Binging with Babish: Teddy Brûlée from Bob's Burgers

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    It would seem as though most modern comedies have a Teddy: a hapless, lovable loser whose behavior straddles the line between funny and halting. Perhaps Teddy Brûlée captures the character better than any other food could - sweet, unhealthy, and holding a blowtorch.
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    1. Binging with Babish

      So uh, marshmallow batter? Marshmallow dough? Raw marshmallow? Marshmallow potential?

      1. Joshua Abraham

        Marshmellow fluf ?

      2. A Random Rock

        Marshmallow's mistress Or Marshmellow

      3. no anime allowed

        No thicc cum

      4. Ian Davis

        I think you were right the first time with just marshmallow fluff

      5. Rokkfel

        Marshmellow spread and or puff since its already made in that form

    2. Ado422

      Whats up with the chocolate snobery?

    3. Zoe Alaina

      I like my marshmallows burnt as well :D

    4. LosSince99

      7:03 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂 that was a really good impression, well done.😂

    5. Liwiathan

      If you're not using real marsh mallow, why go through the bother of making them yourself?

    6. MGsquared

      I name all of my marshmallows George. It’s much easier than naming them all individually.

    7. Chillin Games

      2 bob's burgers vids and neither are the bite size meatsiah???

    8. Rubits

      On the BWB channel you can learn how to cook and useless facts like “the Graham cracker was created by Sylvester Graham to stop masterbation “

    9. Hayden Brooks

      2:05.....WAIT WHAT

    10. LotionMan

      corn flakes were also invented to stop masturbation

    11. Donavin Willis

      Wish I had a Teddy around when I was younger, you know how many more apartment garbage can fires I could have started

    12. Steven Silveus

      I'll beat off in honor of the graham cracker later tonight

    13. Tman13

      In spirit we are beeting together... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😢🤔

    14. McCree Main Without Aim

      Imagine a having roommate like Babish...and he is on a diet, so he leaves most of the food for you...

    15. Ryan Dill

      Not as cool if you can’t taste it!! Other than that great as always.

    16. Brekin Swick

      Dude same I love my marshmallows burnt too I guess we are monsters 😂

    17. abcde 12345

      2:05 wtf

    18. Bari Martin

      Corn flakes and also made mass circumcising a thing in America men wouldn’t want to touch it 😐😂 he failed

    19. Trsitin Kovach

      He sounds like an AI

    20. Egg Boy

      Made to stop masturbation? Dude did the guy not know you can beat it while you eat it

    21. Not Josh


    22. Kacen Giles

      He sounded like Jason Statham with that watch the world burn impression

    23. Caleb McKinley-Portee

      I just like hearing how you pronounce the chocolate near the end. Also, spot on Albert impression.

    24. David Potts

      Make Asuna’s sandwich and spicy sandwich from Sword Art Online.

    25. Actually Waffles

      That was a weirdly on point Alfred impression. Also, I think you gave me diabetes through the computer screen, and I hold you accountable for the extra hour I'm gonna have to put in at the gym tomorrow. But great video as always.

    26. Matt Olson

      I am way too stoned to be watching this right now

    27. Dragon Dorado

      2:09 very true, dont forget Mr john Kellogg, the Sylvester Graham of cereal

    28. Metodij Marinceski

      You should make the paneer from the mindy project

    29. K1ng K0ng73

      It’s called marshmallow fluff

    30. Jackinabox

      You must have to do SO much cleaning with all the cooking you do

    31. Yuna M

      Kellogg's Cornflakes or Graham's Crackers... Which one is better for stopping masturbating lol?

    32. Kyle Perez

      I like your classic soundtrack song better.

    33. Danielle M Hall

      I tried to make Graham crackers once. They were okay.

    34. nobbie01

      Sad that subs don't work D: Interesting recipe though! I do prefer homemade marshmallows to storebought ones, I feel like the storebought ones dry out my mouth after eating just one or two :P Might be a good thing if I'm trying to not have too much sugar though xD

    35. Esteban D'Orazio

      6:47 That french accent though XD

    36. Nitz

      tiny whisk is love, tiny whisk is life.

    37. Denbu ?

      So the dude made Graham crackers to stop masturbation? Jokes on him, I use Graham crackers to masturbate

    38. Bubu

      when you allow yourself one bite then eat like 3 bites worth of smores dip

    39. theBRANDOProductions

      6:57 I’m the same way

    40. fortnite virgin 6969420

      2:03 no your confused with corn flakes

    41. mtorngren15


    42. Timothy Robert

      Why did you just completely cut out the pretzels?

    43. Jeffrey Lemere

      He pulled a Zach King, the mini whisk tattoo.

    44. Darth Squidward1

      Please I Nut on my Graham Crackers before eating Just in Spite

    45. E Sh

      Oh fuck off

    46. Chloe Higgins

      But y did you take out the pretzels

    47. BayBayBay

      im also in the burnt marshmallow club all intentional all delicious

    48. Malakai White

      Mallow mix

    49. TeenDream888

      just had juice spew out of my nose and onto my laptop when you started poking at the damn thing. give a gal some warning, holy smokes! thank you for the laughs, I think I'm going to make this one.

    50. Austin Thomas Films

      Okay so yeah, he can cook... ...but that Alfred impression though!

    51. Sakura Shy

      Have you considered Tuca and Bertie pastry creations?

    52. fuze main

      Did you know corn flakes were made by Kellogg to stop masterbation as well

    53. Andrea Denogean

      I always forget that you always make a simple version and am like “oh yeah that’s kool” and then you do the extra version and am like oh yeah he does do that.🥵🤭❌🧢

    54. RJB WEPEL


    55. Randy Potts

      Marshmallow is the anti-Graham Cracker origin

    56. Forty2Times

      Didn't Kellog do the same thing with Corn Flakes?

    57. Stephanie Lewis


    58. Unckle Buckle

      You know how some people see shapes in clouds? Well in the marshmallow at 5:29 I see the face of a rabbit next to Beethoven. Or maybe James Dean. I should have gone to sleep hours ago.

    59. Scrambles the Death Dealer

      Mmm.... burnt marshmellows. If you don't need to put out a fire, they're not done.

    60. Jonathan Stroupe

      *Bubble Bass voice* you forgot the P R E T Z E L S

    61. KaWi Reloaded

      This is better than asmr. So relaxing

    62. Troy Crosby

      Nothing wrong with a burnt shmallow. It's my preferred method of eating the puffy delicious sugar goo.

    63. Jacob Oliveira

      Have a cheat day it’s only one bite!

    64. Nick Davis

      Leaving a like not for the marshmallows but the COD captain price quote. I can't wait for the new COD modern warfare.

    65. Mari Poofin

      I wonder if he would make "Sweet bread a la Gusto" from ratatouille

    66. Crashus Maximus


    67. anthony tang

      *I would like you at my doomed wedding*

    68. Ursus Mega

      I think the OG version would work if you baked it in the oven & then torched the marshmallows.

    69. The depressed Manatee

      Hey babish do foods from monster hunter world Please this is the 60th time I have posted this

    70. Dolphinboi

      I believe it is officially called marshmallow goop

    71. FALpwn

      Ninja turtles pizza cutter. 👍

    72. Kole

      “In that spirit, we’re beating” absolutely killed me

    73. Mrs. Phyllis Stephens

      I think I stepping off, on the Next Stop Willoughby.

    74. Sirley Serrano

      Vinny like “vinny” vinny? From non appetite?

    75. Maria Pagan

      You rock Babbi!

    76. Headless Chicken

      Graham crackers was invented to prevent masterbation...its true. Now let's beat these ingredients ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    77. Jasmin Campos

      Vinny!?? Like bon appetite Brad vinny??

    78. Arbaaz Patwari


    79. Jon Genova

      The girl with pink hat(?) Sounds like Mabel from gravity falls

    80. Sardonyx Garnet

      This video is the definition of Extra

    81. Kelly Graves

      You should make puttanesca sauce with homemade pasta from A Series of Unfortunate Events

      1. ClockworkMaple

        He already did that. It’s actually one of my favourite episodes. I’ve made the pasta myself. Very tasty.


      When you feel lonely 2:38

    83. Nate W

      So glad I’m not the only one who likes Burnt marshmallows

    84. Ellie Johnson

      Graham Crackers don't exist over here in Australia, but you Americans seem to go crazy over them! Glad you could officially make a video over it.

    85. C GrayGirl

      Sorry but homemade marsh mallows are 1000 % better than store bought. No questions. They’re just a sticky B to make lol

    86. Judy Chen

      It’s called the dessert brûlée

    87. Navapoom Sathatham

      This was in my recommended for some reason.... boy am I glad it was this video was pretty funny lol

    88. Ryan Gervais

      Foods from Chuck the tv show thy have some cool food

    89. J.C.

      do you use the same camera vinny as brad from BA?

    90. Rohan Zener

      Marshmallows were invented by an Egyptian herbalist.

    91. Tom Zhang

      Go big or go home. Try 100% dark chocolate.

    92. sweetazn208

      Anyone remember surgar mama's get up and go bars from proud family?

    93. Jose Dias


    94. Toby Flenderson

      2:06 Well... My childhood is ruined (again). Thanks a lot.

    95. thumbnail wheat

      “In that spirit we are beating together” I see what you did there...

    96. Ace Clover

      Ironically enough, you keep complaining about how you don’t want to die in a few years, even though you continuously eat cancer-coated marshmallows.

    97. LaTravion Golden

      Spot on Michael Cain!

    98. Connor Moon

      i would love to see itchroku miso ramen from naruto !!!!!!!!!!!

    99. Jordan Vasquez

      You should make the every type of cereal bar from fresh off the boat :)))

    100. Raoul Prophete

      LOL, Mr. Gram failed at stopping self love but succeeded at making a tasty treat. Necessity is the mother of invention.