Brad Leone Celebrates Thanksgiving With Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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    Brad Leone is the Bon Appetit test kitchen manager-turned-host of "It's Alive With Brad" and "It's Alive: Going Places," and he's one of US-new's most beloved culinary stars. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Brad enjoys a Thanksgiving feast consisting of the wings of death and a lobster chaser. Along the way he answers burning questions from Bon Appetit co-star Claire Saffitz, explains the joys of noodling with Matty Matheson, and teaches Sean Evans a few Turkey Day tricks. Happy Thanksgiving, spicelords!
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. First We Feast

      Best and worst Thanksgiving sides? Go!

      1. Rene Lopez

        Green bean casserole is best stuffing or yams worst

      2. fun and interesting

        LEGEND HOT ONES .... LINK LOOK .... .... THANKS

      3. KillerDuckasaurus

        Best: scalloped potatoes Worst: stuffing

      4. isabel proffitt

        the veggies, alway the best, I make minimum of 5 veggies every thanksgiving, usually 10 or so. But I am a big veggie eater. HOT take but turkey is not the best, I make a mean turkey, I love the turkey and I always try to mix yummy and traditional but every side is always better then the turkey. Turkey is just impressive looking (and tasting) but its never the thing I have the most pride in. It's easier then anyone thinks but a good veggie thats balanced involves a lot more thought and theres more room for creative expression. P.S. I have heard that turkey is not the most traditional meat for thanksgiving and the trend of turkey and even celebrating thanksgiving on a main stream level is fairly recent in our country's history, so when its just my immediate family I do goose, quail, venison or another game and when i do the turkey I try to chose wild. Ive worked in kitchens for many years now so my family is used to my turkey speil, probably a bit sick of it.

    2. Jimmy Pennock

      “They ate my woorter melon...”

    3. Aldo Perez

      I don’t even know him and I’m laughing so hard😂

    4. Ira Ford


    5. Daddy

      "Shia LeBOOOf"

    6. Byron Eckhart

      Don't like him

    7. Jacob T

      Im self conscious about how much I curse but after watching Brad uncensored at least I know I’m in good company 😂

    8. Sheena Henson

      Love Brad's style in eating pumpkin pie because I totally understand that textural feel of tiny slivers of cold pumpkin pie!

    9. Darkened Pines

      Please get LA Beast on here.

    10. mad Titan

      Who is this guy worst episode ever

    11. Flamingwolf

      Am I the only one who thought brad was one of the rudest people on the show!

    12. Strayble

      now invite claire

    13. Justin

      fuck yes we have better bagels in montréal

    14. Justin Pierce

      I have been waiting SO LONG for this episode! YES!

    15. Chris Andrade

      what do Brad Leone from Bon apetit and Joe Rogan have in common? They both call Shia labeouf Shia LeBoof.

    16. G M


    17. Marissa Burlet

      "There was an 'ol beaver hole and I had to go up to my waist in it ..." Brad Leone, stand alone quote king.

    18. Cassandra

      Best: Mac n Cheese Worst!!!!: Cranberry Sauce

    19. Shwift

      The first time Sean interviewed someone less famous than him

    20. Shwift

      I got a hot ones ad for this video

    21. Chris Green

      So good! Get Brad back next year!

    22. Cody Cummings


    23. Taco-Tanner

      Great interview

    24. Jack Doherty

      Ivee never related to sean more than his rant on his airplane etiquette.

    25. The Phat Jesus

      Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks pecan pies are trash

    26. K. Floyd

      Brad's comment on Mac and Cheese during Thanksgiving angered me.

    27. pezjme

      this one sucks

    28. kaplunked

      its like hearing your dad curse with his friends

    29. tisorok

      brad, first person to not dab in a while, but further more, told sean to go fuck himself. priceless

    30. Catherine

      Now we need Claire on the show

    31. Ummm Hmmm

      Brad is so Jersey, I love it.

    32. Kelci F

      lol @ Sean's apron

    33. Kort Kramer

      Brad is hot for Jean Claude. I can totally see that. Loving the Action Park action.

    34. James Dooling

      Brad took one for the food nerds here. Cheers!

    35. Fisho D

      25:22 - yes Sean, because usually the hosts pat your back and compliment you on every single episode for having deep research, or good sauces, or how insightful you are, or in general how much of a beast with spicy food you are. :D

    36. Julianna DeHerrera

      Keep it up I love hot shit I like seeing you do what you do man.

    37. Saschia Dybdahl

      I feel lost without the screen edit “wourder” every time Brad says wourder.

    38. Regretted Bear

      "a joint?"

    39. Christie Berkey

      I grew up in Sussex and ended up in the ER after visiting Action Park. I heard that same story about the tube!

    40. Patrick James

      Wow, the uncensored version of Brad is really entertaining...I give Bon Apetit props for their editing,lol...

    41. Danny Santos

      Please have Claire Saffitz on your show!!!!

    42. Adam Derus

      I've done the season 10 sauces last week at work during a meeting and I can tell you, after #5 it. is. rough.

    43. not marcus kaiser

      Gotta love an ad on a hot ones video for the google assistant, used by that guy shawn Evans

    44. Steven Corbo

      Jackass it's time to get your tenderizing hammer

    45. Ace Newland

      Somewhere, Claire is cheering.

    46. Dan Hounsell

      Shout out for Montreal bagels!!!

    47. orry townes

      Punk-ass mark-ass bitch-ass buster-ass, Brad.

    48. Jerome Slack

      Wow no last dab for Brad, what a wimp. All he did was cry the whole episode

    49. Dru Owen

      I was in the middle of saying you can tell dude isn't from the south when he says Mac and Cheese doesn't scream Thanksgiving when he said "and all that southern shit I don't like". Lol Bro, it's THE side of Thanksgiving in the Southeast.

    50. tangy

      shot gunnin lobster claws ...

    51. OGee Kush

      Lol only white ppl don’t eat mac n cheese on thanksgiving

    52. fun and interesting


    53. Ronald Flippin

      stopped watching when he kicked out mac and cheese

    54. seeriu ciihy

      huge ups to brad being a man, making his own choice and not doing the last dab

    55. Bill McNeal

      holy shit, finally we see someone not put an extra dap on the last wing?! history in the making

    56. Anthony Clement

      Mac n cheese definitely goes with thanksgiving meal lol

      1. seeriu ciihy

        Get someone like Cory Taylor to see if they can handle the heat

    57. Alix Night

      Please do Robert Pattinson. I just saw his Seth Meyer's interview (so confused) and I just want Sean to ask him good clarifying questions. He seems like he'd have a very interesting perspective on acting and life

    58. Midnight City

      Love Brad

    59. Kathy Bao

      funguses???????? FUNGUSES?!!! I'M-

    60. becca -


    61. Random Guy

      Can you have Matt O'Dowd from PBS Spacetime on a Hot Ones episode.

    62. funsizedaree

      You know who'd be great on hot ones? Conan O'Brien. And no, that isn't sarcasm.

    63. Phillip White

      The Crossover of the Century

    64. Emile Lord Ayotte

      One important outtake, montreal’s bagel on top

    65. Amraalzgana Bainalzgana

      Please get Peter Dinklage in the show!

    66. Josh Melendrez

      I was hoping it would have had the edits in like in it’s alive

    67. DunePanda

      yeah, thats what you need.....WOUDDUR!

    68. Jomari Idioma

      Can you guys invite Mr. & Mrs Obama next season?

    69. Drenseitankado Noorul


    70. Drenseitankado Noorul

      Was expecting the WOURDER edit