Binging with Babish: The Naco from Kim Possible

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    Ron Stoppable has a penchant for food creativity, and he pulls out all the stops at Team Possible's favorite high-cholesterol haunt, Bueno Nacho. Will the Naco, a seemingly-ingenious combination of nachos and tacos, live up to the promise of its name? Probably.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Ron Martinez

      Wheres the beef?

    2. Kermit Sweet Tea

      I can never watch these videos without getting hungry! 😭

    3. Jason Calderon

      Fun fact: Naco in spanish is a slang for saying scumbag

    4. Steven Evans

      Just salt or KOSHER?

    5. Emxx 7ww7

      Naco means tacky B)

    6. Alex Garcia

      “Naco” is a Spanish insult for basic ppl

    7. SCP-6039 class: euclid

      hah hah! not cool!, is what I thought the mole rat thing said.

    8. janek ool

      I also call it gross beyond reason

    9. Leslie Juarez

      As a Mexican i can say that is not a salsa

    10. Justin Harrell

      If he does a remake, I will bet my house that he forgets something else.

      1. hockeater

        As a meme he "forgets" the tortilla.

    11. Serdominater 03

      Make the miracle pill from the princes bride. It was my favorite movie growing up and I always watched it with my grandpa and he recently passed away. It would mean the world to me if you made it :)

    12. Channel

      Cilantro ✌✊✊✌

    13. Israel Munoz

      Que naco

    14. Bread

      Wait, why is there no meat

    15. Miguel Tran

      hey dude i love you but thats...uhh thats not salsa...

    16. elimDBZ

      I find it hilarious that Ron's naco became a legit menu item within kim possible and when in one episode when they ran out or no longer sold naco's ron was upset when in truth he could've just ordered a taco and nachos and combine like he did the first time.

    17. Österreichischer Patriot / Austrian Patriot

      Not inky is the word "Avocado" thr old Aztec word for "Testicles", the term "Quacamole" is also the word for "Testicle Juice"

    18. Spootles


    19. Galactic Puppy J.R.

      I made some nacos at dinner and my parents thought I was crazy. I tried to explain with a mouthful of tortilla and chips that it was a thing from Kim Possible

    20. Travis Goossen

      Ya the jelopeno bathroom thing I can understand

    21. Bastingmarlin 59

      When your mexican and you see ron and rufus eat this: *D i s g r a c e f u l*

    22. FlameDarkfire

      "Try making fun of me again after you've gone to the bathroom." Alton sears his eyes, Babish scorches Babette.

    23. TravelClast

      thinking this is the first cooking show that references the chef touching his penis. bravo. another wall torn down. CHIPS ON CHIPS ON CHIPS!

    24. Saul Amaro

      This episode must be redeemed from its fail

    25. Toast Likes 2 Draw

      Four words. I smell like beef.

    26. TheRockortiz

      Fun fact, on mexico, the word... NACO it's a despective way say : someone who want to appear have money and class, but... Actually is poor, impolite, and regulary rude.

    27. Nick Moreno

      Ron invented the crunch wrap supreme before it was cool. Thumbs down for no beef

    28. Rachel H

      Love your videos but this one needs to be remade. The Naco DESERVES better. wHeReS tHe BeEf?!

    29. FerHan

      Its funny to think that in mexico, the word "Naco" is basically a Normie ._.

    30. Nebby27 the Undying

      México: Queso Babish: Keiso

    31. salvador madrid

      Yhea I would have care with the word naco in México.

      1. cristhianmlr

        Not really.

    32. G-Money

      We're going to make our own version of the naco, and what's a naco without the nacho, and what's a nacho without the corn. Start by planting and harvesting your own corn at home for maximum nacho flavor

    33. Fruit

      I remember watching kim possible when I was younger and I found this appetizing as fuck 😂

    34. Maxim Libizov

      Oct 2 is my birthday!

    35. Bud Borne

      You put the guac and salsa on the wrong sides. Almost had the Mexican flag

    36. Mackiebird

      No cilantro in your guacamole? Broa

    37. Skunky Le Pew

      Que naco lol

    38. LeroytheSnake

      If anyone is just making the nachos or anything with dripping cheese in general place parchment paper on top of baking sheet first. Makes it a lot easier to pull off the sheet

    39. Jon Maderos

      There’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you like the naco, then dig in! If you can’t enjoy life while you’re alive then there’s no point in living.

    40. Noble

      Naco: The Medicine for the People

    41. Lindsey Simmer


    42. Ranger The Destroyer

      There wasn't even any meat in the fucking taco. I want my 5 minutes back.

    43. Ranger The Destroyer

      "Cilantro" what does that mean? Was it really grass from outside?!?!?

      1. Carlos Lopez

        Ranger The Destroyer He used Parsley. It’s similar and milder but more importantly it’s different. There are people who have a genetic mutation(?) that makes cilantro taste like soap to them

    44. Alec Skinner

      Sorry to say this but that's more like the Weako 🙁

    45. toomsdlc

      Why the quotes on "cilantro" did I miss something?

    46. monochromatic flowersforUNB

      My childhood Kim possible alrighhhttt

    47. Random Human Person

      Beef: *exists Babish: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that

    48. bananamaniac

      Why did he put "cilantro" in quotations like it was real cilantro?

      1. bananamaniac

        @F A oh 😅 im no chef but i love his videos!

      2. F A

        It was parsley not “Cilantro”

    49. Gautam Sarathy

      Thank you for accidentally making this vegetarian.

    50. Gautam Sarathy

      Hate to be the heretic, but I will always use no garlic or very little garlic.

    51. Manuel Marin

      If only they'd known that in Mexico "naco" is a racist term for "indigenous person"...

    52. Cole Selby

      Avocado definitely wasn't ripe, I wait until the skin is almost purple, once it turns black its gone too long.

      1. F A

        Is this a joke or are you serious

    53. Stock Brazen

      The narcotic taco

    54. Sofonisba Simetra

      I am forever going to do quotation marks before I say cilantro now. Hate the stuff.

    55. Danny T

      Few bites before the shame set in..... classic. Want to get outa the dog house?... whip your wife up some of these nachos!

    56. stealthboy316

      I nearly forgot the naco that and the spaghetti tacos

    57. Joseph Lindblom

      Just FYI, if you leave the avocado pit in your guacamole it won’t brown as fast.

    58. Robert Gammett

      Definitely needs to take another crack at this.

    59. Dramamine

      Really fucked it up babish

    60. Dogan Gok

      I piss with my hands on my hip because i fear no god

    61. cassandra sotos

      Love the Garden of Eatin© chips.. Theyre the best!!! The sweet potato ones dipped in onion and chive or garden vegetable cream cheese is the BEST snack

    62. Troyefan Troyfan

      That word is an insult, and is used in Mexico to denigrate the ignorant with poor taste or the new money, but often the poor of Mexico give another meaning to that word, the poor think it as an insult for beating poor, so the word takes a different meaning depending who you are with, also Nacho is not only the round chips but also a nickname for men not for women it’s very manly .

    63. Christian Cardenas

      Every one knows cold milk no lumps.

    64. lilbitchanair parow

      So basically a vegatarian version of the naco

    65. Tomas Enrico Narvaez

      Dude stop replacing the cilantro with parsley.

      1. Carter Strobeck

        Tomas Enrico Narvaez For some people cilantro literally tastes like soap. It’s just the way tastebuds are wired sometimes.

    66. Channel Communications

      did u seriously just use parsley? wtf is that shit about!? not cool bab

    67. The Ghetto man explains the meme

      Naco in mexican spanish means Nasty

    68. Javier V

      Authentic guacamole doesn’t come with garlic. Half these people don’t know what they’re talking about.

    69. Joey Clemenza

      naco means "ghetto" in mexican vernacular.

    70. Pan Darius Kairos

      wair's teh beouf?