Binging with Babish: Dutch Baby from Bob's Burgers

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    Bob's Burgers isn't always about burgers. Sometimes it's about a giant pancake type thing called a Dutch baby.
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Blue Bro

      That train is me when I see 8 inch baked hot chocolate chip cookies or a fun sized cake.

    2. Giulia Poli

      babish: all you need is a blender and a cast iron pan me: fuck

    3. SirCrackshot

      The little bits with the train were hilarious!

    4. Violet Vixen

      Huh. That's an easier name lol. My husband taught me how to make a variation on it that his family called agkaka

    5. YetAnother Human

      It’s like a big cinnamon roll

    6. cooljav

      You mean Dutch baby from quintessential quintuplets right?

    7. Ryan Doser

      Dutch baby batter

    8. Xelthos

      Pretty much a popover in a different pan.

    9. Jack Britton

      Yes chef

    10. robin Kuijper

      What's dutch about this btw i am dutch

    11. George Capstick

      It’s a Yorkshire pudding with some sweetener

    12. Pillarman Panda

      I've done this for the final class of my food tech 10 class in school, my tracher praised us for it. Anx i make this at home. It's amazing. Thank you babish.

    13. Tae Eun Lee

      I know that i will never try to cook any of these

    14. Lian Rozen

      I ❤Bob's burgers

    15. Gabrielle Barbee

      Can the molasses be subbed for honey?

    16. Team Four Star Wannabe Retard

      that sugar glaze looks really familiar for us men

    17. Bradley Baldwin

      I like them plain with fried apples on top

    18. Crazy Artist chick

      The little train😂😂

    19. Jann Vlogs

      i hv that same train when i was 8 the hell😂😂

    20. Jess the Valiant

      "Oh its a preemie just like jesus" my love for linda belcher is limitless

    21. T SexyRexy

      I eat Dutch babies all the time.

    22. Jasmine Lee

      its a giant yorksire pudding with glaze instead of gravy

      1. Sasin OW

        was gonna say this its just a sweet yorkshire pudding

    23. DramaticDraggo

      Did I just watch Babish make a baby?

    24. Down the Rabbit Hole

      you are so great. you are so great

    25. Long duk dong

      Who else gets hard every time they get a notification from Babish?

    26. VR Prasad

      So this was Dutch's plan. A baby.

    27. Liam Sutandar

      Funny how this isnt a thing in the netherlands

    28. HellCrafter5

      i don't actually have a blender and a cast-iron pan in my fridge...

    29. Walter Amapakabo

      “2000 less than a American baby” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. Fruit

      I instantly am in the mood for Christmas again 😁

    31. Fandom Editor

      Wait Mable?!

    32. maka Sama gacha angel

      Hi I'm I'm dutch yay😊😊😊😂😂😂

    33. daniel

      “Dutch baby batter”

    34. Lawrence Calablaster

      My brother makes this thing with lemon glaze all the time :)

    35. Gabriel Alvarez

      Any of the food from Kingdom Hearts 3

    36. Valley Pathfinder

      Nice train.

    37. atomic mama

      you can't even taste the baby!

    38. Steef de Waard


    39. Nashyj495

      Essentially a sweet version of toad in the hole

    40. Jigglypuff

      Lolololol i love this show and that Dutch baby looks delicious

    41. kidd chaos

      Damn I messed mine up

    42. Ellis Hudson

      That’s a Yorkshire Pudding and you know it 🇬🇧

    43. Cameron Brown

      Ha he said Dutch Baby Batter

    44. Alex

      1:15 Me as a psychopathic axe killer necrophiliac

    45. Jason00709

      Chef John will be so proud.

    46. Brian zaragoza

      was that no relation part a nod to uncle ruckus?

    47. tony thong

      ...I remember this from the anime Quintessential Quintuplets.

    48. Paladin JN01

      About 2,000 dollars less than an American baby?!? HAHAHAHA!!!! Kristen Schaal is a treasure!!!

    49. H.E Master

      Could you please try some Australian cuisine? The obvious emu, crocodile, kangaroo etc but our more famous dishes, sausage in bread, meat pie, vegemite toast DONE RIGHT and a shit tonne of beer

    50. Gaafdovjun Gaming

      Who tf eats high rise pancakes?

    51. Alex’s ToyReview

      Ohh it’s a premie!! Just like Jesus!

    52. Beaster565

      It’s a preemie just like Jesus

    53. Hail Soundwave

      YOU ARE SO AMAZING! I just cooked this today and loved it so much. 😁😁😁😁

    54. Saints Feast Family

      make the meat siah from bobs burgers episode burger wars

    55. SamValiant

      You don’t even really need the blender, in a pinch, in case all of you out there were worried that you couldn’t enjoy this deliciousness without having a blender. Good episode!

    56. Zillamon Animu

      Dutch Baby Batter. Hmm.

    57. CRANTIME

      you lost me at "Dutch baby batter"

    58. thymen ooijevaar

      This is the most American version of a Dutch pancake I have ever seen. I want it.

    59. ッガブリエラ

      Okay but why is he like the perfect man

    60. Rob Bob

      How to make a Dutch baby: -A mommy and a daddy love each other very much...

    61. jerrythemailman

      you had to say baby batter, eh?

    62. ingrid tillman

      one half of one cup of butter. thats a quarter..

    63. Ian Kürtis

      Binging with Dutch Baby

    64. Bill Clinton

      pretty bold of you to think I own a blender & flour, mr babish

      1. Tony White

        @Bill Clinton use more cinnamon and less molasses. Didn't do much for me besides smell like butts.

      2. Bill Clinton

        Tony White came out great! A little too light on the flavor for my kid’s tastes but that’s on me, I’ll be trying it again on Monday

      3. Tony White

        @BillClinton let me know how it turns out.

      4. Bill Clinton

        Tony White thanks for the tip, I’m trying out this recipe tonight (got flour lol)

      5. Tony White

        @Floral Stripes invest in one. I use mine for just about all my cooking/baking needs

    65. shrix 07

      Omg Dutch van der Linde has a baby

    66. Shogun

      "Baby Batter" OH DEAR GOD.

    67. Ash Niko

      Also im sure youve been told this babish but i whole heartedly believe that you can have a cool restaurant with a very delicious ever changing menu

    68. Ash Niko

      Sooooooooo are you based in seattle?

    69. poptya

      1:44 We're gonna pour in all of our Dutch baby-batter

    70. Chris Anders

      Christmas is the best!!!

    71. richa16x

      I'm Dutch, and I don't know what the hell that's supposed to be. We have such great pancakes here. Why does this abortion need to have the word "Dutch" in it?

    72. alykkt

      you don't look very dutch. you look like your natural habitat is in the sand.

    73. Zackery Crouch

      Someone should get that tree a sandwich...and a bowl of soup.

    74. Courtney B

      This is a Yorkshire pudding

    75. liam meakin

      So it's a sweet Yorkshire pudding then. still looks delicious

    76. Whoz ur Daddy!

      Make turturkeykey from how I met your mother

    77. Ogram Brat

      My grandma did this!

    78. Majestic Rose 14

      Also office space had some delicious looking dishes. Staplers included

    79. Majestic Rose 14

      I thought my phone was lagging for a sec

    80. Ric Genthner

      Babish, you should check out the channel called townsends

    81. tim van rijn

      The guck is dutch about it?

    82. Sucklord

      Good work on the fake Bob voice it really fits the theme.

    83. Ian Proctor

      Tried it, nailed it...and now I'm dead from a heart attack. Perfection.

      1. Barack Obama

        Totally worth

    84. Cooky Kola

      I want that train to succeed in it’s endless mission

    85. James McGauran

      Like a giant Yorkshire pudding! Nice.

    86. Michael a

      I learned how to make ditch baby in home ec class in middle school. They're so fucking good

    87. LoneShadow295

      0:17 jaesuss

    88. Zuhair A. Elmahgoub

      Man, you make cooking so much more fun and interesting!

    89. Kejana Williams

      I tried to make this(twice), but they ended up coming out flat. Dunno what happened there.

      1. Kejana Williams

        Not sure, honestly. I'll try again next time I go shopping

      2. theStorykeeper

        I've made these several times; sometimes they rise, sometimes they don't. Are any of your ingredients getting old? That's the only thing I can think of to check.

    90. L L

      i love all the bobs burgers videos

    91. Firefox23 908

      recipe was great tried it out, my only problem with it is the whole stick of butter in the pan, my parents thought it was too much

    92. TheLolbitGamer

      wow... the four most basic ingredients and I literally have none...

    93. When mom doesnt find poop sock

      Turn all the lights off we shine brighter in the dark

    94. Bailey Austin

      You should do pea soup from Rescuers Down Under. That scene always made me want pea soup as a kid, even though I didn't even like peas as a child.

      1. Hermaia Moira

        Grasshopper voice: "Oh! Pea soup!"

    95. Bosco Pappas

      1:45 heehehehheheheheh he said baby batter

    96. Lat Rhone

      I watch almost everything you make even though I'm vegan. And I was wondering do you think you could veganize this? Like what I use the follow your heart egg and reduce the liquid used to make it? Or would I use like flax eggs and also reduce the liquids equal approximately what three eggs?

      1. Lat Rhone

        @Grady Edwards I have troubles digesting animal products so I don't enjoy it

      2. Grady Edwards

        or just dont make your life harder and enjoy what you can.

    97. All For One

      Try Your Best To Replicate Ambrosia (A Greek Drink Or Food that supposedly was the food or drink of the Gods)

      1. melissawilcox1

        All For One Ambrosia is easy. Cool Whip, canned mandarin oranges, canned crushed pineapple, shredded coconut, rainbow mini marshmallows, and optional nuts. Garnish with maraschino cherries as desired. Or enjoy Ambrosia’s pistachio-y cousin, the Watergate Salad.

    98. Mmeggy04

      I am dutch and I have no idea what this is haha :p

    99. jtam 2204

      Dutch sweet Yorkshire pudding?

    100. Jaystings

      Got any healthy Binge episodes, other than the basics videos? Like a salad with homemade croutons or something? I mean, its not as bad as Epic Mealtime, but too much butter or oil makes me queasy.