Binging with Babish: Cinnamon Rolls from Jim Gaffigan's Stand Up (sort of)

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    Okay, let's face it, I just wanted an excuse to make cinnamon rolls this week - and Jim Gaffigan ranting about them to a 2006 audience's delight was good enough for me. Follow along this week as we bake up a batch of the saccharine cinnamon sweet; careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. the three dorkateers

      It is not a cinnamon rolls if it does not have chocolate chips

    2. Soflosports

      That clip at the beginning was the most unfunny thing I’ve ever watched

    3. Savannah Encke

      Hey @chef Julen from Aries kitchen... this is how you do it

    4. Frida

      this is so fucking extra

    5. CredibleDerek6511

      This is more like basics

    6. Trunks Vegeta Briefs

      I personally like to add some cinnamon to the actual dough and to the icing

    7. SeptemberDreamer

      Came for the food, stayed for the 'dumb' jokes.

    8. LegendaryRedCow

      Once you get to know your rolling pin 🤔🤔🤔

    9. Joseph Pullen

      I'm British and we don't really make cinnamon buns over here in the UK, i've never had one. I'm 22 and i've always wanted to try one, they look sooo good 😭

    10. IDK

      I’m so hungry

    11. kexter

      2:18 - I'm loving this video already.

    12. Laura Alston

      There was a hot pockets commercial before this video for me today

    13. x Taniwha x

      **once you've gotten to know your rolling pin**

    14. EatFruitNow

      Nothing but the best from Babish!

    15. Marissa Lopes

      That looks so good 😊

    16. honganh


    17. Poly The Wicked

      If you want the filling to be gooey like Cinnabon, the secret is to make a goo out of brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, and... heavy cream. Mix everything together and smear over the rolled out dough.

    18. Hehe xd


      1. gent_ittacts

        Hehe xd you?

    19. JellyKid

      I’m so glad your making Izuku Midoriya clones!

    20. T R

      Butter butter butter where's the butter!!🤪

    21. T Gay

      He sat there for ten minutes waiting for the dough to mix

    22. Joeshella Labz

      Can you make a treasure cake?

    23. Stephane Ouellette

      Did he mention what the temp of the oven is?

    24. Betsy Siegel

      your filling will be like 50 times better if you mix the powder filling with a stick or two melted butter

    25. whobitmyname

      I feel like cinammon rolls should be from Smokin' Aces. "The cinnamon roll? The roll of the cinnamon?"

    26. Crab Rave

      Should’ve made it with an ass print on each of them

    27. Avian Ascended

      Wait Question: How much yeast is in one packet??

      1. Trunks Vegeta Briefs

        Avian Ascended 2 1/4 tsp So a tbsp minus 3/4 tsp

    28. Existing Alien

      Stop im so hungry

    29. Ultra_axe781

      Who doesnt know why its called cinnamon roll?

      1. Existing Alien

        Its a roll of cinnamoned bread

    30. CreeperFilmsProductions

      Who else just watches his videos and doesn’t even try to cook it, I know I do

    31. nathaniel bugg

      why not make the cinammon rolls from 'better call saul'?

    32. Pat C

      This video is sponsored by cruchyroll

    33. Finger Family Family

      “A little to creamy” *adds heavy cream

    34. Holly Bauer

      That voice 🤤

    35. DamienDarksideBlog

      As an ex-emploee of Cinnabon, you nailed it the second time.

    36. Michael Deborja

      Pls make poffins from Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

    37. KAY -LEE

      What can this dude not make?

    38. Yeetus Self Defeetus

      You sound like ysac

    39. Zakwan Shah

      i mean you could always warm them up in the microwave

    40. Its Just Butter

      Synonym rolls just like grammar used to make.

      1. Its Just Butter

        this is the most likes ive ever gotten on a comment before thank you.

      2. Its Just Butter

        @Darragh Murphy no u

      3. Darragh Murphy

        Wow you definitely didn’t steal that

      4. Robert Bell

        Great. Just great.

    41. Mariah Gaier

      So question: can you let the dough rise for more than 2 hours? Like overnight? Or does this all have to be done in one sitting??

    42. rockstickcomics

      How much food do you waste? Lol

    43. Aidan Charles

      Jim Gaff is my shit.

    44. ocarinaplaya

      One thing that I typically did in the bakery I worked at would be to add butter to the dough before adding the cinnamon/sugar mixture and rolling it up. Helps the cinnamon stick and adds a more buttery taste.

    45. MrMcDank

      Why do americans CUM on their cinnamon buns?

    46. Kuumba Creations

      Coincidence: got an ad for the new Jim gaffigan movie "being frank" which btw looks AMAZING!!

    47. Will Stevenson

      I'm making these and I'm using the dough hook right now but the dough isn't turning out how you said and I added everything I was supposed to

    48. guitarkid 4242

      You should make hooooooooooooot pocket

    49. Shadowhawk

      If that’s American comedy, boy you lot are missing out

      1. IMASHIRT

        Shadowhawk what

    50. Gabi

      "to reveal that wow, it has doubled in size" lolol

    51. Vinsternator40

      “A little too creamy” *adds more cream*

    52. PHOTON

      i dont have any yeast. i guess not today/.

    53. Cherry Blossom

      I love Jim Gaffigan, and you too babish

    54. Anonymous

      Every Swede: look how they massacred my boy

      1. Stephanie Wozny

        Why's that?

    55. Zapple

      Been watching for 4 months and just realized that in not subscribed lmao

      1. Zapple


    56. LiL Flopper

      I barely know how to cook but your videos are always entertaining to watch. Keep it up Babish

    57. evan kramer

      Cinnabons from daddy's home

    58. Animatowner 343

      You have to add egg wash before adding the cinnamon

    59. Young Don The Sauce God

      Mmmm synonym rolls just like grammar used to make

      1. Asdayasman

        Young Don The Sauce God Hahahahha fuck off. >:(

    60. THE PLAnk

      Hahahahaha americans tryna do the swedish Classic Kannelbulle

    61. Hammered Jesus

      We all know what he with that rolling pin

    62. Monica L

      How can I get the recipe for these? They look great

    63. Bubble Studio stop motion

      Food porn 5:59

    64. Tiffany Rowland


    65. sitriix

      Wait where did the parchment paper go?

    66. Olga Kim

      Fabulous. I use a Cook's Illustrated recipe, which are delicious, but yours look better, and they don't add lemon zest in the dough. Lemon zest sounds wonderful in cinnamon rolls. Can't wait to try your recipe!

    67. Tom CA

      Has anyone made this? If so how did it taste?

    68. Gustavo Pohatu

      Panipopo 🙂

    69. cream cheese bagel

      I just made cinnamon rolls and I found one thing my family does differently. we take the dough, roll it out PUT A WHOLE MELTED 1/2 CUP OF BUTTER on the dough and then at the brown sugar and cinnamon.

    70. Emmanuel Gutierrez

      My good sir you have gained a subscriber