Binging with Babish: Good Morning Burger from The Simpsons

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    This week, we return to an absolutely endless resource of fictional-food-madness: The Simpsons. Homer is tempted by yet another fast food innovation, the Good Morning Burger, a breakfast abomination whose sheer caloric heft can only safely be consumed by my trainer friend (
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    1. Binging with Babish

      Who's coming to Italy with me? Do they have butter burgers in Italy? No? Alright I guess we can still go.

      1. dedderedemi demi

        come to me in naples...then tell me what s really good

      2. Jerry Jr Poplawski

        Do you know about bald people they sacrifice hair for power

      3. William Mickelson

        This guy

      4. ATV HogHunter

        Binging with Babish not enough butter....

    2. R .R

      This reminda me of when my school made all of us make our owm butter when we were six, they put the materials in a jar and we just shook it until we got butter

    3. Orange Blossom

      2:07 So, Babish...who's your friend??? (watching w/o audio)

    4. mattiopattio

      white wine? *adam raguesa wants to know your location*

    5. Theodore Seeber

      Why didn't you mix the butter in with the burger when you were making the patty?

    6. EmptySergeant

      y u no grill the bun

    7. The Real Head Honcho

      Only Homer Simpson would

    8. FroogleLoop

      You should do the “Pancake Witch” from the movie “I hope they serve beer in hell”

    9. Desy Ninneman

      we say “ope” in wisconsin, nothing else

    10. Alex goes fishing

      You should make the buns on your burgers like garlic bread. Its definitely my favorite

    11. RandomCrap YT

      Who else thinks he’s hekkin mazing

    12. Miko Vollrath

      As a wisconsinite and in honor of the Manitowoc Minute's Charlie Berens... we would say... Keep'er Movin'

    13. John Paul

      Both burgers looked hella good, but a bit too much butter lol

    14. Epitaph

      “Now we’re gonna carefully- Ow”

    15. TheSaucysDead113

      This man’s voice is like if a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer also made you delicious food and told you how special you are.

    16. -

      Anybody else wonder what Gordon Ramsay would think of his food?

    17. Jasimen Metcalf

      I love how juicy your burger look 😩😩❤️❤️❤️

    18. isaac161000

      That good morning burger sounds good though.

    19. Muhammad Mujtaba

      oh my god i won i am in italy oh wait i live in italy oh well i guess i won

    20. Trevin Pendry

      Make a video how to eat all this delicious food without getting it in your beard. You do much better than me!

    21. Basically? Legit!

      The dripping never ends!! BTW, the watch u use what brand/model?

    22. スペクター.

      Dude you need to take off your watch first it's a matter of food safety

    23. 8NLD8

      Theres a little bread in your meat

    24. lil spoon

      bro that shit dripping

    25. Jackolope88

      Butterburgers are really good,

    26. flyflip87

      I just realized his wooden spoon has his lower face!😄

    27. Dawson Eddy

      We don’t say shit in Wisconsin lol but then again I don’t get out much

    28. Terrell Caston

      That would be be so kool i would bring my garner she would love it

    29. adorably smug little bastard

      I actually like both. Of course, I won't be putting that much butter on my burger

    30. Malcolm Ekman

      Hey Andy can you please tell me why you (can) eat that plastic yellow cheese? It just ruins whatever it touches for me I really don't understand it. I appreciate your recipes and content but this seems like such an anomaly when it comes to your sense, especially since you seem so steadfast in your opinion. No Swiss, provolone, or fresh mozzarella? Anyway, big fan, currently in Rome so if u have any recommendations lemme know! Also a basics episode about like somewhat healthy fried green veggie based dishes would be cool if ur ever STARVED for ideas! haha get it? Food.

    31. Nick Armstrong

      Banish there were two things you got wrong in this. One there is no such thing as to much butter on a butter burger and two we need some good old Wisconsin cheddar not American.

    32. Stephan

      Metal spatula on a non-stick pan what the hell man

    33. Michael Stancic

      Why were you not allowed to eat it!!!!?? So sad

    34. Kate Smyczynska

      OMG,it is too late to enter??!!!

    35. Temmie Undertale

      Eats good morning burger and goes back to sleep* Wakes up* Grim reaper:Wow look at that cholesterol and diabetes! Come with me will ya?

    36. Thomas Zinser

      What they might have meant with soaking it in butter could be poaching it in butter.

    37. Kenzlee Mckae A-S

      Anybody else not sure if their tripping or if theres babishs face on the spoon?

    38. Yoshi TV Productions

      Are kids aloud?

    39. Rares4Life

      No bacon, no ham, no egg. Nailed that recreation bud. Killed it. Authentic. Amazing chef insights into their cartoon recipes by removing half. Check out my US-new channel where I recreate chocolate milk with water and sprigs of mint!

    40. gbouton2011

      I have the same dishes!

    41. Brianah Allen

      Is it just me that doesn’t like sunny side up It makes me feel weird when it not fully cooked

    42. Deimos Phob


    43. Daniel Galindez

      Pimienta negra re100 molida que chulada we Good video bro

    44. Stephen Rochester

      This channel actually makes me want to start cooking instead of my wife always cooking. It sounds like a good thing but it’s because my wife cooks health-conscious meals only...

    45. Toughbubble

      you should try to make a good burger with Ed’s sauce from the movie “Good Burger”

    46. mama mia papa pia

      Burger patties aren't supposed to be pink in the middle. It could lead to salmonella

    47. Vod Kinockers

      Me to myself: “Why is the only partially watched” Plays video midway through shitty joke** “Oh that’s why Proceeds to unsub**

    48. Crab Apple

      I donated some money in order to win the contest, but it does give me peace of mind to know that even if I don’t win, my money has gone to a good cause

    49. deziboy5606

      That's such a load of rich creamery butter

    50. Dusty Black

      oven bacon is the best bacon. fight me!

    51. Tranum13

      They say Ope in Wisconsin

    52. D B

      Please don't do these so fast. I want to enjoy your creations.

    53. HW Schimmel

      "As they say in Wisconsin." Wrong. We don't say anything. We are too busy eating.

    54. Michael Ramirez

      Did you know you look like Ryan Reynolds with a beard? I'm sure you've been told before

    55. Alejandro Valencia

      K O S H E R S A L T

    56. Lassy Vines

      You Pat that pattie

    57. Jack Gannon

      Fellow wisconsinites rise

    58. j3s0n

      What's the point in making your own butter? Surely a food manufacturing plant can get rid of way more whey than your hands ever could

    59. Cano Power

      That ham sucks

    60. mastermo316

      Mhhhh, good morning, steamed ham.

    61. thomasfa18

      What frying pans are you using there with the first burger?

    62. Lil Cash

      Make child friendly recipes this was perfect but make more recipes with less alcohol cause I’m a teen and love cooking off your channel

      1. Grand Master Flash

        Lil Cash when cooking the alcohol almost completely cooks out and by almost I mean that there is a almost undetectable amount depending on how long you cook it but you will in no way become intoxicated from this dish. It’s merely there to add flavor

    63. Brando Soriano

      I have the same non-stick skillet :)

    64. a2l

      5:04 Why can’t he eat it?

    65. Jataro Kemuri

      I thought soaking meant basting.

    66. Bitti YT

      I'm actually drooling help

    67. The Epic Waffle

      *Butcher sees Andrew coming towards him* Butcher: Here we go again

    68. metal shadow


    69. silvia costanzo

      When I think about the fact that there are several million of people that eat this amount of fat or even more every single day... How...

    70. name not found

      I wish the recreated burger was more of a breakfast burger.

    71. nightbot

      to the one who won/ will win the trip to italy : have an awesome time there with andrew and stay cool

    72. Joshua Hughes

      I find it irritating that you need to clarify that the salt is “kosher”.. Just say salt ffs.

    73. TheNamesDitto

      Holy sexy mother of burger

    74. Alex Bernardo

      Butterburgers!! I'm craving Culver's now

    75. Sniped1v1

      He should have Put a glazed donut as a bun.

    76. Scott Morse

      Apparently you dont know the difference between a giveaway and a raffle. A giveaway is you don't have to pay to enter. A raffle you have to pay to enter. To advertise as a giveaway but run as a raffle would violate numerous states laws and could fall into gambling. Which would enter you into a whole other world of trouble. I know my state woudl consider it illegal.

    77. Red T

      Gotta squeeze it until it shouts "NO WHEY!"

    78. Underrated Critic

      I wish your arms werent so hairy.

    79. Layton's Fan

      Please make exotic butters now that you showed us how to make our own butter

    80. Starmadien2019

      You call it the "Good Morning Burger." I call it heart failure.

      1. Vorzky

        "Good morning and good night"

    81. It'slegendary Lizard

      No one: Brazzers Women: 5:12

    82. Gabriel Marineau Plante

      no whey!

    83. Damaxus

      *_i'm going to carefully-- OW_*

    84. TONY RAMOS

      So this is why Americans are fat af lol Saludos desde Honduras

    85. Anthony Tudino

      Ok tbh I can't cook for sh*t and you have taught me so much it's un believable

    86. amir arif

      i had heart attack while watching this video

    87. Katrina Hughes

      my in wisconsin rat now and we say good god

    88. Blurange Boy KM's see

      How many Kosher Salt do you want? BWB: yes

    89. TylerFtTheMachine

      I'm going to carefully OW our giant burger patty

    90. Maximus Nalewajk

      You poor thing you can’t even eat your own godlike creations

    91. Levi Robbins

      shoutouts to culvers

    92. Leon S. Kennedy


    93. Brandon Tirado

      I watched this video 3 times took notes made it the second way or healthier way i couldn't make homemade butter since i didn't have enough heavy cream,in the end it was really good,made my girlfriend one and all was well

    94. Isael Bateman

      Hey babish. Thank you for for making all these videos, they’ve helped me through more bad days than I can count. Keep on binging babish

    95. Modern-Day Warrior

      God, that looks disgusting and I want one desperately.

    96. Dee Knight

      Flame Recognize Flame 💯🔥

    97. U-TOPIC 47

      *_K O S H E R S A L T_*

    98. Buttbombs 2006

      My arteries just closed watching this

    99. Mrs. Phyllis Stephens

      How did I get here? My Computer has it own thoughts and is beginning to admire HAL.

    100. Miguel Ponce

      4:40 apply onion before cheese to avoid fall off