Binging with Babish: King of the Hill Special

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    Peggy Hill is many things: she's a mother. A boggle champ. A substitute teacher (substitute teacher of the year twice, in fact). A sculptor. A foot fetish model. A kidnapper. A survivor of a fall from 13,000 feet without a parachute. The mother of the 15th Dalai Lama. She is by her own admission, however, not a very good cook. Will her specialty dishes make it into the clean plate club?
    Music: "Heart Ache" by Broke for Free
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    1. DeadlyArrow1012

      Dunkey would have been proud

    2. Young Cappi

      Bro this recipe is already wrong because it wasn't made by Peggy herself

    3. Tactical Ace

      Babishes wife: has a baby Babish: remember to season with salt and pepper

    4. Gungis Grand

      I am proof that not every Texan likes Freto Pie

    5. Cheetah SEC


    6. Chloe

      American cuisine is something else

    7. Quin Woods

      Not all eating chili is hot dog chili, but all hotdog chili is Eating chili

    8. Mel Francois

      I've never seen that toon in my life but I like watching his videos

    9. pickel juice

      The Apple Brown Betty was literally on fire

    10. dog guy

      What about Peggy's cleaning tips?

    11. Henry Fisher

      I’ve never had frito pie like that ever, just chili in a Fritos bag for me with some cheese on top thank you

    12. Dildo shawwagins

      Meatball dough -Babish 2018

    13. Mario García Pérez

      Bruh I am from Spain and I almost screamed when he put the meatballs in the oven instead of frying them.

    14. jdzencelowcz

      I'd prob'ly go with a brick of pepper jack & a brick of extra sharp cheddar, both walmart brand, for the 1st dish. Also, I REALLY shouldn't B watching anything food related at 11pm after 2 good but still subpar frozen then oven cooked pot pies for dinner! O__o

    15. Amelia Davidson

      I might have to try that Brown Betty recipe....

    16. optimus prime

      What a fool you don't put salt and pepper on most things Babish be real put salt and pepper on every thing don't be silly

    17. Jesus Bucio

      I love king of the hill. Ive watched the series 3 times

    18. joel franco

      That boy ain’t right

    19. Operation Trojan Cow

      you x rated film star x

    20. Stig Cruise

      It took me 2 damn minutes to stop laughing at the way he said Peggy Hill 😂

    21. NoOne Really

      God I love Frito pie 🥴🥴🥴

    22. YaBoi Ariel

      Make big smokes order

    23. KatherineTheGreat


    24. anonymous anonymous

      I season my balls with salt and black pepper

    25. Lauren Thompson

      Texan & apalled. You always shred cheese for frito pie

    26. K

      “store bought ground beef...*sigh*” what did he expect her to do? kill the cow herself lmao

      1. TheDeadOfNight37

        Grind the beef yourself. It will have a better texture and you get to control fat content and what cuts of meat are in it

      2. laur lauryn

        he usually grinds it himself i’m pretty sure

    27. InfamousDoktorJackal

      Peggy was a 3 time winner of the substitute teacher of the year award

    28. isaac j

      So no fruit pie???

    29. iLUVtwoSPOOGE

      To remove acidity from sauce peel a carrot and stick it in whole. Celery also works but use both for the best results. They taste delicious too

    30. Ben Fletcher

      Oh my god, you have the exact same pie dish I have. Didn’t expect that, especially since I’m Australian

    31. N'gis Stemeveiche

      Mom's spaghetti

    32. Fortnitemasterkid69420798 i

      Btw peggy uses margerine not butter you have to make a new video

    33. macsmith2013

      I doubt that "yellow american" can even be legaly sold as "cheese" on other countries.

      1. Adam B.

        I believe here in PL we call it "melted cheese", which is basically cheese-like product.

      2. Michelle Ramos

        Its not sold as cheese here in America either. They call it cheese product lol

    34. Andrew Sutton

      Banish should’ve taken the extra spaghetti and made the spaghetti sandwiches Bill tells Peggy and Dale to invest in. Always wanted to know what that was like lol

    35. Ivan Ooze


    36. The South

      Spaghetti is like dessert to me.

    37. Logan Sisson

      I swear Babish sounds like Bob from Bob's burgers

    38. goggles guy

      You could have called this southern dishes slapped a basics with babish title and no one would have argued with you

    39. Marvelous Artist1920

      Is there a preferred way to make swedish meatballs? My boyfriend is obsessed with your cooking, so if God forbid I cook something any other way than what Babish did, he wont eat it. That being said, how would you make swedish meatballs and with what dish? Are they served with mashed potatoes, rice, or something else?

    40. Peng Wing

      Where is the star of the show? Kosher salt?

    41. Faith Rosier

      the shade against Pattie is......refreshing haha

    42. blue coture

      Chilli-Fritos Watts CA I got this from an ice cream truck. 💜😉💯➕

    43. Beautiful Meeses


    44. Green Root

      Wheres the pocket sand

    45. Michael Breckshot

      What does Mihn (I hope I spelled that right) have against nutmeg? There's nutmeg in Southeast Asia(n cooking), right?

    46. Veronica Gonzalez-Espejel

      once we got our meat ball dough well kneaded, it's time to divide into mouth size balls.. -Binging with Babish

    47. Atom

      Frito pie is amazing If you haven’t tried it your missing out seriously you need to try it

    48. Madd city

      Seeing how many people loved and watched king of the hill literally makes my heart explode

    49. Daniel

      I was raised in Texas and I've never seen frito chilli pie made this way. It goes fritos, steaming hot chilli, onions, shredded cheddar, eat. Wolf brand chilli... that takes me back. Terrible stuff.

    50. Blue Fire

      ... I'm hungry

    51. Bob Barker

      Didn't Peggy use apple sauce in the spapeggy and meatballs

    52. Adie Waskiw

      Your supposed to add brown sugar to Jared tomato sauce

    53. Trey Owen

      I always thought that they would have a made a frito corn chip based crust of some sort instead. That would have been awesome!

    54. Jan Knapp

      Can you please make chilli balls from Henry danger

    55. Melanie Sharp

      Peggy's secret Apple Brown Betty ingredient is a spoonful of orange juice. She also doesn't use butter, only margarine.

    56. Maximu Danktro

      Bold of you to assume that peggy wouldn’t add sugar to jarred sauce

      1. Texas Hippie&cowboy

        You know damn well peggys used jarred sauce

      2. Nuetron

        @Squip alot of us wanna enjoy pasta sauce without all the unnecessary added sugar.

      3. Squip

        You can also absolutely buy jarred sauce that is made without sugar, which seems weird to me but I’ve seen them in the store specifically labeled that way.

    57. Caden the Cucumber

      I’m sorry to say and as a Texan it makes me embarrassed but I barely ever get to eat these even though they define suburban Texas cuisine

    58. ursine82

      ill pass on this one

    59. watchinyafap

      i dont think ive ever hated a fictional character more then peggy hill

    60. Mae Spangler

      I'm sorry but I cant keep quiet about this any longer who in the heck makes an actual pie for fritos chili pie it's you cook the chilli and if you decide to use nacho cheese heat that up but it's a plate of fritos then you add shredded cheddar or nacho cheese and then the chilli and you it theres no throwing it in a fry pan and baking it

    61. Rgz Btsta

      Me: Wow i like how you twizzle your spaghetti 4:46 soo fancy. Im gonna try it. Me: shreSHRREEK SHREEK Mom: O MAHGah- SHTOP ITT!!

    62. Audri Williams

      Wolf chilli is my favorite brand and it's hardly in any stores up north!

    63. doggyfizzle719

      What a funny episode of Yu Yu Hakusho

    64. Sleepy Coffee

      Thank you Bab, I’m doing the Peggie spaghetti and handmade my meat balls, I was worried cause I never did but everything is looking good!

    65. JANKBOMB

      American cheese on chili and fritos...disgusting.

    66. Master Toast

      I dont understand why people would add cheese to their meatballs

    67. BadHiVal

      Definitely not enough sauce on the spaghetti and meatballs 0/10

    68. S1LV3R 3DG3

      This video: *exists* Me eating a bowl of kettle cooked chips: interesting

    69. Isaac weitman

      Uhmmm bobby isn't the dalai lama. He's lama sanglug.

    70. OreoPuffs Animation

      It’s 12:30am help