Binging with Babish: Pizza from Deadpool

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    Wade Wilson knew exactly what he was doing when he ordered that pizza - he knew I'd one day have to recreate and eat it. Yes I know the comic was written well before I started making the show. Yes I know Wade Wilson is a fictional character. Let me imagine that Ryan Reynolds did something to mess with me okay?
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    Published on Year ago


    1. kazuma desu

      My friend put beef cornet on pizza How would like him to get killed?

    2. Draliseth

      Sausage, bacon, pineapple, jalapenos, white sauce, thinner crust, extra cheese of choice. Thank me later.

    3. W H E A T

      I thought those olives in the beginning were chocolate

    4. simoane the curly hobo


    5. Brianthecow

      I have the same cheese grater with blue bowl as you. Nice!

    6. OWGlassy

      how much oil do you want? yes

    7. Courtney Fielding

      Can you please make the super cheesy pizza from the Goofy Movie? That pizza looked incredible 👌

    8. Joe Marks

      Love it😂

    9. Elaine Nguyen

      4:16 isn't the pizza only topped with fruits? tomato, olive, and pineapple?

      1. Elaine Nguyen

        Demetra Economou lol I was shocked too but they are!

      2. Demetra Economou

        Since when are olives a FRUIT

    10. 98kazer

      what's wrong with having pineapples and/or olives in a pizza? it tastes great!

    11. AwkwardGamerRN

      I’d try it

    12. Leo Sotiri

      Babish i have a question what if i am allergic to gluten us there an alternate version?

    13. Topanga YT

      I fucking.loved.this.

    14. Cookie

      I dont know about pineapple, but olives are a great pizza topping and that's coming from an olive hater

    15. rat kid

      i didn’t know anyone else liked pizza with olives and pineapple on it until this movie and it made me very happy

    16. Macaroni & Cheese

      1:01 will the ball have unlimited power?

    17. Sean Petty

      12140.33 degrees Fahrenheit if you’re weird and just want to know

    18. Nicolás Isler Letelier

      Its curious how when it comes to pineapple on pizza, people are all up for it, or completely against it.

    19. NightGhoulJaeger

      The mozzarella goes after a while in the oven

    20. The MADDAWG

      Pineapple pizza is good

    21. - Mcfat -

      *okay, next time i get pizza i'll also put olives on it* (i love pineapple / kebap pizza)

    22. Garry

      I love pineapple pizza, sweet and salty, just the way I like my women

    23. xd DeyJammer

      Ok ok with pineapples on pizzas but olives...

    24. Kyle Fergus

      Tbh Honest I get this plus jalopeno and bacon

    25. It's Cris


    26. Cart00n

      "If you're lazy, like me". The dude is making a pizza that takes 4 whole days to finish. If that's lazy then I'm the laziest person in the world :D

    27. saturn

      whenever i get pizza, i get pineapples, olives and jalapeños. sue me

      1. Lalo T

        saturn either not a big fan of olives but that does sound like a delicious pizza :p

    28. Yuri is commiting sudoku

      B-b-b-b but i like pinnaple pizza

      1. Tristan Hartup

        Me too

    29. Avneet Singh Khorana

      Pineapple on pizza, yuck

    30. voidedMuffin

      im not allowed to judge pizza toppings as i will put asparagus and/or broccoli on mine so like :T

      1. Decipher

        voidedMuffin you have voided your basic human rights

    31. Kabir Kumar

      Is the oven at 550°F on the fan setting, or some other one?

    32. Justin Sullivan

      I’m straight but I’d marry him for the food. Without hesitation.

    33. cjcase825

      Is it bad I actually enjoy this pizza alot like alot

    34. MissVestergaard

      5000 degrees Kelvin is still 4726,85 degrees Celsius... that's one warm pizza..

    35. slimyninajago secrer

      700 Kelvin - 273 = 427 celcius. No Fahrenheit.

    36. Adam Mark

      Are you kidding? We order this so often that our pizzeria knows what we now call a 'Wade Wilson'. Sweeet and saaalllty....

    37. Yousif yaqoob

      There is a way that you could use to get bubbles on a pizza without freezing it

    38. Amanda Anderson

      I have been ordering pineapple, black olives, pepperoni, and extra cheese for 20 years. Deadpool has good taste. Hmmm this is a lot of work for pizza dough. We've just made the dough, proofed it, kneading a bit, then bagged it and froze it.

    39. SeoulMan

      I'm keen on trying this with green olives instead. Is that weird?

    40. Russs

      I swear I only disliked this video to be the thousandth one to do so it was genuinely a great video but that opportunity only comes around once in a while.

    41. Russs

      Jeez that movie was a drug trip

    42. Cold Fury

      Needs alepeno would be perfect

    43. Raymond Avila

      It was a pretty small pizza..

    44. Olivia Animations

      Ok now if Deadpool likes anchovies than we literally like the same pizza toppings!!! Speaking of anchovy pizza make the one from futurama

    45. ocarinaplaya

      I've never heard of people disparaging olives when it comes to pizza. All the hubbub usually stays around pineapples and anchovies.

    46. Walle C

      Thumbs up 👍 for anyone who has worked in a pizza joint!

    47. MR.Gaming games and more games

      and how to eat pineaple pizza: cut the pizza into a few peaces and take a grabage now putt the pizza into the garbageband run away as fast as u can

    48. MOM

      Making pizza using bread flower they said... But I don't see any flower in this video. Are they lying to me?

    49. John A.

      As someone who doesn't care for olives I would oddly rather pineapple on pizza (though not if I can choose neither).

    50. jsnaketodo

      2:08 is my favorite part lol

    51. Sinbad

      Seems like a lot of effort for a pizza.

    52. hal lourious

      Until now I havnt met anyone who didnt like pineapple pizza

    53. Starleaf

      I can tell you honestly wade’s pizza is the best fucking pizza I’ve ever had and I will personally murder anyone who says otherwise

    54. Awesomecraft 360

      I'm gonna say it I like pineapple pizza

    55. Flare Gaming

      4:30 best part 7000 degrees kelvin

    56. Broockle

      Olives have a strong savory flavor that just permeates everything and I love it. But Pineapple is very subtle on pizza. I don't hate it but I also don't think it adds anything significant to it. I mean pizza is supposed to be savory so to make it better in my mind you just gotta put the most savory toppings on it that you can find. So Olives, Capers, with Artichokes or Mushrooms are by far my favorite toppings. PS: I actually have this Pizza joint close to me that makes a cheese pizza but then pours a mushroom cream sauce over it. It becomes a sloppy mess, it's my favorite xD

    57. DreamersCosplay

      I have actually had olives and pineapple on pizza and it’s not that bad!

    58. R T

      Gross toppings aside?? Wrong. That would be great.

    59. Thunderheade Danno

      I think everyone that cooks has that SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT AW FUCK moment

    60. Dinodog

      there is nothing better than a home made pizza. i would love a whole series on the glories of New York pizza recipes.

    61. madeinchina a

      Olives and pineapple are both fruits..

    62. AnaRxistBoD

      Why does everyone hate pineapple on pizza this much?

    63. Dark Sev.

      4:15 Just fruits. Olives are fruits.

    64. Kasper Kristensen

      You didn't have to make the pineapple chuncks that big, man.

    65. pasta in my blood

      And Deadpool had this shit delivered in ONE HOUR(or so)!?!? How!?

    66. Willonapop

      What is your favorite pizza topping ?

    67. maniacal1

      Mushrooms and anchovies, the only toppings to put on pizza.

    68. Serjohn

      olive is totally a fruit

      1. Conorize


    69. Gampang Ingat

      Chimmy Changa please

    70. A Child

      i unnsubscribed because he doesnt like pineapple on pizza

    71. Miranda Helmich

      I love both on pizza... but haven't tried having both on the SAME pizza.... sounds like a plan

      1. Zipperozic billybobjenkins

        Cheers to that

    72. Amin

      Ill be honest pineapple pizza is disgusting

    73. Thomas Grespan

      7000 degrees kelvin... idk maybe I'm too nerdy but that killed me

      1. Derron Mendel

        Not nerdy enough

    74. Justin

      Just give me bacon, sausage, and black olives.

    75. Altair1928

      using an object to roll out the doe after youve invested so much time into getting it to grow and build bubbles youre just pushing them out again with the high pressure when using the bottle for flattening for example.. try it with your hands only.. youll see a great difference in texture..

    76. DerpyLeoツ

      You should be in Tasty

    77. Paradox Eclipze

      Is that pineapple in pizza!? Why why... just why.

    78. Brandon Sutherland

      Is anyone else upset that he didn't make chimichangas?

    79. Reman Scimitar

      At this point better off just calling it an alternate supreme pizza (but without the onions).

    80. Justin White

      Sunday to thursday is a bit longer that 8 to 24 hours

    81. HOBBIT cadillac

      gtfo, pineapple ham and onion is god tier toppings

    82. Ch!n0

      Me:Really hungry without food in the morning Also me:Watches delicous food making like pizza and sushi

    83. Likr Likr

      That's my favourite pizza. Except I prefer green olives, not black like Deadpool.

    84. Jonny Hicks

      What happen to chimichangas ?

    85. Pringles Can

      Taste is subjective people

    86. guacamole nigga penis

      Hawaiian pizza is good, fight me

      1. XxShadowBunnyxX

        It all depends on opinion Ha!

    87. clint brunke

      7000 degree kelvin lol

    88. Ma Praen Pelmeene

      Why noone likes pineapple on pizza?

    89. bronyferien minuet

      *deadpool wants to know your location *

    90. nem tudom

      American man uses metric and guess what happens to him.... He dies to heresy for forsaking the ways of freedom

    91. Reeta Tassberg

      In middle east they sell pizza with only olive

    92. MemeMan

      Italians: Pineapple i will punch you

    93. KAI

      i hate pineapple on pizza

    94. Napoleon BoringParte

      Did he just say 7,000 Kelvin? His table would have caught on fire

    95. Makkt_ [][][]

      Imagine that you are on the phone and calling the local pizza place you order your pizza but then he says Yeah it will be ready in 4 days

    96. Bryan Rosensteel

      Spinach, Pineapple, and Feta toppings on a white sauce and mozzarella cheese pizza. It's called an SPF, and it is really good.

    97. im just here for the feels

      I-I like olives on my pizza . . .

    98. Samantha B

      Pineapple pizza lovers are heathens, so are those who like anchovies on their pizza.

    99. Sara Cohle

      Pineapple pizza is the BEST. You take that back.

    100. Jegthish Rahm

      Gordon Ramsey left the chat.....