Binging with Babish: Sandy Frye's Appetizers from Bob's Burgers

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    Today we embark upon our third journey into foods from Bob's Burgers...that aren't burgers. Because sometimes you need to stretch a bit so you can make a "big game" episode. But hey, we learn how to make quick puff pastry, one in 90 minutes, the other in less than an hour!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      Alright folks, next time I do a Bob's Burgers episode, it should probably have some burgers in it...any requests?

      1. MAD DOG

        Ooo "the meatsiah" thing looked complicated

      2. LethalSquid Gaming

        Binging with Babish thicc coochie burger

      3. Arne Kim

        do somthing other than bobs burgers and regular show

      4. Deshawn Edwards

        Can you make The ButterSmear from "The Amazing World of Gumball".

    2. Depressed Memer

      “That’s what she said” 😂

    3. savered

      “Like brazilian pão de queijo” hahahahaha love u much

    4. Jonelle Whyte

      This is a Binging and Basics episode in one

    5. Violet Vixen

      by the way you make it there is 729 layers in your pastry and i'm suprised ANYBODY has the patience for that.

    6. Dolphinboi

      I just realized the wooden spoon has a beard

    7. Luke Merten

      Could you please make the chocolate cheese burger covered in candy from Ben ten reboot

    8. Pulse Wound

      حيو سمبووساا

    9. Kuumba Creations

      0:50 "my own *damn* hands" idk why that shit was so funny

    10. K B

      Damn the crust holds so much butter 😂

    11. Daniel Eubanks

      Krusty Krab Pizza

    12. Luke Merten

      Make the krusty burger

    13. ya boi

      Quick puff pastry he says

    14. Srinjoy Bhattacharjee

      Make something from the food wars anime

    15. Jacob Bruen

      “Don’t check my math, I don’t know what I’m talking about” me in every math class since 7th grade

    16. JamesReacts YT

      I came for the Mozzarella Volcanoes

    17. Josh Cogan

      But I thought Jimmy Pesto's pizza went great with Frye?

    18. Mark Boos

      I dont know what she says to you on a daily bases... But it's not the same for me xD

    19. Judy Chen

      0:10 0:13 0:16 and 0:11 0:15 0:17

    20. Stingy fix tips

      Challenge: rewatch all his videos and take a shot when he says parchment line baking sheet

    21. Scott Burton

      0:35 Go to the shop and buy some puff pastry.

    22. Lord Nanfoodle

      ...and they go great with fry. :3

    23. Kairu Hakubi

      Okay but let's be real these all should have been deep fried. That's the point.

    24. Giovana Calamari

      you know pão de queijo??! :o

    25. Robert Michaels

      So is no one talking about how Babish has his mug on his spoon?

    26. atychi-_

      5:01 , the big gay

    27. MannyB Light

      Please tell me you have a cookbook or one in the books for future man I wanna try all these recipes on paper! 😁

    28. DaKu wolfie

      What's with the overload of salt at the end of everything that's way too much

    29. Bram Aho

      me and my big butch boyfriends can't wait for football season


      why do i watch this knowing damn well i have nothing in the fridge

    31. Lord Manatee

      0:50 It's called wang-jangling Andrew.

    32. Janie Burns-Dunnick

      "Nine square-shaped squares"

    33. Justin Waltzer

      Volcano implies that the cheese is liquid!

    34. grandcarriage1

      Gold star for alliteration big butch boyfriend

    35. Erik Iversen

      Brazilian hwat now?

    36. Dean Nation

      OMG just noticed the spoon decal! Love it!

    37. Richacha praca

      The first puff pasrty you made reminds me of croissant making, it is pretty similar to me

    38. lil bork

      what happens if u fold cheese and butter into the puff pastry, cheesy puff?

    39. Benjamin Stenlund

      I just realised that Andrew's wooden spoon has his beard burned onto it

    40. Milk Store

      Is your face on that wooden spoon?

    41. Isabelle Khiev

      nobody: babish: *smacks pastry dough*

    42. Andrew Dobosz

      Niiice 👍

    43. Adam Weaver

      Man, I would love to see you do a video with Harley Morenstein (From Epic Meal Time). Watching your calm demeanor and his... unique personality... would be entertaining I'd think.

    44. willsham45

      As a brit may I ask. How much butter is a stick?

    45. Lancelot V

      Sorry but did I hear enjoy with your butch boyfriend during the big gay What the fuck that is so accurate

    46. Hayden Davey

      I would love to be his son,imagine having food like this all the time ! Keep up the good work👍


      You should make the Big Belly Burger from The Flash.

    48. Peter Gray

      Big buff Butch boyfriends hahaha love it

    49. Jake Stroud

      Do you not have cheese twists in America?

    50. Custom Coin Rings USA

      Why does that cartoon guy sound exactly like Archer?

      1. Entry-Level Hipster

        Same voice actor

    51. Chris Karnbach

      Anyone else notice his wooden spoon is him

    52. Franceline

      I am glad you didn't just buy puff pastry. It's not easily available in Brazil and a lot of recipes need them. I am so glad you showed how to make it. One of my favourite things about your channel is that you demonstrate how to make things from scratch so I can follow the recipes even if I don't find the ready ingredients.

    53. Random cheese Banana

      those sesame cheddar blasts dont look very blasty.

    54. Alex Miller

      Fuck you Babish Im using that premade shit! Make my own puff pastry?

    55. Aviendha

      My method of making puff pastry is shorter. I drive to the supermarket. Takes less than twenty minutes.

    56. João Pedro Gouvêa

      well it took me a long time to understand the pão de queijo part

    57. Al Nightmare

      I have no idea what you just said, but I like it.

    58. CrazyM8

      Chris’s super healthy burger from Parks and Recreation

    59. Kori Skene

      I make similar cheese twists but I also add a ridiculous amount of garlic powder too. Theyre delicious 😍

    60. Sphynx

      My own *damn* hands

    61. Oscar Roman

      You should do more Bob's burger recipes

    62. Noir_The_Underdog.

      So uh.... ahem...what happened at 6:55?

    63. Rayjoun Clarke

      It's been a while since I watched one of your videos Babby but as always i'm never disappointed

    64. Gypsy

      Sounds like u said big gay

    65. Najahte Smith

      Or My oWn DaMn HaNDs"

    66. PNTHA Envi

      This binging with Babish guy looks like the Basics with Babish guy.

    67. Mike K

      The background music is pretty loud. Might wanna turn it down.

    68. Syarifah Nur Anisah Syed mohd Amin

      Make Hainanese Chicken Rice from Crazy Rich Asians pleaseeeeee babishhhhhh

    69. Sophia Neves


    70. Maurius

      5:12 i need that tool

    71. Jay Wilson

      banish you are my HERO

    72. Tom Adrian

      Basically you made burekas

    73. bobbler42

      Rough puff pastry is easier than both, and whilst you don’t get the layers, it’s better than anything you can buy. Also rolling out on the underside of a chilled baking sheet is a good hack for keeping the pastry cold whilst rolling.

    74. Skrt Skrt

      Ice water i be freezingg

    75. Tim Noonan

      1:04 Wait is that a spoon with Babby’s face on it?

    76. Channel

      Can you pass that through the screen I'm hungry

    77. jaxson ivie

      Can I come to your house for super bowl weekend? 😂😂

    78. QarloQ

      Can you do Mr. Bean's animated series chicken lollipop?

    79. Sephiroth Sephiroth

      You and your Big Butch Boyfriends... You didn't need to say it out loud

    80. Michael Adams

      so whats a fella to do

    81. Kent Karlsson

      You don’t have to freeze the butter that you mix with the floure. But it was a smart ideé :)

    82. enzo fonseca machado

      7:13 omg senpai just acknowledged my country I'm crying tears of joy

    83. Moe Aln

      Is that your face on the wooden spoon?

    84. Garvit Sharma


    85. Reuben Gres

      NZ loves puff pastries

    86. Chris Branscome

      so....the Puff Pastry link lands me here.

    87. Shadow Anims

      remember guys, take out your dough once it's as chill as bob ross, then decide where your dough lives in your world

    88. Miraina Ray

      Teach us how to make Pao de Queijo

    89. Tara Zahn

      Twist into twists, and square shaped squares. The descriptions are just phenomenal! A+

    90. Chad Lovelace

      The oregano burger pizza always goes good with fries.

    91. Hailey Morris


    92. A singular Microwaved Burrito

      His spoon has his face on it

    93. Todd

      Is that a wooden spoon with your visage on the back?

    94. vonBelfry

      "Cohesive Cheesy Mass", "Nine Square-Shaped Squares"

    95. Robert Smith

      Ask mason

    96. Robert Smith


    97. Laserlovey5000


    98. Joe Buckley

      What makes salt kosher?

    99. Eden Hinton

      Pake! Pake! Pake! Pake!!!! (From drop dead diva)

    100. Callie Cows

      “Square shaped squares.” nah.. I like my squares triangular. Haha jk.