Binging with Babish: The Naco from Kim Possible

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    Ron Stoppable has a penchant for food creativity, and he pulls out all the stops at Team Possible's favorite high-cholesterol haunt, Bueno Nacho. Will the Naco, a seemingly-ingenious combination of nachos and tacos, live up to the promise of its name? Probably.
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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Universe Kid2468


    2. silent Shu-Shu

      Ever time he talks about the glove for peppers. And the 😱bathroom talk . I'm think someone grabbed his dicky with spicy hands 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤘💥🎟🎪

    3. santiago olascuaga

      No jitomate on the guac, disrespectful 😑

    4. The Dimensioneer

      Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable themselves Christy Romano and Will Friedle recently made the Naco on her channel and I think she also lives in NYC.

    5. squini

      So salsa in just guacamole with tomatoes instead

    6. Nick Helms

      I used to really love what you did and how adventurous you could be and especially when it came to recreating things that were just so adventurous but now you're too condescending and I just can't help but unsubscribe.

    7. Nick Helms

      It's always funny how your reminiscing about how you always forget the garlic in the guacamole if for some reason you have to mention it every time you make guacamole

    8. Clutch_PsyKo LJ

      Does everybody know that banish even realized he didn’t add the beef but no people still ask

    9. Ethan Demeri

      You could've done allot better on this one.

    10. Not A Doctor

      Shame? That’s the absolute last thing you should be feeling after eating a naco.

    11. fuck kookie


    12. Patrick O'Brien

      * For extra creamy guac add a tablespoon of sour cream, doesn't really change the flavor, just makes it even more creamy

    13. Ven ThaArtistUNeed2Kno

      Chips on chips on chips crispy and delish

    14. Jeremy Daugherty

      Always wear gloves when handling spicy peppers. We got a batch of Hatch green chillies roasted and were peeling them. I made the mistake of first rubbing my nose and second, about 30 minutes later, going to the bathroom. It was an eye opening experience.

    15. Mostafa Khalil

      Or rubbing your eyes after chopping spicy peppers🙄

    16. Fred Padilla

      love your channel man keep them coming

    17. Storm Angelus

      For added creaminess on the guac, you can add a couple of tablespoons of sour cream for extra smooth yumminess.

    18. davidhg117

      Hate to be that guy but... Wade loves chili cheese nachos and it's what it was eating at the clip of the beginning so.... not a proper Naco xd

    19. Dylan Good

      No beans, chicken, or beef, I love your channel Babish, but your killing me with your choice in nachos.

    20. PizzaWingMans ‘

      Flour Tortillas are not good, corn is better

      1. The Suspicious Pie

        Yes, but since in the show it was a cheap restaurant, they most likely used flour tortillas

    21. Andres

      My mexican neighbors blasting Banda at 2am

      1. Jorge Melendez

        *Spiky shoes and Tonayan intensifies*

    22. Serial Eater

      Never heard of a Naco until today! Sounds delicious

    23. musty


    24. Jeffery Humphreys

      A rare miss.

    25. baldiie

      so no beef chilli or queso? this isnt even a naco.

    26. Meg Stephens

      Why are there so many dislikes? let the man cook and eat you fucking retarded hater kids.😑

    27. crystalfire294

      Why was cilantro in air quotes???

    28. alus nova

      Ok. Stop calling it “guac”. People sound like they’re heaving something to feed their chicks. 🤨

    29. Shadow Renegade

      1:00 Damn if people are going to bitch about you not adding garlic, I want to see them make their own damn guacamole on their own damn channel

    30. chris18228

      Redo you messed up

    31. TheSlumlord84

      It's not real guacamole if there is no cilantro.

      1. The Suspicious Pie

        Meg Stephens I have all the power you do, ya know why? Because I did the exact same thing you did, I posted a reply, I can say whatever I want to say and defend whoever I want to defend. You can’t tell me to grow a pair and then instantly start complaining about the exact same thing I did. And btw I’m not sure that YOU know what degenerate means considering you spelled it wrong lol

      2. Meg Stephens

        @TheSlumlord84 your just being annoying for the sake of being annoying your a vary small minded kid just sayin.

      3. Meg Stephens

        @The Suspicious Pie I'm sure you don't know what degenerat means but you really have no power over what I do or what I say I'm just telling as it is sorry your too soft to grow a pair you crybullie.

      4. TheSlumlord84

        @The Suspicious Pie go off king

    32. Oisin O'Maolain

      Scallions are the only onions which should go anywhere near a guac

    33. ALT Sauci

      Oooo, *mimimip* *nAcooooo*

    34. Levy Nguyen

      As a vegetarian i didn't even notice that beef was missing..

    35. spehizle

      You got 61k Stans, my man. Fix your shit.

    36. Ivan Ooze

      looks like kirby lanes queso in austin, if your ever there make sure to check them out

    37. Strella Vazquez

      Naco in Spanish is a tacky person

    38. Albert Vega

      Add a scrambled egg and you have some killer chilaquiles

    39. rzk mx19

      Make the nachos from the film (me and dupre)

    40. omgea slayer

      Man I love your vidoes u r one amazing youtuber am sub for life

    41. Y A

      My recipe for guac is Black pepper Cumin Salt Oil Cayyene pepper Garlic powder Scallions Mash up rrreeeeaaalllyy good mix and eat in a sandwich or with chips

      1. Y A

        Add what u want idc

      2. Ruberi Pi

        Where's the cilantro? Tomato? Lime juice?

    42. AwkwardGamerRN

      Ahh the “walk out of frame of shame”

    43. Oscar Orozco Milian

      In Mexico "naco" is someone with bad manners and bad taste in everything. lol

    44. JManPlays

      Fun story. I was a super big fan of Kim Possible. One day I went to Mexican food place in downtown sac with my dad and I saw people eating taco bowls with chips. I was asked what I want and I asked for a Naco. They asked me what that was and I pointed at the taco bowl. I was so happy to be eating a real life Naco. After that I wondered what else in the world was from my shows and video games. Turns out loads of things. The more i found, the happier I got.

    45. lobis 2

      Ur so naco

      1. Meg Stephens

        Omg in translation you said you so tacky! 😂😂😂😂😂

    46. AverageDoggo

      You HAVE to redo this you didn't even add meat

      1. AverageDoggo

        @Meg Stephens "top 5 pokemon evolutions" that's the kind od shit you watch, get lost.

      2. AverageDoggo

        @Meg Stephens you're literally Brain dead lmao. He did this long before his diet. Don't say shit without having the slightest clue what you're talking about. I'm far older than you are, guaranteed. Go watch a makeup tutorial you waste of a human.

      3. Meg Stephens

        He's kinda on a diet you dummy. Also you don't have to follow he's exact prep for the food just look for another cooking youtube channel kid.😑

    47. F A

      Guy, he doesn’t do entirely accurate food for other shows and you don’t see them getting all pissy. Just cool it

    48. Philipp Gra

      The Flan in the face from radiohead

    49. python101

      dont you hate it when the nacho stabs your gum?

    50. T SexyRexy

      Naked mole rats should never eat human food. Their diet should be mostly root vegetables and dark leafy greens.

    51. Joe Kim

      gotta give it a thumbs down for the lack of beef... i come here for accuracy not this subpar tom foolery. love the channel though.

      1. Meg Stephens

        Oh shut your trap kid not all food needs meat unless you one of those retards who loose their shit over vegetarians or vegans.

    52. smackrexgaming

      Here’s the real question: What does naco cheese look like?

    53. MartiangamingNet

      This is why the newest Being with Babish was made

    54. ew its ugly

      why did you say, "cilantro" making that hand move?

      1. Bruce Hernandez

        He hates cilantro, so it's probably actually parsley

    55. Bitch Say, What?

      You gotta redo this with the nacho cheese and the beef

      1. Bitch Say, What?

        @Meg Stephens how bout yes

      2. Meg Stephens


    56. Looey

      Funny. I lost my graphing calculator.

    57. Juno

      > 90% of comments: "Where's the beef!?!?" > 10% of comments: "Where's the beef!?!?"

      1. TechnoGuz GD

        @Dhani Boii i have it right here chef

      2. Dhani Boii

        Wheres the lamb sauce!?

      3. Green Ducks #1 Fan

        Im sad that most people didnt get this reference

    58. Joshi

      Where's the beef?

    59. BigmoneyBrickwall

      Do better babbish do better

    60. Emmnuel Valenzuela

      que paso aqui?

    61. TheIdioticFox

      I am disappointed Babish. You messed up the Naco. In the show the Naco is mostly beans,meat and rice and mixed in with chips,queso,salsa,sour cream, and guacamole. Well you did get the dips right.

    62. Virien

      he wears gloves cuz first he's choping the Jalapeño than he's going and touching his jalapenis

    63. The Denisse

      I can't take these comments srriously when naco in mexico tacky.

    64. Monserrat Mazlum

      In Mexico, a naco is a person with bad, cheap taste ...Fun fact!

      1. Ricardo Toledo

        Mostly its for uneducated and rude people. Not considering taste. calling someone "naco" just for their taste is as idiotic as the real nacos.

    65. Cecelia

      This video: Everyone including that old lady from the 1980's Wendy's commercial: wHeRe'S tHe BeEf?

      1. Messiah Dowling

        @The prototype huh neat

      2. The prototype

        Messiah Dowling I did

      3. Messiah Dowling

        No is gonna get that reference

    66. Richard Ha

      Anyone thinknlike this episode felt rushed or less effort was put into it?

      1. Meg Stephens

        Stop being an ass about it let the man cook and have fun sometimes he is rushing a project because unlike you he has a life outside youtube he's not a TV celebrity or actor most people on youtube have lives outside youtube so stop with those toxic ideas of people kid.

    67. Cdrive Pkmn trades and more

      You know queso is spanish for cheese right?

      1. adalaza

        queso is a specific sauce. salsa is ambiguous in spanish, but you know what it means in english

    68. Big dick Dondzila

      This dude would get stones, have the munchies, and make a 5 course meal

    69. SandboxArrow

      >Called Naco >Is 60% Beef

    70. Pimp Named RustySlickClam

      Why does the name sound like stereotypical japanese