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    For this week's episode of Basics with Babish, I'm covering how to make a (not smashed) burger and fries.
    Join me 6/21 on Twitch for the burgers live cook-a-long:
    Ingredients & Grocery List:
    Russet potatoes
    Peanut oil (or preferred frying oil)
    Beef: short rib, brisket, and sirloin
    Burger accoutrements: tomato, iceberg lettuce, red onion
    Burger buns (plus butter to toast them in)
    Vegetable oil
    Salt and pepper
    American cheese (or your preferred cheese)
    Special Sauce ingredients:
    Garlic powder
    Onion powder
    Paprika (regular or smoked)
    Sweet relish
    Special Equipment:
    Vegetable peeler
    Meat grinder (I use the Kitchen Aid attachment)
    Deep fryer (or vessel suited for frying)
    Cast iron skillet
    Instant-read thermometer
    "Love Is Not" by Broke for Free
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    1. Lisette Bronkhorst

      American cheese isn't cheese... But Gouda is 😏

    2. Johnmyth

      I will be taking my subscription back does no one eat a burger Well done any more. Last video I’ll watch of yours

    3. Snark

      Red Leicester is the best cheese for burgers, fite me

    4. Common Sense School

      Give a lil taste to make sure it's good - of course it is.

    5. Eli Setzer

      ketchup and mayo is mannup

    6. Scritch

      I roast me buns in bacon fat. Does that work or do you recommend butter?

    7. Scritch

      I think you are becoming my favorite cooking channel

    8. Dolphinboi

      Is that Ed's special sauce?

    9. SupremeEdgeLord

      American cheese is not the best for burgers, it's not the best for anything. It's a piece of shit and should only be seen as such.

    10. david slay

      AND STRIKE 3! MAKING A DAMN DELICIOUS BURGER! Thats 3 Strikes!!! HOME RUN!!! Right Thats How Baseball Works Right? lol

    11. david slay

      WTF! Come On!!! who has a Grinder at home? honestly? Basics My Ass! Strike 2 Mr.Bish

    12. jay robert

      american cheese.. ugh.

    13. safebuffalo 8907

      3:10 for special sauce

    14. the bright side

      I know this isnt as big but it's something that has been on my mind for the past week...Ok this is driving me crazy but everyone keeps the burger at 20% fat but I always wondered can you use more fat like 30 or 40%? How much does the fat effect the taste of the burger and are their different ways to cook each one due to the fact content?... I really want to use more fat...

    15. Arkhaan

      Hey Babish, you never explain why salting the meat before forming the patties is bad, just that it is. Why is it a bad thing?

      1. BigMonkeyOnAStick

        It will give the patties a more rubbery, tougher texture.

    16. Magnolia Wallflower

      Can you sous vide a burger?

    17. Persistence

      When he said "make 'em as big as you want." I immediately made a four pound burger monstrosity.

      1. Rin Feast

        make it 20 pounds

    18. Braedon Belair

      Hamburger Hamhamham Burburbur Gergerger Hambur Burgerham Hamger Gerburger U Uuuuuuuu Ur Geru

      1. Rin Feast


    19. Daedric Blade

      You know this world is entering a new age when Babish tells you Babish is not his real name

    20. Filther

      Fry the patty thoroughly or well done as you westeners call it

    21. idont know

      Dislike for American cheese

    22. Flakey 12

      I am lazy... can I fry the burger?

    23. Tejas Nagaraj

      *DO A VEGAN BURGER !!*

      1. Aateeksh Dogra


    24. David F

      I work at a craft burger place and this is pretty much how we do ours. Watched for comparison. Came away feeling very vindicated!

    25. Playhouse76

      To the hundreds of "fry sauce" posts: Special sauce is different because it includes other ingredients, like the pickle relish and spices that Andrew added. McDonald's version of special sauce uses mustard instead of ketchup.

    26. Zomhunter 3455


    27. Aaron Williford

      At 4:40 I thought he said "Make em as thick as you want, it's your ass".

    28. Acey Moo

      I like steaks rare-medium rare. I like burgers well done. I dont like special sauce. Why am i like this

      1. Filther

        You might have more european blood than the average mixed american.

      2. Acey Moo

        @Ian A the texture, the taste. I cooked a perfect medium rare burger and it tasted exactly how it smelled when it was raw. So disappointed lol

      3. Ian A

        ground beef has a disgusting texture if not cooked to at least medium. I like any solid piece of beef rare to medium but pink ground beef is just disgusting to me.

    29. HighKingDeimos

      hey andrew those fries aren't finished

    30. Thot Patrol

      So what the fuck _is_ your real name?

    31. Max Dufresne

      There's only one problem the buns aren't big enough

    32. HALO-Infinity

      Am I the only one who noticed that he made Mac sauce

    33. big_ moist

      my dad caught me jerking off today.

    34. Sybille Hoffmann

      For the burger sauce i could recommend adding some mustard

    35. Austin Moi

      This intro makes me think he could 1v1 Gordan Ramsay

    36. Marcos Alejandro

      Hey oliver, those fries arent done

    37. Adrianna the Weirdo

      3:02 Why do think my name is Adrianna the Weirdo?

    38. Autocon 38

      Hey I hope you eventually see this, but can you explain why you’re not suppose to salt/season the beef before you’ve formed it?

    39. Eduardo Velazquez

      Why is burgers in the vegetarian playly

      1. Eduardo Velazquez


    40. jaxson ivie

      Special sauce aka in Utah known as FRY SAUCE MOTHER TRUCKERS! We did it first 😂

    41. Deplorable Degenerate

      When Babish (that is your name now) does something you know little to nothing about: "Awesome. I want to try that!" When Babish (or any other cooking show host) does something you do have some experience in but differently: WROOONG!!! /KevinSpaceyLexLuthor Incoming break down.

    42. SkyHighGam3r

      I like the style of this show but... when I hear "Basics" I don't think of things like grinding your own meat... >.> lol

      1. SkyHighGam3r

        @Vincent Whaaaaat? NO way! REALLY!? .............

      2. Vincent

        its not that hard to skip that and buy store bought ground beef

    43. Andrew Chen

      I’m going to be honest American cheese may melt the best on Berger’s two slices of pepper jack is the way to go with me

    44. yolobitches

      What is Fahrenheit??? Use Celcius like the rest of the world FFS

      1. LMAO

        Hes American Stay mad

    45. Cory Whittam

      That is funny, I work at a burger and fry joint and that is (mostly) how we make our burgers and fries XD

    46. Andrew Hall

      Wouldn’t the lettuce wilt faster because it’s directly touching the burger

      1. John Aavang

        Andrew Hall Kind of, heat rises so having the lettuce underneath leads to less heat energy transferred to it. That’s the logic, I would assume.

    47. Pedro Sanchez

      Special sauce? Mayoketchup. Its the gift from the gods. Puertoricans knkw whats up

      1. Cody Hawkins

        You misspelled sofrito

    48. freeski420

      If you want a really good smash burger come check out grind in Glenwood Springs,co I won’t disappoint you! Just ask for chef Ben.

    49. Lil P5ych0

      So you don’t cook your onions?

    50. Zac Boska

      Butter Lettuce all day.

    51. David Wilson

      American cheese cannot be the best cheese for burgers because it is not cheese.

    52. GlamorousStudio

      Whoever dislike this vid is a real dud

    53. ACompetitiveHalo

      Poison checking! Yes! Someone else calls it that!

    54. Wormy

      My sister kept yelling at me because I said “you should never mix the seasoning into your burger.” And she thinks you should mix it in, so thank you for saying that.

    55. Adrian Garro

      Jesus! how is this basics?

    56. ReflexivoArco

      Psst... If You have a chance to get to it, try to use smoked oscypek cheese on top of the burger, it's Polish sheep cheese, salty, stringy and gooye after melt, along with some red onion jam, horseradish mustard and slice of tomato. You can add some cranberry sauce instea of red onion jam, if You want some more autentic taste of Poland

    57. Mystic Miserly

      I wanna be extra speciallllll

    58. Austin Mcmullin

      why do they call it "red onion" when its purple? it makes no sense to me

    59. Gio Dad

      Follow this recipe plz , even the secret sauce , it issss soooooo goodddddd

    60. Somnium

      Extra tip: caramelize your onions if you don’t want as much acidity

    61. WaterballYT

      Special sauce is literally burger sauce

    62. Gio Dad

      I made this burger and the “secret sauce “ was soooo gooddddd

    63. Patrick

      Have we had a full English breakfast edition of Basics with Babish yet?

    64. Karma King

      I've been watching your channel and I know you love smash burgers

    65. David Moore

      6:04 amen

    66. Nikola M

      I always cook my meat well done, i’ve never tried a medium rare, or a medium stake.

    67. Nadja G

      What i don't get about this name "Binging with Babish": Why would someone legitimise a severy eating disorder und bad relationship with food?

      1. RoseRedRoseWhite

        Because the English language is fluid and thus can have different meanings based on context, in this case being used to feast heartily. Additionally, binging is not the disorder itself but a symptom. Not everything needs to be a cause.

    68. A man

      Not everyone can afford this shit

    69. Fly

      I eat raw ground beef!

    70. A M

      Take your plastic glove off whimp.

    71. Paranoid Android

      Why not salting before forming the patties... Uuuurh, I can't deal with this American way of burger... In my meat there's a lot of stuff : Worcestershire, onions, paprika, herbs, bread crumbs, salt & pepper ... I tasted once the "I just have a salted/peppered crust around me, inside juste taste like old cow." Never again.

    72. Smudolini the Great Dragobear

      Sneaks into the kitchen, makes pattys putting in salt and pepper while forming pattys all ninja like. No one will ever know! mUHAHAHAHAHA!

    73. mr paccy money

      Watching this video made mw hungry

    74. Dat Lando Boi

      Babish: It dosent taste quite right Babish Mind: KOSHER SALT!!!

    75. juanbp0411


    76. John Porter

      Nice! I like smash burgers with bacon and cheese, toasted buns and ketchup and mustard

    77. Jeebs

      fry sauce

    78. MAXR

      Babish , try beef fat frying

    79. Sam Smith

      Acceptable sauces for burgers consist of Ketchup, Mustard, BBQ and I also sometimes like to add my own caramelised onion jam. However, Mayo and mayo based sauces, no thank you, those are off limits. Rest of the burger - perfection.

      1. G. S.

        You do you. 👍

    80. dude73153


    81. Frank Gresham_4210882

      Babish what is your real name? :/

    82. toogoodtobedrew96

      You lost me on "meat grinder."

      1. Lalo

        Alternatively, you could go to your local butcher, ask them to get beef chunks, and grind it. It won't be pebbly like Babish, but it's a level better than standard ground beef.

    83. Maybe Turtle

      i have never had burgers...

    84. Patocka Philipp

      Babish please make a video about homemade burger buns ❤️

    85. Connor Williams

      You would say " Babish, those aren't done." I would say, "i know and that's not my real name

    86. David Johnson

      You should do a ramen burger? I love your US-new account, I made your nachos and they came out so delicious. I love the queso made the chips so unique

    87. Victor Rosales

      I love you babish

    88. Kyle wang

      today we are making the burgers from earth

    89. Mr Matthew

      In Jamie Oliver’s cook book you put eggs and shit in the burger patty

    90. Sam Souyave-Murphy

      5:16 - actually, it is “who are receiving” instead of “whom”. However, this is such a minuscule mistake. This is such a helpful video and I love your channel!

    91. George coomes

      Special sauce is just burger sauce tho

    92. Petter Pettersen

      Please remember, the health risk for adults are minor. So please go a head and eat ground beef medium. But never serve to children, the health risk for them can be deadly. E Coli is the risk you run, healthy adults handles that fine, but children can die Because of less immunity.

    93. Nobr4in3r

      If you toast your buns in butter it means one of two things: Either you have no bacongrease to do it or you're a cretin

      1. Scott Kemp


    94. Zero Fighter

      Every time I try to cook burgers like this, I follow the instructions word for word, but they always end up nearly burnt on the outside, and absolutely raw on the inside. Everywhere I go, everyone says to cook with medium-high heat, and only a couple minutes on each side. But when I cook them to where they come out right, it's because I cook them on medium-low heat for in excess of 6 or 7 minutes on either side, low and slow. They don't come out dry or tough, or anything else that I'm constantly warned happens when you cook burgers low and slow. Half the time, I don't put any sauces or ketchup on the burgers because they're nice and juicy on their own.

    95. Tommy BRO

      Watching him making burgers while I bite my McBurger.

    96. Totema1

      Ain't "special sauce" just russian dressing

    97. Izzy J

      Toasting your buns, Carla would be proud. Just remember... DON'T BURN THE BUNS

    98. Merson The Person

      If you don't fry your fries in animal fat don't @ me

    99. Ethaniel Clyne

      If only I knew what silver skin was

    100. shad lamb

      Ayyyyy bruh special sauce is just fry sauce but it sounds gay af when you call it special sauce

      1. slacker

        you sound "gay af" saying "ayyyy bruh"