Binging with Babish: Good Morning Burger from The Simpsons

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    This week, we return to an absolutely endless resource of fictional-food-madness: The Simpsons. Homer is tempted by yet another fast food innovation, the Good Morning Burger, a breakfast abomination whose sheer caloric heft can only safely be consumed by my trainer friend (
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Binging with Babish

      Who's coming to Italy with me? Do they have butter burgers in Italy? No? Alright I guess we can still go.

      1. MTF

        The only question is, who actually went with him?

      2. Derek Lafferty

        I'm sad you don't know the difference between whey and buttermilk

      3. LJ Jr

        Yes they have

      4. Uncle Terry

        영민이 stai zitta cinese di merda

      5. Charles Belawski

        To answer your question: Here in Wisconsin we say "Ope".

    2. fakeout2012

      We gotta get rid of the whey Me: no whey

    3. Kirthi H

      Darn, I was having a hectic summer so I didn’t catch this video until now :/. Maybe when another opportunity comes knocking. I did go to Italy though, unfortunately didn’t have time to visit the Amalfi coast :/

    4. Anthony Yelllick

      In wisco we say SCAN-son

    5. Showsni

      2:45 That's buttermilk, though, not whey. Whey is what's left over after removing the curds from milk; buttermilk is what's left over after removing the butter from cream.

    6. Jonathan Hubert

      How did it enter clean plate club when there was no plate it is served :))

    7. peter nguyen

      Im ngl i thought he was gonna say "find out how to win a free stick of butter"

    8. 2dog _66

      What time you watching this comment = am like =pm

      1. Daniel Dellamarine

        2dog _66 I’ve done both.

    9. Hawiian Lion

      You should do that one pork burger from The Simpsons Movie

    10. sami Burkowitz

      In Wisconsin we complain that there’s not nearly enough cheese.

    11. Zach Reid


    12. GeoshiSan

      (Happy Homer noises)

    13. Mark Boyer

      I'll tell you what they say in WI, we say "Yous guys, that's some good shit!"

    14. Holden McGroin

      Cheese fries are the Wisconsin state vegetable

    15. Jackie Moon

      You’re a fucking piece of shit if you think yellow American cheese is the answer to anything

    16. Conspirasableye

      Being that guy I think in “soaking” a burger in butter I’d go for trying the butter basting technique

    17. Dendran Gardner

      "...and im going to carefully..." *_YEET_* "...OW!"

    18. Reed Mack


    19. Mya Watson

      Eventually he has to make his own wine to cook with

    20. Zuzanna 21

      The only channel that uses more butter than tasty

    21. Quinn Haverkamp

      You’ve never had a good butter burger until you’ve had culvers

    22. shelby lefort

      Once again, FLAMING HOMER!!! Do a drink special!!!

    23. R34P3R813

      As a natural born cheesehead, I wanna be the judge of how wisconsiny your butterburgers are

    24. Chris Johnson

      Xhhhevvdjxhvvdjhvvvvsiiusggdhheggeiidjjcjbekfoiebvvdhchhrvvsjhdvvxjncbbdjjchhdjjsjjjshbsvvxhhhehhdhxjjejieiejhdhxbbd chchhebd documentary code djdbe d fjdndbd die e djdbe ended dndjdjdbebendjdhebe behind ended djjehhehhehhdh jej djdbe jtejdb hehddbbjj djdjdbhxggwiidhhhehhchhrbsjopoo00ppooppwjwjwixjhdhhcjheud

    25. Jayden Calderon

      I’d rather eat the first good morning burger. Omg.

    26. squidward testicles

      Instructions not clear accidentally made a shelf

    27. Owen Thompson

      Babish should do the lobsterpolitan from s19 episode3

    28. thrilliams04

      My imagination is simultaneously having a flavor-induced orgasm and a cholesterol-induced heart attack

    29. Joe Seward

      I do the plate trick! i thought i was weird glad it's normal

    30. Joe Seward

      Omg can i get chrises number 😍

    31. MySoulzASong

      I so can't wait for an Alton Brown collab.

    32. Nebel Werfer

      Whats the difference between Kosher Salt and normal Salt? Like, except for the religious thing.

    33. jotabeas22

      The subtitles said "(happy homer noises)" and that makes me happy.

    34. Pointless User

      I’m from Wisconsin and Culver’s (the place that started the butter burger’ s fame) is beast

    35. Callicosis

      “...And once it’s preheated we’re going to carefully OW”

    36. kongaville

      A Wisconsinite might say.... doncha kno it!

    37. Hydrix64

      IHOP took notes

    38. Lethal core

      I call it the good moaning burger

    39. Nessa Davila

      They make this burger at stake and shake. ITS GLORIOUS

    40. Eric Nemitz

      I am from/live in Wisconsin, just say its a damn good burger! 🤣

    41. Milk Dud

      Do a bacon on basics pls

    42. Michael Petro

      Can you make a Mondo Burger from Good Burger?? And maybe a Good Burger too...

    43. Fuzian

      sans is now a mii fighter in super smash brothers ultimate. I know nobody cares due to this video being a few months old. Yet you will care when you search by new comments.

    44. Goat the immortal

      Can you also make the hot chilli burger from dumb and dumber? I know it would be a regular burger and all, but its still kinda a classic

    45. Johan Harris Zain

      Why do you use Kosher salt instead of normal table salt?

    46. DouglAsshat

      American cheese is NEVER an option.

    47. AlexRVX8

      *H A M B U R G U R*

    48. geoff cooke

      You should do the clogger krusty burger.

    49. ttv. Kagzyyy

      Ooh I see you with that white wine Babish looking like Adam Ragusea

    50. Team McBox

      Is it too late to go to Italy with Babish?

    51. Osh The Oshawott

      Homer is gonna have a great breakfast!

    52. OgonPlayzGames


    53. Bitch Say, What?

      No egg 🍳?

    54. J G

      Babs, whenever you go from pan to bun without resting the meat for 2 mins, I want to scream

    55. Joe Pereira

      How long will the butter keep in the fridge?

    56. Brodie Donovan

      Can you do the trippasnippa? Its off the big lez show

    57. Max Stirner

      Khlav Kalash when?

    58. Amy Sifuentes

      Flame recognize flame and I recognize u babish

    59. AirVeazy

      Nice watch babs

    60. AirVeazy

      Take the bun off and it’s perfect for keto

    61. Kady Archibald

      Rick and Morty Episode?

    62. Pietro Melc.

      I am Italian but can I still win the trip?

    63. Ya Boy

      2:01 bro he just appeared out of no where like he was in the shot before even being mentioned

    64. Otona685

      We say "ope"

    65. Chaos Rein

      I’m sad I’m not 21

      1. Chaos Rein

        Now I can’t go with you to Italy

    66. Pniz Debil

      Smallest the-rock-cheatmeal ever created.

    67. Joey Clemenza

      ok... im pretty sure a heart attack jumped out of my computer screen and into my chest...

    68. MrYouarethecancer

      Sawyer Vinny Babish and a black guy? Is this channel a front for a gay cult?

    69. HOTPOCKETHunter

      1:15 look at that “burger” cook

    70. MinuteSeven

      As they say in Wisconsin “this would be better with a spotted cow” (only true Wisconsinites know what this means)