Binging with Babish: Dutch Baby from Bob's Burgers

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    Bob's Burgers isn't always about burgers. Sometimes it's about a giant pancake type thing called a Dutch baby.
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Detachsoup60

      In dutch, and i never seen a dutch baby (the dish, i have seen little dutch human forms)

    2. OneAngryGinger

      Andrew please never say the word batter immediately after the word baby

    3. LittleLionHowls

      so basically it’s like a big sweet yorkshire pudding mmmm nicee

    4. Asdru Grohl

      Whats the difference between a Dutch Baby and a Yorkshire Pudding?

    5. Madison Perry

      Where can you find the squeeze bottle like the one you used in this video?

      1. Anais Grace

        You can probably get one at bed bath and beyond, maybe even stop and shop. They’re pretty cheap

    6. Clairressa Goad

      I’m starting to love this guy...

    7. Pelle Grit

      In Holland we actually never make this. We make pannenkoeken. Flat big pancakes

    8. TheUnknownAK

      The final result of this looks a lot like something we have in England called "Yorkshire Puddings" however we keep ours savoury and don't add anything sweet.

    9. MemeLordMart

      G E K O L O N I S E E R D

    10. Communist Guy

      That train looks weak.

    11. iamai

      I love this show sm

    12. The Chellos' Rule

      Excuse you, but powdered sugar and fresh-squeezed lemon belong on dutch babies.

    13. SpookySoap

      Cinnamon sugar?? Glaze??? This is not the Dutch baby I was raised on

    14. kane gladwin

      Yorkshire pud mate

    15. Andrew Byers

      Tiny spatula 1:32 no relation?? I thought it was going to marry tiny whisk and make a tiny utensil family :(

    16. Princess Virtue

      Sounds like Yorkshire pudding...

    17. CheapSkateSimmer

      I've never used a blender, I know a lot of recipes call for using one but the main point is to make the batter as airy as possible, I prefer to whisk it in a bowl. I also put more sugar in my batter, my wife likes it just plain and I will put a little sliced fruit and a small drizzle of syrup. That cinnamon swirl looks good, I may try that next time.

    18. Harry Hardwick

      That be a Yorkshire pudding

    19. Nemo TheEight

      I have everything I need from fridge. I don't have cast iron pan. My parents love only teflon ones :(

    20. McLovin8310

      serious question, do you use real butter or fake butter?

      1. Fish

        McLovin8310 I just realized how redundant my reply was lol

      2. McLovin8310

        Fish makes sense lol

      3. Fish

        McLovin8310 I’d assume he doesn’t use fake butter. It just doesn’t seem like he’d use fake butter, but it’s just an assumption.

      4. McLovin8310

        im very aware that some uneducated people arent aware of what fake butter is so i might get some comments implying im dumb for this question

    21. migmigmig10

      There really is a big difference between powdered sugar and sugar glaze... I highly reccomend trying it with powered sugar instead. :)

    22. steven vassiliou

      bruh if that was my fucking dutch baby id take it from the hospital and eat it regardless

    23. Gorilla Chomp

      Ok i think i misheard- did you say.. Bitching with babish?

    24. DrKampfpudding

      Mix the sugar with the sugar . DONE

    25. Jerry Muzak

      completely ruined this by having that retarded cartoon, at the beginning. fuck your clip and life.

    26. Lucas Mirelez

      Can you do the food from food wars

    27. Kyle Vonk

      Hehehe "dutch baby batter"

    28. Nsync Robot

      hahah what a coincidence cuz a pancake ad just came before the video started. bruh 😂💀 I can't

    29. KayDat

      Wow how did he know I had a blender and a cast iron pan in my fridge?

    30. Isaiah Wong

      The words of encouragement to the train were my favorite part of this video

    31. Random Comment

      Looks like someone got a little too excited with the topping.

    32. victoria verdeguer

      After watching and rewatching his videos, I noticed he doesn’t sift the dry ingredients 99% of the time. 😐

    33. Elazar Rosin


    34. Sabotage Sabian

      Id love to cook a dutch baby

    35. Chris Voerman

      i live in holland and i have never heard of nor seen anything like thus

    36. TCJones

      Looks a bit like a Yorkshire pudding...

    37. Darren Wendell

      what was that all about?

    38. Richard Johnson

      Best Dutch baby recipe I’ve seen so for. Love the cinnamon and the glaze

    39. benji animations

      In Holland we call it ‘pannenkoeken’

    40. Николай

      It's like a big yorkshire pudding.

    41. Dafoodmaster

      i'll gladly pour all of my dutch baby batter into you babish

    42. Tyrant X

      0:36 college kids be like : can a microwave work

    43. Son of Meme

      Hehe..."dutch baby batter"

    44. Kerriah Valdis

      XD It's basically a dessert yorkshire pudding, I love it.

    45. Jean Ummels

      Its called pannekoeken

    46. Luis04

      Idk how but he gave the train his own feelings... really touchful

    47. Callie Evitts


    48. NikovK

      My guess on "Dutch baby" is that this is a couple of very simple, German-American log-cabin ingredients and you could easily cook it in... drum roll... a dutch oven. It puffs up like a pregnant woman when its 'done', ergo, a dutch oven baby.

    49. rubikfan1

      Why is it called dutch? As a Dutch guy i never heard of it.

    50. Mees TB

      I’m from the netherlands, never seen this in my life and i was a fat dutch baby!

    51. Persephone0110

      Love Dutch babies/ German pancakes/any other similar breakfast thing! Need to make another one soon. I'm hungry now. Thank you, Babish/Andrew! 😊

    52. Ziggy Conijn

      Dutch babies are made with and egg and sperm cell you idiot

    53. Phillip Lackey

      Plaid pj's, anyone else see that?

    54. InsaneTacoz

      Coming out of the oven, the Dutch Baby looked like a mess. But after you drizzled the glaze on it? I’ve never wanted to eat anything more than I wanted to after that. You made it look delicious.

    55. D PS

      I was a dutch baby 30 years ago

    56. William Morris McKerrell

      to all who watch try bacon with a little apple juice just a tiny bit but it is great love you all.

      1. Snapdragon

        William Morris McKerrell will do. Please don’t disappoint me William

    57. SuavestHades80

      I like it with lemon juice

    58. The I of It

      When you think your following the recipe perfectly and then suddenly a tray of potatoes is pulled out of the oven

    59. Peter

      I like mine with powdered sugar and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Good stuff.

    60. Jesse O.

      That does not look Dutch to my Dutch eyes

    61. Donte' Price

      You forgot to add the babies

    62. Thundertrain2930

      Rail King? Come on Babish, get Lionel or Bachman.

    63. MISTER

      Warning to females from the is the Netherlands may sound as a nice place to deliver a baby but remember we dont give you any pain medication and if you ask for it your baby will be branded with the sign of the weak

    64. Dexter Newman

      What do you call a Dutch baby made in America

      1. Dexter Newman

        A American baby

    65. Goa Ty

      Is that how Dutch people make pancakes

    66. opalfruitcake

      A sweet Yorkshire pudding basically

    67. Dexter Newman

      Not to be rude but USE ROOM TEMPERATURE BUTTER

    68. JayGeeBee07

      what if i told you that louise belcher was voiced by the same voice actor of mabel in gravity falls

    69. Matthew Anderson

      Why would you beat the baby

    70. Alice the Memelord

      That tender on the toy train is backwards

      1. Alice the Memelord

        This bothers me for reasons I can't explain