BRIAN SHAW'S WORLD RECORD 733 LB STONE LIFT | The Strongest Man in History | History



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    In Scotland, the strongmen attempt to lift and carry the legendary 733 lb. Dinnie Stones a record breaking 8'2" in this scene from Season 1, "Stronger Than a Scotsman". #StrongestMan
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    HISTORY's new series "The Strongest Man In History," will send four of the world's leading strongmen;-Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst and Nick Best-on a journey across the world to seek out history's most legendary titans of strength, celebrate their feats of fortitude, immerse themselves in their history and attempt to break their long-standing records, some of which have endured for hundreds of years.
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    Published on 13 days ago



      This was my favorite moment from the first season! It was really amazing to break this record on the show and with the guys there! Thanks for all the support! 💪💯

      1. Aaron

        You’re amazing Brian love you bud your an inspiration and love how humble you are .

      2. Tempest Siaea

        I wish I was as strong as u

      3. Danny The_apostle

        Brian your a beast bro! If I go to Scotland I’m going to Challenge your record... with my forklift 😂😂

      4. Mehdi C

        You are very humble and kind. Congratulations and wish you many more great achievements!

      5. Berhan Takele

        SHAWSTRENGTH man, you are amazing! Much love and respect

    2. Brandizzle Jeffrizzle

      Brian was a Royal Giant the last video I watched... Now he's a Bowler...

    3. L1LSM0K13

      Brian Shaw is the main character of the story

    4. Compulsory Evacuation Device

      Paid for by Denny and the Denny singers.

    5. Adar Guri


    6. BorkMyLife ;3;

      It doesn’t help that the stuff wasn’t balanced xD

    7. serrboys

      But how they put the rock back?

    8. Jonte Peake

      These mfs traps are huge

    9. M Riede

      My back hurts seeing this

    10. Thomas Bailey

      Paul Anderson could have lifted the stones with his mouth

    11. Nick holiday

      Poor hand... Why whose strong man don't take some special gloves to lift that? They should to that with gloves....

      1. Meme lord

        Glove could made their grip become slip

    12. phong Wong

      ... who else cringe their toes watching this??? OSHA did not approve those footwear.

    13. Dominikmb17

      Honestly they didn’t look heavy at first but that’s crazy 😅

    14. Joshua McLean

      I knew Brian Shaw could do it! What a beast and a legend!

    15. Corey Vs Everyone

      I dont even think it was weight, more the shotty handles they struggle with

      1. kimaboe

        That is part of the challenge though. If they were doing the same weight, but on a normal farmer's carry implement, all four of them could probably walk the length of the bridge and back.

    16. Myk V

      B Shaw is just a whole different beast!

    17. chubbytswagga 134

      Nick Getting to old for this

    18. blazingchristianfor THE LAMB OF GOD

      Its like a 4 brother and all 3 younger brothers got beat and their big bro avenged them

    19. krimosibi

      Wonder who brought the stones back to the start position

    20. Airbus A330-300

      And somehow the Croods can easily lift them and bonk

    21. bambang sugiarto

      Seeing the strongest Man wearing a skirt is both a blessing and a grace

    22. Eain Davis

      This is nothing in clash Royale he carries that cannon everywhere

    23. Carter Cohen

      how did they put the stones back at the beggining

    24. Alex MacLeod

      They should have worn gloves.

    25. Alphonse Reitz

      I've been watching these guys for a little while now.... I just realized they're kinda my heros. These men are amazing, all of them.

    26. Mythus

      Brian looks so proud of his achievement. 🙏

    27. Off-Season

      Jesus replied, "I can guarantee that if they are quiet, the stones will cry out."

    28. Zakaria Bashiri

      Who took those rocks back to its place after every turn.

    29. FaZe Whole

      I don’t think even if I be the fittest ever I possibly can be, I doubt I can come close to brian Shaw or those big dudes cuz I’m only 5’8, they’re all atleast 6ft and BIG

      1. Maaz Ali

        They are 6'4-6'8

    30. frigley hog

      How did they reset the stones?

    31. BeardedButtCrack

      Now this is obviously some iconic stones with a historic value but it's such a random and specific world record. Like. Some records aren't hard to break because no one has every done them even. "Wow you are the world record holder for most toothpicks broken off with you pinky finger and thumb in 46 seconds on top of a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle?" I'm not trying to take away any credit on Brians record it was very impressive! Just very very specific! 😁

    32. Abhilash Kesav

      Who put them back to the line.

    33. Chris Lin

      Imagine the Ancient Pyramid Builders laughing at these guys.

    34. Chetan G.C.

      After this I feel like watching Bahubali

    35. 5thElement1x A

      Do you think their BMI is off the charts?

    36. Małgorzata Rapkiewicz

      The question is if 2 of those stones are 733 in total or each. It's rly important

      1. Mol Mole

        Małgorzata Rapkiewicz together they are 733

    37. Jon Jones

      All of them were 2 inches shorter after this lift

    38. Wydever Valkyrie

      This is awesome

    39. Sygma

      My question is who moves the stones back at each turn lol

      1. Jj Pesty


    40. MoisesR691

      Let me guess this was in your recommendations

    41. Sarib Shazad

      Kratos is the strongest

    42. Brandon Soltis

      Raw man power I have so much respect for them

    43. Lico5512

      Those are some cute converse

    44. Premiumboxingtips Predictions

      Eddie should have tried before he lost all his strong man weight.

      1. Premiumboxingtips Predictions

        @Billa Bhai All true.

      2. Billa Bhai

        Believe me... Its not about that at all!!! Because the stones are not equal in mass,,, its more about grip strength and core strength... Brian is not at all human when it comes to farmers walk and yoke carry and grip strength records!!! If he did 11 feet when he is in good form,,, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THAT EDDIE WOULD HAVE BEATEN THAT BEFORE HE RETIRED!!! Maybe he could get a few feet more but no more than that...

    45. J. Rambo

      I carry my 2 fat girlfriends like that!! Its ONLY 600 pounds so no record for me

      1. J. Rambo

        @ulliaz lol hahaha

      2. ulliaz lol


    46. Tre Green

      So are they now Brian's stones?

    47. imtheguvnor

      Good Job Big Man. Was awesome to watch. This will be one of those stories of Legends, passed down by the locals who we're there to see it.

    48. perry marshall

      I'd definitely have a pair of steel toe cap boots on... 😂

    49. Nick yang

      If these guys carry grocery bags for a while, they wouldn't even remember whats in their hands.

    50. Man of steel 3

      Awesome 👏🏾

    51. Kissy, Kissy!

      "These are probably the most iconic things in strength history." Me: "Uh. Lifting rocks is a thing? I didn't know that was a thing."

    52. Andreas Rafael

      The strongest with no tatto lol😁

    53. di we

      What a great human achievement -. congratulations!

    54. Christopher Pagabangan

      Just to ask why ate they wearing skirt?

    55. Azam Agha

      Gama pahelwan is world's strongest men ever he lift 1200 kg stone up on his shoulder he is professional wrestler and he defete the zbysko just in some minutes and undefeated in around 50 years currier today no one can upll up 1200 kgs stone on shoulder

    56. Mark Patterson

      All round Brian Shaw is in all likelihood the strongest man who ever lived

      1. Jj Pesty

        Or halfthor. Now

    57. Siuleo Pouesi

      I knew from the start Brian would beat because out of all of them he has the strongest grip strength, which was the most important factor in lifting those heavy rocks. Good guys and especially Brian!

    58. Grand Zeno

      This is just a thought don’t talk it seriously. Imagine how big there casket must be

    59. eg lavina

      1:52 my mom when im late for school

    60. Esa Syt

      Are these guys just fat or actually strong?

    61. Elena Santiago

      That was amazing ❤️😍😍👌🏻😳.. Love the super men 😱💋💋

    62. Eric Bywaters

      That's odonty right there

    63. Juicy Bro


    64. amir koukou

      i love

    65. Jay K

      Why is everyone wearing kilts? Is it for the airflow down there?

    66. Fallen Angel

      They said: 🐻🐻🐻🐻

    67. medicore0000

      Yes, people from 100 years from now are totally gonna look in that book, lol.

    68. 3loypingvin

      why are they in skirts? homosexuals?

    69. Church of Briantology

      Very inspirational!

    70. donabdel فتنس

      Monster brian 💯💯🔝