Binging with Babish: White Castle Order from Harold & Kumar

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    This week, the challenge lies in both the volume of food and the method by which it's prepared - 30 sliders whipped up at once, onion-steamed the way White Castle does it. Can I wolf down the entire hyper-stoned order placed by our titular heroes? Of course not, I'm no Matt Stonie, but I've got some hungry friends.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      This movie is like a time capsule - remember what it was like back in 2004, when it was this hard to get your hands on... ...white castle?

      1. jayvhon calma

        With that skills you can work for any restaurant just saying

      2. Polar cola 1

        U should go to master chef

      3. LIL LEM

        Asleep on

    2. Crimson Melody

      I've been using crisps of various cheeses on my sandwiches and burgers for years. I honestly didn't know it was a thing other people did as well 😂 It's fucking amazing you should all try it.

    3. pogito

      .... too bad they have a recall today due to Listeria

    4. adam adam

      I went to White Castle, the buns were super soggy, barely any onion... didn't really taste that good.

    5. SKDK

      White Castle/Krystals fuck me up far more than taco bell could in a million years. Taco bell pales in comparison

    6. awesomeguynamedjon

      Just cut until your biggest bowl can't hold more onions? Bitch I got 20QT mixing bowls don't be basic.

      1. awesomeguynamedjon

        Also also if you are gonna do smashed burgers you should definitely poke one whole in the middle for thorough cooking purposes. I get it, you are a US-newr and not a real cook, but come on guy.

      2. awesomeguynamedjon

        Also your fries are under cooked.

    7. Matthew Negrete

      If you haven't had white castle... save yourself

    8. Dream Wolf

      and now i am hungry despite having just ate about 5 pounds of stir fry and rice...

    9. Lensflair

      We’re in Canada. Send Cherry Coke quickly!!!

    10. Lunar_ Storm_Skii

      Eyy i saw you on the news and they showed behind the scenes!

    11. frick poo

      Just watched your segment on cbs. Look forward to seeing your videos

    12. Samuel Williams

      You deserve so many more views than what you get

    13. Flopo Martini

      I hate onions dude

    14. Armando Lopez

      white castlr is gross as hell your burgers probably are way better than any white castle

    15. Joe _

      Wow......that was some meticulous dedication in recreating all of those sliders using the same methods as White Castle.

    16. Zachary Stephens

      Onions are actually cabbage 🤷‍♂️ with shit ton of onion powder

    17. Takulicious 1337

      These burgers suck btw

    18. garry king

      I don't think we have White Castle down under. But suddenly I want me some of them burgers. And Cherry Coke. Heard of it, but they don't make the suger-ized version here either.

    19. Aaron Gonzalez

      apatite enhancing substances

    20. Nate Zelink

      "Appetite-Enhancing Substances" uh-huh really hush hush Andrew 😒😂😂

    21. Mike Forge

      White castle burgers are just disgusting

    22. Psychokiller502

      I could finish all of that none of it would be wasted

    23. Alexander Dunn

      the fact that you said "Betwixt" made me subscribe

    24. Skylar Rawlins

      Why did I get so many likes?

    25. Czk Lawd

      where does all this food go?

    26. Brandon Wright

      White Castle is not as good as people say it is it’s as mediocre as Sonics food.

    27. James Sudbury

      White castle sucks

    28. Edward Silha

      He (they) ordered 30 ‘sliders’, sliders do not have cheese... 🙄 Those would be sliders with cheese, c’mon man

    29. James Fieweger

      The Babish way that you did was almost step by step how Shady Glenn makes their burgers.

    30. Pulkit Sardana

      Freeze meat look like amirca s outline

    31. enkadu007

      Live right beside a White Castle literally nothing special at all

      1. DirtyMaster

        *Did you mean Chicago*

    32. Phelan Christopher

      I love the frozen ones. I usually throw a bit of hot sauce on em and they're amazing

      1. Zweimander

        I was born in Cincinnati where they were born more or less and its just not the same. Although if im being honest I like their chicken slides way better...

    33. Jenkum gang

      Cock meat sandwich next please

    34. Thomas A. Anderson

      Improper use of 'penultimate' (2nd to last). As many have, you seem to have forgotten the 2011 "let's do a movie for a payday since our careers need a jumpstart" 'A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas' (aka Harold and Kumar 3).

    35. Where’s Wolf

      What do you do with the leftover food

    36. I_ _l

      Why is White Castle so weird

    37. Darkobert Dub

      "kosher salt". why don't you use regular salt? we all be burning in hell anyways..

      1. Pocket Fluff Productions

        Kosher salt is coarse-grained salt that hasn't been treated with iodine. It's called that because it was originally used for "koshering" meat, i.e. leeching the blood out of it. "Serious" cooks prefer it for seasoning because the big grains make it easier to see how much you've put on. And they prefer it in general because iodine tastes bad, apparently.

    38. Gjon Gjokaj

      Song name any1

    39. cheeseman

      I've never eaten white castle but those buns and the cooked on onions thing just looks bad.

    40. Timmer Ratajczyk

      Should have invited Stoney to come eat this.

    41. Don KiksBiscuits

      *Drives to White Castle* " yeah let me get a crave case "

    42. Kieran Mcelvanna

      For us in the uk the movie is called Harold and Kumar get the munchies

    43. Bruce Leroy

      Thank you for doing this because people are so confused on hot to cook a white castle burger.

    44. J F

      >With a single dill pickle chip >Chip is just a dill pickle Really?

    45. Filip Hałas

      For me - a Polish guy USA is weird. Cheese from cow milk becomes American cheese (whatever the hell this may be), different kinds of flour become general purpose flower and rape oil becomes misturious vegetable oil. Oh and there is alive yeast mass, simple to measure, packed like butter there being some dry powder. How the fuck am I supposed to measure this?

    46. El Pecee

      Nice job, but Cheese is an optional extra...if you just order White Castles (or "sliders") you don't get cheese on them.

    47. Myself Included

      The book is like a parallel constantly repeating until madness. When he showed out though. Might want to buy it though

    48. D B

      Who besides me is eating White Castle in their 1975 Stutz Blackhawk right now?

    49. Art and Food21

      What griddle top do you use?

    50. ibrahim awad

      The worst burger place in the world. I was so disappointed when i first tried them. Especially as a fan of the movie.

      1. maneoj46

        Want a more worse time? Try Krystals

    51. Fin Stuart

      Bruh Andrew just said he got his stoned friends in the other room boutta bunch 30 burgers😂😂

    52. Fin Stuart

      Holy fuck u don’t know why but I love this video so much

    53. Jake2theByas

      I have a white castle down the road about a mile. It took less time to go get a crave case along with cheesey fries and a couple comes before they finally got done.....just go get White Castle vs making it yourself. Or door dash it

    54. jay garcia

      why are you making it . go order it

    55. Jamokai

      when you have a ton of money and need something to do.

    56. mit4c

      cant imagine the onion smell in your appartment after that

    57. Vikram-Aditya Bowry

      Buy an onion chopper, bro.

    58. Realthinx

      can you really taste the 5 holes?

    59. montmn

      Pickles are disgusting.

    60. XxXZz

      Nice. Enjoy poop eating

    61. DanGo

      next time make some without holes to test the Theory!

    62. steven gin

      Definition of awesome Basic comment but heart felt

    63. KendoruSlink

      You should do steamed hams.

    64. John

      Now I understand why they taste like shit....Not big onion fan....

    65. tyronebiggums3

      Dumbass froze the burger scraps.

    66. Clemens Queißner

      These sliders look amazing ... ... but more amazing is that time keeping piece on your wrist. Anybody know the make and model?

    67. Randy James

      If you want to constantly wonder if your alarm is going off intermittently, watch this video while wearing headphones. Good stuff, though!

    68. Keandre Hue

      Hulk "its smashing time!" Cpt America " was that always his thing?" Black Widow " yup : ) "

    69. baterie srl

      so much work m8 that;s a lot of fucking work

    70. Akira Heaton

      Personally I work at a White Castle in Las Vegas and lemme tell you, when someone and yes someone has ordered this, it's a nightmare to make. But that's probably due to our own issues at our castles in the Silver State. But the look on the guests faces were awe-inspiring