Binging with Babish: Grilled Cheese Deluxe from Regular Show

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    This week, for the first time ever, we're double-dipping into the same source material two episodes in a row. Why? Last week was National Grilled Cheese Day, and well damn it, it got me in the mood. So while we don't have any accurate stats or specs on the 'grilled cheese deluxe' from Cheezer's, this is my very best effort to make a grilled cheese worth standing in line for. Unless you're an astronaut, of course.
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      So that’s my favorite cheese blend - what’s y’alls?

      1. Jasper van Heycop

        Old Amsterdam (a high quality aged Gouda) and roquefort

      2. Egg Boy

        Everything except for blue and plastic Kraft slices

      3. henuemphuse

        Binging with Babish motzerella Parmesan provolone and smoked cheddar two parts smoked cheddar one part provolone and mozzarella mix is one part mozzarella one part Parmesan mix the two cheeses that’s what I use for my favorite grilled cheese as well as burgers

      4. That Time

        Muenster, and provolone

      5. Harry Todhunter

        Halloumi and nothing else

    2. Zedi gan

      is your vinny the same vinny from It's Alive from Bon Apetit?

    3. Cpt.Philippines

      Grilled cheese day? That's a thing in the states?

    4. King Dududu

      I’m lactose intolerant, but I still think it looks good.

    5. Some_Random Guy

      The fact that it's a toasted cheesy bread, it makes me hungry now😐

    6. RAFPega

      *checks blood pressure* Yeah well if im gonna end my life...

    7. Lukas

      I like to use bacon grease mixed with olive oil to toast. I use medium cheddar, a little sharp cheddar, muenster, and a little swiss as the cheese. I use Texas toast as the bread.

    8. iLLWiLL

      Sorry bro, I can't hang out today. Im making a grilled cheese sandwich.

    9. Sarah Perkins

      When I make grilled cheese, I’m looking for a salty, almost nutty taste as well as a creamy underlying taste. I love sharp white cheddar because of the taste and smoked Gouda for creaminess (and a pretty good cheese pull ;) Also I love using sourdough bread because of the acidic taste

    10. Waitgivemeaminute Videos

      Yo I can smell this video 😋

    11. jay animations

      instead of cooking the grilled cheese in butter cook it in oil

    12. supreme.dreams55☁️

      If I got a grilled cheese I wouldn’t share it tbh 😂😂😂

    13. Myhand Hurts

      Never had grilled cheese before. But goddammit i would definitely try yours

    14. LowKeyHyi

      I made two grilled cheese sandwiches and burned both

    15. Kimberly Mcneely

      That's a shit ton if work for a grilled cheese .... I want to do it

    16. Devoidchain

      I'm craving a grilled cheese now

    17. Aaliyah Rogers

      1:58 Gromit where did all of my cheese go?

    18. Hussain Thunder


    19. Juuzou Suzuya


    20. Darren Sim

      Praise Cheeses

    21. Faith Bartlett

      Of course you can improve on shitty American plastic cheese 😂

    22. OnyxAnger


    23. The special FBI

      this dude has more cheese than my average grade

    24. John Royals

      I personally love Munster Cheese with some smoked chipotle pepper inside with some garlic salt on the outside.

    25. Marie Clervil

      i love grilled cheese deluxe 8

    26. Dhanuja Boyagoda

      I fucking grew up on regular show ❤️❤️

    27. Hide on Bush

      I wonder what would gordon ramsay say if he tastes your sandwich

    28. PJ Moon

      *”Ooh, that’s kind of meta.”* - Babish

    29. Magic Pot

      the video was so overstretched that i lost the recipe by the end xD

    30. Ghost Toaster

      When I was young I thought this looked like a food from the gods. Glad a god made it.

    31. Animegod Dark

      *funny internet ViDEos*

    32. last comennter

      2:05 culinary version of pokemon gotta catch em all

    33. alara karagöz

      Omfg i just cant believe that a cheese needs that much operation

    34. GamersBe Gaming

      I mean I just slap some cheese on white bread and put it in the flat toaster ._.

    35. namjoon’s_bby

      i have never eaten grilled cheese.

    36. Sean Farrell

      I will try that gelatin trick. I never do white bread grilled cheese, though a good artisan white might be ok. I prefer a nice crusty sourdough. I often make grilled cheese with whatever I have on hand, usually cheddar, parmesan and something else, but the best I've ever made was muenster, aged cheddar, and parmesan. also, I do mayonaise in the bread

    37. ersh ehmer

      This is a cheesy video haha

    38. Alexander Ryan

      *sigh*. I needed that. Day three of fasting. The struggle is real.

    39. Safi Ahmed

      Why does the initial American cheese sandwich look better and more appealing than the final sandwich?

    40. -im gonna bite taehyung in future-

      did he started to rap when he explained abt making his own bread..

    41. Atomic *BOOM*

      It would have tasted a lot better if u watched funny internet videos

    42. Aliya Andreasen

      Can agar agar be used if you can't eat 🐖?

    43. Γιώργος Κοκκινάκης

      How can you make a water proof grilled cheese ? Flex tape!

      1. soggy waffle

        Thanks for the tip, but i think flex seal would be better.

    44. OG Just Aguy

      Or what we call it in the Netherlands: een tosti

    45. Roy Kay

      Aww.. I was hoping this would be Andy's, from Parks and Rec, best in the world grilled cheese. Lol

    46. Jericko Craig Yraola


    47. FuzzyChain

      "Some science bullsh*t happens..." I wish he was my physics teacher.

      1. Akid Muzaffar

        I do have that type.

    48. Sean Haggard

      Craft on wonder bread with land o lakes is still better

    49. Rae Sunshine

      Was this porn to anybody else?

    50. Moon

      If you use Mayo instead of butter its sooooo good

    51. ERik

      Grass-fed ghee. That's your winner. Just saying.

    52. Mr. Jeffinizor

      Hey whoa whoa whoa... where’s the homemade butter and homemade toothpicks and homemade olives for it?

    53. Takozaki OwO

      0:43 wHite bread

    54. HDHS

      Everyone in England calls 'American cheese' plastic cheese.

    55. rallokkcaz

      Woah the gelatin trick might help me recreate a certain style of cheese I used to have growing up. It was a soy cheese that was supposed to mimic mozzarella. Sounds gross right? Well this ONE SPECIFIC brand had some sort of magic in the cheese. Because unmelted it was just okay (and that's saying a lot, most vegan cheese is shit), but on bread in a pan with butter (yes I know, vegan cheese and butter?) and some Gulden's mustard on one side is a fucking sight and taste to behold. Stretchy, flavorful, not greasy cheese. A little bite with the mustard, and goddamn that toasted white bread combo. I've literally never had a better snack in my life. Recipe: Ingredients: - 2 to 3 tbsp butter chopped into even slices. - Thick slices of Soy Kaas (not sponsored) mozzarella cheese. About 3, just enough to cover the bread. - 2 pieces of regular white or oat bread. - Deli mustard, no yellow BS Directions: - Heat a pan on medium high heat, test the heat by throwing some tiny drops of water in. If it boils away almost instantly you're at temp. - Put the cheese on a slice of bread, smear a nice layer of mustard on the top slice. Place half the butter evenly on the top of the sandwich (if it's too cold just make sure it will melt out). - Pick up the sandwich with a spatula from underneath and flip it butter side down into the pan. Change heat depending on your stove range. Medium is usually fine. - Take the other half of the butter and place it on the exposed side of the sandwich. - Lift the sandwich every 1-2 minutes or so until golden brown. - Take your spatula and flip the sandwich onto the side with the fresh butter. - Turn the heat down a bit, and let the cheese melt. No need to cover, this cheese can get soggy easily. - Lift once again every now and then until golden brown. - Take it off the heat and let it rest for 2-3 minutes. Boom! Not so vegan, vegan grilled cheese. You could use a vegan margarine spread but they're usually too salty or simply burnt, maybe at a lower temp?

    56. oliviawa1000

      asdfghjl all this work... im sure its amazing but honestly i just mix sharp cheddar with a heavy amount of paprika and call it a day

    57. Kel Whitman

      Tbh I don't really like grilled cheese

    58. Toastuwu

      Why's this video so amazing?

    59. ethansgrillz

      Can you do the same type of video but with Mac and cheese?

    60. Cesar Froylan

      It started as a challenge to make my gf a nice grill cheese sandwich and it ended in us making bread! LOOOOOOOOOOOL

    61. Elmer Guerrero

      If the king of random started a cooking channel it would be like this

    62. Nolan Brodrecht

      Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue I like grilled cheese Do you too?

    63. De Ku

      This took your time and money . Well you do make US-new money

    64. Tanner Rienbolt

      Babish made homemade Velveeta...

    65. Cooper Knueven

      Have you guys ever tried bacon in grilled cheese I was opened up to this recently. I like it.

    66. DestroyingNoobler

      Ooooooooooooooooo cheeeeeeese “Cheese” you have so many cheeses like “cheezits” Christ, you “cheddar” buy more. I bet you are “feta” up of the jokes I mean they are pretty “cheesy”

    67. Max Đỗ

      Cholesterol won't give you heart attack. Sugar will.

    68. brrt DW

      that grilled cheese looks THIIIIIIIICC

    69. DOM 3045

      This guy is a legend😂

    70. Mapple Heart

      Please make a tutorial for croque monsieur

    71. Mathilde Lichfield

      My Swiss ass is quaking at all this cheese

    72. Carmen Mencar

      I will now proceed to make this.

    73. Stephen Cantarero

      young gouda sounds like the name of a white rapper

    74. KZ Imperial

      Instructions unclear. A gumball machine barges in my room and asks Where is his grilled cheese deluxe.

    75. Quagigitymire

      it's summer time and you know what that means! time to head down to the beach and do some beach-EEE things! so break out the bread and grill up some cheese

    76. 郭维佳

      I'm sorry lmao but commercial white bread taste like cotton

    77. sun shine

      I like your watch which brand 👌..??

    78. scoot3r_sc00t3s

      My favorite cheese is goat and Parmesan

    79. SmoothTurtle

      How could vegans live without experiencing such greatness?

    80. Frostmeier

      Instead of making the grilled cheese with plain white bread you should make your own garlic bread with it, or if you’re me I put garlic aioli on sourdough bread. Trust me it’s amazing!

    81. Pink

      "OoH thAts KiNdA MeTA"

    82. Tim Barto

      Only a matter of time before "Young Gouda" goes mainstream

    83. Lamba

      You forgotvto grow your own olives!

    84. Lucas Mazzola

      You should make it the alton Brown grilled-grilled-cheese method see how it is

    85. Sammiy Holston

      Vinesauce Vinny? Even dresses like him

    86. Azizeh Elkurdi

      Wash your mouth what you kiss your mother with that mouth

    87. Wino

      I've been making grilled cheese sandwich's with margarine and one slice of cheese. After watching this I used real butter and two slices of cheese, wow, what a difference. Next I'll have to use white instead of wheat bread. Thanks!

    88. Zipperozic billybobjenkins

      I think I just nutted.

    89. Spencer Holt

      will you read me a bedtime story with that voice, please baby

    90. Rosemary Dewar

      This is brilliant! Love it!

    91. Damir Mešić

      Oh god I want to eat and not getting fat, jesus food is amazing

    92. Axel Skyrake

      ive worked at a few restaurants, and most of them use mayo instead of butter

    93. Crystalina

      now you just gotta make your own butter then create your own pan

    94. PINK

      Benson:what are you doing with your sandwich? Rigby: it's not our sandwich it's your sandwich? Benson: stop lying.

    95. GreekMad Lad

      Wow you are a greedy man

      1. DwighT Gofflot

        What a bitch

    96. M

      Put just a tiny bit of cheese on the outside, I swear. Like you said, it can be overbearing, but those crispy bits are amazing in moderation. I never put anything like ''Cheese Product'' on the outside, if I put them in at all it's usually mixed with a more basic cheese, and maybe some mozzarella or something. Also, bruschetta.

    97. Some guy

      Definitely need to do the sandvich from TF2.

    98. Adam Zurek

      Banging babish?

    99. Caroline Mc evoy

      Bon appetit test kitchen whooooo

    100. Raymond Productions

      I wanna try the ultimate blend on a smashed brioche bun. Smashed Brioche Cuban Sandwich is the best thing ever.