Binging with Babish: Pasta Puttanesca from Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

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    Pasta puttanesca can mean many things - a bonding moment for a family enduring unspeakable tragedy. A peace offering to a conniving, distant relative and his wannabe-drama-nerd-cronies. A "prostitute pasta", its literal translation from Italian to English. Whatever pasta puttanesca means to you, it's basically a bunch of anchovies and olives mashed into spaghetti, and it tastes better than it sounds.
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    1. Scrappy Coco

      can you try a goats cheese & beef jerky omelet?

    2. Shanna Wolicki

      babish trying to talk about something other than food is like a robot trying to pretend to be human

    3. Breon's World

      Parsley soda

    4. Hyojin Rachel Lee

      I love all your videos. Keep it going, thank you!

    5. PantherIsBoss

      Conspiracy theory: this video was not made by Babish, but by Count Olaf in disguise

    6. Leonidas Escanor


    7. YungN Reckless

      "Where's the roast beef ?"

    8. Momsemann

      2:04 is the clip from the basics intro

    9. M.N. Husin

      spaghetti coated with cheese from korean drama "pasta" which still delicious though get cold. normally i not k drama fans but i had 3 k drama i love because have food theme, as my favorite called "pasta" and "bread love and dream"

    10. Mr. Spooks guy


    11. Bela Courchene

      Thank you for this video man

    12. Weeb 707


    13. Frank Barreca

      Pasta goes always goes into the sauce to finish cooking. Cardinal pasta sin... Plus there is no chilli in this recipe, serious putanesca faux pas

    14. Farvadude

      fucking fartnite

    15. Eloise Gow


    16. Eggs & Bacon

      OMg this was just on my reccomended and I started the show recently and it’s amazing 😌👊

    17. DB Jade

      Thank you so much!! 💛💛

    18. Roger Sawyers

      Love you watch frasier same best show ever

    19. Raxmei

      Pasta the way your mother makes it.

    20. TerraMerc 73

      "You guys playing fortnite?" Respect -10 Respect +20

    21. Dan iel

      “You guys play Fortnite?” 😂

    22. Brains00007

      Hockey, cryptocurrency, and Fortnite; three things that are not food and I do not care about

    23. JulianWulian

      That show gave me déjà vu, it’s so similar to the books!

    24. Leor Schiffer

      How can he hate puttanesca?

    25. Pancaker 17

      Babish in Puttanesca video: There is nothing worse than undersauced pasta Also Babish in the tres leches cake video: There is nothing worse than a dry cake 👀

    26. Tizio che commenta

      Literally means bitchy pasta lol

    27. Steven Unger

      Wish you would have used the movie version lol

    28. Berzo

      You had to put the salt in the water before put the pasta, not after cooking it

    29. Aurora Read

      Why didn’t he use the pasta fork for the first plate of pasta?

    30. Cloudy Tea

      I had lost my binder, got really stressed, and then took a break to watch this video, and within less than a minute of it, the stress vanished. _still haven't found it_

    31. MugenKitsune

      referenced the tv show and not the movie, smh.

    32. Michael Woollard

      Babish: stops talking about food for more than 0.001 second. Babish's ability to speak: n o .

    33. The Creeper King

      6:14 start counting these s’

    34. Spiral Jumper

      Capers, olives, and anchovies. Fuggin’ gross.

    35. Miguel Martinez

      Not to be rude but doesn't pasta puttanesca have chili flakes

    36. Valdo Monteiro

      Videogames make for a much better fill-up conversation than the other topics. ;) but no fortnite please. Darkest Dungeon. ;)

    37. Iceberg

      “You guys playing fortnite?” What’s that? I never heard of it. Seriously though no.

    38. Erick Trujillo

      The movie was a fever dream

    39. Praise Jebusz

      Shouldve Used The Scene From The Movie That Was Alot Better.

    40. MrDude6996

      My dad always makes this DELICIOUS PASTA

    41. Michael Yonko

      Hi there babish go to avatar the last Airbender comics north and south part 3 and almost at the end you will hear of some good food

    42. Apollo

      *babish finishes the pasta and puts it down* *is about to talk about fortnite* *cuts to the outro*

    43. FlashDice

      I Love the try to make Conversation

    44. Toàn Vũ Minh

      That ending...

    45. Jason Juarez

      I guys play fortnight x,D

    46. kozmik__WZRD

      Instead of calling them love handles, I'll now be referring to my body chub as adult Play-Doh.

    47. rishikesh ravi

      Fortnite gang🤘

    48. Vaporeon 100% 6IV

      He should have said “weres the roast beef?”

    49. Aditya Wadhwa

      Hell yeah I play Fortnite 1v1 me I willl wreck you

    50. Falulu Bokerdole

      "A big ole dip"

    51. Tucker Catalano

      You guys playing fortnite damn that one got me

    52. koushak

      I made this and it was so easy and delicious, even if you use sardines instead of anchovies and marinated artichoke instead of capers

    53. Kody Eldridge

      Neil patrick harris (and specifically his version of count olaf) is overrated and people only are infatuated with him because he's gay.

    54. Stephen Sano

      I hate anchovies on pizza. However, when adding anchovies to an Italian sauce, the anchovies break down and disappear into the oil. The flavor is pure umami and mimics the varieties of fish and oyster sauce used in Asia to add extraordinary flavor to cuisine.

    55. Fardin Rahman

      *GREAT* video, till he says, *"yOu GuYs PlAy FoRtNiTe?"*

    56. Z T

      Babbish: king of name drops

    57. A Lime

      "You guys playin' Fortnite?"

    58. Kalamite

      Babish could make an entire series strictly following A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I’d be intrigued at those horseradish apples that save the siblings from fungi poison.

    59. Isuckat Art

      Dad Jokes With Babish ( best idea ever )

    60. Rookie

      Viewers: Babish: *You Guys Playing Fortnite?*

    61. A curious spoon

      how do you not get copywright strikes?

    62. Randy Viger

      Fresh pasta? They don’t make fresh pasta in the book. The find a drawer full of stale random pasta shapes.

    63. TIT/\N

      y o u g u y s p l a y i n g f o r t n i t e?

    64. Gem Iñigo

      Babish: LEAVING us more time for some PLEASANT conversation... Do guys play *FORTNITE?* *then it cuts the video! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    65. Aboody

      Pasta la vista

    66. Lucas Córdoba

      Mi pasta favorita 😏

    67. Andrew Maximus

      "Puttanesca" "What did you call me?"

    68. hodoupmer

      your putanesca looks terrible, sorry

    69. Beazin

      lmao nice crypto shoutout

    70. Emma Rounsville

      I'm gonna make this on Thursday, when my sister and brother in law come to visit!