 63. but what are his hit points ? how do you use the Pokémon rages in conjunction with the level ? what about multiclassing ?

    41. James Poole

      Can you do a video about Hallow knights lore or something about its most annoying bosses or enemy’s cause god damn I love your videos and it would make my life time to see your beautiful mustache flap about my favorite dead bug

    42. Crabhammer

      15 hours of this cat screaming please

    43. Griffin Sweeney

      the first thirty seconds or so of this video are just the ramblings of college dropout victor frankenstein before he went apeshit and created life

    44. Sage Derby

      the only winning move is not to play

    45. Omar Sanchez

      A video about "which Arkham boss to work for" would be interesting.

    46. bapplelap

      *my bird is a barbarian*


      *horny dog*

    48. Andrew Gaytan

      Okay US-new, I’m here. What do you want?

    49. Mehreen

      bdg doing the real calculations

    50. Kilobytes

      You think I don't know my V-pets' HP stat?

    51. Looanna1

      I have a level 5 cleric cat with 77 hp points thank you good night

    52. REVMr SubG3N3

      Epic SWAG! Great delivery of science and math and nice shouts to the pet peoplez! NIce!

    53. Bruh

      I’m not a HUGE fan of the mustache other thank that great vid

    54. Gopher

      what was the song playing in the background at 1:00?

    55. EighteenCharacters

      I'm angry that I'm just finding this channel. Now I have to watch ALL the other previous videos.

      1. Paisley McKenna

        You have begun your journey. Good luck. It will never end.

    56. Zyxenfryx

      In D&D terms, a level 63 Barbarian could destroy all of creation with a fart. Careful what you feed that cat.

    57. E Wisken

      Hi yes hello I'd like to introduce you to Rocket, the level 8 tortoise with 243HP

    58. Daniel Prieto

      Now to calculate your mustashes hp. JK it's 1000

    59. Dr.FiRe

      Anyone knows the name of the music in the intro ?

    60. Kit Fahey

      please rank all the minecraft Disc's. Sincerely, Me

    61. miranda hatch

      Oh I LOVE zuko

    62. miranda hatch

      Hi this is my humor? Which I think makes it... our humor. The collective humor of this generation in fact...

    63. Matias Seppala

      Want about “what rainbow six siege map would be the coolest to live on?”

    64. Elliot G

      Hope long do y'all think it took BDG to realize whales aren't fish?

    65. Mary Knaeble

      ...what about pet rocks? How will I know if all my childhood pets are still alive?!

    66. Laerr

      Subscribed for PETSS.

    67. Helena C

      Is there a room on that observation sheet for 'criminal record'

    68. L G

      The only reason polygon is slightly relevant

    69. soozafone

      I love you Zuko

    70. help me

      this model doesnt work very well for hermit crabs, i used the ranger x exotic pet model , 177 +(87*2.8) = 420.6 and while im happy he got such a fun number, hes very faint of heart and strikes me as some thing a little weaker. maybe its his shell that makes him so op, or i failed algebra for a reason. im still happy, nonetheless