Binging with Babish: Shrimp from Forrest Gump Part I

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    Bubba Gump Shrimp doesn't have to be associated with a horrible chain restaurant in Times Square - it can be the fullest realization of Bubba's love for the fruit of the sea. Creamy shrimp salad, crispy coconut shrimp, luscious shrimp gumbo - join me as I embark upon the first few dishes on the illustrious list dreamt up by everyone's best good friend. And I managed to do it without even a single Forrest Gump impression!
    Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. River Jay

      If you devein you a bitch

      1. River Jay

        Bubba would cook it like that the best shrimp is zaterans

    2. MRSADDREAMS The Legend

      I know one one actually cares but cooking your shrimps in a bath of butter and garlic is pretty good

    3. Bailey Collins

      Hey babish. I have a peanut allergy, is there anything besides the peanut oil that i can use for the coconut shrimp or is it the only thing that would work?

    4. ILoveChallenges 80

      Can you do riverdale milkshakes

    5. girl_of_stupidology

      Is there a substitute for the Mexican beer when making coconut shrimp ?

    6. Sarah Labat

      When he called it Holy Trinity, the high level of speculation in my little Cajun heart began to dissipate. Pretty impressed by that gumbo Babish. Making NOLA proud.

    7. Heidi Trower

      Can I say that I love it when you share the music you rock out to. We have similar music tastes so I enjoy those moments. Lol

    8. All Thebass

      Wait! So the gumbo made the Clean Soul Club?

    9. Amira Smith

      Is it bad that I got triggered when he called the poop the “ShRiMp InTeStInE”. Like bro we know it’s poop you know it’s poop. Just call it...poop 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤣

    10. Gerald Gibson

      Can you make shrimp scampi

    11. L.V.C

      Been almost a year... *RIP* Part 2

    12. 98kazer

      ... I now want some shrimp...

    13. garlaicīgs cilvēks king

      True Slav would use mayonnaise o n every thing

    14. Antonia Elrick

      "some fresh chopped dill" *exits video* I'm joking but for real... dill.... no....

      1. Irma


    15. Ancymon

      I made that gumbo today, burned my thumb while making the roux but it was worth it. It's delicious. Thank you Babish!

    16. Fox Girl

      I made jumbo a while back and didn’t Brown the Rue. It still tasted really good but, it was way lighter. And I added scallops to mine just for an extra kick of seafood

    17. Stitchy Witchy

      How can one man be so adorably sassy and sexy?

    18. O_M525treble

      My soul has been cleaned, my heart *Single tear* I feel that

    19. spore bubu

      The lipie is too small and you didn't roll it up properly, also some french fries and a bunch more other sauces would have added a lot

    20. Owen Damon

      How much okra

    21. SLMNW

      FORGOT TO CUT THE OKRA!!!! friendship over lololol

    22. Richard Dick

      That gumbo was made absolutely in authentic way!!!Im from Russia and always do gumbo that way.But I like a little bit of brown sugar and a lot of fresh parsley.

    23. Calvin Rollins

      So when I put the andouille sausage. It left a layer of oil on top of my gumbo.... what did I do wrong?

    24. silvia costanzo

      where does this "cousine" come from? or where can I eat like that? louisiana?

    25. Channel Squad

      Tried making the gumbo today. I didn’t eat any but apparently the recipe is very forgiving. I messed up twice (didn’t have shrimp shells so I just had to use tails and I poured the shrimp stock too quickly)

    26. Kaylee Hogness

      Why do I only watch this channel when I’m hungry?

    27. Codename: Crisis

      Waiting for part 2 be like

    28. nick7913

      Downvotes at 666. Anyone who dislikes BWB is obviously a devil worshiper!

    29. Corbin Thomas

      666 dislikes

    30. Kaasgames NL

      Jeah i am gonna get some fresh choped salt and a fresh choped stur and Some fresh schoped mayo

    31. Aaron Wright

      That's the most fancy gumbo I've ever seen

    32. Sheenpai LovesU


    33. G_H_O_S_T

      *F R E S H C H O P*

    34. Jacob Short

      8:58 Boogie with Babish has to be a thing. Please make it a thing. This is the second episode you've had it. Please.

    35. psychotic soldier


    36. Doug Marks

      That gumbo looks so amazing. The only thing it needs is some file and a few saltines and it would be just like we make it back home in the bayou.

    37. TehAsianator

      So there's an easier way to do Roux. You can do it in the oven and not have to stir it for half and hour

    38. Affian Rage (Alex Nelson)

      If I was only allowed to eat one dish of Babishes(?), it would definitely be that shrimp gumbo. I've seen a bunch of your videos but that gumbo is just the most delicious looking thing.

    39. Baleria Medina

      Anyone else just buy peeled deveined shrimp?

    40. Simon Dela Vega

      Fresh choped salt. And adding a little fresh chopped mayo. This is it.

    41. CeresTV

      The coconut shrimp doesn't sound bad if you get rid of the coconut

    42. xDnB Raven

      Did he leave the intestines in that bowl he said could be used to make soup cuz oh my god ew

    43. Razy Decierdo

      Dry ball and WET BALL 😏

    44. Illyr

      I thought Id be ready to see that clip with Bubba now what im 22, but at a few seconds in im left tearing up agin 😢 Binging alllll of the videos!

    45. meme lord uwu

      RIP bubba

    46. Aerolgel

      S H R I M P *food item here*

    47. Erik Candia

      Good cooking with an extra crunchy snap of decent writing, nice channel man

    48. Arciaga Jekka

      Despite how monotone his voice is, its always funny

    49. Packerboi 996

      8:33 I'm eating corned beef hash while I'm watching this so instead of smelling gumbo I smoked corned beef hash but it's can so it's not as good as what he could make

    50. Cranespotter

      Forest Gumbo

    51. Javier Garcia

      I can smell it

    52. Bl3u Cheeta

      Crusty pasta

    53. Bardockfan150

      Boogying with Babish.

    54. Kiley V

      I see that Pacifico 😉

    55. Soviet gopnik

      Bring me a higher love

    56. Bonita Coco

      Everything looks so damn good!

    57. Jay Jay

      I LOVE DAT 🎥 🍿

    58. triadwarfare

      3:14 Compound butter? I almost thought you were going to add margarine...

    59. Toby Martin

      Shrimp you mean prawns aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi

    60. Madison Clayton

      so I’m a traitor to my southern roots cause I hate okra. what could I replace the okra with in the gumbo? (or would it not even be considered gumbo without it? lol)

    61. TheArtsyMythsKid

      I’m surprised Bubba didn’t mention cocktail shrimp

    62. milking cow suprise

      what about smoked Italian sausage?? Can I use that??

    63. Dark Glitch

      No Gumbo File?! Heresy.

    64. AnimaToon!

      *Fresh chopped*

    65. TØPisgreat

      I just saw this movie thursday

    66. Erpi Emil

      NEW DRINKING GAME: every time babish says shrimp u drink

    67. Eric Paredes

      I eat the legs

    68. Nathan Wylie

      "Adding fresh chopped mayo as necessary." 😂😂

    69. Sledges Hammer

      Fresh chopped salt

    70. bee pot

      That was a fine looking gumbo 👍🏻

    71. lisatressa

      5:49 if you watch the knife, it Moved slightly and it has chopped veggies on it

    72. naitn

      Somehow achieved an erect penis from watching this.

    73. Joseph Schmoe

      Tropical... jhuzh?

    74. The Man With No Plan

      "A little bit of tropical Žüğė"

    75. Bl3u Cheeta

      i love crusty pasta

    76. Daniel Scales

      love a bit of that tropical JUUUJJJ

    77. Brilly Ashby Slebold

      Some Fresh Chopped Salt Is the Best

    78. meatyboititlord

      Bayou la batre nuff said

    79. Abigal Brenner

      Ugh you're food looks so good!!! Also I want to be your wife and have your babies lol

    80. Caitlin Foster

      The gumbo was closer than most

    81. Sardonicous

      what a nicely fresh chopped video

    82. Sarang Shlizzy

      You use Mexican beer often, is there an important reason why or are there other beers that are useable ?

    83. IDroppedMyBacon

      Bubba would be proud

    84. Imogen Kone

      Speaking of gumbo....maybe you could do a vid on Tiana's gumbo from princess and the frog.

    85. April Finucane

      You did a wonderful job on the gumbo. We are all very picky about it in our family the only thing that I would personally change is leaving the bay leaves in. Our tradition was whoever gets the bay leaf has to do the dishes LOL

    86. Jazmin Farris

      i don't trust non southerners to make gumbo properly but you did us proud! ...for the most part lol

    87. caden adams

      Coconut shrimp is my favorite too

    88. xerofire gaming

      Did he say shrimp scampi? because I didn’t hear it

    89. Luis Vazquez

      Please make an etouffee!!!!

    90. Jeffrey Mullikin

      21-22 ways to cook shrimp? damn

    91. Michael Cross

      I came for the shrimp and stayed for the gumbo.

    92. Pieter-Bas Beijer

      Roux is equal parts fat and flour yes, but in weight, not in volume. You could have used less than half the amount of oil and have the same result.

    93. David D.L. Leblanc

      I need that gumbo!!!

    94. Lester Walit

      Yep, slapped my face alright.

    95. gruesome doctor

      Coconut shrimp is my fave tooooooo

    96. charro028

      Too much rice in that gumbo but the color is perfection!

    97. GFXち卄工尺口れモK口

      Andrew, please tackle Filipino food

    98. Elricgurl

      This channel never fails to make me feel hungry.

    99. Alex

      That dancing tho 😂

    100. Lekha Pratap

      1:00 Alright the legs are delightful.