Binging with Babish: Congee from Mulan

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    I was gonna hold off on making this episode until the new live-action Mulan came out, but principal photography hasn't even started yet, and it's expected to come out in 2020. So as I slowly recover from Vidcon, join me as I make one of the simplest and most essential dishes in our illustrious human history: porridge. Specifically, porridge made from rice, topped with a smiley face bacon-and-eggs affair. Leave it to Mushu.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Shadow Studio Animations

      I dont measure the rice and water i eyeball it

    2. JR Austria

      This is a Filipino dish called ArrozCaldo

    3. yepperoni

      my congee recipe is almost exactly like this, only i put fried spam on top

    4. M b

      Bengalis have a similar thing we call kisuri or kichri, though we put tumeric and ginger in it along with salt , great to have when you're feeling under the weather

    5. Sarkario

      Suddenly im Craving Pringles

    6. Jaycee LS

      Eating congee with chopsticks?

    7. Brendan

      Please make the peach drink from James and the Giant Peach. I watched that movie a lot when I was younger. My mouth still waters thinking about it. Im sure I could just throw peaches and stuff in a blender but a generic smoothie recipe just wouldnt be the same, at all. I want to know that Babish attempted it and found the best texture possible.

    8. Reed Mack

      Is anyone else crying becuz they missed the sweepstakes my parents would not pay any way

    9. Reed Mack


    10. Aditya Wisnu

      perhaps the most hilarious episode so far

    11. Fenixrazer35

      How you upload a second of Disney footage without getting bombarded with copyright claims is beyond me.

    12. Harinson Pixelutor

      I don't know,.. the guy's got peanuts in his beard.

    13. Kenny Lin

      Loved eating this as a child with rousong, scallions, and thousand year old egg. Still a favorite to this day ☺️

    14. Lindsey Simmer

      puns too, you sexy beast...

    15. Unagi604

      "Do not eat this without seasoning heavily salt and pepper." Not always. If you've ever gone for late night congee, plain unseasoned congee is often the preferred preparation of it to go along side the greasy, rich, and/or fried side dishes. Also if you're using pepper, always white pepper.

    16. David Lin

      Nice attempt, especially congee part. However, in order to be more authentic, replace the eggs and bacon with cooked fish or beef or pork. Fish or beef or pork has to be cut into smaller pieces before putting into congee.

    17. Blu Jay

      Grits? Right?

    18. Kristina Adams


    19. Miekjeswereld

      Can you make a sweet version ? Dont get me wrong i love salty tough breakfast . But i would be the one that would make it with Vanilla sugar ? I hate eating meat and heavy in the Morning . And i have an other question .. i reasonly bought “ Blue Spirilina “ but i cant find any smoothie recipes . Or any recipes at all . Can you please help me ? Xxx from the Netherlands ( Anne) Miekje 🥰😘😘😘❤️

    20. Clara kury

      Now I'm hungry

    21. Jessica Carabott

      Reckon John Bon Congee would win a Congee-niality Contest?

    22. Mana Tendency

      Peanut freckles

    23. Alexander McLucas

      I want to cook this would small chicken eggs work just as well? I live in australia we dont have quails

    24. Collective Journey

      use a teaspoon to peel ginger next time.

    25. King PufflePuff

      Time to start doing Anime foods now.

    26. Spongebob On Crack

      Congeez nuts

    27. Its a Sly

      that knife had me worried in the first half

    28. Midnight x3x

      That is Cantonese congee. the idea is to use it as the base, add beef you get beef congee, add seafood you get seafood congee, kinda like the dough and marinara sauce are the basic building block of a good pizza The other famous style congee is Chaozhou congee, unlike Cantonese congee which is cooked and then add ingredients. the Chaozhou style is cooked with the ingredient from the start. kinda like risotto. In my opinion, a shrimp and crab Chaozhou congee is the best congee. no contest.

    29. Another One

      If you are Chinese you are gonna be pissed off

    30. TheRealUnconnected

      congee is shit. You call that porriage? fuck off. Get some oats mate. Fuckin oats, milk, brown sugar. Rice is bad for you and low in fiber. Oats > rice.

    31. RICARDO Fernandez

      Wow! You're really think outside of the box, unlike some chefs who are very picky and you have to get used to the flavor, one time a chef got really pissed off of me because I put a pinch of paprika on a hollandaise sauce, I guess you live and you learn oh yeah, forgot you having trouble peeling Ginger use just a regular phone it's more easier that way.

    32. Gimpy24x7

      congee is supposed to be made with fish stock not water

    33. Pat Alb

      I used to think it was grits

    34. Evening Cicada

      What we do with the porridge is out soy sauce, sesame seed oil, and pepper and it tastes so good!

    35. Xx-raZ0r_pup-xX

      CONGEEE IS SOOO F****ken Gooood

    36. Khôi Minh

      Peanut pimple

    37. ScapriSun Animations

      Sooo...ramen but with rice? *Yum*

    38. Jason Ng

      That is not congee ........

    39. ruofan wang

      the second version is actually closer to what my people would eat lol

    40. xogabixo7

      Okay but did you wash the rice?

    41. Gabi

      Why do I want to eat this so badly rn? It’s midnight

    42. Shadow Bonnie And Bonnie

      Me: I want the real congee Mulan Me:I said the real congee! Binging with babish Me: Perfection

    43. Manifest Destiny

      Big no no leaving the chopsticks in the congee , thats how the ghosts get ya

    44. Mike Wong

      M8 u don't put pepper in congee

    45. Green Lime

      Y’all eat congee with chopsticks?

    46. Jason Ong

      Okay, now I learn that replacing the water into chicken stock instead of throwing alot of chicken bone to cook porridge.

      1. jacqueline to

        my gran throws in so much pork bones to cook congee💀

    47. Angelo Pabellano

      We call that lugaw

    48. Mirsab Hasan

      A great way to up the flavor of porridge is to add lentils along with the rice. In India we use lentils, rice, chili and turmeric along with stuff like garlic, ginger to make kitchri.

    49. Yummygummy 10

      At cold nights I eat congee with meat/whatever instead of rice because it’s warm and nice

    50. Redlynx Vires

      Ohhh I could go for some lugaw rn

    51. Gear



      Yes I always thought that it looked so delicious!!!

    53. renoloverxoxo

      My old boss used to make it with sweet potatoes in the congee

    54. Chance Black

      You forgot the cricket. 😉

    55. Ganhiwa

      When my family make this we use half milk and half water. Water first, and when it's absorbed/evaporated add the milk. We also put in a bit of salt, sugar and a dollop of vanilla. We eat it with a slab of butter, some sugar, cinnamon, raisins, hard boiled eggs and salted meat. The end result is sweet with a hint of salt.

    56. Ivan Lee

      Soak the rice for a few hours then drain and marinate with some oil for an hour can get u some rly good congee~~

    57. Faith Nelson

      needs white pepper and soy sauce too

    58. joaqui

      pota arozzcaldo

    59. Nelly Bean

      I always thought the white stuff was, do I feel slow roflmao

    60. Wolf Playz


    61. S. Nifrum

      The porridge looked a little brown in the movie so that’s okay

    62. h.

      someone please make Babi a bowl of the classic Pork and Century Egg congee. Babi if you ever in L.A. I will make you a bowl.

    63. Ken Roberts

      what the hell was that second monstrosity... original better only needed a little maple syrup drizzled and boom

    64. Adam Lawrence

      So basically a congee is just Chinese rice pudding? Or am I missing something here.

    65. Kim Loan Vương

      I don't know why in the movie it was congee with fried eggs and bacon, it is really not traditional at all. I don't know anyone who eats congee with fried eggs and bacon (especially bacon is a very Western thing). I could have been some spring onions, soy sauce, and salted duck eggs hmmmm

    66. Lina Xu

      *this is a really bland porridge* Not if you’re used to it!

    67. Dabs & Tea Time

      forgot chilli oil soy sauce and chinese vinegar :)

    68. t m

      Not sure what the hmong word is but apparently I grew up eating congee and my mom called it rice soup so I called it rice soup.

    69. Rogelyn Jingco

      Bland porridge/congee aka lugaw (in Philippines) is the best!!!! I crave that with salt.

    70. Super Orange11

      He need some makeup