Bowling Night - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

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    Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
    Directed By: Connor Murphy
    Screenplay - Connor Murphy
    Story by - Connor Murphy, Rob DenBleyker, Mike Salcedo, Joel Watson
    Voice Actors:
    Derek Miller - Paulo Bowlo
    Connor Murphy - Bowler 1
    Rob DenBleyker - Bowler 2
    Animation Director: Bill Jones
    Animation: Matt Thurman
    Character Design: C.A. "Sid" Kubesh, Connor Murphy
    Background Art: Elizabeth Del Rosario
    Animatic: Elizabeth Del Rosario
    Editor: Taylor Ransom
    Sound Editor/Mixer: Ben Governale
    Sound Design/Foley: Nic Federle, Ben Governale
    Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
    Production Manager: Autumn Soeder

    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Sprincess13

      0:34 he pooped a bowling ball out 💟💟💟💟💟

    2. Kittenclysm

      He...uh...farted out his own head. That's _some_ talent!

    3. Mr Awesome

      *N I K O L E T S G O B O W L I N G*

    4. Scrumpadooshus


    5. Shubham kumar mehoriya

      Paulo in paulo coelho😂😂

    6. TheInvader01

      I just knew that somehow they were going to incorporate their bowling week gag into this one

    7. NieMonD

      Top that pin heads! *gouges eyes out*

    8. Vik Ing

      Wait, that’s illegal...

    9. Kuba Drzewiecki

      Did Paul meet Jesus?

    10. Atomic Rose

      Fuck Paulo, that creep can roll.

    11. Steam Pw

      *MOVE AHEAD*

    12. George Rabus

      Hey Niko, lets go bowling

    13. 5YNAP5E

      Talk about way in over his head

    14. KilomeetR

      Preston Clickbait Much?

      1. Crudestjuggler

        @KilomeetR Well you did.

      2. KilomeetR

        Crudestjuggler honestly I don’t remember writing this

      3. Crudestjuggler


    15. Botyal Totertutal

      No blood ok

    16. Ashli Reneé

      What the hell am I doing here at 3 am? Procrastinating, that's what.

    17. REEL Shnub

      “So you call the a StRiKe?” Me: Well it is a strike

    18. oSnacc Pacc

      ⚫️ ⚫️ ⚫️

    19. BOBBY TAGS

      I just skipped a ad into another ad, luckily it was 5 seconds long.

    20. BananaSpy 20

      Anyone else remember when those cartoons were acctually funny.....?

    21. GreenFox X3

      So the bowling balls are recycled? This is a scam

    22. Lothmar22

      Honestly I thought he was gonna have a bowling ball on each arm and place them in the gutter opposite gutters as he tucked his body in and rolled down the lane...

    23. WillowdaWolf

      And that is how the Bowling Ball Impression was born.

    24. Matthew Tong

      Andy Richter's Sports Blast

    25. Jared Coble

      What's the physics of this world.

    26. Zanemob


    27. Nani??!

      Roman: *Yes*

    28. Marie anne Reyes

      THIS WILL EDUCATE KIDS *calls orphans*

    29. Rukey Burg

      0:17, I knew it was supposed to be a face :o

    30. Res Art

      Can someone pinpoint the exact video cianite and happiness started liking money more than making funny videos?

    31. Mr Treppu


    32. EchoingArrow 88

      That probably smushed his bowls.

    33. Henry Ng

      So what's the men's room called?

    34. DESTROID V

      O maluco é bom mesmo

    35. Colin Chan ET

      😂 🤣 😂🤣

    36. Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead Queen

      He must’ve been given a head start against everyone else if he’s that good.

    37. Jay

      666 dislikes...they're all going to hell now

    38. Apy St. Gomes

      🤔😐😑😶😮 my feelings after watching

    39. Warfare Evan

      I was waiting for him to kill himself

    40. ethan Lee

      0:55 Paul bowlo: top not PINHEADS! (Gets hit by a hand

    41. Warrior's Vids

      So we're not gonna talk about the fact that this dude just destroyed his asshole to get a strike?

    42. Jackson Isthebest

      *The Bowlin’ Master!*

    43. Chreighton - HisMajesty

      Question if everyone else is a pinhead what does that make him?

    44. Antraeon Rintokken

      This reminds me of a scene from MIB3

    45. I went in your house and stole your cookies around

      Better get your head in the game more often

    46. Some random Guy On the Internet

      One of the most well though out Jokes

    47. Livin to Life's fullest!!

      I expected him to use himself as a bowling ball. This is close to what I expected.

    48. Ciaran0468

      Finally, i can see someone poke his fingers into the "holes" lollll

    49. cory hart

      Let's bowl let's bowl let rock n roll

    50. Eli M.

      Jason Belmonte would like to know your location

    51. Nickallsopp92

      Would've been funnier if he actually killed himself...

    52. Angus Wallace

      have you guys seen my bowling ball impersonation

    53. magnvss

      Should've added a trail of blood to give a more dramatic effect.

    54. Charlie Premo studios

      I guess you can say the bowling master was A HEAD of his game!

    55. Beccah R

      I’m at the gym day in day night tryna strengthen my pointer finger to pick it up like that

    56. 武装潜水


    57. Paulo Boaz

      Wish it was a thing Paulos could do

    58. micky wow

      . . _________

    59. RoastedChesse

      Me watching a creative comment be like 0:36

    60. TQA

      I knew something was going to happen with his head

    61. medicine and science

      Hey can someone help me find the joke in this episode?

    62. Егор Свиридов

      А можешь сделать русские титры?

    63. Alek Maxon

      Who u's calln's pinhead

    64. SanatVEVO

      Why did I expect that????

    65. Audiosnail

      I knew that he was gonna be the bowling ball, but what I saw surpassed my expectations

    66. The Random Coss

      Predicted this would happen...

    67. Daneg


    68. shahid walton

      Wow what a coincidence im going bowling tomorrow, Welp...

    69. Rainbow Angel

      Realistically, the ball would have stoped

    70. water

      the culmination of the bowling ball head joke from the comic strip a few years ago

    71. Deadric Prince Sanguine

      Wait... if the bowling ball could be kicked up easy with his foot, how was it heavy enough to crush his head out his ass? Or was his head a bowling ball all along? Does this mean that the green bowling ball is his new head? Will this comment I'm currently writing ever end? Perhaps we'll never know....

    72. BSG

      0: 17 s-Senpai

    73. Max online like major mx

      what is this

    74. Up Yours

      Love it!

    75. Nasuriddin Nasir

      اكو عرب بالطيارة؟

    76. a really dark noob


    77. Jennifer Adjad

      Who do u think is the fat one here? Name is Jimmy Williams and am more smarter then u

    78. Cringe Lord


    79. Brianana Yang


    80. Sam Mitchell

      Bout time that guy got his head outta his ass

    81. حشحش تون

      Was that Sad Larry ???

    82. Antoine Ttt

      Jesus from the big lebowski

    83. Marza Gt


    84. GothChrisM

      Directed by connor murphy???

    85. consicedisc

      Wii sports with the 100 pins

    86. SO COLD 55

      I need longer episodes

    87. RaptorComments

      Those are the worst shows ever invented on US-new. They're psychedelic.

    88. JOSHIMARIN 08

      ¿Y los subtítulos al español?

    89. julie Blanchet

      Met Rob at pax East and he drew boners on my copy of joking hazard XD

    90. Anti- SaT4n1C

      Well, who got replaced from a bowling ball.

    91. ibrahim 1225

      *DAMN HEAD*

    92. Ohwayo Racafayo

      Am I the only one triggered that their teeth are black in some scenes I think they forget to remove them

    93. commanderkief

      Is it bowling week already?

    94. Jugcotiz

      0:15 are those... MINECRAFT SOUNDS?

    95. Abel Gaming 308 Channel

      Make longer vids plz

    96. plush and gaming

      Airplane dad part 3

    97. xoKenny

      Cyanide and happiness is heaven on youtube

    98. Flow_ Cat

      0:33 how we were born

    99. Heja Arif

      Bentürküm king türk

    100. Shrimpshot