Binging with Babish: Pasta Puttanesca from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

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    Pasta puttanesca can mean many things - a bonding moment for a family enduring unspeakable tragedy. A peace offering to a conniving, distant relative and his wannabe-drama-nerd-cronies. A "prostitute pasta", its literal translation from Italian to English. Whatever pasta puttanesca means to you, it's basically a bunch of anchovies and olives mashed into spaghetti, and it tastes better than it sounds.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. abbylovejd

      I was just reading that book

    2. Lilac Lycanvic

      AAH WHERE WAS THIS WHEN I WAS WATCHING THE SERIES *fangirling noises* As you can tell, I love the Series of Unfortunate Events. I’ve read all the books, watched the movie, and seen the Netflix series.

    3. Brie Teas

      I've always wanted to make that dish, ever since I've read about it in the first book.

    4. ZOMBIEZAHNpakuto

      I thought I wasn't a picky person, but there's practically no main ingredient in pasta puttanesca I can stand eating. 😵😵😵

    5. Ed Hopkins

      Dude is hillarious!

    6. 5.56&9mm kindaguy

      Dude I just discovered your channel a few weeks ago. Awesome vids man. I got a lot of good recipes off of your channel so far. Keep it up!

    7. Bluehoodie



      Dude i loved this show

    9. Konrad Nosal

      *yOu GuYs PlAyInG fOrTnItE???*

    10. titanium wolf20

      Nobody: Count Olaf: WherES thE RoAst BeEf

    11. simoane the curly hobo


    12. Andrew Eccles

      Why always the same salt 😂 simple babish

    13. Ross Hanson

      Andrew I can't stop watching your shot at 3:57. Beautiful videos with delicious food! Keep the content coming!

    14. Olivia Patrick

      Anybody notice that Babish is daddy as hell?

    15. Michael C.

      Absolutely true on Tony S. the stab is legitimate

    16. BigBoney

      Holy shit, it was in JoJo Kimyou no Bouken: Diamond wa Kuranai

    17. Francesco Monaci

      ....parmesan cheese on a puttanesca...butter....seasoning pasta after boiling trully need to see how a real italian cooks.

    18. _chunqkychops

      p - puttanesca?

    19. Katie Cochran

      “Be sanitary, don’t be gross,” says the guy who makes a Matilda cake with literally his blood, sweat, and tears.

    20. Dolphinboi

      There's an Italian term used for under sauced pasta, it's called yucky

    21. Alexandru Pulhac

      in italian pasta puttanesca means bichy pasta

    22. Lieutenant Dude

      Pasta puttanesca. Probably means prostitute pasta to imply that it’s for very poor and undesirable people. Olives

    23. Kati Wade

      He disrespected the Budilairs (I don't know how to spell that sry)

    24. fish boy

      You guys play fortnite?

    25. Panos Siampos

      Nice, nice!

    26. The YouTube Gamer- Vlogs Games and More!

      Other cooking shows: Now we’re just gonna add some table salt here... Banish: *K O S H E R S A L T*

    27. watnw

      Puttanesca a.k.a the whores dinner the things i learned in highschool that and how to make it

    28. Noname

      Sorry, but i play pubg

    29. Captyn

      I was honestly excited most about this one, because I remember reading the first book in elementary school and wondering how the dish would be composed, looked, tasted. This really hits home for me, plus I love pasta and olives so, not a whole lot to hate,

    30. batt3ryac1d

      Seeing as Jon Faverau(dunno if I spelled that right) had Babby on his Netflix show how long till you think Babbys gonna be in the background of the next MCU movie.

    31. xDnB Raven

      Babie is MAD at this pasta damn 😂

    32. Kingdom of Nerdz

      Where's the roast beef? True fans of the series, book or otherwise, will get that.

    33. O_M525treble

      “Like my OTHER best friend”

    34. Slimy Glue

      Well, do you?

    35. RED BARON

      I love watching your vids... Dnt even know how to cook.... Lifeee is goood

    36. Snork Froken

      Are you insane?!! Pepper your Pasta??

    37. Hanna Banana

      made me so happy That when he talked about sports he chose nhl.

    38. Ethan Sullivan

      Babish: "You guys play Fortnite?" That one Transformer meme: "I did not come here to see that."

    39. hunkyGoddess

      "He sanitary.don't be gross" says the man who put actual blood, sweat, and tears into a chocolate cake

    40. GhostKimera

      Heh, bitch pasta

    41. BerPlays The Place

      We need sunny to put a background music.

    42. Minty07

      Yes i did play fortnite!

    43. The Scottish Noob

      All the dislikes from people that didnt get his clear hate towards fortnite.

    44. your admirer

      Her last meal

    45. Ronald Jack Mc.G

      What about the roast beef ?

    46. capt Bacon 360

      Fort night sucks

    47. Lieutenant

      Loved the hockey talk 🏒

    48. Itz Mystic

      Hands down my favorite show

    49. PokemonCookieUnicorn

      "you guys playing fOrTniTe?" me: *NO.*

    50. Random Gamer

      He said it was gross to chopp the parcely with his teeth then in a futur episode he puts his blood and sweat in a cake

    51. PharmhanDle 101

      I watch the series and it's extremely good .

    52. Silvertrimhill

      fortnight is trash

    53. Death Trooper

      When I saw puttanesca sauce I immediately thought a series of unfortunate events

    54. Bilbo Swaggins

      3:03 Why would you ever want to talk about anything other than food?

    55. Eddie Biezas

      Unsubbed because of Fortnite

    56. Will Floyd-Evans

      This pasta also makes an appearance as "Harlot's Spaghetti" in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure : Diamond Is Unbreakable" Only restaurant I've found it in omitted the anchovies...

    57. Swissmade

      Whats the name of the background music? :)

      1. Luka Mihajlovic

        "XXV" by Broke for Free - Link in the description

    58. touko virtanen

      Is this also a jojo reference?

    59. Ariel Goldman-Konigsberg

      I would've preferred a roast beef recipe

    60. foxfam818

      Wait.. woah.. woah.. woah... what did you just say? Did you just say, “do you play fortnite”? ReEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe

    61. Red Onyx

      The movie looked better than the netflix show.

    62. Hudaybi Bilal

      this video showed up in my recommendation in 3 am

    63. Joseph Doe

      Where we cookin' bois?

    64. Anonyma124

      Always cover a boiling tomato sauce that's why u almost failed it

    65. TheXanada96

      Porca puttanesca!

    66. Berzo

      Dude why you put the salt after the pasta was cooked. You had to put it first in to the water....

    67. Maia Hochheiser

      *cue angry penguins fans*

    68. Mr Geese


    69. Wooderlyn

      When babish would talk about things non-food related it reminded me of when Brian in Family Guy would try to sound smart and “woke” but he really doesn’t know anything about what the fuck he is saying.

    70. John Smith

      for apiril fools he needs to do the family guy fast food pizza restaurant salad

    71. Soqquadro


    72. Kristie McDonald

      AND MY OTHER BEST FRIEND JON FAVREAU. God I love this channel.

    73. Stephen Sano

      I like that you used all the traditional ingredients! So many chefs leave out the anchovies!

    74. Ross DiamondThief

      Can’t believe everyone forgets the Jim Carrey film😔

      1. The One and Only Michael McCormick

        Ross DiamondThief He was Jim Carrey. As enjoyable as he could be, it didn’t work.

      2. Ross DiamondThief

        The One and Only Michael McCormick Jim Carrey was still good in it.

      3. The One and Only Michael McCormick

        Ross DiamondThief Because it’s not very good. Accept that.

    75. Samuel North

      Fucks sake, you chose the Netflix series INSTEAD OF THE MOVIE????

      1. Elizabeth Hunley

        The TV show stayed much truer to the books and the storyline (until the end)

      2. The One and Only Michael McCormick

        Food ASMR The movie isn’t very good. Neither’s the Netflix show, but that’s more recent.

      3. Samuel North

        Elizabeth Hunley the TV show is a stinking hunk of shit riddled with cheese humor

      4. Elizabeth Hunley

        The movie is a crime against humanity.

    76. AzuuL 64

      Did anyone here want the source vid to be Okuyasu eating Tonio’s version of this pasta from JJBA?

      1. The One and Only Michael McCormick

        AzuuL 64 If I close my eyes and imagine, that WAS the source video.

    77. AzuuL 64

      Did anyone here want the source vid to be Okuyasu eating Tonio’s version of this pasta from JJBA?

    78. Donutsandmusicaltheatre areamazing


    79. Mir Bundy

      “Now we can engage in non-food based conversation-“ “What’s that?”

    80. The Real Dirty Dan

      No, I'm not playing fortnite, unsubscribing...

    81. Richard

      Tony Soprano reference made my day. Absolutely hilarious pun. Love you, sir.

    82. Justin Sabatini

      I just made this

    83. Depressed Hombre

      Brock sounds so young

    84. Joey Halo

      Bro u should have just opened up with fortnite

    85. Andrei Nita Erdely Harko

      Since your food is ducking amazing... I'l forgive the fortnite

    86. weanis pouh gib hunney

      you are so iconic it’s so funny LOL

    87. Claudia Perez

      If you said that in front of Mexicans, they'd think you're talking about some pasta whores eat. ( Puta=whore)

    88. kevin andres ruiz herrera

      That's Hannibal Lecter recipe??

    89. Abhinav Garg


    90. Hallaxfors Hallerfors


    91. Zoe Bueche

      Is not polite to mention things do not like we dont care rude geez perhaps is all

      1. Zoe Bueche

        Your dork but is fine

    92. Mashed Potato In a Box

      That means its Whore's pasta, meaning a whore made this pasta

    93. clown599

      yep as italian i can confirm your translation, are the Pasta delle puttane, cause it has a funny story: sailors, after long travels, when they returned at bay wanted just one thing: Whores and food. Prostitutes were not so much interested in hours and hours of sex from hungry sailors, and that pasta (very fat and good) was the perfect "antipasto" before the sex….. so the sailors were full of food and not too much interested in hours of sex, but just one "botta e via" that means classic 10-20 minutes and after that, sleep ;)

    94. Leaf Ramos

      Why do you hate this dish?

    95. francheska m

      “be sanitary, don’t be gross” says the man who put blood and sweat in a chocolate cake 😂

    96. WaffleJamas

      But... Where's my roast beef?

    97. Pumpkin NoLastName

      Its like a chefs salad, theres things and there that you dont like and there are some things that you do.

    98. Andria B

      BABISH: "Don't use your teeth, be sanitary" No one: BABISH: *Puts blood And sweat into the chocolate cake he made from Matilda*

      1. Andria B

        @End My Pain Not like I care to read every comment I come across

      2. End My Pain

        There’s already two top comments that say this exact same thing.

    99. Fish

      I wished he used the clip from the movie with Jim carrey

      1. Anita Lui

        Fish me too.