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    DanPlan Merch! Ahh big hype:
    Here's Part 1 of zombie apocalypse:
    Part 2:
    Animator: Jay -
    Coloring: Mona -
    Guest: Pantsless Pajamas-
    This video is a LONG coming. Part 3 of our zombie apocalypse series. Our animator Jay slaved away for a long time to get it done. A lot of thanks to everyone involved in this video, from PJ for joining, all the way to Mona for coloring. I apologize for not posting last week, it's finals season in UBC and I didn't manage my time properly. Also I'm sorry for promoting our merchandise 2 videos in a row, I'm just afraid of what's to come in the future. Anyway, enjoy our zombie biting survival video!
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      I guess if Stephen is just an employee... We’re “customers” :(


      Petition for Dan to become a better person ⬇️

    3. Brooks Faucette

      Dang the animators were clearly working so hard on this, its so unfortunate they weren't getting paid well.

    4. Brooks Faucette

      Why did pj look like jaiden animations at the beginning

    5. Leo 559

      Everytime I rewatch this video I just can see stephen's "happy" face

    6. - M i d n i g h t S k y -

      I have cried so much today thinking aboit how danplan has fallen apart, and so has my childhood no my face hurts from crying

    7. Aids

      I will mis Stephen but he has his own channel so I will get something. :(

    8. TheNoodleKing

      Only reason I myself watched these, were Stephen's humor.. But now it's a big missing void between the group.

    9. Gacha Lover

      sorry I'm a month late I love your vids and also sorry I can't buy the merch

    10. Jose Jimenez

      Man,this channel is not gonna last long I’m just waiting here for ur respond about the issues w/Stephen,Jay and of course the animators and I just wanna say that I’m so sorry for you Dan, really sorry

    11. shadowgirl 635

      Make it up to Stephen plz

    12. Duck Man

      I can feel the intenseness between dan and Steven

    13. Lighted Zack

      If you take a look closely, you can see that every comic-book scene Daniel is in, he's nearly always either at the front or center, goes to show how much self-centered and self-inserted he really is.

    14. Astorinia

      One of the ladies have Rose Quartz hair

    15. Cat

      100% of the comments: *stephen is gone*

    16. Kevin Tapia

      Dan fuck off your channel should get affected by coppa

    17. Death Really you need more

      I feel that Stephen was crying out in some of these videos

    18. Kayla Lawrence

      Tabbed made this video w m

    19. Kittyslap Lavender

      "We're really scared about Coppa right now" Nah your scared cause its your channel and your- Nah let me stop I come here to watch my sons not Dan

    20. Beware_its_ Foxy_Gacha

      Daniel Dont listen To the hate Comments!! Me and so many other people love you!!! Yes it’s sad that the channel has ended But I’m sure Many more Generations will watch this Channel and Enjoy the videos like me and many others do!!! You all always find a way to make me laugh!!! Keep smiling you all (For The hole Crew) (From Me) 💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️

      1. Sean Moon

        Beware_its_ Foxy_Gacha I do think Daniel doesn’t need all the hate, but he did something g terrible, and he shouldn’t be praised

    21. 長野はく

      ‘No one seems to know what’s going on outside these walls’ That hits different now

    22. Acorn Animation

      0:36 uh...

    23. Booboo Fool

      “best way to support is through merch” yeah, if you mean by supporting you only

    24. Marco Pena

      Now we're not gonna get part three...

    25. Takashi

      *Dan insulting himself in the video*

    26. Hyper wolf cat

      Steaven leaves All danplans subs *im out.*

    27. Smile XoXo


    28. Bounty hunter 678

      I swear all of the comments that I read is all about these comments about Stephen leaving and them being all sad. It’s like I get it it’s really sad that he left but my god you don’t need to emphasize it in every single video

    29. death kido

      How can they do a pt4 without Stephen

    30. Roman Pierce

      You know now that Stephen left we wont get any continuations of videos like these :(

    31. SMSTA !

    32. Winniix

      This channel is gonna be really boring without stephen and hosuh and jay

    33. zen ishrel

      After hearing Stephens stream his voice just sounds sad trying to be entertaining and happy This channel is juat dead without Stephen hosuh and jay...

    34. Liam Khanthavongsa

      Dan loses a life because he got beaten up

    35. Emiko Miyu

      PJ WAS IN THIS *cri*

    36. uwu da lil owl

      7:16 is that rose?

    37. Roy Rapsing

      1:18 otice bomb squad music

    38. LickyAndy


    39. monika is best girl

      Isn't Hosuh gonna be in the army for 2 years? With Stephen quitting and Jay pissed off, what'll become of DanPlan?

    40. wooshifeather

      I just realized, the settlement people thought everything was okay and theyre happy but the leader was actually doing smth shady. How fitting :/

    41. wooshifeather

      "Yes of course daniel anything you say! Youre just so good at this hosting thing i think youre gonna get us through the whole game dont worry" LMAO

    42. MangoCane 07

      This channel is probs going to go downhill after the whole Daniel only considering Stephen as an employee thing. Afterall, most of the funny parts are because of Stephen.

    43. Liam Jethro

      Jay den animations is.pj

    44. eye candy

      have yall seen jays🥺🥺

    45. Lozzoe

      Theres so much effort in the art in this video, i hope it was properly compensated for.

    46. Sam Bam

      This is the actual last video that Stephen is in. 😔

    47. Scooped Melon

      support “us”

    48. el stupid

      "Hello stranger, have you seen our friend Daniel?"

    49. Shiromi Torayoshi

      i hate the fact knowing every time stephen laughs it was probably forced

    50. el stupid

      "I'm pretty sure Daniel was the one that left her."

    51. Copper Candycorn

      If you watch the newer videos after seeing Stephen’s and Jay’s, you can actually tell that there’s some real tension between them and Daniel..

    52. MxM

      This channel is over, no Stephen, no jay, and hosuh is going to go to obligatory military service, and Daniel is just, unliked

    53. Armageddon Sloth

    54. Armageddon Sloth

    55. Devonimp

      Its interestingly telling that the image of Hosuh after losing one life is concern, and Stephen after losing one life is got punched by a boxer.

    56. BNHA IS LIFE

      *time traveler* what year is it? Them: 2019 December 1 first Time traveler: ok good Stephen has not left yet Danplan: WUT Hosuh:

    57. Punk Rat

      This is surreal to see these videos after everything that's been said and done.

    58. anime weeb

      Dan when you become a better person you'll get your fans back because what you did was real bitchy Also Stephen you were the best and funniest

    59. Chris Game

      Gues there’s no sequel for this

    60. Caitlin Marbella


    61. EDGYNEAR X

      Who cares about Stephen I do

    62. Tears falling down at the party

      It’s crazy of how much can happend behind a video I just fell so bad for Stephen he really tried to be enough for Daniel Daniel if you’re going to read this just know that all of us are very disappointed on how toxic you are Hosuh on the other hand I’m proud of how much you tried to keep danplan together you’re a real angel But dan choose money over an amazing friendship

    63. INF_KingZ

      Daniel better make a video explaining him self or im finna unsubscribed

    64. Rainbow Eclair

      Screw you US-new algorithm.

    65. tsn The Skyrim gamer Yt

      Curse you dan

    66. animações duvidosas

    67. Tonia Hodge

      Stephen probably brought 600,000 or 750,000 subs alone,but got paid 300 when they made 50,000 dollars

    68. Boop Adoop

      Pj double kill