Binging with Babish: Fried Green Tomatoes from...Fried Green Tomatoes

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    Hey y'all, I have half a mind to fix up a mess of fried green tomatoes 'fore I get three sheets to the wind over there yonder! Or something. Fuel your Southern side with this week's deep-fried treat, featured prominently in the film of the same name.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Vianey Boruel

      Awww your dad's so cute

    2. SaltySeaBee

      Can we have Babish sr. On the show more often

    3. Jake Varner

      Babish and dadish are smooth voice club

    4. sled necks

      My volume was up in the living room. My family that I was watching porn cause of the intro

    5. Truth Fritzke

      I'm crying my late mother loved this movie rip😢😢😢

    6. Brandon Mestey

      There is another rare sighting of Dadish

    7. Shawn Penson

      ive never seen green tomatoes for sale before, are they just a special veriety of tomato or are they just unripe normal tomatoes.

      1. KuttieKittie87

        Unripe red tomatoes. You might be able to find them at a farmers market, or any other specialty store. Otherwise you might just have to grow your own. If you get your hands on them, make sure they are still very green and hard. If they have orange on them, they are too ripe

    8. Jacob

      I have a bad habit of watching cooking videos before bed so I end up going to bed hungry. Never had fried green tomatoes but these do look tasty

    9. Shiv Wesker

      My favourite movie! 😭♥️

    10. ed waar

      Well love your show. But I think this was a bit of over kill. There's many ways to cook anything. Here's something I'd like you to try. Salt,pepper and flour. Cut thin1/8 inch thick. Fry till it's like a chip. Tastes like steak chip's. I tried this recipe. It was good but with all the spices in the flour it stole the flavor away from the tomato. The sauce was excellent will be using that with many different things. And if you like thing's tangy cut the like you said or even thicker.

      1. KuttieKittie87

        I've never tried it that way. My family always sliced them about as thick as Babish did, and just breaded them in plain old cornmeal.

    11. Eric Blancas

      you should do green eggs and ham from green eggs and ham

    12. Alexis Karpeles

      One of my favorite books and movies!!! How about something from Under the Tuscan Sun!!!!???!!!!!

    13. LeticiaVN

      The movie is great, but the book is amazing

    14. Killcard101

      I actually went over to that café in rl and they were goood.

    15. Ricardo Affonso


    16. Mak Dawn

      the whistle stop is the real deal! love their fried green tomatoes, and what an awesome episode. hello from Kentucky :)

    17. Elizabeth Wagner

      Had em they're good

    18. James B

      They look amazing, always wanted to try them ever since I saw the movie.

    19. Obedient Wife Material

      I don't know if I want to be a daughter in law or step mother

    20. trixohbaby

      You gotta bring Daddy Babby on more!

    21. LadyLiz Creates

      At first I thought this looked ridiculous or would taste ridiculous. But after watching, I'm drooling. Who would have thought to fry green tomatoes?

    22. Chiara Dusanek

      My mom makes these almost every summer. Soooo good❤️❤️

    23. awesomo9

      Fried Green Tomatoes from...Black Jesus

    24. Vincent Chopineau

      You just brought me back 35 years back in time. My italian nanny used used to make some to our little flock of kids she was taking care of. Thank you for the memories.

    25. audlazna gaming

      Binging with Dadish

    26. SolvablePlane 3

      Double dip!!!

    27. MrEpicMann

      Am sorry what tomatoes what did you just say

    28. Daniel Rosa

      Thank you so much, Babish! It was so much fun to make tomatoes with my family!

    29. mxthunder2

      i wish this was easier. breading is a pain in the butt. i do fried zucchini the same way.

      1. KuttieKittie87

        Theres a quick and dirty version of breading that my family does. After salting the slices, just dip it in cornmeal. Make sure you get a nice coating and don't worry about the sides with the skin not getting any breading. fry it in a skillet on about medium-high heat (depends on your stove) in the neutral oil of your choice. We dont use as much oil as Babish does. Not so much oil that it goes above the slices, just enough to get a good coating on the bottom of the skillet. Fry until the tomatoes are soft and the cornmeal is a golden brown. Also, my aunt used to chop the tomatoes into small pieces and fry it like okra (same breading method as before), for an even faster way to do it.

    30. Alpaca O Doom

      To-ma-toe not Taw-mae-toe

    31. Ashton

      You can’t taste with a cold? I don’t have a sense of smell (or a very bad one) after I got surgery on my nose a few months ago, and I can still taste (not like how I used to of course.)

    32. Marco Saldivar

      This looks like it would be good with chayote instead of tomatoes !!

    33. I’m paranoid

      3:16 babish has a ghost come into frame Left side in the middle

    34. Who Knows

      There are actually recipes for many dishes from the movie (including the titular tomatoes) in the back of the book on which the movie is based. Maybe try recreating them, it would be interesting to see what food from the depression era was like.

    35. SwooshC

      Papa Babish coming in with the voice game

    36. nick

      Fried pickles are better

    37. Samantha

      "Wushushushure sauce"

    38. sarcasm boi

      southern living

    39. alluvermin

      I'm so happy you did a fried green tomatoes vid DX That's what I like about southern cooking. The fam, and how you can travel a few miles and the recipe changes ever so slightly. There are so many chicken and dumplings and gumbo variations out there and they're all pretty amazing.

    40. Literally Shitler

      Seriously, this is such a wonderful movie. Truly a favorite.

    41. Paisley Anderson

      i love how he says wor-Smitty Werbenmanjensen sauce.

    42. Oraine Swaby

      Eww tomatoes

    43. Regina Rose

      Your dad is so adorable!!

    44. Kris

      that that thumbnail was chicken nuggets

    45. Tomatoplant19

      Those are my rivals

    46. Chub Chubz

      Weird but ok

    47. Tawesome

      Bro what if Andrew was on Master Chef

    48. Natalie Freeman

      hate how long the ads are for your videos.

    49. LightWarrior Kaz

      Being sick just makes you sound more New Yorker than anything.

    50. Antusj Gaming

      I use to love these things

    51. jaymillymills

      Ooooh that is what i did wrong. Not using salt to draw out moisture

    52. michelle mcnamara

      Reminds my of my grandma. You can use the same recipe with okra too.

    53. Henrik lasarus

      Wuches'shier sauce

    54. Alyssa Sandoval

      The fish pie in kikis delivery service

    55. wallacetf

      should have tiny whisked that sauce

    56. _D A N K M E M E_1 2 3

      Hoarse Babish

    57. Hunter Adkins

      they're lesbians, harold

    58. Paulie Prez

      What am I doing here it’s 4 in the morning and I don’t even like tomatoes

    59. n00bslyr

      Dining with Dadish

    60. minecraft lets plays

      What stone do u use

    61. Lackaboy

      I’ve actually had these and they were delicious

    62. Joseph Wachtman

      Babish, your dad is hired for supplementary content. I love your monologue style that you break up now and then with occasional dialogues in various episodes. Really cool that we all got to meet him.

    63. Warren Pellacani

      Ain’t this one of Elvis’ favorite foods

    64. TheKredden

      What a wholesome ending, haha.

    65. Anon B

      ur dads cute

    66. Monroe Robbins


    67. Luke Dolive

      Just had fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe in Juliette, GA

    68. Akinlana Clarke

      Now I see where you get your lovely voice from. ☺

    69. Dakoya

      I lovvvvvvve fried green tomatoes

    70. super mario bros gaming

      I love this movie so much