Binging with Babish: Pies from Waitress

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    Jenna Hunterson is excels in many arenas: making pies, coming up with sentence-long names for said pies, customer service, and wrangling her downright horrible husband. But mostly pies. Follow along this week as we recreate three of her superlative sweets, and support the foundation established in memory of the film's writer, director, and co-star.
    First episode out the new BwB kitchen drops May 22nd!
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    1. Dessilou

      *_w e t s a n d_*

    2. Brad Redford

      You know, I think Frasier had up and down episodes. I enjoyed it all the way through though. :)

    3. Amelie Houk

      Favorite episode so far

    4. Aya A.

      Too good for simple food, I guess.

    5. Malia Diehl

      Any guesses on the type of chocolate he used? Semisweet?

    6. Lindsey Simmer

      Oh God, Daphne, hands down!

    7. killerjdog51

      I think this is the first time I've seen cheesecake baked to have a brown top. Is it just for asthetic reasons or does the cheesecake taste better?

    8. Jacob

      Roz is hotter

    9. Jacob

      Roz is hotter

    10. Kelli Sees

      Waitress is basically my favorite movie. Love that I have a recipe for that strawberry pie now

    11. PsyDuctTape

      I don’t want earl’s baby pie, Damn wtf? Now that’s out of context

    12. L M

      Best movie ever

    13. Nurin Amani

      4:46 It's pie not cake babish

    14. Denise Servanez

      Please do a Julie & Julia special! Beef bourguignon, chocolate cream pie and boned duck pleeeease

    15. Isobel Walker

      There is nothing wrong with your videos except that you use way too much plastic wrap

    16. Bailey Dubois

      If you like onions there's something wrong with you

    17. Tyler Fournier


    18. Kimpo 1000

      Why would I want to support woman filmmakers? That's bullshit bald fag

    19. Tanya Hosford

      If you did something from south park or futurama I would be soooooo happy! Like bachelor chow!

    20. lawlshane

      Tough choice but I think Daphne for me

    21. Waeline

      i like pie

    22. Tasha Becker

      Try a Brandy pecan topping.

    23. Lauren

      Waitress might be my favorite movie of all time. It makes me sob uncontrollably

    24. K J

      I always add a little bit of high quality Ceylon cinnamon to my graham cracker crusts, I really recommend it. It’s not enough to actually identify cinnamon, it just adds a little depth to the pie crust. Sounds weird, but it makes my key lime pie extra delicious and works just as well with cheese cake.

    25. folo polo

      What kind of brandy should i use?

      1. Gabby

        He's not gonna answer dude you're gonna have to Google it

    26. Wrinkly Plum

      Rozz and every seasons good, but it was less fun after daphne and niles started dating

    27. scytheakse


    28. _.Afternoon._.Tea_

      I watched the musical recently, it as really good.

    29. Courtney Skinner

      “Perfectly prepared par baked pie crust” say that five times fast.

    30. Outlaw7263

      Is Frasier a spinoff of Cheers or is Cheers after Frasier?

    31. Kyle Dudek

      I was thinking about doing a version of the cheesecake with a caramel top and crushed pretzels. :)

    32. ShowToddSomeLove

      "It doesn't make it taste like coffee" is said almost as frequently in this series as "whisk to combine" or "we don't want to scramble the eggs'

    33. RMJ1984

      We need some kinda evidence of what goes on "off camera". Because im sure we all know what really happens. right into the trash can. Remember clean plate does not say anything about him actually eating it!, just that the plate was indeed cleaned.

    34. Naomi Mori

      Tried to make the oasis pie, but for some reason it wouldn't set and remained runny. Had to throw it out in the end :( waste of good chocolate

    35. Nicole Briant

      they had this musical where I live and they gave out some mini caramel apple pies and it was so good

    36. hi i’m sophia

      I just watched the musical last night and i loved it so much so thanks for making this

    37. Rory Gibson

      I wanna have sex with that cheesecake.

    38. Dylan ¿

      2:46 was that a really cleaver Oasis reference?

    39. Cat PBatista

      Thank you for this episode! I love this movie~~

    40. Pine Cone

      I think this is the worst cause you've encouraged us to support yet

    41. pacman frog gamer

      That moment you realize that Andy Griffith was in this video.

    42. santie

      Yesssss He put the undo on 3 fundo!

    43. Morally_ Bankrupt

      Tell me that first pie isnt a quiche

    44. James Pigeon馬原

      “It doesn’t make it coffe like, which would be weird with strawberries” Me who loves coffee and strawberry ice cream together and puts strawberries in espresso: heavy sweating

    45. Kitty Mae

      Roz for sure

    46. Antusj Gaming

      I'll take the cheese cake!

    47. Mr. Josh

      Roz and Daphne. Damn tough choice old sport. Both are dames 😎

    48. Col

      Fraiser is the best show

    49. Thomas Lecomte

      Gotta test that chocolate and strawberry one! Question for you Americans: I’m French and I only ever ate non-cooked cheesecakes. Have you ever tried both cooked and non-cooked and which one do you prefer? I may be missing the right word for how the cheesecake is traditionally done in my family but basically it just cools in the fridge and turns out delicious

    50. YourMomsAFurry

      Remember kids stir slowly cus bubbles

    51. Lumina Dragomir

      The pies were the best part of the movie!!! Hmmmmmm pies 😛😛😛😛😛😛🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧🥧

    52. -ThunderFerd51 -

      That chocolate pie looks anazing

    53. Carit World

      Sugar, butter, flour....

    54. william wiley


    55. Caleb Collier

      Milk Soup from Milk Soup?

    56. Testy Sounds

      The best part of any oreo crumb pie crust is eating all 14 leftover oreos and telling your family that you used all of them in the dish

    57. Wayward_dsheep

      i just wanna smoke weed with the love of my life and watch movies

    58. Solar Flare

      I love the chicken pot pie pie

    59. James Gaddis

      🍫🍓🍰 👏👍👏 🍴☕😇

    60. James Gaddis

      Babish.... Gotta have that Chocolate Oasis Pie.. 😍 Oh my! 😵

    61. Ann Stearns

      Baby dont you cry...gonna make a pie.. gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle.....

    62. Erandy Montero

      The cheesecake part is so me. I forgot to butter down the sides and had to quickly pour it out and butter it up before my sister saw. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

    63. Dr. Victor Von Doom

      Hey douchebag, when you put the fucking dough on the counter to form the pie crust, maybe tell us to put fucking flour down before we put the fucking dough down, you can't expect us to be experts who've been doing it for years, you just ruined my fucking counter, fuck you

      1. Water Law

        Either you're blind or stupid, you can see the flour on the counter and it's common knowledge, I don't even cook stuff like pie or bread but even I know that.

    64. Cody M.

      The musical is fantastic

    65. Blu Pyxi

      Ya, apparently she caught a 20 year old male Equadorian worker pilfering in her purse and he strangled her to death and tried to make it look like a suicide. He has 25 years to serve before being deported. A slap on the wrist.

    66. venusbell 101

      Bad baby 🥧

    67. Clarence D.

      Will you do Key Lime Pie from either Natural Born Killers or Dexter?

    68. Chocolate Vodka

      Roz is hotter, by Daphne’s no slouch. I feel like it depends on the person. Roz is more of a bar kinda gal whereas Daphne seems like more of a dinner and a movie kinda gal. Both 10/10. The real question is who should Roz have ended up with: Frasier, Bulldog, or Rodger?

    69. Chloe C

      There's a FILM of waitress???

    70. SandboxArrow

      What do you prefer more Strawberry or Chocolate Ice Cream?