Binging with Babish: Grilled Cheese Deluxe from Regular Show

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    This week, for the first time ever, we're double-dipping into the same source material two episodes in a row. Why? Last week was National Grilled Cheese Day, and well damn it, it got me in the mood. So while we don't have any accurate stats or specs on the 'grilled cheese deluxe' from Cheezer's, this is my very best effort to make a grilled cheese worth standing in line for. Unless you're an astronaut, of course.
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      So that’s my favorite cheese blend - what’s y’alls?

      1. dstyd

        American, Colby or Pepper jack are my choices.

      2. awarded nerd

        Medium cheddar

      3. Noisy Knuckles


      4. Hentaiweeb69

        Binging with Babish 4 kraft singles

    2. Colter Tolman

      Damnit you're making me hungry. grilled cheese for breakfast I guess....

    3. KeXproX

      0:11 Nobody: The whole of Reddit when they see 69:

    4. aruce9

      You fool sourdough makes a superior grilled cheese

    5. Bud Borne

      The grilled cheese is already perfected. Alot of butter, a smidge of vegemite and your choice of cheese


      This guy sure does have a cheese fetish...

    7. Legendary Super Sand

      Thats a lot of cheese ya got there.

    8. Gopnic Otaku

      "Once my cylinder has solidified"

    9. Shirayuki Dranellyion

      4:37 So no one's gonna talk about him forgetting to open the stove...

    10. Andrew Shea

      “How to make any sandwich better, JUST ADD BACON; it’s simple physics.” -Babish

    11. Blxck Bxddie

      I didn't feel like my kitchen was good enough so I grew my own

    12. Anonymous Anonymous

      I was not suppose to get emotional seeing the little Regular Show clip 😒😒 Use to be my FAVORITE show ❤❤❤ I love it sooo much

    13. Vectovai

      I must be getting old, just watching this upset my stomach from all that cheese.

    14. Robert Gresham

      Instead of gelatin, why not make a roux?

    15. last detour

      My cylinder just solidified.

    16. Mc Diggles

      Tip from Babish: Grilled cheese doesn’t need cheese, it needs cheese.

    17. Christopher Cory

      Pepper jack 🧀 Make "Mexican grilled cheese"

    18. Kenzie E.


    19. Rito - San

      Babish:I didn’t like the way it mixed so I made my own mixer

    20. Rito - San

      I’d rather get all the cheese and mix them especially blue cheese yum and on a smooth bread with freshly made butter then make it crispy

    21. mikael englund

      American cheese taste like vegible oil and becomes a paste in yiur mouth. I much more prefer cheddar

    22. Casey Wiener

      "No way was any one cheese gonna cut it" i see what u did there babish

    23. Parth Kale

      They did this in the name of humanity. Give them the noble already.

    24. leandro pons

      am I the only one that has watched this video for the 1000th time?

    25. The bath of content

      Babish:hi bill bill: hi babish Babish: soo what kinda cheese do you have Bill:oh we have verycheeseycheesegoat a pound for around 17 dollars or veryverycheesemanwithcheeseandfat very fine kind for 500 a pound Or if you blend it you can get some really good verycheesecheesgoatveryverycheesemanwithcheeseandfat Babish: I’LL BUY THE ENTIRE STORE PLEASE

    26. fatboi lokó

      Ewei tela jalaste gachÓ contu cheese mamada😕😕😒

    27. Avocado Jr.

      Bruh you just showed us a documentary on grilled cheese sandwich.

    28. V33 SSB

      I didn’t even get ten seconds in before I knew that gouda, gruyere, and cheddar were gonna be in the perfect combination. The parmesan is a *very* nice touch tho, gotta try that some time. I’ve gotten hooked on parm lately, especially on burgers (as odd as it may sound).

    29. IDK IJS

      What material or brand is you skillet made out of

    30. Matthew Cheung

      The BABCU and the BACU should crossover again

    31. Charlie Bell

      hell yeah dude'

    32. ahmed hamed

      I was thinking of making a cheeze sandwich If this is what it takes to make a sandwich, I dont want to eat food anymore

    33. Luke Dwyer

      I fucking love a good grilled cheese, your work is essential!

    34. Erin Zima

      Sourdough bread is better as a grilled cheese than white bread

      1. Christopher Cory

        True.... The best.

    35. The_Catman

      still needs a tomato soup

    36. Benramin Prarmin

      In this order: Butter, bread, havarti cheese, pimento cheese, havarti cheese, bread, butter. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on each side and fresh cracked pepper on each side a little bit before its done cooking. Once done cooking, keep flipping on heat for 20 seconds

    37. Galag

      It’s the cheesey deluxe use all the cheeses.

    38. hoobajoob1

      So justin has been fighting bare handed I see

    39. Brendan Nguyen

      Binging with Babish, what’s the name of that 4 cheese blend?

    40. Cardion Don

      I make a fantastic grilled cheese, and don't go through any of this. Lol, but I guess that's why it is called a deluxe.

    41. I am Lion Man

      It wasn’t until the video ended that I realised my mouth was hanging open a bit and I was close to drooling on myself!

    42. nettocop1

      non stick pan makes your penis smaller, dont belive me? google it!

    43. Seda Avci

      Whole wheat bread much more delicious 😋

    44. Zack Nictol

      Babish:ok so my board wast good enough so I had to get new wood and replace it

    45. Casa De Jarp

      So now i wanna be a chef

    46. Erik Martinez

      What, no muenster?

    47. Jello Spade

      So you didn't list pepper jack in your list of cheeses? With all due respect, just what in the HECK is wrong with you?

    48. Soul Gazer

      Never would I have thought to but gelatin in a grill cheese... But that looks amazing! Better then my pre sliced pepper Jack and lunch meat chicken ones.

    49. John Webb

      Candied Dill Spears with Tomato Soup. Progresso? Campbells? P.S. My Mom had a two-sided electric griddle and it fried both sides simultaneously and the cheese ran out from between the bread slices and made this "burnt" cheese that was to be fought over.

    50. join the fist 10

      Now I want grilled cheese

    51. r3hab

      The real hero here is Jkenzielopezalt

    52. Marcela Aragão

      Congratulations!... Now I'm hungry...

    53. J. Lopez

      Loved this video. 👍👍

    54. Story Teller of Evil

      regular show is just great

    55. Rustic

      $2 loaf of white bread from woollies with a slab of pre sliced cheese straight in the sandwhich press is the way to go

      1. Rustic

        ari ryan yeah nah you’re not wrong

      2. ari ryan

        Is that a fellow aussie bloke of culture I spy?

    56. roquefortfiles

      Anyone who makes grilled cheese with processed cheese should be shot.

      1. Wii is the best console Fite me

        Not everyone can buy 73 different types of aged cheese 😂

    57. Suçons

      Can you make bacon pancakes from adventure time

      1. DeclanG

        Suçons he already did, they looked awesome

    58. Ix Suomi

      Butter+honey > ''you''

    59. jimv1983

      The only type of bread for the perfect grilled cheese is sourdough.

    60. Melina

      this is my first video of his i am seeing.... wow. the effort and thought put into it is not unnoticed. truly incredible vid thanks!!😍 subscribed

    61. LuvTortyz

      Personally I’d go for sourdough but otherwise this looks phenomenal


      Try building the pan next time

    63. Loowis007

      I mean do you really think that they'd put THIS MUCH effort into a grilled cheese on the show?....

    64. José Humberto Morales

      This video made me so happy to watch.

    65. David Lyle

      Man, this is one of the many examples of why it sucks being lactose intolerant!

    66. Collin Lee

      Havarti is the best cheese for grilled cheese 👌👌👌👌👌

    67. steeldrago73

      One should never have to apologize for a solidified cylinder. Regardless of how cheesey.

    68. Bardi Damn

      My favorite food ever but tbh I hate expensive cheese for grilled cheese it tastes funny idk

    69. Steven Roberts

      I don't particularly care for grilled cheese but this gave me a whole new appreciation

    70. Stock Brazen

      Babish: i shall now redesign grilled cheese