Binging with Babish: Krabby Supreme from Spongebob Squarepants

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    Sometimes, you gotta give the people what they want. Play the hits. Let them eat...double-batter-fried-quad-burgers. This week I'm sacrificing both my health *and* dignity to bring you a very accurate recreation of one of Spongebob's greatest hits. Do not try this at home.
    Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      You’re all under arrest.

      1. TEH GR8 N00b

        No u. You stole the crabby patty formula

      2. Lil Home Invasion


      3. theguyintheworks

        That's all, folks!

      4. Dhavid Setiawan KilluaDhavid

        How to made Mayo?

      5. Aaron Sowersby

        Meme Time

    2. Jangle Filip

      3:52 When you're blowing a guy then you realize he's your cousin. SwEeT hOmE aLaBaMa

    3. ATLAS JET

      3:51 im gonna make it a meme anyway

    4. inue windwalker

      Come on, krabs is cheap, that's a deluxw

    5. Ado422

      Imagine the hot oil getting on his gloves. This man is living dangerously.

    6. Toasty Jam

      Me: you sure you can handle it? Her: I'm down for anything! Me: 3:50

    7. Layered Chip3

      God I want one now.

    8. Richard Gonzalez

      you gotta love and respect this man for all the stuff he does, keep on cooking babish

    9. Billy Alvizo

      "Lager" 😂 modelo time

    10. FarmingRacingMore

      *3:46** Best Part!*

    11. Pedro Neto

      Oh no

    12. Scaddan Productions

      3:53 "no bodies allowed to make a meme of that, it's illegal" (ok mr EU)

    13. Sand K


    14. Kanaan Landon

      Before the burger is covered in batter, I think they made a Big Mac!

    15. Jenna Adriene Briones

      Ok... That mayo shot was utterly disgusting... Binging with Babish You’re my new favorite channel!!!

    16. Adolfo Saenz

      I live this😂

    17. Bruh m8

      We serve food here, sir

    18. Lucario O v e r l o r d

      3:50 Man spotted with cum bottle

    19. Trooper rdp

      You should've put some dill spears through a cheese grater

    20. Zach Ward

      Is Mayonase an instrument? IDK, let me try Oh GaWd WhAt HaVe I DoNe!?!?

    21. jamie long

      Why is this making me want to make it. His voice is so hypnotic. This guy could convince me of bank robbery.

    22. Steven Silveus

      0:21 perfectly cut squirt

    23. HelloImHere

      Wholesome content

    24. Faiq abd malek

      The ending is bit disturbing for me 😂

    25. julius ochoa

      You can't tell me not to make a meme THIS ISN'T EUROPE

    26. Ethan Slusser

      The crusty crab in bikini bottom, mixed with that screenshot truly makes something special.

    27. Ain't Anybody

      Did it taste good?

    28. BNSuper Here

      Why vodka

    29. Alex Swedock

      hey man i think im gonna try this at home

    30. xTRuE_ Whatmate

      “ GET ON YOUR KNEES!” *mayo into mouth* wait a minute....

    31. Aidan Aguilar

      Why did he get on his knees for the Mayo

    32. Steam Punkster

      Look at that garbage...disgusting recipe. (Went back to my room and plays the clarinet.)

    33. Wf Gamer Fl

      I just swapped the mayo bottle with a dick, im dying help

    34. willow815

      Is there a reverse burger??

    35. Luxario

      Barnacle Head!

    36. MessRay

      *Plankton liked this video*

    37. CO Mack M 117

      You killed it at 2:31

    38. jason lul

      Look at me eating this garbage its digusting goblalalalalalalarlrlrlrlaaballrl

    39. a rock

      Where is the Krab meat

    40. G_H_O_S_T

      **silently pouring glass of drain cleaner**

    41. Piano Player

      You sound like "you suck at cooking"

    42. Zapperman Boss2

      So did anybody else know that the Poseidon's powder in the Krabby patty recipe was slang for cocaine

    43. Kevin Fry

      Fucking Hellman’s...

    44. Caelan Z

      Just looking at that burger gave me a heart attack

    45. Mia Smith


    46. TheNintendoFanatic

      Oh lawd that burger looks like heavenly delight, this is why you're quickly becoming my favorite youtuber, always great quality :)

    47. Filip Mucala

      i have to admit, you have a guts sir ! :-)

    48. Large Soda

      How many planktons did you kill for that meat?

    49. Shaurya Kesarwani

      Cardiac arrest

    50. Exzavier Meza

      3:50 my gf after I finish

    51. Scott Rousseau

      you caught that mayo pretty well...

    52. Sara

      Cumshot baby!!!!


      So was everyone sure that was mayo he was squirting in his mouth cause it kinda looked like marshmallow stuff or the other white stuff

    54. jon williams

      No crab.

    55. khaled owo

      It's a heart attack on a stick

    56. Jeffrey Johnston

      WOW, JUST WOW!

    57. N/A

      you've screwed yourself with that "mayo" shot

    58. icecreamcake

      That came out wrong

    59. alara karagöz


    60. Fuad Mohamed

      Nobody: Binging With Babish: *Yellow Mustard*

      1. Brian Williams

        I personally eat brown mustard so it makes sense for him to be specific. He's accounting for all people.

    61. Padparadscha

      Babish I made this, but I made singles as mini burger for a party. Also a tip takeout chopsticka work great when you surve anything on a stick

    62. NA JS

      if you didnt screenshot that moment, youre a disappointment

    63. McAlkis

      *"We serve food here sir..."*

    64. Very Witty Name

      3:49 Uhmm babish im sorry to say that i sent the wrong package That isnt mayo

    65. Dare Run

      that was a horrible thing to see at the end...

    66. Phuk Yu

      Why TF are you embarrassed to say you enjoy the shit you make on your own channel? LMFAO, how TF does this channel have 4million+ subscribers...

    67. Rick Sanchez C137

      Where is the restaurant I can get one of those at? Seriously, take my effing money!!!

    68. Nathan Nation

      How does spongebob cook when he's in water? 🤔

    69. kent O'Dea

      Plankton wants to know your location

    70. The dude

      I liked this until you added bacon.

    71. Sarah Rodriguez

      Thank you so much for this weirdness 😁

    72. Junior Alvarez

      Make a Syrup super squishy

    73. Joel Robertson

      3:53 pause it then trust me you’re gonna want to see this

    74. Akeisha Hope

      Should've used crab to make it a true crabby patty

    75. Sinclair

      lol'ed at the end

    76. Jackinabox

      I love that you’re so dedicated to recreating this that you even squeezed mayo into your mouth like that fish guy did

    77. Keith Cooper

      When you put in the tooth picks in the burger i was thinking damn the burger look so good then i saw you dip it in batter

    78. Lithostheory

      Where can I find the mayo memes?

      1. CantUseSpaces

        r/BingingWithBabish on Reddit

    79. Erin Edmondson

      Anyone else realize that when he was chopping up the pickle, it sounded like he said "I"dill"ly" Instead of ideally😂

    80. Clive Mercer

      Barnacle head.

    81. ChazWalsh

      Good god, that mayo shot xD

    82. Marvin Melchers

      Man, he is going full Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time with the mayonnaise!

      1. Marvin Melchers

        @Big T. Larrity its good for you ...

      2. Big T. Larrity

        Duuuuuuuuuuude! Nobody ever talks about them, absolute legends! I should go find my own pre-dinner mayonnaise

    83. pew

      That mayo cumshot rip

    84. Valentinus Aurelius

      Mayonayse, ist güt fír you!

    85. the dorkz

      3:51 rule 34 if it exists there`s a porn of it no exception

    86. NotJesus

      And just like that, Kratos was lost.

    87. Sorry. for talking

      Don't choke on it😂😂😂 lmao

    88. Kokonut

      barnacle head

    89. Steven

      3:49 I watch Binging with Babish for the plot


      Don't show this to kids 😂🤣😂🤣 3:45

    91. htf5555

      3:47 The money shot

    92. Uhtension5

      Anyone else notice he said vodka then added a modelo (beer)

      1. Darren Sim

        Uhtension5 he said lager

    93. xingadogx

      I thought the mayo sauce spent a week or two out in the sun?

    94. jake jhonson

      dude the lazy guy at the end with the mayo ha

    95. chester rockwell

      *on third day of water fast and watching this: my masochism knows no bounds*

    96. DK Carter

      You should of said said "pause" before the Mayo and a well deserved "No Homo" afterwards😂😂😂

    97. Jon Williams

      that looks yummy

    98. Voken

      Me: Makes a meme of 3:50 Babish: “wait that’s illegal”

    99. claudiamador

      did you add love? sponge bob adds love

    100. Lucas

      When you ask your teacher what you need to do to get your grades up " 3:48 "

      1. Jdogwoof66

        You eat mayonaise?