Binging with Babish: Congee from Mulan

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    I was gonna hold off on making this episode until the new live-action Mulan came out, but principal photography hasn't even started yet, and it's expected to come out in 2020. So as I slowly recover from Vidcon, join me as I make one of the simplest and most essential dishes in our illustrious human history: porridge. Specifically, porridge made from rice, topped with a smiley face bacon-and-eggs affair. Leave it to Mushu.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Badger

      Bacon doesn't get much bigger? *Laughs in british*

    2. Awesome Gaming

      Is it possible to use the chicken stock/broth in a rice cooker rather than a high pressure cooker?

    3. k a i

      isn’t congee the stuff that’s really good for your skin

    4. Adrian Elveña

      For a cheaper congee, we usually just cook them with ginger, bots of chicken, and throw in some margerine for that texture, color and flavoring.

    5. Galaco Production

      He sounds like Bob Ross Edit or has that relaxing feel

    6. Etb Etb

      Great thing about the pressure cooker is garlic just melds into the background, all the edges are taken off so you can load up. Ginger remains unaffected.

    7. Vince Napoles

      Wow! Lugaw! 😂😂

    8. Raven

      He ate eggs.. with chopsticks Disgustang!😒

    9. ulyses ram

      Do you have a creole lady marmalade recipe?

    10. GERBO The Gerbil

      Mr. Congeeniality opportunity lost!

    11. Awkward Fangirl

      Ingane venam kanji ondakan

    12. Noel Vulcan

      Rice porridge with scallions ,, carrots and chicken is ♡♡♡♡♡

    13. Chyntia Putri

      Me: *cooks some cute food Also me: "Shit, this friggin cute I can't-"

    14. Courteous Corgi

      I wish the ingredients were listed in the description so I could calculate calories easier :(

    15. Kara3516

      Salted duck egg yolk, century egg, jaipo.. hmm what else.. Also I like eating my bland porridge with "soto" soup. That is basically sauteed turmeric, lemon grass, shallot, garlic, .... I forgot the rest, and of course add chicken stock like babish showed in his video. Preferably prepare the roasted spiced chicken meat, so you got beautiful white meat with rim of spices around it... and soft boiled egg, and some crispy lightly-seasoned with salt-potato chips I eat this when I get sick, so I can sleep and not feel too miserable 😀

    16. Charlie

      ‘Delicious sriracha acne’

    17. Jeanette Kozue

      Anyone else shouted "SOY SAUCE" when he talked bout seasoning porridge with salt and pepper? Just me? Okay then...

    18. amazinkiller 04

      Peanut Freckles

    19. k k

      Anyone else get scared when he cut the tag off of his wrist haha

    20. Sarah McCausland - Lorne Park SS (2252)

      Why do you always light your stove with a torch? Is it broken?

    21. Abagail Wilkerson

      Disney food is always amazing, even if it’s basic

    22. Ginny D

      Sriracha acne lol

    23. Knight Gabriel Guanzon

      Anyone tried making making this with beef in the water along with some bone or in other words beef broth? Adds a lot to the flavor

    24. MoTo MoTo

      Dishonor on YOU !!! Dishonor on your COW !!!

    25. Michael Zhu

      : (

      1. 123456hurrdurr


    26. rumbul tumbul

      john von congee looks pretty congee-nial

    27. SlipperySurface

      i thought you were gonna cut your rist or somethin

    28. Isha Aguilera

      Now it's aroz caldo

    29. Serena

      Can you make Tina’s gumbo?

      1. Obedient Wife Material

        Yes. I'd like to see that too

    30. Helen Pham

      It makes it funnier to me that he makes jokes with a monotone voice.

    31. Veress Ceres

      Peanut freckles?

    32. Rune Tensai

      This is "LUGAW" A popular Filipino Breakfast.

      1. yeHEYY

        arroz caldo boi

    33. Shotgun Gabe

      The last one you made is similar to a filipino food called lugaw which is very similar when it comes to its texture.

    34. Dani/Mel

      wheres the soysauce

    35. Paul Taylor

      Who else read “Mulans Coffee” then looked at thumb-nail then decided it was disgusting

    36. Nathaniel Solis

      Make Silver's Beef Stew from Treasure Planet!

    37. me

      Eating Porridge with Chopsticks? I AM AMAZED

      1. Sugarcane Baby

        Mushu was feeding mulan with chopsticks so i guess thats why lol

    38. Heavy Critic

      Congee feel the love tonight?

    39. cherryremedy

      the congee i usually day is cooked with chicken and green onion, and my dad always told me to dip chinese doughnut in it and eat it with that, my fave.

    40. I can't believe she took the fucking kids

      Bruh all yoi mees for rice evwn congee is just salt oil (oil if you want it) amd use a fucking onion just placed im there

    41. Anakinlawrence

      I guess you really *congeed* that up

    42. Miranda Zhang

      Well, he doesn't save the good parts for last, does he? Not very resourceful, but whatever.

      1. Zephozia

        What wasn't resourceful?

    43. Adan VP

      I made this for me and my family with my grandma pretty simple and yummy

    44. Jinhunter Slay

      How is there a bacon in medieval China !?

    45. Lucia Liang

      My family eats it with pickled mustard stems, it sounds weird but it adds flavour and it adds a crunch too😊

      1. big oof

        Yeah we do that too

    46. CountDVB

      I'm wodnering why he did not mix the bacon fat with the rice porridge

    47. last_pringle _in_the_can

      In the philippines thats called lugaw

    48. TomoyaKun100

      What do you mean they don't make bacon any much bigger? You can go for thick slabs of pork belly since that is used in Chinese dishes.

    49. Andrew Le

      Friend/Roommate: "You know, there's something Zen-like from eating congee made with just water" (mind u he was sick at the time) Me: "Uhhhh, ya, I'll stick to my vegetable/chicken broth base congee/cháo" on a side note, love Thousand Year Eggs, salted eggs are also alright.

    50. Carter Grambsch

      Peanut freckles

    51. Valarie Greene

      Do you have a smaller ratio

    52. Dear Belgiffle

      Lets put our sunny side egg as the eyes. And lets use 2 bacons because i want to. And last add the eyebrow. I also want to add a mustache, giving him pirate vibes. What happens if i give it pupils? And how about a nose..? And last peanuts.. Oh how about some sauce? This is looking sorta off, lets give it a body with that iconic long france bread. Add 4 more for the hands and the legs. Its naked :( lets give him my old baby shirt. And dont forget the socks before the shoes. ... ... ... ... ... ... I dont want to eat him :(

    53. Charles Erik

      My favorite food in the world is chicken congee with cracker, fried scallion, fried soybesns, celery, pickled green onion, and heart and chicken meat on top

    54. Peppy the Clown

      What a beautiful face, she could easily win Miss Congeeniality

    55. reanna tan

      the second congee is exactly how we filipinos make ours

      1. reanna tan

        @Rick Sanchez C137 that's cool! Might try that out. Thanks!

      2. Rick Sanchez C137

        reanna tan Very similar to my favorite method of southern grits casserole. Take prepared grits, add in: A little salt and pepper, Finely diced ham, Almost done scrambled eggs, Shredded cheese, Mix well and pour into casserole pan, Cover with cooked sliced bacon and more shredded cheese, bake 30 minutes or until done (hard to screw it up, delicious as anything!)

      3. Zephozia

        @Jinhunter Slay Get a grip.

      4. Jinhunter Slay

        PISS OFF. Don’t you Filipinos realize how annoying you are? Nobody like you guys here!

    56. Joshua Palpallatoc

      Arroz caldo

    57. penile shaft skin

      You forgot to add the cricket

    58. Shandy Leng

      I love eating plain porridge with a salted vegetable called si chuan cai it’s amazing

    59. Glorious Content

      Why are you cook8ng their alphabet?

    60. josh lutey

      Bubur ayam!

    61. Matthew Gresham

      Bean buns and noodle soup from Kung Fu Panda!!!!!!

    62. Jason Yang

      Do the fancy cheese pasta dish from home alone

    63. Setiabumi Pangeransam


    64. Fishystew Productions

      The asian in me is pleased

    65. fydy dfhdhd

      ate congee with chopsticks *asian 100* am asian too but i cant do that...

      1. weep noot

        fydy dfhdhd i was actually chocking when he pulled out those chopsticks

    66. cheilsea bernier


    67. ninjae4976

      Have you ever made any studio Ghibli foods? I think you’re ready now if you haven’t.

      1. Lily Vuong

        Many before, not sure if Bab is a weeb but I loved his Howl's Moving Castle and Ponyo takes.

      2. FengxianLeTerrible

        He recently did a video on one, howl's moving castle I think.

    68. Dr IP

      I'm sick, and i want that.

    69. Nanya Business

      🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 Ik I have time like if u see purple and get this 200 like pls thank you

    70. jaira barachina

      congee is like lugaw here in the philippines

    71. Vince Marie Inguito

      who remembers having to ration their meat/eggs in breakfast when there's too much rice.

    72. Duy Quang Nguyen

      Who eats porrigde with chopsticks

    73. Brianna Wilson

      Waittttt does babish make the food for the fine bros try not to eat challenges 😱

    74. All Tech

      EWW you eat another animal eggs wtf dude

    75. Dat Lando Boi

      Peanuts for freckles...😑

    76. Cuban Pete

      I think its close to a "lugaw" a classic pinoy breakfast

    77. pony centaur

      we use cook the bacon, and eggs, and the left over fat, we added finely sliced parsely and alittle mushroom and added it to the rice porage to make it less bland. My sister added fresh 'chive freckles ' to the cheeks

    78. Yuna Kim

      If you use any type of broth or thin soup with the water when cooking the porridge it makes it have a much deeper less bland flavor also a lot of Asians in particular make it when you’re sick with like I said soup

    79. 김윤호2

      congee is asian rice soupe Koreans eat only when they are sick. because it tastes like nothing(cooked rice+water), so they eat to avoid irritating foods

      1. PixieNay

        @Liam Skylar ur right! Thats nice to know

      2. Liam Skylar

        @PixieNay Fun fact, I'm pretty sure it's actually an Indian dish that was widespread through trade. We call it kanji where I'm from and eat it with lentils and coconut chutney usually

      3. PixieNay

        Oh! I knew it had to be something you eat when sick because im south asian and we have the same thing but different

    80. jUnGsHoOk tea spiller

      Why would you eat John Von Congee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    81. I like Potatoes

      Ami the only one who ate mostly sweet congee? Like just congee with sugar?

    82. The Asian Vlogger

      I call it porridge 🥣

    83. Elijah

      I have a suggestion for the first one you take more pieces of bacon chop them up put then in the rice by mixing it up and using egg yolks

    84. Scaly Fox

      Finally something I can afford 😃

    85. Gawain Kam

      Triggered sooo much you eat congee with a SPOON

    86. Mohammad Jaffer Ali

      2:03 if only you would have added salt, i have eaten only rice and salt and it isn't that bad if there is more than required salt

    87. Electris does stuff

      im hungry now

    88. Subject 89P13

      Now I'm pretty sure that you work with React bros

    89. Mimi Sardinia

      I tried congee in China. It was MacDonalds congee, but it was good stuff. Chicken and egg flavour, I think. They may have been century eggs.

    90. Mecharobo Gt

      Its like a lugaw a filipino food buy it has hard boiled egg a piece of chicken chili and fried garlic

    91. Scarlet

      I tried this and my whole family loved it 😍

    92. J C

      After all you can’t get down to business to defeat the Huns on an empty stomach

    93. ImDaRealBoi

      Bro you forgot the intersection

    94. Morgan Millington

      Looks a bit like u

    95. Justin Skilton

      Laughs because while he takes ride and boils it while I get out my rice cooker and wait

    96. SophieHatterLeFay

      It cooks much faster if you freeze the raw rice a few hours before cooking

    97. Bellatrix Silverly

      The Mulan congee reminds me of the rice stew from Kiki’s Delivery Service but I still want to see your take on the rice stew from that movie

    98. Gerndel Wood

      Why dont you want to wait to season until the end? Does it affect how it cooks or is it just so you can season it to taste after it's done without risking overdoing it?

    99. Aria

      The second version is like aroskaldo. Or maybe it is...

    100. Vsauce No u

      This is by far, the most RANDOM and odd food you've ever made We still loved it

      1. Andrew Song

        Random my ass asians literally eat this for breakfast