Binging with Babish: Pizza from Deadpool

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    Wade Wilson knew exactly what he was doing when he ordered that pizza - he knew I'd one day have to recreate and eat it. Yes I know the comic was written well before I started making the show. Yes I know Wade Wilson is a fictional character. Let me imagine that Ryan Reynolds did something to mess with me okay?
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    Published on Year ago


    1. MD88Pilot

      *7000 degrees kelvin*

    2. William Riley

      Like someone else said you should open up your own food joint. Pick your top liked videos and put them on the menu. Then you can have weekly/monthly specials depending on how US-new viewers like your videos.

    3. Daniël Rabbers

      Juparo - Broke for free 🤗

    4. Jaaa Beee

      Pineapple olive and jalapenos. My favorite pizza for a solid 20 yrs. Add bacon if you're feeling it.

    5. Francesco Petragnani Ciancarelli

      Imagine putting pineapple on pizza, DISGUSTING

    6. Anant Agarwal

      You look like a more good looking deadpool yourself

    7. Gabriel Costrut

      olives are disgusting but don't you dare dish on pineapple

    8. theprincesspeach94

      Kinda disappointed in no deadpool cameo

    9. Saucy Sashimi

      Do listen to him dont try it! It's not what you think.

    10. Pres1dentN1xon2

      *Is that burnt crust?*

    11. Adam Nofziger

      What a dick move lol. How am I supposed to know if I should make this now? Who am I kidding I don't make anything I see on US-new

    12. Apple Song

      It looks like you are making milk bread

    13. rebel 00

      Normal guy in restaurant: one pizza please Babish: ok it will by done in four days

    14. Duh_ItsMeh

      Olives are good

    15. Adam Ziada

      Imagine making a pizza for a guy you look like

    16. Joshua Lisciarelli

      I ordered this on my own, and just now realized that Deadpool also likes this pizza. Idk how to feel about it

    17. Nikkstein Gaming

      Olives are an amazing topping! What do you mean?!

    18. Alex asdas

      This is pretty similar to the pizza dough made at blaze pizza.

    19. Suchir Agarwal

      Was I the only one who got annoyed by "degrees Kelvin"

    20. Tha Munky

      Pineapple goes on pizza! Now I'm gonna have to try this next time

    21. time903

      Honestly, one type of pizza I do like is pineapple and kind of plays with that sweet and salty flavor.

    22. My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food

      Why not just use the pizza dough he did in another video around the same time that only took 24 hours total? Is this really much better?

    23. Alyssa Stacey

      12,104 degrees? Bruh what brand of oven do you use? 😂

    24. RNGsus

      I always get confused when he says to not buy pre shredded cheese, and then I remember that in Wisconsin you just buy good pre shredded cheese that isnt coated in potato starch.

    25. Voltairous Guy

      0:34 Is it just me or did he say Doppio?

      1. Ammon Douyon

        ring ring ring

    26. Hopen Tiger

      Wait, didn’t he not want burnt crust?

    27. dodgers doon1130

      Sweet and salty

    28. Evelin Ay

      I once split a pineapple and olive pizza with my friend. He liked olives, I liked pineapple, so we moved them half and half and both were happy

    29. Nyghtking

      Pineapple on pizza by itself is ok I guess but I prefer the whole Hawaiian so you also get the Canadian bacon.

    30. Max Weber

      Sweet and savory, Pineapple and pepperoni pizza

    31. Jules PROTAT

      his italian impression makes me so wet

    32. Joey Clemenza

      who the hell dislikes these videos?

    33. Danz McNabb

      Since when are olives reviled? Also I love ham and pineapple pizza. Would definitely try pineapple and olive.

    34. Chronic Awesomeness

      Ok ok hear me out and try it before you say it’s gross... Cream cheese on pizza

      1. claire jackson

        Chronic Awesomeness omg!!!! a local pizza place near me sells this and it the best thing in the world

    35. diba moca

      Fruit and veggies? Olives, pineapple, and tomatoes are all fruits!

    36. Danna Martinez

      I love pineapple and olives on my pizza😔😔😔

    37. MrFunguspower

      Olives on a pizza is bad? Since when

    38. Josh gaming

      You where definitely messing with us because all sane people know pineapple on pizza is an abomination

    39. Hideki Ryuuga

      dunno why ppls like olives on pizza. Imo it destroys the gud pizza overall

    40. tubaharris

      Yea I'm team pineapple, it's great with ham, pepperoni or chicken

      1. tubaharris

        @Chronic Awesomeness also good with bacon

      2. Chronic Awesomeness

        tubaharris you just named the worst toppings on pizza except pepperoni

    41. Captain Nwalps

      Clocked in at approximately 7000 degrees kelvin 😂

    42. q c

      My take is a pineapple pepperoni pizza. Call it the 50th State

      1. Mika Rose

        yesss, those are my go to toppings are well. it's such a good combination

    43. Jáchym Blažek


    44. Katie Taylor

      Why do I do this job anyway? Because I knead the dough.

      1. Robert Simon

        Katie Taylor (rimshot)

      2. Hstone115

        Fine I'll give you a like.

      3. Black Heart

        Nice one.

    45. IAmMugel

      7000 degrees kelvin. That portal reference though lol!

    46. Dangerous J

      Mans made a Deadpool recipe video and didn’t make chimichangas 😡

    47. TheCylonman

      I happen to love pineapple and olive.

    48. Maximum Force

      I love pineapple pizza

    49. chase owens

      I like both them toppings lmao, never had them together tho

      1. SalaComMander

        @chase owens It is glorious!

      2. chase owens

        @SalaComMander sounds like the pizza of gods😂

      3. SalaComMander

        It's an alright combination, but they're even better when they get to enhance the flavor of something else. I highly recommend having both, as well as some ham and mushrooms.

    50. Eamonn McCormick

      I feel compelled to mention that 7000K is just 6726.75C. But amazing video as always!!

    51. Sean Thornton

      Pepperoni and pineapple is the best pizza combo ever!

    52. Rhyperior Ranger

      It’s bad enough he put pineapple on it but olives??? Yuck

      1. Jon Jones

        It’s a pizza from Deadpool dumbass he didn’t have a choice

    53. Sairin13

      Try crushed pineapple, you may like the better texture layout with the olives and you can add more toppings, like ham

    54. Michael Azar

      4:31 It's Kelvin, not degrees kelvin

    55. first night

      Woow looks at pizza me:TIME TO DELIVER A PIZZA BALL

    56. Will Harper

      Pineapple on pizza is amazing, it's like little chunks of heaven on pizza. I cant defend olives tho. They are terrible.

      1. sophiepie

        Will Harper excuse me olives are amazing, pineapple sucks

    57. Poland

      Italy wants to know your location

    58. Christoph

      Dunno why so many think it is gross to put pineapple on pizza, one of my favorite non-italian style pizza topping combinations is pineapple, olives, bacon and egg. Now that may be the opposite of a real italian pizza, but once you get over that it's really delicious and a nice change of pace compared to the classic margherita.

    59. Tempo Channel 15

      Is DeadPool a dead swimming pool

    60. Anthony Falcone

      You forgot to poke holes in the dough after you rolled it to prevent the giant bubbles that form

    61. John Bullock

      I see that crust and I know I would definitely give it a shot.

    62. Paul Goodwill

      OH NO!! PINEAPPLE!!! NOOOOOOOO! Can i even like Deadpool anymore? :(

    63. Mihlali Mkosana

      So u tryna tell me I need to put olives and pineapples on a 4 day pizza Yo Where’s Leonardo and his brothers fam cuz this is wack

    64. Aang Dknight

      Soft spot, remember ?

    65. Twilytes

      Black olive mushroom pizza is the way to go

    66. Gabriel Rhen

      That's still not as bad as my choice pizza, which I call the "kobold": onions, mushrooms, anchovies, olives, and pineapple. Leftover slices are traditionally eaten cold with salad mustard.

    67. Z3N DIGITAL

      Lol 7000 degrees kelvin

    68. jujitsujew23

      fruit and vegetables? olives, tomatoes and pineapple are all fruit. no veggies here

    69. Keiry Tenorio

      Pineapple spinach 👍

    70. pjunior3692

      Pineapples=no,fruit should not be added to pizza Olives=perfect and has to be well done