Binging with Babish: King of the Hill Special

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    Peggy Hill is many things: she's a mother. A boggle champ. A substitute teacher (substitute teacher of the year twice, in fact). A sculptor. A foot fetish model. A kidnapper. A survivor of a fall from 13,000 feet without a parachute. The mother of the 15th Dalai Lama. She is by her own admission, however, not a very good cook. Will her specialty dishes make it into the clean plate club?
    Music: "Heart Ache" by Broke for Free
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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Eli Vigil 710

      Cmon bab a rubber spat

    2. iheartscaryclowns

      You should have used propane and propane accessories.

    3. Doug Palmer

      No its not.there is no bread crums in brown betty

    4. Blake Giunta

      You forgot the orange juice for the brown Betty

    5. TheKnightDrag0n

      Dude, when are you going to prepaire pocket sand?

    6. SyKo McAwesomeness

      Peggy Hill wouldn't use American cheese on Frito Pie. If Hank's favorite is Pepperjack, she would have used that. If she were to use the default cheese used, she would have used Cheddar, or possibly Colby. They're Texans. Texan's default cheese for Frito Pie is usually Cheddar. Some people use the big bags of pre-shredded "Mexican Style" cheeses, but nobody but broke college kids and stoners melt American cheese food product slices over their Frito Pie.

    7. Christopher Lawrence

      Dang et bobbeh!

    8. Kenny West

      I died at the Peggy hill accent

    9. Lola

      They used to serve Frito chili pie at my elementary AND middle school. Both in Oklahoma 😂

    10. NeWelk.3 x 3

      I’d like to think he makes a new video whenever he run out of leftovers from the previous one

    11. Michael

      He even properly enunctiated her name. It's not "Peggy Hill," it's _Pehggy Heel._

    12. Lauren Collins

      I’ve never seen frito pie made like that😱 it looks so much nicer than what I’m used to😱

    13. Captain Falcon

      3:14 Bwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh

    14. AmonInfinity

      Doesnt she replace the butter with margarine?

    15. NZYE

      it really triggered me that he moved the sauce to the pasta bowl, and no the other way

    16. ohmyGOD

      It was so bad that I really enjoyed it :) What’s the sense of making perfect video when you can do perfectly bad video. Loved it!

    17. SuperCookieGaming

      i wish i could cook at college but no cooking appliances in the dorms

    18. Steven Maff

      i never had spagetti with meat balls. not everyone is american.

      1. YourMovieRocksDOTorg

        It's almost like he is, whaooh

    19. Razzy1312

      Babish you clearly don't know midwestern folk like Peggy. They buy the ready made spaghetti sauce *and then* add sugar to it.

    20. Razzy1312

      2:42 *Looks at bottle of Kraft grated Parmesan I keep on my desk* *Bottle of Kraft grated Parmesan looks at me* *Me:* Nah bro, it's ok he didn't mean you.

    21. Honzaa

      Meatball dough

    22. Camille Pendragon not the way my dad makes spaghetti

    23. Nico Jade

      God I hate frito pie

    24. Hank Hill

      Ah, gotta love the classics.

    25. spuspu Absher

      next do charcoal hamburger vs propane hamburgers.

    26. Warspite

      I'll be disappointed if you didn't make mustard gas

    27. TARDISgirl

      brown betty just seems like American apple crumble but without the oats/coconut/nuts, and that makes me sad. You've got to have a bit of weight to your crumble

    28. Jus Marlon

      Three times good sir

    29. FallenAngel

      Do you think I know what a food processor is?

    30. Double D Artistry

      Loved it. Your knowledge of king of the hill lore is spot on. Respect. Super hungry for frito pie with with wolf brand chilly. Bobby's Arrow Girls cookies would be interesting to make as well.

    31. Paige Beck

      Isn't an apple brown Betty just an apple crisp?

    32. jason lul

      That looks fkn disgusting

    33. InvasionOfFries

      Honestly though I would eat all of those dishes.

    34. Zy t


    35. Dakota Cox

      At least it's no gamer bath watet


      why to Americans pronounce Parmesan as if there is a j in it? In england we pronounce it par-me-san

    37. Poor Man's Comics

      That is not how you make frito pie😂 just heat up some wolf brand chili and add Fritos. Stir it and serve

    38. Eric Fouch

      A dash of nutmeg

    39. slinq

      binging it needs some punctuation or something. bing'ing , i cant figure out how to not make it bing/ing. bingeing

    40. rdubby

      The only problem is that you used wolf brand chili with beans. You forget they live in Texas.

    41. strangulator42

      Oh!! Pepper Jack LOVE Fraggle Rock!!!!

    42. Kazzy Senpai

      you can add sugar to jarred sauce

    43. Allheart8705

      Oh and Gordon Ramsay said not to use egg and bread crumbs to meatballs cuz we ain’t making meatloaf

    44. Allheart8705

      Please make food from dragon ball Z

    45. ghostly plays

      I watched this with a stomach ache and as soon as I seen the Fritos it got worse..(Fritos make me gag

    46. jakey is never ok.

      no one: babish: m e a t b a l l d o u g h

    47. Koseku Kawajiri

      Attempt a monster krabby patty

    48. Streetz

      It’s in the church episode

    49. Streetz

      Their is actually a difference in spapeggy and meatballs

    50. RuSosan

      People actually eat that? Egh.

    51. Meridian

      Thin layer of chili on the bottom, canned tamales, another layer of chili and fritos on top. Add sour cream afterward. Quick decent cheap meal :)

    52. Matthew Casella

      Brooooo you forgot the orange juice!!!!!

    53. Star Marchment

      but where's the orange juice in the brown betty?!

    54. BOBBY Hernandez

      Did anyone notice the change in the usual music

    55. Channel

      I made the frito pie a while ago from this sort of recipe and it was wonderful

    56. Devon Robinson

      A frito pie is not a pie there called a pie cause all the toping but you do you...????🤷

    57. Grant Redacted

      Whenever I watch you I get very relaxed and very hungry

    58. ATR

      Nah homie, my mom used oats

    59. Reagan Stone

      I notice how you said peggy heel instead of peggy hill. Very good detail

    60. Galactoons

      The fuck am i doing its 4 in the morning and im watching a dude make food from king of the hill damn i need to get my life together

    61. Charlie Keiner

      I swear I remember Peggy saying she puts orange juice in spapeggy and meat balls

    62. Uncle Jarate

      when you called the meat dough, i started to think about meat puff pastry, meat bread, oh god meat pizza!

    63. Fedrox

      Babish, you know if you make your food completely home made and not using processed canned food, the food would taste a lot better. This is just an opinion but yeah I’ve tried it myself and it’s great. Only recommending this.

    64. Roy Kay

      Do you have a Meatball video? Just about making meatballs, I mean.

    65. The_Goochie_Bison

      He said “ Peigy Hill “ 😂😂

    66. KFangirl4

      Any self-respecting Texas woman knows that the cheese on Frito pie is shredded Longhorn Cheddar. Seriously.

    67. AR Review

      My moms make spaghetti wayyy differently

    68. Kol Gang

      someone please decipher this 5:16

    69. Henry Carson

      "To combat acidity, which doesn't work. [...] it does however mask the acidity" I'd say that pretty much combats it.

      1. Henry Carson

        Regardless, good point about undercooked tomato sauce. Keep up the good recipes!

    70. Jack Wynn

      You forgot the orange juice from the brown bottom peggy