Binging with Babish: Sandy Frye's Appetizers from Bob's Burgers

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    Today we embark upon our third journey into foods from Bob's Burgers...that aren't burgers. Because sometimes you need to stretch a bit so you can make a "big game" episode. But hey, we learn how to make quick puff pastry, one in 90 minutes, the other in less than an hour!
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      Alright folks, next time I do a Bob's Burgers episode, it should probably have some burgers in it...any requests?

      1. Javier Moreno

        Can you do the curry bun from black butler

      2. Moe Salamander


      3. lydia martin

        Baby you can chive my car burger 😎

      4. Our holy Lord and savior


    2. raqFarha

      what if mozzarella volcanoes were a combination of the onion volcanoes from hibachi restaurants, and cheese sticks? like some sortta onion-ring mozzarella stick love child?

    3. Coty Gearin

      This channel has allowed me to greatly expand my cooking knowledge and skill

    4. Mr. DiZzY

      my own DAMN HANds

    5. Donna Elhard

      Big Butch boyfriends. Hahahahaha

    6. Matt Creager

      Omg. Do you have that in your book?

    7. Victoria Paul

      I love Fridgin dough

    8. beausecur90

      You should try making the Dutch Baby from Bob's Burgers

    9. Spec tator

      I shouldn't have watched it at 12 o'clock midmight

    10. the jax of all games

      There's honestly nothing better than the babish spoon

    11. Tomasz Neosapiens

      this is called french pastry , and you are fucking it up

    12. Andrew Byers

      That whirlwind butter grating at 1:48 is what dreams are made of.

    13. Lep

      "Kinda like a letter" is the Babish version of Brad's garlic speech.

    14. William Beale

      Anyone else see the knife magically slide into frame at 0:43 😳?

      1. Andrew Byers

        Yer a wizard, Babby! ...I'm a what?

    15. Hopelessly Bad Opinions INC.

      "big butch boyfriends" can I have a big butch GIRLfriend instead

    16. KingEhrys98

      Yeah, my boyfriends are butch.

    17. Foxtrot Intrepid

      I made the Toasted Jalapeno Points and everyone loved them!

    18. Plus1 Falcon

      5:00 Cream cheese Jalapeños Shredded mozzarella Puff pastry Egg

    19. TristenDoesGames

      Video not sponsored by Puff Pastry*

    20. Christian Abeel

      Am I the only one who still says 'my own Damn hands' on a regular basis. It's iconic

    21. Ali Ullah

      Next time do the diabetic eclair from that Simpson episode

    22. OmnissiahZelos

      You're mispronouncing Jalapeño, it hurts my ears ;^;

    23. c3t

      did you say puff pastry?

    24. April Toast

      I for some reason, cringe of how dry the dough looks.

    25. Skye Chavis

      No puff pastry in China babby not as readily available as u think

    26. John Cipriano

      All you have to do is go to the store and get some puff pastry in the frozen food dairy section in the store.

    27. MeMe_Very_Unoriginal

      The triangle one is litterally a burekas. I'm defiently using that jalapeno recipe for the next family dinner I'm hosting

    28. Kristina Perry

      Can’t go wrong with office quotes.

    29. MothraVsTheWorld

      You wanta know what I'm gonna do when i have no puff pastry.... IMA GO BUY SOME

    30. Galaxy Wolf

      Anything: Exists Babish: S A L T

    31. 0Z73CCD

      Make sure to crip

    32. shadowmaster335

      yeah, those twisters looks delicious, but i prefer bacon cheddar twisters :D

    33. Connor Wassell

      I've been doing that for years but with Nutella

    34. fransuke12

      That will be great! . . WITH FRIES.

    35. Zyxis asterious

      big buch boyfriends

    36. bat fan

      But was it...KOSHER SALT

    37. Paladin

      So I'm a little offended he assumed I'm a girl😂 like I'm a guy but I'm sure my big Butch girlfriends would love them 😂

    38. Dimitar Chakalov

      Homosexual ?

    39. FunkyPants

      wow...ima buy me some puff pastry, add some cheese, bake it and enjoy the evening 0.o this sounds fantastic 😂

    40. SandboxArrow

      The animation is wacky as fuck

    41. Solomon Oh

      6:53 Ahhhhh my *OCD* is triggered from that leftover dough But baking it would have done the same by ruining the rectangular formation anyway

    42. m daily

      Making puff is not even worth it ha PS- bring back bedtime with babish. Love the crap outtakes that

    43. Mitchell Farris

      Just curious, could you do puff pastry but substitute the butter with cheese?

      1. 3kxi Art

        I doubt it. I think theres a kind of margarine that can work in place of butter though.

    44. Winnie the Pooh

      This is so much better then gordon ramsey

    45. Keilaaa lovee

      20 mins in the fridge... pull out roll and 20 more mins in the fridge pull out roll cut out circle brush with egg wash Plus 15 mins in the oven ... not to include the time it took rolling it The second method wasn’t under an hour lol but I still love the vid 🤣

    46. richlinlaw

      I overdosed on the music loop at about 5 minutes 14 seconds

    47. nina brujita

      After studying pastry I swore on my life I would ALWAYS buy puff pastry & fondant. Not even worth the trouble and trauma

    48. Lytatroan

      i just got ptsd when he said "dead ringer"

    49. DragonTurtle9999

      None of the stores near me sell puff pastry anymore

    50. Ahmed H

      I had a 💔 attack watching this...........

    51. Đęvįł

      I swear to god if he rolls that god forsaken dough one more time I’m gonna leap off my roof

    52. Gaven Winters

      No one's gonna note the design on the wooden spoon? No? Okay fine, babish your spoon looks cool... There I said it

    53. Xavier Lopez

      "Big butch boyfriends will be looking for"‐ Bingeing with Babish, 2019 😏😏

    54. taylor

      You uploaded this on my birthday, do churros

    55. xuxi_ yk

      this looks pretty unhealthy but I l o v e it

    56. Gilbert

      you saying brazilian pão de queijo: everything for me

    57. Zhuofan Zhang

      Nobody: Knife on the lower left corner: 0:43

    58. Alex Thompson

      Look up Perpendicular..

    59. Rubb Butter96

      I wonder if it entered the clean tray club 🤔😋🤤

    60. Nationalist Joe

      "Sometimes you have no puff pastry. So what's a fella to do?" Me: skip to 3:30

    61. Willam rubinoff

      Oh thats grate

    62. Justin Van Dyke

      0:42 his knife moves on its own. Bruh

    63. Depressed Memer

      “That’s what she said” 😂

    64. savered

      “Like brazilian pão de queijo” hahahahaha love u much

    65. Family Guy

      This is a Binging and Basics episode in one

    66. Violet Vixen

      by the way you make it there is 729 layers in your pastry and i'm suprised ANYBODY has the patience for that.

    67. Dolphinboi

      I just realized the wooden spoon has a beard

    68. Luke Merten

      Could you please make the chocolate cheese burger covered in candy from Ben ten reboot

    69. Pulse Wound

      حيو سمبووساا

    70. Kuumba Creations

      0:50 "my own *damn* hands" idk why that shit was so funny