Blackbear - Girls Like U (Tarro Remix)

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    Published on 3 years ago


    1. Chill Nation

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      1. notyoursenpai pls

        @maria Armenta angarita I'm sorry?

      2. maria Armenta angarita

        @notyoursenpai pls Ok But I Don't Know

      3. notyoursenpai pls

        About to go to this guys show :))

      4. maria Armenta angarita

        Chill Nation I love This music girls like you tarro remix by blackbear🔊🎶🎧

    2. felip3

      -"Você ficou animado de ver a galera ai Dead?" -"Po, pra caramba cara. Torcendo aqui pra vocês, espero que vocês... espero não, tenho certeza que vocês vão ser o top 1 aqui dominar a América e começar um novo ciclo aqui pra vocês na América, e que mostra que o Brasil também é bom no CS e que domina tudo no CS também."

    3. Tiasgottears

      Just looking back at my yt music playlists

    4. ArjunJG

      This is so lit that it made wildfires in Australia

      1. Bluranime

        @ArjunJG It's a joke lol

      2. ArjunJG

        lol I just meant that it is lit 🔥

      3. Bluranime

        Then don't listen to this song or you might burn this whole planet!

    5. lalau cliff

      a melhor época da minha vida teve essa trilha! hoje é só chorar de saudades daquele tempo!

    6. Jhonathan Vinicius

      muito boa! EEEEE`der esta de parabens musica do cara********

    7. Krishan Patel

      legit cant relate to the lyrics anymore

    8. Moo P

      Ok so obviously the people who unliked was 60 😂😂😂

    9. Thrilled Bread

      Amazing remix

    10. galo ramer

      La verdad es que voy a llorar😢😢

    11. Jayrol3

      Thank you Dashing David for this amazing outro.... let's mosey

    12. Gage Kaus


    13. Simone


    14. apa ajah

      I love bear

    15. Deetyx

      Comment ils font pour faire la bulle qui réagis à la musique ?

    16. Jack Nguyen

      This is the only Girls like u song that I'm lookin for

    17. João vitor Conceicão

      *2020* ?

    18. aditya chavan

      It's ending of 2019..and it's still rocking🎸🎶🎶

      1. Mike Oxlong

        2020 and still rocking this masterpiece 😌🙃🙂

      2. Viz

        OMGYESTHISWASMYSONGIN2016, oops too much hype. ♡

    19. I hate the beach

      Fodah man 👌✌

    20. Yasmeen Abbas

      So hello this song is about Read more

    21. Linaewen

      Yall ready for 2020?

    22. Vitux •

      musica incrível

    23. mooᥒᥴhιᥣd ღ

      ¿No les pasa que les gusta más el remix que la canción original? Es como que le da el toque especial que le faltaba

    24. Yuuki Yuuki

      MIBR TIME !!

    25. luvfitall

      This song is everything🙌

    26. MARSHALLシ


    27. WT F


    28. Nurkhat Zhiger

      it's been 3 years now, damn time flies so fast...

      1. Will Bermudez

        Nurkhat Zhiger facts

    29. forts Counch

      Like por la cansion

    30. Damla Doğru


    31. Anonymous :p

      1:00 Feels like he's yawning while singing XDD

    32. sabas rf

      Como me encanta esra canción 😍

    33. Marcos Caetano

      sow unic brasilian

    34. Barbara Holikova


    35. Barbara Holikova

      sore I love I ilove I love you I love

    36. theresa soko

      Blackbear and terro remix is amaing give me your forever (girls like u )

    37. Globalmente supremo

      cade os br que veio pelo video do fallen SK Gaming - The Dream with English CC

      1. Geerty

        eu hehe poucos conhecem essa relíquia

      2. Yann Garcia

        Eu man 😢

    38. Katie Williams

      I swear music be saying things I can’t ever say but I be thinking 💭🤦‍♂️.

    39. Double Deezy420

      The best song


      chilllll nation goooooood

    41. Ashton Giddens

      I haven’t heard this song in about a year or 2 ahh the memories

      1. NeezyPlays

        Same, takes me back to my sophomore/junior year of HS. College sophomore now lol

    42. Panda Vibes


    43. AronPlay TM

      Fallen da massa

    44. Yama Basir

      Ladies let's enjoy our wine and the sunset by the beach 🍷😌👌❤

    45. dedezera NTC

      SK Gaming - The Dream

    46. Júlio Rodríguez

      Muito foda

    47. ClickFastLickAss

      2019 gang?

    48. Dylan Mckee

      just do it

    49. Vinicius Silva

      SK - THE DREAM ??

    50. Luan Augusto

      Quem tá assistindo por causa do video SK DREAM??

      1. Alberto Henrique


    51. MiGuEl LoPeZ

      This would be a chill ass instrumental song

    52. Adel Youssef

      blackberry and tarro is some wicked stuff

    53. Kayzeeh

      Z z +j’

    54. TikTok FishSticksSon

      This song is pretty “chill” ;)

    55. Immortale SK

      Girls dont like me :(

    56. Shayler gheen

      Gotta the this song. My Girl introduce me to this last year🔥🔝

    57. Aeriallolz


    58. Enrique Castellanos

      Es mi canción favorita xd xd

    59. Global Nexus

      i am og for this song

    60. Henrique Silva

      2019 ...

    61. Wleyner Machado

      Blackbear lyrics ❤️

    62. Yan Pedro

      2019 🇧🇷

    63. sarah delgado

      i came here for stephen curry edits videos😆😍

    64. 70H8 MUSIC & GAMING

      Give me this song forever

    65. Dani Rustananda

      2019 and still my favourite song from tarro remix

    66. Jjj Kkk

      Apexx blob

    67. Gurnoor Plays Fortnite


    68. Hariz Ayman

      Who's listening in 2019 a bop i never forget 😔😔🔥