Binging with Babish: Eggs Florentine from Frasier

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    This episode was sponsored by The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. I was given the opportunity to choose a dish to be featured on their secret room service menu: Eggs Florentine. When you visit Vegas, make sure you order it and tag me and @VenetianLasVegas.
    This week, we return once again to the hallowed halls of the fancy foods of Frasier. Instead of the brothers Crane, however, we turn to Lilith Sternin for inspiration as we recreate her postcoital breakfast of choice, eggs florentine - even if it's slathered in ketchup and devoured in the bathroom.
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    Published on 10 months ago


    1. Michael Corso

      Siv - ester Siv-loan

    2. João Lucas Fraga

      To be sure, Lillith Sternin isn't exactly a normal person...

    3. Steven Wallman

      You could serve it on a hubcap because..........there’s no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise.

    4. Lindsey Simmer

      ah Niles...

    5. Denise Servanez

      Pleasedo the chocolate cream pie in Julie & Julia

    6. No Clear Reason

      Twisted Sifter

    7. ChrisTrapYT

      I think putting tomato slices on it would be a good substitute for the ketchup...

    8. Joe

      Why did you no longer have your intro?

    9. Karmav3

      What kind of watch is that?

    10. Kassy's weird gacha's bloop

      Where's the tossed salad?

    11. Nirmal Kirtisinghe

      Can you make all the stuff that they didn't have in the donut shop in Weird Al's Albuquerque?

    12. Prodromos Peios

      0:37 so black people should not eat this?

    13. Ken Roberts

      disappointed he didnt make his own water

    14. jotabeas22

      "What beautiful pillows upon which our eggs can lay their heads" So... Boobs? I'm calling boobs.

    15. Kappa Kappa

      He didn’t say Kosher Salt. *He didn’t say Kosher Salt.*

    16. Sunny Dlight

      Cheers is a a bit more better than Frazier in my opinion.

    17. Shiori Nakamoto

      Hollandaise sauce is supposed to be made with Castriq, right? (idk how to spell that haha)

    18. SCBJQ

      I usually add a little sauteed minced onion and feta to my spinach.

    19. steadyforge

      Glad I use the same exact mixer found it at a garage sale black for $10 bucks new in box

    20. Stapp Suck

      I love that Babish is such a big Fraiser fan! I fall asleep to the show just about every night.

    21. Impulse 311

      "tossed salad and Eggs Florentine", just doesn't have the same groove to it, I guess.

    22. aingea v

      why am i watching this rn,,,,, i need to get two fillings and so i can’t eat

    23. Col

      That’s one of the best episodes, my god-

    24. Lunky Straydog

      Looks good

    25. Jaime Lynn

      nobody told me English muffins are weird pancakes wtf

    26. Tobin Kovoor

      Nice Easter egg with the melange

    27. lawlshane

      Ketchup? I am WOUNDED

    28. Heavymetalization

      rip those two perfect specimens at the end

    29. Sidney Gronau

      if I had the money I would definitely be a patron but nonetheless I still love your show and I watch every single one keep up the good work and thank you for the recipes and I've used several of your cooking methods and lessons and they've all worked out perfectly you're an excellent cook and teacher thank you again

    30. Damir Mešić

      Hey Babi, I can't freaking measure the temp every 2 seconds, I don't have sponsor money. Any solution of knowing the recipe without measuring the temp ever?

    31. Tyler Harrell

      Wait; I’m not the only one who cooks more than needed to eat while cooking a la “Chiefs Snack”?

    32. Sam Grant

      Can you make Naruto’s ramen from the animated series Naruto

    33. Gemfyre

      Ketchup bad, but I can see it working with a tomato chutney/salsa type thing

    34. blacksmith224

      Frasier blows

    35. JaneDark94

      3:50 ;)

    36. Tori Monoxide

      "Food? IN THE BATHROOM?" 😂😂

    37. wallacetf

      eggs slightly overdone for me but otherwise looks delicious

    38. Rob Bob42069

      That joke at the start was hilarious!

    39. Nick Pax

      I enjoyed this short making food thing... I only have one egg and its the one in the back and its supposed to be white not brown i think. Maybe i'll drink some ketchup then.

    40. FeStiVe YT

      Gordan ramsay approves of this video

    41. Marco Sinso

      For those who can't manage to do poched eggs, just use a bowl, put plastic film in it and the egg, make a little nest, and put the egg in the water with the plastic envelop

    42. Tobe Smith

      Cant beat Eggs Woodhouse

    43. FortAwesome1974

      There is only one secret method to poaching eggs and that is to use the freshest eggs possible. As we have our own chooks that's no problem for us but when fresh you literally just crack into a small bowl and then pour into the water, just still plain water as when they are this fresh the eggs completely stay together!! I could never poach an egg right until we got our own egg making machines!!

    44. SandboxArrow

      How do you find these shows?

    45. Midori Sakura

      *Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down~*

    46. Ellie Lara

      “Spray it once, you’re no dunce” I would like that on a t shirt

    47. Jb Serrano

      I thought it was eggs FORTNITE....

    48. Emmie Waterman

      cherries jubilee from fraiser!!!! and don’t forget to flame it ;)

    49. Glen Haywood

      Get off the strip of you go. Check out HiScores on Blue Diamond. Cool little bar that has old school arcade games. Hash House A GoGo is another good spot to eat. The bloody Marie's there are awesome. And large portions, if that's your thing.

    50. Jordan Tiplady

      I just had a twitch in my pants 👌🏼

    51. Haris Hassan

      Go onto master chef


      If i was rich, i would pay babish to b my personal chef!!!💯💯💯💯

    53. JudgeSmailes__

      Don’t you typically use Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict and Mornay sauce for Florentine?

    54. badtz maru

      wait, how was that a secret if you told us?

    55. Ferrari Red

      You should be a contestant on master chef

    56. Elizabeth H.

      Where did that random country accent come from at 1:38??? LOL :"D

    57. bubs your uncle

      Tiny whisk is to babish like sven is to pewdiepie

    58. Jerrelle

      Him: I only have it once a year Me: Same..…..

    59. fire wank with meme

      Fun fact, the Frasier font is called Florentine.

    60. Dennis Hu

      Kitchen nightmare restaurants: it’s fresh frozen Babish : hold my flour

    61. Spunow

      Did anyone read this as "Eggs Fortnite" and then took a second glance to read this right?

    62. giver cz

      Eggs benedict: cantains "muffin" Me: *visible confusion*

    63. The Yankee Fox


    64. Robert Paiva

      Exotic Butters

    65. AliasUndercover

      I only like ketchup on scrambled eggs.

    66. Petrichor

      Oh, were those 'surprise hands' this whole time? I thought they were more like 'tada!'

    67. Captain Casey Jones

      YOUR FAVORITE SHOW IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD IS FRASIER?! i really hope your kidding.

    68. maximum potassium

      1:39 _”it still gon be sticky”_

    69. Savannah Rosenfield

      I love tiny whisk

    70. tushar dixit

      can anyone link to the background music?