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    This is the greatest video essay of All Time

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. penguinz0

      Animation by

      1. - RAIZETU -

        There's a blockbuster in farmington I think

      2. Zombie TGD

        loveee the animation man!!!, really wouldn't mind if you become a, animation channel


        @White Alliance// yooo you watch cr1tiKaL?? neattt. i checked out that other channel you are linked to. "seek the truth" i think is the channel? well cool.

      4. Alamda Ali


      5. magmand

        We still got Blockbusters streaming in denmark

    2. mica720x


    3. The Gaint Lobster

      Back in August, i went to the 9/11 memorial museum over here in NYC and in one part of the museum where you can view found items left by those who had perished i found someone's old mostly burnt Blockbuster card over there.

    4. Foxight

      I remember there being a Blockbuster somewhere close to me. Now it's gone.

    5. Morgan Matteson

      I clearly remember renting a bee movie dvd from blockbuster and how excited I was

    6. Yeetus urethrus

      Ah yes, i remember when my town had a blockbuster....its a shame it went out of business, rip blockbuster Damn i feel old for saying that, and im only 18 lol

    7. Dry Guy

      I think the earliest memory I have is from a goddamn block buster. The fondest one to, renting a movie with my dad back in simpler times. I live 2 hours away from the last blockbuster. I have a pilgrimage to go on.

    8. Christian Rosales

      There was actually two Blockbusters near each other where I live. One shut down before the other.

    9. BigPhil785

      Anyone else remember the store Movie Gallery?

    10. SweetP’s Old Shit

      I think about BlockBuster a lot.

    11. Metalhead

      i miss seeing blockbuster on every third street corner

    12. the person

      (A new challenger approaches) DISNEY+ Netflix: What the fuuuu💣💣💥💥💥💥🤯🤯🤯

    13. the person

      I still have a block buster disc its spiderman 2

    14. Carry Me Anego

      This is sad :(

    15. Comrade Buildong

      I literally thought about it today. About how Netflix FUCKING DESTROYED IT.

    16. christian m

      I got to keep like 6 movies since they closed

    17. Iron clad lad

      I remember a blockbuster near the house I've lived in all my life. Went there once, went again when it became a Halloween store, and now I occasional go for pollo loco.

    18. Nate Draws

      Yo it was gone in the US before i was even born in mexico it was gone by 2016 i think

    19. Annabel Castellanos

      Oof We all know what happened to Enron

    20. offical _GALAXY

      Lol I live where the last blockbuster is

    21. Shannon Briggs

      I’ll forever miss going to Blockbuster with my mum every Friday to rent a film/game for the weekend.

    22. Andrew Zbinden

      And now, a moment of silence for Blockbuster.

    23. Maribelle

      Pitch for Blockbuster: Basically Netflix with only new releases. ...idk if it already exists and I’m not gonna do any research but yeah... 🤷🏻‍♀️

    24. TheOriginalCast `

      Keep doing these ur good at em

    25. Spunk

      story time animation??

    26. The Anarcho-Luthierist

      im not gonna look for it now, but i still have the last vhs tape i ever rented from there... "SLC punk" starring mathew lilliard... i hate movies that constantly break the fourth wall (ferris bueller style) but i still have it in a closet for some reason... another great example is kodak - kodak invented the digital camera, and then doubled down on film... but the best brick and mortar/cyber fail paradigm was montgomery wards - they were the only game in town for mail order products in america for over a goddamned century - you could order whole houses and cars and shit through their catalog - but they were spending money on their mall stores when they could've been transforming those catalogs into a website for a fraction of the cost - they could've been Amazon...

    27. Steve Padilla

      My family was a Hollywood video/ game crazy family we got all of our games and movies there but eventually it closed and if I remember correctly it's a yoshinoya and taco Bell now lmao

    28. HammerMeister1999

      Might just be one of those self conjured memory deals but i vaguely remember Blockbuster also trying to compete with Redbox for a little bit. I swear as a kid i saw a machine at a store that looked like a Redbox but was Blockbuster branded. I say it might be self conjured tho bc i kept expecting you to bring it up and you didnt.

    29. Nikolas Stoebick

      Redbox was the true killer

    30. JackInTheBloxys

      Really? I went to a blockbuster 5 years ago and its still there.

    31. Emmanuel Glazer

      We had a blockbuster for a long time in Fairbanks up until 2017 I think

    32. Astro

      Even in animation. He still has a white shirt

    33. Brian Ortiz

      I think GameStop is losing money is because they don’t wanna pay a littl extra for return games and people would rather get the game online cheaper or from another place who would give more like independently ran game shops

    34. Doggo

      Suck it nerds, we have the last Blockbuster on the planet here in Oregon!

    35. Yakkzy

      How is family video still in business, it's pretty much just blockbuster but older

    36. J. Seagroves

      I never did the research, I just always assumed Redbox was the killer of block buster. I remember after Redbox started and got popular seeing Blue box? Wasnt that owned by Block Buster? Another example of them trying to copy cat an idea too late.

    37. PaidRandom

      Partnered with Enron? Lol damn block, WTF... You were destined to lose

    38. Clorox

      I still have a Netflix disc case

    39. Aesthetic Deluxe

      I prefer Hulu over Netflix tbh

    40. alt ll4lO5lO3lO4ll6

      i really liked netflix back in the day in 2004 or 2005 i dont remember really well, we stopped going to blockbuster forever and never went back because of netflix my dad and mom got 2 dvd's in the mail at a time and me and my sister got 2 dvds in the mail, so i just added games to the list for my dvd it was pretty sweet

    41. s a s h a

      There is a shop in Melbourne but hardly no one goes there anymore.

    42. Ryan Baker

      Does anyone remember Hollywood Video?

    43. J P

      I too often think of blockbuster. As well as $1 double cheeseburgers at McDonald's (not that 2 dollar "mcdouble" bullshit with 1 piece of cheese. Like Seriously WTF)

    44. Bailey Knapp

      Didnt expect this, but just got slaughtered by the feels man

    45. Mr.Fear

      I remember sneaking to the 14-18+ section to get a little peak....

    46. Mango

      At least I could rent one movie when I was young TT

    47. nuclear mutant

      In fort Wayne Indiana they have like 40 of those motherfukers now we have like 39 I don't know if it's just me but I haven't noticed the drop in my backwards state

    48. Wasteland Wasted

      Red Box busted em' up pretty good , too

    49. Cacutor

      All the people who still had games and movies rented when they shut down must have been happy

    50. Everett Ramsdell

      Hey you forgot to talk about how computers got fasterand much better than they were in people or just illegally downloading movies on their computers taking from Blockbuster.

    51. The Drizzle 404

      I still miss Game Crazy. It was way better than Gamestop. Unfortunately it was dragged down with Hollywood Video.

    52. The Hype

      I hated Blockbuster. It's the reason why my local video store, "Downtown News amd Video" closed down (Rip Downtown News and Video 1986-2003). Blockbuster felt so artificial and emotionless for a video store. I don't really see why people miss Blockbuster so much, since there still are a few local video stores left (as little as there are). So it's not like when Blockbuster died, that every video store died.

    53. Ken Wolfrum

      Only 22, but I definitely remember the “no more late fees” advertisements. To this day, there is a Family Video bike-riding distance from my house.

    54. Sarah Smith

      God, I still have memories of that day I noticed the blockbuster was gone. W. Gandy Blvd. will be missed RIP

    55. George Greenville

      I think an extremely wealthy person should try and bring it back, that would be the top story on the internet. No doubt in my mind.

    56. Verifiedgaming420

      I like the new way family video is staying relevant in wny and that's they started selling cbd

    57. NauticLee

      I'm late but whatever. Blockbuster was so much better than Redbox. Redbox was alright if u were the first to the box that day. Otherwise every other disc is gone. Blockbuster was superior in games as well. They had more than 1 or 2 copies of popular games unlike redbox. RIP Blockbuster.

    58. Jargon JJ

      Family Video was better because they had a hidden porn section. I would sneak back there as a teenager. I was caught many times.

    59. DA MAN667

      I remember when Netflix was a mail service lmbo

    60. Austin Kilgore

      Also we were a FamilyVideo family lol

    61. Austin Kilgore

      Didn’t they start making Blockbuster versions of Redbox?

    62. Ben Moyer

      Bruh I live in Northwest Washington, Ive been down to that blockbuster like 10 times.

    63. war_Machine4756


    64. Shuckle

      Blockbuster: "Who are you?" RedBox: "I'm you but stronger."

    65. Ritik Solanky

      I remember blockbusters last efforts in my neighborhood was hosting cod tournaments and giving out discounts to whoever won the death match. Good times

    66. Grimm

      I still like to buy games irl

    67. Sliced Lemons

      Cr1tikal as an animation channel would be interesting

    68. sepäse

      Was blockbuster like a big ass german bomb too?

    69. ZephyrFluous

      You have an unhealthy obsession with assholes, like Im the gayest dude I've met and you put me to shame lol

    70. Jan Serbruyns

      Does he get demonetized for swearing so much

      1. The White Dude

        Get pimp slapped