Binging with Babish: Takoyaki from Kill la Kill

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    Not even a fully-automatic money gun is enough to stop Mako Mankanshoku when she's got her heart set on Osakan street food - quite the contrary, it only fuels her appetite. Follow along with this week's easy-once-you-get-all-the-specialty-ingredients-and-equipment classic Japanese street snack, Takoyaki!
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. freecitizen_explorer684

      wowowww this dude is cultured XD, so you have dabbled into the fine art of anime mhhmm... good A++++++++++ from me yah got that !!!!

    2. Himikotogafanboy

      Nani is babish a weeb

    3. Rusty Shackleford

      Pro ichiraku ramen when civvi?

    4. Daniel Preston

      Could you do some foods from dragon ball that would be super amazing to watch

    5. Brooklyn Lovato

      You can use a æbleskiver pan if you have one

    6. Miscellaneous Das

      Tentacles 😏😏😏

    7. Lettuce

      *Sad Octoling Noises*

    8. Do foods from monster hunter world

    9. Alva Reza

      you suck usinh chopstick

    10. CredibleDerek6511

      Jesus what was that intro?

    11. Levi Betts

      I had this at a restaurant the other day and it’s amazing

    12. Milton Björn

      Ah yes! Weeb food

    13. On Top! with Alec

      Food wars please

    14. Kawaii Kairi

      You could probably use a cake pop pan

    15. Jose Blanco

      Babish, could you make some JoJo-inspited meals? Like Spaghetti alla puttanesca, or the apple lamb chops? Squid Ink Spaghetti? There are some real-life meals that might be your forte in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Babish!

    16. KnightofDark001

      Funny how people keep suggesting foods from animes, when in reality babish likely did only those two specific ones because of the sponsorship.

    17. Jaymar_Music

      I have officially fallen in love with Babish, how do I shoot my shot?

    18. Lawrence Calablaster

      I finally tried takoyaki at my local ramen place & it was awesome :)

    19. The Remstar

      If you need an anime idea you can do food from one piece like "Cuisine a la carte" And "Meat of the bone" That luffy is known for eating.

    20. DeAd Inside

      You should cook food from Shougeki no Soma

    21. CaleyWarrior101

      Now he needs to remake it as the Russian takoyaki from Persona 5

    22. Thraxelon

      I would like visit your house 😂

    23. Phil Collins

      I clicked solely for Mako. Your food just happened to look good as well. (It always looks good, but you can't compete with perfection Babish, try as you might.)

    24. John Bullock

      If you want to make something awesome, try Okonomiyaki. And then the ultimate Hiroshimayaki Enjoy!

    25. Random Dude

      _bwb is turning into a weeb_

    26. adrienne picadura


    27. ItzCrewEx0tic

      You know it’s good when his hands start shaking

    28. Gavin Bennett

      So its like the japanese hushpuppies

    29. Jose Alba


    30. Elliot Rook

      These look like Japanese version of poffertjes almost

    31. Sebastian Gonzalez

      You should do a video playlist of foods from food wars.

    32. Brielle Nielson

      Maybe do one of the Other Mothers meals from Coraline?

    33. gabejv

      I think you mean jelly filled donut holes

    34. Bean Bandit

      Ryuko is best girl

    35. Ajednski13 _YT

      My grandma still has a track ball computer mouse

    36. vedi0boy

      I feel like this needs cabbage. At least from what I remember from Osaka when I was there last month

    37. Angle Tea

      Hey what do you mean "were" a thing, i had one of those till a year or 2 ago

    38. Vexs

      I would fuck it up so bad then rage quit

    39. almostglitterybunny

      oh these are just like aebleskiver!! I saw them on bake off

    40. Desmano Darkstrike

      This dish was a mini game in another Japanese thing. It was a game called Starfy and you make this same exact recipe. Does anyone remember Starfy????

    41. Some Random Weeb

      Pretty sure the Tako in Takoyaki means octopus, making a Takoyaki without Octopus is as sinful as making "apple" pie without an apple.

    42. Bubble

      Instill own a track ball and I was born in late 2001

    43. Niklas

      Could you make Ed’s sauce from good burger?

    44. Peachy Pumpkin

      I will try to make them with my cake pop maker

    45. Communist In Action

      I hear the weebs.... They're scary

    46. Mr. Oregano

      This anime is why I watch hentai.

    47. Cyberus

      fuck yeah, takoyaki is the shit man.

    48. Rehab T

      I always had the urge to eat those mouse balls things

    49. Danny Nguyen

      my mum recipe in Japan was better but this recipe is not bad

    50. finnishnin

      Anyone else know if Takoyaki from Kamen Rider Ghost and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger?

    51. 12 AM


    52. Slightly Unusual Penguin

      Takoyaki? more like Taco-yucky

    53. Exter11

      I’d love to know who clicks on these and hits dislike

    54. Ty Uzumaki

      Should've made the croquettes

    55. Riketz

      Watch out when eating those. They are basically filled with hot lava if you eat them right away without letting them cool down.

    56. textmachine09

      Make anything from shokugeki no souma please

    57. RiftwalkerX

      Try some dishes from food wars

    58. Fai Shiro


    59. Excuse me cunt, Food Wars?

    60. LightKnight

      *adds salt* *adds low sodium soy sauce* Why?

    61. Monkey Farts

      Looks like AEBLESKIVERS...

    62. Mridul Rathi

      You should do an entire playlist on Shokugeki no Soma recipes they're SO good looking and I've tried a couple they insane

    63. InsaneTacoz

      That intro “Holy Jesus”

    64. Jerry Hsieh

      Out of all the anime clip with takoyaki you could’ve choose, you chose that one

    65. batwave27

      Telling Mako to relax is like telling a small child not to hit the big red button

    66. Fernando Tetzopa

      Food wars anime pot roast

    67. Shawan Hax

      Make a Caramelo Frank from FairyTail please.

    68. 007bistromath

      Wow, this takes me back. I just remembered that the first cooking show I ever liked was Tako the Octopus on Newgrounds.

    69. Angel Angel

      Could you PLEASE BAKE the cake from Everything, Everything PLEASE!!!!!

    70. Cloude Boiye

      0:14 Excuse me? Yeah, have you ever seen Mako relaxed?

      1. Barbatos mcmurderton

        @Doc. Bekker Brah please, cocaine is for the scrubs who can't keep up with her. Mako only snorts the freshest confusion that she collects fresh from people who interact with her.

      2. Doc. Bekker

        I wonder where she keeps her cocaine at...