Binging with Babish: Fried Green Tomatoes from...Fried Green Tomatoes

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    Hey y'all, I have half a mind to fix up a mess of fried green tomatoes 'fore I get three sheets to the wind over there yonder! Or something. Fuel your Southern side with this week's deep-fried treat, featured prominently in the film of the same name.
    Music: "Golden Hour" by Broke for Free
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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. Julianna Ziegler

      My Mom went to RIT and had your dad as a digital photography teacher!!! She loved him!

    2. Gillan Laureth of Seles

      The problem with this episode is that you can't get green tomatoes...anywhere. I've looked. And every time I've asked I get weird looks from the grocers. So you kinda have to grow the tomatoes yourself.

    3. I F*ING LOV3 B00KS

      My poor southern soul weeps while watching this lol

    4. keysnake123

      This was wholesome.

    5. Hal

      saw the thumb nail and my mouth started watering

    6. Jack Duva

      Just made these and they were amazing.

    7. Cid Redwood

      I accidentally read this as fried green potatoes now my uncle's dead.

    8. IzzyInsane

      I read tomatoes but I was till hoping they would be chicken nuggets

    9. Angel Fox

      The Whistlestop Cafe (and much of the original town built for the movie) is still there and is a real place you can visit.

    10. nick arenas

      Next time on binging with babish. Add two table spoons of wash wash sauce and tiny wisk to combine.

    11. Mags Honey

      Thank u for making something from this lesbian classic 🙌

    12. GalaxyBeatZ

      Happy Father's Day :D belated. from 2019

    13. FengxianLeTerrible

      Shouts out to Papa Babish

    14. AwkwardGamerRN

      Gonna make this for the Mrs, she loves em!

    15. Snoop Catt

      Your relation with ur dad is heartwarming

    16. JakeB

      Binging with dadish

    17. INESSA

      Andrew, I think we just found your replacement.

    18. Irma

      We need a reason to make piri piri sauce. I make spatchcock piri piri every bbq and its very good but it could be ever better.

    19. hilzbilz09

      So I just stumbled across this episode and burst into tears. One of my earliest memories with my grandma was actually taking a phone call from my aunt who was saying that the movie was getting ready to start on a certain channel, and then giving the message to my grandma, super confused, bc I had no idea it was a movie! (I was, like, 8 lol). My grandma's still alive, but has pretty advanced dementia, so she doesn't remember. Thank you for doing this recipe! 💙

    20. Elijah Abarbanel

      Babish... meet Dadish

    21. K80

      This was really cute. Love you mister Andrews dad!

    22. Daniel Pena

      Papa Babbish 10/10

    23. jim tex

      having your dad appear made this wholesome for me haha

    24. Kurliz Makara

      3:38 omg he did it

    25. Andrian Magno

      the voice over is just weird hahahahahagaha

    26. Tania Bams


    27. Michelle Cartwright

      I loved this movie and always wanted to try making them now i can i cant wait.

    28. Charles Brooks

      Babish’s dad... you mean Dadish?

    29. Guan Zhe

      So we all gon ignore the way he said Worcester sauce?

      1. Tyler Albers

        Yes. Yes we are.

    30. Caesar Quod Delenda Opus

      I live in South Georgia (around the Valdosta area that Fried Green Tomatoes referenced) and I can go ahead and tell you, these are heaven on earth when these are made properly

    31. Colton Huesing

      I like to make a bunch of them and even freeze them and then bag them up so I can eat them over winter. Plus I like to freeze mine for about 2 hours before frying so coating sticks better.

    32. Ivory :/

      Your remoulade is wrong

    33. alex andreasen

      That... Is Not..... REMOULADE!!!

    34. America Love it Or leave it

      Daddy Babish has a nice voice as well.

    35. n!tromy

      Binging with dad babish Dabish ...sorry

    36. The Creeper King

      Hahaha the ... in the thumbnail

    37. Caper Nerz

      "Preferably Louisiana style hot sauce" Uses Tapatio

      1. Lil G The Taco

        "Do as I say, not as I do." - Andrew Rea

    38. The God Emperor of Mankind

      I don't remember this movie at all, but I remember it was really good

    39. Pranav Tripathi

      Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm next time I'll add some salt to whatever I'm gonna fry

    40. IdonotknowwhyyoutubeletsyouhavealongnamebutthisislitsoiamusingitandmynameisLenny

      At least my parents don't try to call me by my internet name.

    41. Codename: Xelda

      It's kind of hard for me to believe there's a movie called fried Green tomatoes... But then again there are a lot of other weird movie titles that exist

    42. Svanillia

      Fried green tomatoes are and will forever be a staple of my childhood god bless

    43. Fatal_Fleisch

      The whistle stop is such a good restaurant. Love me Kentucky

    44. Stelios Kontos

      anything deep fried and battered is good... they do it in Scotland (fried mars bars)

    45. Simon Henriksen

      You forgot pikle in the remade

    46. Moist .mp4

      when you want to eat something deep fried but wanna keep it healthy

    47. Sarah Magboul

      For some reasons I read it as: “Fried Green Potatoes” lol

    48. ιZчχεl

      The slices looked like mutated jalapenos.

    49. Edwin Lopez

      I love the whistle when he talks

    50. Chungus 3000

      Do green tomatoes taste different from regular tomatoes?

    51. He-Man !

      Your dad is a paid actor

    52. Christian does MTB


    53. LocoLego

      They weren’t dangerous to eat green tomatoes?

    54. Hannah Plumley Myvloggingaddiction

      Are green tomatoes 🍅 not poisonous ☠️ if you eat them

      1. Hannah Plumley Myvloggingaddiction

        Judy Howell thanks I will remember that

      2. Judy Howell

        I bought sauce from Zaxky for dipping. Sauce need to be spicy

      3. Hannah Plumley Myvloggingaddiction

        Judy Howell I guess I will have to try them then

      4. Judy Howell

        Hannah Plumley Myvloggingaddiction no they are delicious

    55. kaichichicomicon the little youtuber

      Ummmm........ Green tomato aren't edible They're like non-fully grown More like a baby that somehow comes early

    56. guywithbeard34

      Remoulade ???

    57. LukeylolButimnot Gaming

      What Does It Taste Like?

    58. Buddy Flemimg

      mini wisk keychains?

    59. Jacob moreno

      I absolutely love watching you and your style! Best videos and amazing skills! Keep it up chef

    60. jimenex13

      You just worship scallions and excess amounts of salt, dont you?

    61. mitchell buffington

      Your nife skills need work babbish

    62. Mooo Benameur

      what type of tomatoes are that?

    63. Toa Ventron

      These remind me of my mom. She’s still alive, but she loves these

    64. whyareyousofab ?

      What is green tomato? First time I've heard about it

    65. Aaron Smith

      This episode is so cute.

    66. Joseph Morales

      Reply to me if you know what that movie was! I’ve watched it before, but I forgot the name of it.

    67. I am trying to change my profile

      Thought it was the fried green tomatoes from the Simpsons but this is nice aswell

    68. Ich_möchte_verdammt_sterben

      Bro can we do the chocolate cake from the outsiders

    69. Chyynia Reeder

      I love that movie so much!!!!

    70. N13 1

      fried green tomatoes dipped in ketchup for more TOMATOES taste

    71. Lazy Geo

      I thought you said it was easy. I got lost after cut the green tomatoes

    72. liv duke

      Omg this just popped up on my recommended.. Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favorite movies of all time. I actually went to where it was filmed in Georgia. My mom makes fried green tomatoes on special occasions. This just made me really happy..

    73. Levi Lawson

      Make naruto ramen noodles

    74. Hannah Baker

      I cried in this movie

    75. Aeira

      fried green tamaters

    76. Maverick44

      I grew up eating fried green tomatoes. They are amazing!

    77. Little Cube productions

      H O L A P E P S I C O L A

    78. Kasper Juul Rasmussen

      All fellow danes that not remulade to proof a danish rød grød med føde

    79. Skeleytonz

      i love dadish

    80. Cass.

      What if i use ready made remulade?

    81. NPC #746862

      3:38 clearly a white nationalist. honk honk

    82. ciaran brenn100

      His dad double dipped

    83. Nyan Cat

      You're wasting your life using Hellman's. Use Duke's

    84. Sam Kaiser

      Lol my ma makes em the same way

    85. SombraTheBombra

      What's the difference between kosher salt and normal salt?

    86. Bowmaster619 Let's learn

      not going to lie I haven't been watching this channel for terribly long but so far I am thoroughly entertained and quite enjoy any of the videos that I've seen thus far I cannot wait to see what the future holds and I hope to be thoroughly impressed with whatever it is that happens to come along the way keep up the amazing videos my friend

    87. JustSomeEWTrash 001

      H e d o u b e l d I p p e d

    88. H.E Master

      I’ve injured my ankle, I need your dad to cut my lawn

    89. Hoverbike

      Your cutting technique is a bit scary. Gonna shorten those sausages soon if you keep it up. 0:47 Denmark is one of the primary consumers of remoulade, I enjoy eating it myself, quite a bit. I have made it many times. Your remoulade seems to be missing some pretty primary ingredients, such as onions, carrots, pickles, heck you even forget the curry! Redo/5

    90. Megan Storey

      Papa babish is adorable ❤️

    91. OmarAlhandoud

      I never heard of green tomatoes

    92. Lasse Kristoffersen

      I don't know what you've got in the center, but it's not remoulade!

    93. Scarlett A

      Imagining father babish read from a script is honestly so cute it makes me smile

    94. Bred Moncher

      he says which as hwich

    95. Bloodshot Spider

      There’s a restaurant called Southern Fried Green Tomatoes

    96. Hawkeye

      it's super cool when you have guests on the show youtube famous or not

    97. bippity boppity boo

      Fried green tomatoes always makes me cry😭

    98. Micheal Jaramillo

      Its so good