Binging with Babish: Krabby Supreme from Spongebob Squarepants

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    Sometimes, you gotta give the people what they want. Play the hits. Let them eat...double-batter-fried-quad-burgers. This week I'm sacrificing both my health *and* dignity to bring you a very accurate recreation of one of Spongebob's greatest hits. Do not try this at home.
    Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      You’re all under arrest.

      1. professor sir


      2. Thi ngan Pham

        I just watch a ad about a girl who got arrested

      3. TheSneakyDude125

        I like the beard

      4. hue_bnx33


      5. Sonic Fan1579

        Uno reverse card

    2. drugstore Cowboy

      Thats an instant heart attack

    3. SP01L3D _M4N

      Someone made a meme of you as giarno mayonnaise with mista

    4. CoGates Walker

      This will literally give you a heart attack

    5. Dessilou

      I want to not only make this but eat it too

    6. Tommy The hospital fish

      It looked pretty good until the fried part came in

    7. Twigpalm -

      Bro,, that's kind gay,,, but it's okay because so am I please marry me and we can cook together I'm small and British and good lord is that a fried burger

    8. Ethan Emmett

      Have my child, Andrew!

    9. MusiSian

      Mom can we have cum We have cum at home Cum at home 3:50

    10. Certified Thot Destroyer

      you should make the triple goober berry sunrise from the spongebob movie

    11. Culvea Solvere

      I came a little when Babish walked in front of the cartoon playing at waste level with his sultry deep voice talking into my ear. Oh it was glorious, what I wouldn't do.

    12. Cameron Rollins

      Babish gets an facial

    13. Cant spell communism without we

      Top 10 Fastest Deaths in Anime

    14. Sir Ghostington

      Dam I want to try that!

    15. Advice from a Hypocrite

      Seeing him eat that mayo at the end was soooo oddly satisfying. Like 🤤🤤🤤🤤

    16. SheyD78

      I love the authenticity of the mayo consumption, assuming he swallowed.

    17. R. Hands

      That look good but heartache

    18. Búi Helgason

      When i clicked the like button, it went from 200k to 201k

    19. Fred

      @3:50 IT'S ILLEGAL

    20. Yamaguchi

      3:49 Oh daddy yes open your mouth and bend for me

    21. Prince Dorado

      Is there another type of you'd recommend for frying? Got a peanut allergy

      1. Oravbro

        @Prince Dorado you're welcome

      2. Prince Dorado

        @Oravbro Thank you!

      3. Oravbro

        Canola, vegetable

    22. SMGMario

      I tried out the burger but I could only fry it once and everything fell apart. It was still good actually. Not the best burger I've had but it was good enough to eat. I am going to puke probably this night xD

    23. SILVERBAKA 24

      I already made it a meme

    24. Francisco Alejandro

      2:10 3/4 cup of... what? I have no idea what he said there. Is it logger?? Anyone can help me out?

      1. Francisco Alejandro

        @Gavin S. Thanks. Took me a while to notice. Lager is just beer right?

      2. Gavin S.

        Pretty sure he said lager

    25. Sophie Smith

      No one: Me a Utahn: *FRY SAUCE*

    26. Parody Dream

      I've got a recipe for a 'Heart Attack Wrap' BABISH please make it!

    27. Comrade Dimitri Petrenko Spetsnaz


    28. Bominog

      Master forgive me. I must go all out. Just this once.

    29. Shapeshift_Moon

      You fool! I wanted to see how long it really took Harold to chunk the mayonnaise!! D:

    30. SMGMario

      What the hell is logier? I only find people online -.-

      1. Oravbro

        It's lager

    31. LJW Walden

      Hey can you make a bagel sandwich from I'm Steven universe

    32. Ivan Simonov

      Spongebob Episode:just one bite

    33. Nigga Manny

      Babish don't lie we all know you're hiding the pickels underneath ya tongue

    34. jeffery nordgulen

      OMG I love u man

    35. Dwava Twine

      Mayo lol ewwwww and I’m vegan now but yeah I dig it wasn’t sure about double batter but yup looks good 🙌🏾

    36. Joe Wallace


    37. Evil Morty


    38. Christian memes

      3:49 meme

    39. Headless Jackass

      The ending brought back repressed memories. Bravo!

    40. Lit Boy

      What that mouth do though

    41. Jason Islas


    42. Brandon T.

      I am now a diabetic... thank you.

    43. Reylan Rorschach

      Who is this man!? He who dares to go all the way and THEN SOME!?!? Who is he who dares to go.... *PLUS ULTRA!!!*

    44. julianto triwijaya

      I'm sure people will photoshop him ito some vore or porn stuff by replacing the mayo bottle and removing the background so it's only him on "that" ppsition taken from this video XD

    45. Cassandra Wood

      12 year-old me: *Pirating a movie online* The ads in the corner: 3:48

    46. Saint socram Nŷmaíã

      3:48 Why...

    47. nighthawk0105

      This burger really looks like something I would thoroughly enjoy eating...

    48. Quacks

      I would try to make this but I hate that he put vodka in it

      1. Oravbro

        Just leave out the alcohol if you're bothered by it

    49. Joe Musick

      do you think you could recreate some epic meal time stuff? just a thought, for fun.

    50. Christopher Peninger

      I said, "HOLD THE MAYO!"

    51. Abha Agrawal

      That is the definition of unhealthy


      3:50 gross babish very gross blagh

    53. Andrew Walton

      That just looked Yummmm...

    54. Lucifer1002

      im more impressed of that high quality spongebob clip at the beginning. the color is very sharp

    55. Ralsei

      Oh look a maynaise c- *gets killed* nvm

    56. Andrew Brown

      Its Crab meat not beef.

    57. Kurumi

      Mr crabs wants to know ur location

    58. Joseph Kraemer

      This guy really likes spongebob

    59. Joey Baker

      But can you eat a Krabby Double Deluxe in one bite like Patrick?

    60. poor man with no subscribers

      Squid ward:binging with babyish you barnacle head

    61. poor man with no subscribers

      I got a McDonalds ad when I tapped on it

    62. May Skeke

      This is the you know some one ,some where is jerking off to this 3:49

    63. Daniel Snyder

      You're an absolute madman

    64. Dafoodmaster

      you clearly dont have enough burger deep frying experience, please contact cult moo for guidance

    65. wishcandy

      lmaooo i can't believe you actually ate the mayo. love your voice (and your vids) btw

    66. Bite of the Bleeding Hollow

      Babish porn at 3:49

    67. Sleepn

      Did you need to get on your knees for the mayonnaise

    68. Gavin Beck

      You should do the Pretty Patties

    69. martin kacmar

      How did you steal the recipe for krabby patties

    70. mike rotz

      Just let the batter run through your fingers!