Binging with Babish: Takoyaki from Kill la Kill

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    Not even a fully-automatic money gun is enough to stop Mako Mankanshoku when she's got her heart set on Osakan street food - quite the contrary, it only fuels her appetite. Follow along with this week's easy-once-you-get-all-the-specialty-ingredients-and-equipment classic Japanese street snack, Takoyaki!
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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. Alexander Wang

      we need a toriko episode

    2. Owen Creed

      I loved my trackball mouse.

    3. E I

      Just started watching kill la kill yesterday and I’m so invested already.

    4. Richard Shawcroft

      How about trying to make the Curry Donut from the Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji.

    5. S1L3NT G4M3R


    6. Calcaware

      Yes. Thank you.

    7. Adam Day

      Can you cook us a king crab or other types of crab?? I beleive what ever you make it could be delicious. Maybe do a seafood season of episode!!! Would love it! Big fan here your vids are very informative


      tentacles and anime.....seems about right....

    9. Kurt Cobain live at reading

      Jesus christ Japan is weird

    10. Ismael Aguilar

      I once heard :” never trust a thin cook”

    11. turbokid991

      Should I wash or boil the octopus content first? And should I rub the pan down with oil first?

      1. yeeter scoop

        Yea you should

    12. MnemeM

      Hey! I still use a trackball!

    13. chrisgcc

      i wish youd say okonomiyaki right

    14. Disturbing Daniel

      Anybody else just know takoyaki from Brooklyn 99? Just me? Ok.

    15. David Yu

      Would recommend that Yakisoba scene from Aggretsuko

    16. Marissa Thein

      Have you ever heard of Shokugeki???

    17. adde quist

      Can you show me sanji s fish balls please :)

    18. Jordan Espaillat

      Waiting on a dragon ball episode..... 😢

    19. Marco Meijer

      If you can't find a takoyaki pan, a Dutch poffertjes (mini pancakes) pan will probably do the trick as well.

      1. CreepypastaPudding

        Pans for cake pops might also do the trick.

    20. Chase Strange

      He needs to do some of the meals from Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

      1. Nostalgia For Infinity

        He can spend an entire year making videos of dishes just from Food Wars.

    21. Maad Valentine

      I still use trackball :O

    22. Abbacchiio

      Japanese hush puppies

    23. Buchanan Winchester

      those fush flakes top it off

    24. Reiner Knight

      I kinda wonna see a collab with Jun kitchen


      Tbh I was expecting the mystery croquettes

    26. T_2wo

      This man of culture had a pantsu shot in his vid

    27. Dudeless

      Kill la kill fans hit like

    28. Dab_531

      If i had one power, it would be probability control I mean what are the chances i would get a free plate of takoyaki? So low you cant say it Just bring that percent up to 100% and boom! Free sushi

    29. TheAVJ2


    30. Fate Wielder

      U do realize that there’s a dubbed version of kill la kill right?

    31. Andrea Martin

      I'm surprised you didnt make the croquettes from kill la kill

    32. Greywall

      Hah, these straight up look like Danish Apple Pieces with different fillings. Exactly the same cooking pan as well

    33. Dinh vo

      I feel like you're avoiding shokugeki.

    34. Game Might

      I like these anime episodes, the dishes are always interesting


      Can you do Udon from kimetsu no yaiba

    36. Nikki Solis

      Please please please do anything from food wars!!!

    37. Stephen Elias

      Gurren Lagan is like Kill la Kill But better

    38. Young Ladydragon

      Tracballs are still a thing, Babish xD

    39. littlekitsune1

      There's a Japanese place near me that has vegetarian takoyaki with cherry tomatoes inside. It's delish.

      1. littlekitsune1

        @adorkaboo I know they meant that, but even Japan makes multiple types besides the traditional kind.

      2. adorkaboo

        @littlekitsune1 I think they mean it wouldn't be takoyaki without the tako (octopus). I guess it would be a tomatoyaki.

      3. littlekitsune1

        @humanoid21 Because it's still takoyaki, even without the octopus. Everything else is the same. It's just a vegetarian version, like one of the variants made in this video. Which do exist in Japan, too. I was more referring to the other comment as strictly negative, but yours was still disregarding what I said by implying not eating a traditional version isn't "real."

      4. humanoid21

        @littlekitsune1 How is telling you a fact negative?

      5. littlekitsune1

        Of course I make an extremely neutral vegetarian comment and get negative comments... Don't know why I expected better from the internet.

    40. An Amorphous Cloud of Gasses

      Could an aepleskeever pan work instead? I know that’s kinda trading one speciality pan for another but it’s still a half sphere cook pan of about the right size?

    41. My name is Slurpee

      Now make takoyaki from Mob Psycho 100

    42. BROGETA Fusion

      This was made in One Piece too by an octopus guy 🐙

    43. Oh really Ya

      Can you make something from dragon ball super

    44. Raemhild Skyler

      Babish you turnin into a weeb?

    45. ꧁ꜱʟʏᴛʜᴇʀᴘᴜꜰꜰ꧂

      Do something from Assassination Classroom please! :3

    46. Tay EU gene

      Normal takoyaki has cabbage in the batter and usually bigger and itssss my favourite

    47. Shona Palmer

      I got anxiety watching this

    48. NMT Night Owl

      Pink guy made this and rapped God I miss you Franku

    49. Fsilone

      I remember the trackball!

    50. Awesomeness9842

      jokes on you trackball mice are still a thing HA :^)

    51. Abhi Jain

      Please do echiraku ramen from naruto

    52. Apple Song

      Fairytail cake

    53. JLT Productions Pty Ltd.

      Dude, one of my fav. Also, I have subscribed to Crunchyroll two months ago. The anime you mentioned I have finished. I have eaten Takoyaki in Australia can you believe, I am from South Africa and how funny, buying my own octopus tomorrow for this particular dish (before watching your episode ha!) anyway, I learned a lot from watching this. Thanks bro! :-D

    54. leelan82

      Can you make fox made stew from xxxholic

    55. Alonso Raabe

      I first met takoyaki on a Medabots episode

    56. Mac Gargan

      fuck that.

    57. sweetmajin_füjer .L

      Please cook something from food wars

    58. Jenni Alderete

      I fucking love that you did my all time favorite anime NOW PLEASE DO THE CroquetteS PLEASEEEE

    59. GoodDei CalmDei

      Could you do the gotcha pork roast from "Food Wars"? Do you think its possible?

    60. Hege Valle

      ... i want to go back to Japan ~ I miss the food 😭

    61. Lee

      i can't believe the dish you do from kill la kill is takoyaki and not croquettes. those are featured way more! makanshoku family favorite. shaking my head, babby.

    62. BreeStake Bobba

      takoyaki is my faveeee reshipe arigatougozaimashita edit: i use meat as the main topping thing

    63. tricomputing

      Trackballs are still a thing. Great for people with carpel tunnel from 20+ years of PC gaming.

    64. SixBones6 _

      After watching kill la kill I can finally appreciate this

    65. Rasmus Coff


    66. hftys

      Anime, yes

    67. Psykel

      It’s not really takoyaki without octopus, since tako means octopus.

    68. Hobre De Leche

      Mako and the word relax don't go together

    69. Sarehaand Venom

      Naruto’s ramen, that’s god tier bud

    70. I am Beverage

      He really said sike to anime food once he read y'all's comments, like any smart man should