Boeing's China Problem

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    Animation by Josh Sherrington
    Sound by Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
    Music by
    Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
    China Eastern 737 Takeoff Video Courtesy PDX Aviation

    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Russ Gallagher

      ...and now they have the 21st Century Plague to deal with! "If it's Boeing, I'm not going!"

    2. Piotr Dudała

      Chinese are smart - they'll keep equal balance between foreign aircraft suppliers, until domestic ones take over.

    3. Tony Lang


    4. PissedOffProle

      Boeing run by graduates of Harvard Stanford Pwinceton etc business skools

    5. Alvin Walters

      let me guess china stole boeing’s IP and that’s what there new planes will be made from lol what a shit country

    6. John Mehaffey

      I just hope that someone who lost loved ones on these flights get a good honest lawyer ( please don't laugh) and take the FAA and Boeing for a lot of money it's the only language they understand

    7. Shaochong Zhang

      Let's be very clear, the main problem with Boeing is that they fucked up 737MAX. They fucked up huge and they caused the death of hundreds of people.

      1. Derxert

        because they only cared about money

    8. steve young

      FYI the comacs engine is American made, the Chinese make only the body. They have not yet masterd the formula of building a safe and working jet engine

      1. Derxert

        the engines are british

    9. C. Fecteau

      Well that's a probrem

    10. William St. Clair

      whoops novel coronavirus

    11. henry ravu

      too bad chinese tourist going out but few countries going there as tourist...not much to see there.

    12. Iam Fresh

      You can't blame Chinese government since 737MAX are killing machine now

    13. Daniel McDavid

      There is precedent for the Boeing-Comac JV. In the 1980s, McDonnell Douglas (which merged with Boeing in 1997) co-produced some MD-80 series planes with Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (yes, it was called "manufacturing factory") which is now the final assembly division of Comac.

    14. Joe V

      Boeing was once the most revered aircraft company in the '' Boeing Scandals List''.....just another American sad

    15. John Davenport

      Fuck the FAA

    16. Jayden Solorio

      Coughs in Corona Virus

    17. Louise Ahearne

      He put an Airbus in the thumbnail 😏🤫🙃🛬🛫✈️

    18. Shan Sui

      I keep see this channel refers to each problem as a “China problem”. Maybe those are the wrong views, because China is also their greatest opportunity. Those countries and companies are experiencing changes that they haven’t gotten use to and they need to adapt

    19. rob parke

      Excellent presentation - and I should know being an FSB and having had a 21year career at State.

    20. allflying3

      35 billion usd? So, like Etihad aircraft procurement in a month?

    21. ItsMeKrazyB


    22. wkdravenna

      I really want to hear this video done by captain joe !

    23. Bobby Collins

      won't fly 737 MAX... better not put them in service or you will lose hundreds of passengers!

    24. Peng zhang

      bitch. The map is wrong ! Taiwan island belongs to China 🇨🇳 forever

    25. Luan Uiller

      Corona Airways

    26. James Collins

      Another way for China will steal United States exclusive technology and never apologize for it.

    27. Christofer Riche

      China 🇨🇳 is the world's problem not just ours & not just Boeings

    28. Weeb Sensei

      Fun fact: i've always pronounced "Boeing" as boing

    29. Obi2

      C919 will be single pilot and full autonomous.. game changer in aviation industry.

    30. William Saephanh

      Boeing is stupid

    31. Tkb67 Stl67

      McDonald Douglas went out of business was bought by Boeing so Boeing put their Executives in charge of Boeing now look what's happening to Boeing shocking

    32. Mitchell Blake

      The first time I saw a C919, my first thought was that it looked like a Chinese knock-off 737 Only now do I know that's exactly what it is

    33. Michael Lam

      Thanks to Trump and his idiotic trade war, China has now switched from Boeing to Airbus and is developing their own airplane. Thanks to stupid trump, China realize it cannot rely on USA and will work more closely with Russia and Europe and. Boeing will lose major revenue . China already has access to most of U.S. technology thru Israel.

    34. Singapore Football Fans

      Foreign companies should stop having companies in China. Those communist cunts will try to steal their technology.

    35. RON JAGRAF/X

      Boeing has descended from a heralded No. 1 high tech cutting edge aircraft manufacturer to a culture composed of salesmen, accounting clerks, and lawyers who are currently in positions of control.. A glance at the Boeing organization chart tells everyone that their system of management review is geared to compliance with procedures and regulations rather than quality assurance of their all-important products. Their company’s entire financial management & information system[s] are geared to quarterly reporting to Wall Street on future earnings which are probably inflated. This is a defensive management posture which is continually fighting the latest battle in the last war. High tech presents problem categories and management nuances not present in what we all think of as normal manufacturing or production. The nuclear industry faced the same engineering accountability problems in the 1960's given the newness and complexity of nuclear stations. That industry's answer was 10CFR-50 Appendix B -- Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Plants -- a document live on the internet and worth a good read. The Boeing organization needs a re-think in the form of a Management Audit -- that is: an audit of their management itself.

    36. JeanPierre de Vos

      Airbus is the largest aircraft producing company in the world in 2019 a also comming year. Boeing is the second one.

    37. Daniel Hammer

      everyone has a China problem

    38. insecticon skrapnel

      The airbus beluga: imma bout to end these men whole careers

    39. EnergeticWaves

      they should take back the billions they paid executives and use it to make better planes.

    40. To Be Announced

      Ya know what's funny? 0:52 if you look at international departures it shows that PR China technically considers Taiwan to be a different nation.

    41. SavageKingTexas _

      4:44 you know that's in North Korea and not in China

      1. Madara Uchiha

        Its in Beijing, forbidden city or tianemen square

    42. Gaming with Lynx

      The MAX is actually still flying with Shenzhen Airlines

      1. Derxert

        No, It's a 737-800 with added winglets

    43. waifu breaks

      China made a knock off DC9 lol

      1. Derxert

        That looks nothing like a DC9.

    44. William Chan

      I'm glad that China took the lead in grounding the 737 MAX. I'm ashamed my country didn't take the initiative, even after 2 similar crashes

    45. Rico Myint

      Think about it! Use your brain! Boeing and Airbus have a duopoly because it is extremely difficult to go into airplane design and manufacturing, but somehow China is competing because of their brilliance??? Give me a break, tell the truth! They are using the forced technology transfer from both manufacturers to steal their way to the top this is the REAL STORY.

    46. Eric Chen

      Hainan airline is essentially a government own company.

    47. Sleepy

      China will soon build copy cat Boeing planes and stop buying them. When will the US and all its companies stop sharing technology and protect their intellectual property more secured so they can steal them. The US should outlaw high technology companies from manufacturing production in China and any other non friendly countries.

    48. Joe King

      7:53 Who's Mr Bishee lol

    49. killer bee

      *Wendover's China Problem*

    50. Ludwig van El

      I can not feel too sorry for Boeing, if they go belly up, they will take their "defense" (no: offense) arm with them. Good for manmijd.

    51. E A

      Ryanair wants to buy Chinese aircrafts?? I'm gonna start working in that company next month, and I already have enough with flying on the 737-MAX as soon as it goes back to the skies

    52. Patrick Bagnano

      2 things that don't mix well when building a commercial airliner= cheap and safe


      Every country steals and copies technology secrets from each other. Just like humans/students stealing and copying essays etc!!! LoL It depends on who does it best!!!!! At the end of the day, the good old USA has had it Days in the Sun.... Empires rise and fall....... 5000 years vs 250 yrs (corrections 100 yrs...... USA rose after end of WW1....) Silly China thought it was the centre of the world for 5000 yrs Now china has Opened up to the World..... Like it or not China's on the Rise & will remain there for a very very long time !!!! They ain't stupid and won't be KowTowing to Anyone Any more !!!! So Start getting use to it !!!!!!! How to Keep a Nation Poor??? By keeping them in constant War!!! How to Keep capitalism at Fore??? By keeping the rest poor!!!! The Art of War 101........

    54. phillip richardson

      You went from first to worst in a Max !

    55. phillip richardson

      This is a case of self important arrogant corporate executives not doing their jobs and costing lives and now jobs I'm embarrassed for boing and ashamed of the FAA. We fed your dog Your dog died ! Of starvation You let your dog die of starvation and you believed the guy that said he fed your dog ! Asshole you let it happen ! ASSHOLES ! BOING EXECS AND FAA EXECS SHOULD BE JAILED !

      1. Hal 9000

        your sad ignorance and uselessness amuse me

    56. BiteSized

      In communism the government owns the companies, in capitalism the companies own the government.

    57. Yami yama

      You are not doing business right if your customers are your problem.

    58. Phu Phan

      Vietnam’s budget airlines own 100 737 max

    59. Roger ST

      Boeing is an international company, China is one of their major market. So, whats the point of this video?

    60. عِش حرًّا

      In few decades China will export cheap aircraft all over the world. China will also be the only superpower.

    61. Peter Lyczek

      Wait till the Chinese build enough copies of the fuselage, wing and GE engines to pinch the western suppliers off. They have copied EVERYTHING they can get their hands on so far, so why stop now?

    62. anticosmopolitan

      Did the guy just "forget" to mention that the C919 is being only built by China, while the design is coming from Russia, which has massive expertise in civil aircraft manufacture?

    63. tr comet

      Play stupid games win stupid prizes, Boeing

      1. Hal 9000

        your mom knows that saying well

    64. Dave Walker

      Boeing's decline will almost certainly accelerate. I feel very badly for Boeing employees.

      1. Hal 9000

        keep dreaming moron

    65. wazza33racer

      China has an Aircraft carrier production line.............Boeing is toast unless Comac really screw up.

      1. Hal 9000

        keep dreaming moron

    66. A Oh

      Here in the USA... we're so fucking corrupt our own votes to elect a new president doesn't even matter.. "richest" country with 80% living pay check to pay check, needed benefits at work, worst healthcare plan in developed countries. It's sad...

      1. Hal 9000

        like all libturds, you are an idiot

    67. ND7652

      That's going to change now that Boeing has FIRED their head .

    68. Justin Moore

      Trump needs to apologize to Iran and lift sanction's. Wait a minute that's why you all want to get rid of him. Although America would never apologize no matter who the president is. Wait a minute that's why China are the meek who will inherit the earth.

      1. Justin Moore

        Does anyone want to argue that are not complete morons?

      2. Hal 9000

        you mom needs to apologize for not getting a scrape job

    69. Max lopolo

      China can go screw themselves, like all socialists. I NEVER take a flight that makes a stop in their dystopian country. If tomorrow I wake up and find that they all died, I would gladly take the consequences of the financial hit knowing that the world is 13% less evil.

    70. Kevin Beckenham

      One way to stop China playing God, not allow Chinese land there air craft in U.S or double there landing fee's