Binging with Babish Live: Q&A and Behind-the-Scenes

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    Hang out while I film next week's episode of Binging with Babish! Take a peek behind the scenes, AMA, all that jazz.
    *Around 1:27:00 my mic battery died so enjoy some lovely classical music until I fix it around 1:29:00. Sorry about that!

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    1. Adam Ibrahim


    2. Sam H.


    3. stethacp 617

      I love listening to your voice, makes me relax and sometimes get me to sleep. Hope you could also do asmr, book reading or just plain telling food stories and food travel. Please travel to the Philippines 💜💜💜🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍👍👍

    4. Payton Gresham

      I love this channel. But Babbish looks just like Simon Whistler from Top Tenz channel. I’m gtfu

      1. ridespirals

        that's funny I've been watching nothing but Today I Learned and Babish for the past few days. so true.

    5. Kelly Graves

      You should make puttanesca sauce with homemade pasta from A Series of Unfortunate Events

    6. Micah Ah You

      Love your vids man your the babish bish on US-new keep up the awsome work man

    7. Shinaito

      Streaming with Babish

    8. iLoganC

      Whoa, Vinny from BA works at BWB now?! Thats crazy!

    9. Seairra

      Never knew you were so close to the 716!! Nice to watch someone so close to home!!

    10. georgia modi

      Check out Keto Connect's recipe for rosemary and garlic coconut flour bread. I made it a few times in the past and was able to get the texture pretty spot on! It was super tasty imo.

    11. Soggy Cookie

      Make ponyo ramen

    12. N/A N/A

      Their are bags to cover smoke detectors I set a alarm on my phone to remind me to remove the bags after I'm done

    13. gladdecease

      talking about Star Trek food being too alien/gross to make when Sisko's Creole Kitchen is RIGHT 👏 THERE 👏 smh

    14. GiantHippo444

      pancake stuffed with meat and jam sounds very similar to a monte cristo sandwich (ham, cheese, on french toast served with a side of jam and/or maple syrup)

    15. 2wingo

      *Please do Bill Gannon's BBQ sauce from Dragnet (1967), S2E8.*

    16. Emily Carrera

      You should get an apron tattoo

    17. Abody 111

      Nice stream babish , watched the whole thing , do more streams this way 👌✌

    18. The Rockys

      Nobody: Babish (Andrew): K O S H E R S A L T

    19. SDOtunes

      Damn, I was hoping for a Monty Python episode when I saw the Spam, bacon, eggs and Spam in the thumbnail. :(

    20. Nela

      do the jellyfish jelly patty from spongebob

    21. Cody M

      Hey Binging with Babish, can you do a "Home Brew" special, featuring the NBC sitcom "Cheers" (1982-1993)?

    22. Zachery Jeffries

      Egg...just egg

    23. amabeauty92

      That theme you were singing and didn't know was "Facts of Life." Also, In-n-Out, can you send me $100? hahah

    24. Harry Miller

      Been binging your vids and I can’t help but notice that you pronounce Worcester sauce wrong, it’s pronounced as wuster - I know because I live there

    25. Noah Hunt

      Why not just lose some weight, then be able to eat the things you like?

    26. Damien Kris

      Make Ed’s Sauce from the Good Burger

    27. June Plutonika

      This is my favourite livestream episode so far. Much better than the regular live stream ones.

    28. Kitty Jia

      Hey Babish! What if you did a budget challenge such as the "live below the line" challenge?

    29. Carlos Villalvazo Puentes

      Everyone still waiting on the complaining episode called "Bitching with Babish" come on man...

    30. Kareem Williams

      So I have this guilty food show called food wars and i want to know could you guys do some of those dishes?

    31. trash

      minecraft cake

    32. Mr Awesome

      Dude you should make the Super Squishy entirely made of syrup from the Simpsons I wanna see how THICC IT WOULD BE

    33. Chis13 Ball12

      Can you do the Clogger from the Simpsons Movie

    34. Hdhd Pocoloco

      Please do the fish pizza wrap amethyst makes in Steven universe

    35. Jake Shire

      I'm going to kidnap you and force you to cook for me forever!

    36. kool-aid bot

      Who else was looking at th coins th whole time

    37. Quincy Reed

      Have you made the Lembas bread from Lord of the Rings? I’ve tried many recipes but they never come close to looking the same or break apart the same as they do in the movie. They always turn out softer and more like a short bread.


      Do the sandvich from team fortress 2

    39. David F

      1:34:10 - I think ol' Babby here oughta do a Mother's Day Special on this one. Maruchan Ramen, Snow and Maple Syrup, and the finale - Mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies. All the love to the late Mrs. Babish, and cheers to her for bringing us this pretty cool guy Credit to @BigMac1997 in the chat for the superchat question

    40. amabeauty92

      I love this behind the scenes stream! Please do more!

    41. Lee ruby

      Hey can you please do a goldbergs special like shrimt parm

    42. Max Eig

      Make the TWO SHOTS OF VODKA.

      1. NOA_PALADIN

        Glug glug glug glug glug

    43. USA

      I bet your the type of guy that if someone tried to fight you, you wouldn't fight because you're a lil b word. But if they did punch you, you'd sue them bc that's how much a bitch you are.

    44. brandon carrillo

      I would love to see you make food the the cooking anime food wars they have so many awesome recipes

    45. C Scratch

      Supernatural s14 e9 Winchester supprise. Babbish needs to make it

    46. Hat _

      Here's something simple for ya, the Sandvich from Team Fortress 2.

    47. Josh High

      My dude please make the brood...wich. from aqua teen hunger force. I want to see your version of the most satanic of ingredients.

    48. j0aqu1n

      u know what he needs to do big smokes order

    49. Ædrick The Paladin

      Please do Ed's Sauce from Good Burger!!

    50. Survivor

      Bangers with babish is amazing.

    51. Colin O'Neill

      Do Simpson’s barley burger

    52. Rainbow unicorn _12

      If anyone doesn’t mind what does “busting a nut” mean

      1. Rainbow unicorn _12

        Kathy Vargas I’m 13 tho not that young

      2. Kathy Vargas

        @Rainbow unicorn _12 No I just think you're a bit too pure and young to know what it means

      3. Rainbow unicorn _12

        Kathy Vargas why not? Is it that bad?

      4. Kathy Vargas

        you dont need to know sir

    53. Sadia Polani

      Weigh cheese first then grate.

    54. narzog gash

      I would love to see you making some German dishes

    55. Fallen

      I wouldn't have been able to resist the mac and cheese I'd have destroyed the whole bowl

    56. TR4PD3STR0Y3R

      Guys! My mom found the poop sock!! Run!!!!

    57. Hydro17 :


    58. Macey Downs

      it'd be so cool if you could do foods from the movie good burger :)

    59. NICO-77

      Can u make the ice cream sundaes from sponge bob I hope u read this 🤩🤩🤩

    60. John Cox

      For the apartment cook. Buy a package of cheap shower caps. Cover the smoke detector while cooking. :)

    61. Sophie Mueller

      can you pleeease do baklava 🤤🤤

    62. TheDapper Stoner

      you should make something eith Elk i have like 20lb in the freezer because family likes to hunt and i want to see ehat you can do with it

    63. ChatBox13

      I died 😂👌 @ 3:34 "Which I beleieve is better than busting a nut, as they say" -Babish

    64. Mary L

      Would you make more food from anime series?

    65. Ashley

      You should make bell peppers & beef from cowboy Bebop!

    66. kelpshakeandy.v7


    67. Trevor


    68. Hunnypooh18

      What are the chances of you recreating Benson's buffalo wing chili from regular show? It sounds so amazing and somehow no one has even close tried to recreate it.

    69. Aetrix

      love your show man, keep the videos comming!

    70. Samuel Sheeran

      Can you make acorn noodles from the anime assassination classroom? I'd be really interested in seeing how you would go about it and what your take would be..

    71. craig burt

      39:48 Toot

    72. Furry Sparkle

      Strawberry Cinnamon Cilantro Cupcakes! My little pony friendship is magic, season 5 episode 14 opening scene please give us a crazy bake

    73. Luke

      You should do liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti from Silence of the Lambs

    74. Luke

      You should do liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti from Silence of the Lambs

    75. Zariah Robinson

      Coconut Cream Pie from iCarly. The one where Spencer dated the owner’s daughter to get the recipe of.

    76. Break The Cycle 215


      1. Scrambles the Death Dealer

        We call them "breaks" where I'm from, but same thing. Tasty as fuck, I still eat them at home when I'm really hungry.

    77. Soko __

      Make the burrito from we bare bears

    78. Maria Zviaguina

      make a red velvet cake episode

    79. Muhammad Lo

      Can you make a good burger or mondo burger

    80. TinyThe Civet

      Try the triple gooberry sunrise from the spongebob movie

    81. Swadow Puff

      Can you make destiny 2 spicy ramen

    82. 😭😭😭 Why paramount 😭😭😭

      Make exotic butters from fnaf sister location

    83. stark nave9657

      Make the sweet rolls from Fallout and Skyrim

    84. Forge Comet

      Binging with babish please do el burdigato supreme from teen titans go

    85. Plastic Straw

      Can you do Bubble buddy's crabby patty

    86. jericho mariano

      Grilled cheese from Chef

    87. Max Quiring

      You should do the dinner they have in a Christmas story

    88. MirrorSeal12

      Hi I just found your Chanel and instantly subscribed. I love to cook/bake and I love that your channel makes stuff from tv shows and cartoons. May I ask that you try making the pancakes from the Netflix series Koralokuma and Karu. I bet you would make an awesome recipe for it! Or any other recipe from that show. I hope you do it ^//^

    89. Neily2Real

      Can u make Taco Bell's Spicy Chicken nuggets with nacho cheese and/or their baked chicken chalupa??? I've been craving both of them ever since the went away and I would love it if I could just make it at home whenever I want

    90. AngeryPileOfSpaghetti

      please make Bronto burger and ribs from the Flintstones

    91. Exotic Papaya

      Do sandwich from tf2

      1. Fallen


    92. Tair Wolf

      Make orange chicken....

      1. Tair Wolf


    93. Michael Boehnlein

      At 13:30 I’m pretty sure Davos is watching Game of Thrones (Liam Cunningham, Scottish could be where he was)

    94. Michael Boehnlein

      Anyone else just now learning the basics into is an actual song?

    95. Irishdevil1165

      Diablo burger from Smokey and the Bandit

    96. Isaiah M.

      Video starts at around 1:50

    97. The Hero Of Masks

      Maybe try the hogey or hokey.. I don’t know how to say it. But maybe try the hogey sandwich from regular show episode “a bunch of full grown geese”

    98. OuterSpace

      I dare you to make something from Omozoc's channel

    99. dan b

      andrew! it was awesome! please do more!

    100. eee-eee-clap-clap

      I have a suggestion for an episode or two...there's an episode of "Home Improvement" called "Wilson's World". In that episode, Tim and Al make combination foods, one is Broccolope (A Combination of Broccoli and Cantaloupe), Cherry Burgers which have cherries in the hamburger meat, Root Beer Chicken in Guava Oatmeal Sauce, and Caramel Flounder with Chocolate Chip Chutney.