Binging with Babish: Eggs Florentine from Frasier

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    This episode was sponsored by The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. I was given the opportunity to choose a dish to be featured on their secret room service menu: Eggs Florentine. When you visit Vegas, make sure you order it and tag me and @VenetianLasVegas.
    This week, we return once again to the hallowed halls of the fancy foods of Frasier. Instead of the brothers Crane, however, we turn to Lilith Sternin for inspiration as we recreate her postcoital breakfast of choice, eggs florentine - even if it's slathered in ketchup and devoured in the bathroom.
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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. flag 91

      Awww Frasier is my favorite show too!

    2. saucers79

      Niles and Lilith hooked up?

    3. Isaac Freed

      I still watch the golden girls and I love Lucy comes on pretty early in the day but I watch that to

    4. Nancy Culpepper

      Can you make blender hollandaise with a really cheap bender?

    5. Hans Vader

      Hollandaise without white Vine? Is this still Hollandaise?

    6. Dualscreen

      Is ketchup on eggs common?

    7. AwkwardGamerRN

      Ketchup is a sin in anything that isn’t French fries. I remember meeting my, what is now, sister in law. We met at a breakfast joint that was famous for it’s Benedicts, frittatas, skillets and beautifully herbed breakfast potatoes. What does she order? Over-hard eggs, extra crispy (burnt) bacon and hash browns. At first I thought “to each their own, everyone grows up with something different...” and then she asked for ketchup and covered her plate with it from edge to edge. After that my only thought was “don’t ask me to babysit your kids...”

    8. Johnathan Nguyen

      Does anyone else think that Babish should’ve been on Master Chief? Cause I sure do

      1. hun hass

        Like Halo?

    9. raq_staristry

      Love that Frazier is your favorite. I was made fun of liking Frazier at 13 (when I started watching ) and still am ten years later. I don’t care I love the show regardless!

    10. Eggs Benidict


    11. Blair Holmes

      Why did you add the yeast with the sugar first? I’m a baker by trade and I would assume it would just kill the yeast?

    12. secret code subscribe now

      Andrew-"not that kind of close eye, stupid" Also andrew- *looks up* "yea im talking to u" *is sad* KSKSKSJSSJ

    13. SCP Guard 203

      This dough tiny..... YEAST!!!

    14. KoishiKomeiji11

      why did i read it as eggs fortnite

    15. Julio Tapia

      Make Starbucks egg bites please!!!

    16. HufflePuffler

      Still gon' be sticky

    17. Joe Buckley

      Those english muffins look gorgeous. I wish we had them in England.

      1. Rainer Winkler

        @Joe Buckley i'm from a place you've never heard of. Down south though.

      2. Joe Buckley

        @Rainer Winkler Oh, if you don't mind me asking, whereabouts do you live? Manchester is severely lacking in English muffins.

      3. Rainer Winkler

        @Joe Buckley i don't know where in england you're from mate but we definitely have them here

      4. Joe Buckley

        @Rainer Winkler No, we don't, but I wish we did.

      5. Rainer Winkler

        We do?

    18. sergio araiza

      So idk if this is gonna get big but just because of babish I’ve decided to watch the show fraiser starting today May 30, 2019 I’m gonna watch the show and keep you guys updated of what my thought is towards the show

    19. Down the Rabbit Hole

      dont knock the ketchupi

    20. Down the Rabbit Hole

      why dont we want to add flour to our dough

    21. Jacob

      According to Niles I havent had Eggs Benedict in 17 years. lol

    22. Jojo Craig

      I totally agree that adding Tommy K to Eggs Florentine is disgusting, but she does so because this is in fact another variation of the dish, known as Eggs Frederick (her son's name). Here's hoping you enjoy my daft trivia. Love your work, Babish. X

    23. Hilmi Aziz


    24. vVRichardVv

      It would be better with friarielli... don't know the english word for that, or if it even exist.

    25. Theo_But_ Online

      For the next milestone episode could you do the Observer’s diner sandwich on Fringe?

    26. Cupscake Pepper

      There are so many dirty phrases in this video, I can't even count.

    27. angry russian


    28. verdatum

      meh, it's no eggs Woodhouse.

    29. NeonGhost34 Gaming

      You can just oil ur hands so the dough doesn’t stick

    30. Dominik Seyschab

      What kind of wrap is that? Doesn't look like plastic wrap

    31. Chelsea Dee

      I love Frasier! I just rewatched the episode where Niles and Frasier try to git rid of the dead seal but everyone thinks they were dumping Maris's body.

    32. Gaven Knapp

      I fuckin love this guy!

    33. ChristianJ818


    34. Enfurion

      2:23 You want it large enough to cut 6 circles Cuts 7 Did you fail math?

    35. AdaptiveCaesar

      What does he sprinkle on top?

    36. Alfie Marshall Vlogs

      What is that paper u use when u proof your dough Really want to know

      1. foxy man

        Wax paper

      2. Lily Sleeper

        Alfie Marshall Vlogs plastic wrap

    37. Spaghetti Yeti

      Rat sandwich from chowder

    38. Aerielle Mitchell

      I've never seen anyone make English muffins before, so this was a definite first.

    39. [Sleepy-Chan]

      You Recieved a Call from Gordon Ramsay

    40. Seoirse Mcadam

      What video did you show how to make the hollandaise sauce Andrew?

    41. Wizardpig02 _

      I personally like ketchup on scrambled eggs not any other way though

    42. StrongSinger

      Lost it at flacidly flopping and Liliths 🤣🤣🤣☠️

    43. MrTrollolicious

      I think the thing I love the most is the self aware, meta voice over narration. Other than the amazing dishes of course!

    44. sooper salad

      i feel like the diction you used had to do with the context of the scene the dish came from but i dont wanna be childish but at the same time you are so clever in all the details of ur vids i think it just might have been on purpose

    45. C.J. O'Dell

      3:00. "Not that kind of close eye, stupid. Yeah I'm talking to you."

    46. Tucker Clark

      "porny pull apart" m-m-m-m-m-money shot

    47. marshmallow militia

      So eggs woodhouse is a mix of Benedict and florentine with a couple added ingredients.

    48. assdoooouuutttt

      ketchup is rarely a good addition as a dip


      OMG I love eggs bended dick😂

    50. Danny Boiy

      Can we get a JoJo's episode? I mean what other use could there be for a STAND mixer?

      1. akh'ar gamingYT

        Thats good i approve

    51. Raider 86

      I live in Vegas

    52. Jacob Frantz

      Can you do the Boba Tea from we bare bears? (So, just normal boba tea,)

    53. Qwerty Bear.

      What about toss salad and scrambled eggs?

    54. Leda Bug

      Dude you almost exactly like my dad.... he just older and his bowl is metal..... tf you cool

    55. Chris Brown

      No ketchup, but hot sauce, YES!

    56. Chelsea Shurmantine

      Can you do more Hannibal recipes?

    57. Theo Rhami

      See being a classy English folk, I just buy these muffins from the co-op😂

    58. Loke Ryan

      i like how more than 50% of this video was how to make the english muffins when most of us would just buy them from the store or something

    59. Broockle

      Would you crucify me if I threw on some Soy Sauce? xD

    60. Jorgo or Eli


    61. Dashcrash 1

      ITs still gon be sticky Andrew

    62. Stories by Brittney

      One of my fav episodes! Of Frasier and this 😅

    63. JulietLP88

      Its gon be sticky

    64. Colaws

      You seem extra memey in this one

    65. LOSER

      I put ketchup on eggs. And I love it >:D

    66. MungusFungus

      I thought the title said “eggs fortnite”

    67. Iron Ox

      Ok, I have tried flipping ingredients in the pan and no matter what I do I always end up tossing more of it all over the floor and myself than back in the pan. Any tips out there to solve this problem?

    68. Bieber Superfan

      That was a textbook surprised hand shtick

    69. Pedro M M P Moreno

      the name is bob

    70. Leviathan Lamothe

      "Not that close. Stupid." Me too

    71. Neha Chavan

      who eats in the bathroom?! :/

    72. Banyar Naing

      Babish what happended to your accent at 1:38 ?

    73. Tatsuhiro Satou

      Ketchup on eggs will be the downfall of man.

    74. Bumpy Mcbump

      Babish should do merch I'm thinking a tiny whisk apron??

    75. nick hover

      Let me just say this, he has beautiful hands!!!!!

    76. Love, SunshineGirl

      Sifter = Sivvy the sifter.

    77. Duncan Bruce

      I love you ,,,

    78. The wolf kid X

      Tiny whisk needs a Twitter

    79. ItsYaBoyKeko

      Ah Frasier. One of my favorite shows to stay up till 3 am just to watch. Besides George Lopez of course.

    80. Sinsanatis

      awwww man that looks good. wish i had seen this before i went to vegas couple of months ago :( in the venetian too no less

    81. Kiwi The Kiwi

      Eggs Fortnite

    82. Jackson Parr-MacDonald

      babish come over

    83. BOOM! idc Tv

      Make fribbles from chowder

    84. Troy Davies

      Frasier is so good

    85. Jay's Brick Co.

      You forgot the Italian tradition of slapling it seven times because you made it up that one time

    86. Armas IDEA

      Everything tastes better with ketchup

    87. AwesomeMario 64

      Try making the cake from portal

    88. Basicore

      “What beautiful pillows on which our eggs can lay their heads”

    89. Tiana Sharma

      I love you

    90. Orod_3030

      Day 3 and after discovering this channel I have stopped watching all other programs and literally binge watch binging with babish.

    91. sauce boss

      Anyone else get the melange reference? It's from the episode of Frasier where Roz thinks Daphne says menage.

    92. Jet Lag

      Ugh, I hate runny egg yolk

    93. John O'Reilly

      Ah yes one of my favorite old TV shows

    94. Yorkie137568

      What on earth are English Muffins? I'm English and I've never heard of em

    95. P. .v d K

      I swear to god, this always looks good. Oml you are amazing.

    96. Colin Daniel

      This may be a really stupid question but what kind of cling film are you using?

      1. Mrs. G.

        Glad press and seal

    97. Bessie Hillum

      Americans know how to yak. Good video.

    98. bluesboy25000

      Don’t eat this in the bathroom and definitely not when you have a night of passion with your ex’s sibling while your said ex crashes your hotel room, confusing the room service.

    99. Zalera, The Death Seraph

      Whoo! TINY WHISK!

    100. Nathan Green

      It should be called medeioso