Binging with Babish: Pies from Waitress

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    Jenna Hunterson is excels in many arenas: making pies, coming up with sentence-long names for said pies, customer service, and wrangling her downright horrible husband. But mostly pies. Follow along this week as we recreate three of her superlative sweets, and support the foundation established in memory of the film's writer, director, and co-star.
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    1. Kyle Yates

      Who ate all the pecan Brandy's

    2. jillian

      On the topic of pies, I vote that you make the apple pie from supernatural. For reference as to which episode, "I hope your apple pie was frickin' worth it!"

    3. Augen Weide

      Cant one just use stones for keeping that foil down?

      1. Tristan McCaig

        Yes, you absolutely can! Lintels or other dried beans also work. :)

    4. Colton Chavez

      Strawberry oasis pie looked absolutely beautiful- nice job!

    5. Tyler h

      You COULD candy the pecans in a brandy syrup before toppin the last cake. That would be good.

    6. Sydney

      And I'm over here just learning how to make Ciabatta bread . . .

    7. M

      Babish don't you cry, gonna make a pie, Gonna make a pie and subscribe to your channel... :))

    8. chrthiel

      I love making cheese cake, but damn does it take a long time

    9. gordon sherrill

      Make the pies from Sweeney Todd


      What do you do with the lef t over food... cuz there is a lot

    11. Brianah Allen

      Is Hershey high quality

    12. Marie Juana

      What about mermaid marshmallow pie?

    13. Tristan 2118

      "Bubbles are your enemies" Spongebob disliked the video

    14. Krysta Lavey

      Hey babish, not sure if you like to add science to your cooking style but I would love to see you cook another cheesecake while also using a vacuum pressure chamber as I’m curious if that would help with the bubbles issue.

    15. Rachel Roach

      Substitutions for lemon?

    16. Anonymous

      Did this dude just pronounce it “pea cans”

    17. Darth Squidward1

      Legit Love the Cheesecake always have

    18. Joseph Stalin

      to answer your question Fraiser never went downhill until the last second of the last episode

    19. Judi W.

      babish really out here supplying for us theatre kids that like baking

    20. Judi W.


    21. Generic name

      Unpopular opinion but.... cheesecake is disgusting.

    22. Speccy SquareGoLike

      When you feel attacked because you get called a tart pan.

    23. Liwiathan

      Spinach Shortbread or crustless would tast better.

    24. N0th domino

      I know this is over a year old but if anyone happens to see this: if you use rice as a "pie weight", can you then cook with the same rice later? I'm assuming no, but sometimes you'd be surprised, so I thought I'd ask.

    25. Jonathan Mcculley

      Can you make a second channel where we can watch you eat all the food you make?

    26. John Samuel Liza Abay

      You forgot deep shit blueberry bacon - dish! DEEP DISH BLUEBERRY BACON. Sorry, Cal.

    27. FrozynSighs

      I got 2 fucking ads lol wtf

    28. Ashley Lanier

      Please make a Clean Plate Club Recipe book 😍

    29. Ms Meows

      Looks pretty good!

    30. sophia yanes

      7:29 babish : and i- oop

    31. Kit

      If I could be any more in love with Andrew's channel I'd be asking for his hand in marriage.

    32. Daphne Wood

      I need to make the Chocolate Strawberry Oasis Pie! Love the movie Waitress. Awesome Video thank you 💜💜💜💜💜

    33. bluesboy25000

      The answer is Season five and Roz.

    34. nonya business


    35. Matilda McNamara

      Do pies from the show “pushing daisies”!!!! Pear with a gruyere crust!!!

    36. Bubbles

      So, my nickname is Bubbles...and while he was making the chocolate one he kept saying 'Remember, bubbles.' I kept wondering who was talking to me... xD

    37. who up

      thank you so much for this video! waitress is such a special film. RIP adrienne shelly, cruelly taken from us far too soon

    38. Garance Art

      In the dark dark chocolate pie

    39. im hungry

      Air bubbles

    40. Jonah Safern

      Speaking of pies, you should make the one from The Help!

      1. Star Cherry

        Um I don’t think that’s sanitary 😹

    41. Archie Bevis

      Where do I get a pair of those oven glovess? 😍

    42. Hailey Hughes

      Can we get a spread sheet of what episodes have clean plate club members

    43. LiquidBlackWolf

      You are a talented cook.. Please can you make a HAMburger.. For us that can't eat beef?

    44. Issa De Luna

      Because of Bubbles Bubbles from power puff girls: but why????

    45. FelixFerris III


    46. It’syaboi Bigtexas

      Stop making videos man fuck I’ve literally gained 40 lbs since I’ve found your Channel

    47. Emma Cory

      Sugar, butter, flour ❤

    48. Gerndel Wood

      My friends dont seem to know how good that brown crust is. They say it means you overcooked the cheesecake but I've always been told the cheesecakes that are fully white on top are more like a pudding rather than a real cheesecake. This brings a smile to my face

    49. Barb

      This movie makes me cry evertime I watch it ;-;

    50. rc

      Rip old kitchen

    51. Alex Green

      Brandy candied pe-cuns

    52. Nick Montalbano

      Babish likes EJs and I dig that

    53. chiabee14

      Tell me I’m not the only musical fan that was triggered by most of the things he says sounding exactly like some lyrics from the songs

    54. Cherrypone

      All I got from this is that wet sand makes good pie crust

    55. butterkolstadic

      you should make beer batter maple bacon cupcakes from two broke girls

    56. athon penter

      isn't baking with foil dangerous

      1. athon penter

        @Jennifer Hiemstra thank you

      2. Jennifer Hiemstra

        athon penter OOOHHHHH I see...well I can’t speak to that too much, but I will say it’s merely to keep the crust from bubbling, plus it was in the oven for only 10 minutes, so would hope it’s not a health detriment 🤪 But I’m not an expert on that at all

      3. athon penter

        @Jennifer Hiemstra thank you but I meant health wise

      4. Jennifer Hiemstra

        Not necessarily. It’s also used when you bake your turkey at Thanksgiving so the top doesn’t burn so badly. I made that mistake once as I was an idiot and forgot the damn foil... Aluminum is more dangerous in a microwave than an oven honestly, as there’s electricity involved.

    57. A Drawing Neko

      I'm S H O O K I love waitress

    58. centpushups

      Did frasier go down hill There were low points but it just kept going up. Like a zig zag in a uptrend.

    59. Adrian Torres

      This is my new favorite video because he said my name (my name is adrian)

    60. Joshua Paley

      Please do the food from the American Dad episode “Stan’s food Restaurant” @bingingwithbabish

    61. DR j

      I want to make this at school

    62. Hannah Elizabeth

      I love waitress so much. I actually got into the movie after getting into the musical they made for it

    63. Shannon Clark

      do have to brown the top? can i skip that step for aesthetics as i dont plan on adding the pecans

    64. Jay K.

      This mans is pretty much the reason I want to learn to cook

    65. Jay K.

      This mans is pretty much the reason I want to learn to cook

    66. M Sagri

      I hate non-profits that donate to women entrepreneurs, filmmakers, etc. Studies already show women have it better in these jobs already, so it’s kind of unfair to give the money to women, and not to the less fortunate in general, such as those from lower backgrounds.

    67. no no

      “Horny Joe”

    68. Megat Ismail


    69. Lauren Brawner

      The correct pronunciation is pecan not pecan, and definitely not pecan!

      1. Logan Anderson

        I hate that I read all three differently. Curse you human brain!!!

    70. Isilranna

      You should do pies from Pushing Daisies

    71. PRINCE N LEE

      Summin Up This Channel: I don't care about my weight. kool

    72. metallicarocks911

      I think Roz is hotter, but Daphne makes better wife material :)

      1. metallicarocks911

        @Teleporting Biscuit Go get 'em, you tiger ;)

      2. Teleporting Biscuit

        I prefer Roz from Monsters Inc.

    73. Thot Patrol

      Its just a damn open Shepards pie

    74. Sabrina V

      You should've done FALLIN’ IN LOVE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE PIE that i have to see

    75. knox Wheeler

      Interesting I wanna try that simple recipe!

    76. EdyTheBoss78

      This isnt a salad!

    77. Scorn of the moon

      I would have used candied pecans and maybe soak them in the brandy.

    78. Michael Khounenorath

      It's called "blind baking".. Love you still

    79. caitron neery

      You should do bibimbap from We Bear Bears lol I wanna see some Korean food on here!

    80. Miss.Vpandacake

      I thought he was gonna sing...

    81. Maibre Edwards

      What if for the pecan cheesecake you made like a brandy caramel sauce and mixed it with the pecans? Then it might be more brandy flavored and it would spread better.

    82. Joey Hibbard

      Brush down, thotiana.

    83. Dog_Commander O

      69k current likes

    84. Patrick Blake

      I made the pie for Easter. Turned out great even if it didn't join the Clean Plate Club

    85. Ann Truong

      darn i was hopin for a deep -shit- dish blueberry bacon pie

    86. GanonGhidorah

      ...Undoubtedly, Daphne was hotter than Roz. And I'm not sure if the series actually does go "downhill".

      1. GanonGhidorah

        Okay, I take it back - there was a slight decline with an unsavory character; it's around the time where Frasier develops a rivalry with his upstairs neighbor, "Cam Winston." BTW, how do you feel about Roz and Bulldog being together?

    87. SoundCzech

      has your voiceover always had reverb added to it?

    88. Xxblackoutxx 154

      How much salt do you use a video

    89. Sonicfan The Nightfury 5099

      I made the Bad Baby Pie for Breakfast on the Weekend

    90. Jolie - Jo

      You should take a stab at estus soup from Dark Souls 3!

    91. C Rae

      That chocolate cake is on my List. Beautiful

    92. KillerKoa

      7:29 * drops phone *

    93. visionary turmoil

      can you please do the chocolate pie from the help???

      1. C Rae

        Victoria Y. The one with shit in it? Lmao

    94. bad punz guy

      How did she die? R.I.P

      1. Miles Holder

        She was murdered by some asswipe illegal immigrant

    95. felix carmona

      Big kojuna burgers????

    96. Foreign Smruf

      Ur good at cooking

    97. wwuld

      Roz, it never went downhill, and Frazier is amazing

      1. Teleporting Biscuit

        I prefer Roz from Monsters Inc.

    98. Maxwell Rainwater

      2:28 that's not a pie that's a keesh

    99. Tara Chandrakasem

      He should make meat pies from adventure time

    100. vNxthxn

      I baked you a pie oh boy what flavour