BLOODSHOT - Official Trailer (HD)

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    Vin Diesel is #Bloodshot. 🔴 Based on the best-selling comic book - watch the trailer now. 2.21.20
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    Based on the bestselling comic book, Vin Diesel stars as Ray Garrison, a soldier recently killed in action and brought back to life as the superhero Bloodshot by the RST corporation. With an army of nanotechnology in his veins, he’s an unstoppable force -stronger than ever and able to heal instantly. But in controlling his body, the company has sway over his mind and memories, too. Now, Ray doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not - but he’s on a mission to find out.
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    Published on 23 days ago


    1. Officer K

      Vin Diesel is trash and this film is lame and cliche

    2. Brian Bennett

      This movie reminds me of universal soldiers!

    3. Legendthepibull

      I feel like we just watched the hole movie

    4. Jacob Staten

      So instead of the big red dot, he just has a glowy heart? Ok.

    5. cory greene

      One of my favorite obscure hero's (: like the punisher with actual powers.

    6. William Caleb Rodgers

      Is this basically the return of Universal Soldier?

    7. Final Cam

      Looks pretty neat even though it seems the entire plot was spoiled.

    8. Intellectual Slacker

      This is basically a fancy version of Memento which ironically started Guy Pierce

    9. Maurisio G

      "Surge" the movie in a nutshell

    10. George Rutledge

      Looks awesome !

    11. NinjaCat

      You should not have spoiled that great twist!

    12. Ronnie J Dio

      Sony destroying new franchises

    13. Zolim Enamorado

      Toreto the movie🎬.

    14. MERO Mero

      Movie: This is a serious action thriller. Comments: Psh.

    15. Christopher W

      Nope all I can see is him in the fast and the furious movies because he was I. So many of them. This movie is a hard pass. Plus the trailer spoiled it all I’m sure.

    16. DontLookAtMuh

      No paint?

    17. Cody Borak

      Vin diesel is 52 he needs too grow up

    18. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things

      Jdf looked more like the comic version in the fan made move ninjack vs the valiant universe

    19. Ronny singh

      Blockbuster 2020

    20. Jacob Grimes

      Jason David frank should of got the role

    21. Leo

      Pretty sure when my mom gave birth to me, I opened my little eyes and uttered the words... Vin Diesel BloodShot.. I've waited my entire life to see this. 🤷‍♂️☔

    22. Knock Out

      This looks like another classic Diesel bomb.

    23. Ryknfjor

      Hardcore Henry, anyone?

    24. Amal Dev

      Spoiler alert

    25. NANOA

      can it run crysis?

    26. Brad Boling

      Bruh, i was interested until they showed the plot wth

    27. moises leon

      Movie looks whack. They should just make another Riddick movie

    28. Romer318

      Welp, I've seen it now. So thanks for that.

    29. Chapelpluto

      Send him after Hardcore Henry...I'd pay to see that...

    30. Roderick Johnson

      This is gonna be off the chain

    31. jay lee

      Could have gotten someone different to play the role imo

    32. Jonny Turbo

      Thanks Sony! Saved me a trip to the movie theaters 😃

    33. Jeremy Parker

      Vin Diesel as Deadshot? They may as well have made Carrot Top Deadshot!

    34. Privileged White Male


    35. Corey Hart

      Does anyone else see that this trailer looks just like the movie upgrade? Hollywood has run out of ideas

    36. G Green

      Hmmmm🤔 very similar to the movie "Upgrade"

    37. Phil Curtiss

      Did they steel this idea from the "Outer Limits" New Breed?

    38. Aaron Kelly

      I wish they could have done the white skin red eyes look like in the comics, but I'm willing to see how the film turns out.

    39. Rusty Shackelford

      New XXX looks great

    40. r j

      This looks sick

    41. Tanto Mindsculptor

      Blade of the immortal with guns?

    42. Frankie JRlll

      This is trash. Bloodshot should have been Jason David frank. He played him better in the valiant universe.

    43. Sal Tudio

      Upgrade ripoff

    44. Connor

      how many times can you make a movie with the same plot? i guess a million times?

    45. To Release is To Resolve

      Wow, this actually got made.

    46. Danny Chairez

      Kinda like wolverine

    47. IM ZOCIETY

      Now when ever i see vin diesel staring in a action movie or show i feel like I'm watching fast n the furious

    48. noctis strife

      I was wondering what happened to vin diesel the last few weeks. I thought Hollywood replaced him.

    49. L. Blanton


    50. Johnny Utah

      I wish they made another riddick

    51. Sean Staxx

      They better have one hell of a plot twist in the movie

    52. Tyler Moser

      Cool so now I don’t need to see it.

    53. Adiclys Cz

      I can’t see vin diesel in other movies beside the fast in the furious

    54. SylentEcho

      Eyyyyy Winny the Bisch is in this!

    55. Jae Mery

      So this is the sequel to "upgrade"

    56. Zachariah Mosley

      Jdf should be playing bloodshot he's the model of bloodshot in the comics and he played bloodshot in ninjak vs the valiant universe

      1. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things

        @Zachariah Mosley yes jdf

      2. Zachariah Mosley

        Jason David Frank

      3. J Dolo

        Who jdf

      4. Jeffrey scarbrough Board Games&Geek things

        Agreed that fan film was awesome

    57. Tom Beauvais

      Not comic accurate. Diesel should have been white or near grey

    58. Shawn Williams

      BloodShot? More like Vin Diesel....

    59. C G

      Vin diesel is clearly using wingman with skull piercing attachment.

    60. Ricky Ric

      Vin Diesel's acting ability ranks right up there with Pauly Shore

    61. S Rod


    62. charles ali

      Revenge for killed wife ✅ Cgi falling ✅ All other cliches ✅

    63. unga bunga

      Looks like fucking hotline miami movie almost

    64. Syr Porter


    65. blades0805

      All I have to say to s bat in the sun did it first

    66. Julius Ulit

      The Punisher meets Universal Soldier

    67. B4 freedomfighter

      Wolverine lite

    68. LFA 359

      So this trailer came out 3 weeks ago, and US-new just notified me rn. Wow you’re late af US-new.

    69. TheeDeputy

      Vin Diesel should NOT have got this role. Wtf.

    70. GRIM ONE

      Why does vin diesel look smaller? Stop taking steroids?