Binging with Babish: Cinnamon Rolls from Jim Gaffigan's Stand Up (sort of)

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    Okay, let's face it, I just wanted an excuse to make cinnamon rolls this week - and Jim Gaffigan ranting about them to a 2006 audience's delight was good enough for me. Follow along this week as we bake up a batch of the saccharine cinnamon sweet; careful, you just might learn a thing or two.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. John Smallberries

      What kind of oil do you use?

    2. Mike

      Why’s it covered in jiz

    3. Matthew Olson

      This recipe is kinda meh compared to other cinnamon roll recipes I've tried.

    4. Lava Love

      Bingeing is preferred spelling

    5. Ethan LeBlanc

      To cream eh just add heavy cream

    6. Seb

      This is blasphemy, Babish you need to make real cinnamon rolls. They are not supposed to be stuffed in a pan nor should they be covered with frosting.

    7. Planine Huzrtel

      Why can’t people just use an upside down plate to cover bowls these days?

    8. Eden duskfeather

      Does anyone have this recipe in dl/l or something? I had to improve a lot with flour to get the consistency the dough was supposed to have. We don't use ounces, and it seems the net translated it wrong.... But they look delicious!

    9. Vince Misa

      As God intended. Hahahaha

    10. snack packy

      bruh could i get a written recipe or?? :((

    11. stephen dela cruz

      Can you prep the rolls overnight and bake in the morning?

    12. lowlight

      i already see people gonna make 2:14 jokes, so please don't its gross

    13. neonCHAPSTICKx

      Can you please do Rachel’s ruined page-crossover Thanksgiving dessert (in honor of Friends’ 25 year anniversary)?

    14. Christopher Williams

      But they’re not Cinnabon tho lol

    15. Madi Jones

      My dough won't rise? It looks and feels the same as it did three hours ago... What did I do wrong?? Haha

    16. Jedejah Williams

      I failed twice 😔

    17. Austin goodwyn

      1:43 - 1:58 reminds me of a narrator from Monty Python except without the accent

    18. Matthew Saunders

      I will never make my own cinnamon rolls. But here I am

    19. Jonah S

      ima be real with u Babish,,, im just gonna get Pillsbury dough man

    20. Chad Dansby

      Does anyone know if it is okay to make the dough the night before and bake in the morning?

    21. Oddone castillo

      I have the same measuring cup he uses to pour the buttermilk in.

    22. Creative Acider

      Instructions unclear made a pie instead

    23. Sweep_

      Aw this is too creamy... LETS ADD MORE CREAM

    24. Unlucky Valentine

      Can you make a Sweet Roll from Skyrim...


      DAFUQ?! No butter with the sugar/cinnamon?

    26. PuffyRainbowCloud

      As a Swede I always cringe watching Brits and Americans make cinnamon rolls. You do them so weirdly and not at all like we do here. As far as I know the traditional Swedish way is much older and is much more simple. And at least to me, more tasty.

      1. Bruno Fisher

        @PuffyRainbowCloud oh thanks anyways i think I have a rough idea of the difference now

      2. PuffyRainbowCloud

        @Bruno Fisher I don't remember off of the top of my head but I know it's a wheat flour, milk, and yeast-based dough. I think there's melted butter in there but I'm not sure.

      3. Bruno Fisher

        @PuffyRainbowCloud ahh I see and what type of dough is it or is it the same?

      4. PuffyRainbowCloud

        @Bruno Fisher Swedish cinnamon rolls are rolled out, butter is spread on them and then sugar and cinnamon (or vanilla sugar). They're rolled, cut up, and then placed in individual muffin moulds (usually made of paper) where they're brushed with egg and topped with pearled sugar, then baked.

      5. Bruno Fisher

        What difference is there between the two, just so I know?

    27. Emily S

      What? You didn’t put butter inside with the sugar and cinnamon??? Blasphemy

    28. Monika

      i use buzzfeed's recipe; it's really good but maybe I'll try this one out as well!

    29. Lodmert

      What are the equivalent in grams?

    30. Athomas。

      The comedian doesn’t seem funny at all

    31. Name's Roz

      So no yeast?

    32. Jack Kanov Ysac

      he jerked off his rolling pin and made a joke out of it. fuckin a doggy.

    33. keatan chandla

      I cant wait till u get 10 mill

    34. Juan Jo TOBAR.N

      So he is going to take the Rolls to the other room to do them terrible, lewd, indecent things. Yes i said it you know it i know it everyone knows it after all this is *A FOOD PORN CHANNEL* Why am i watching this at F@#$ing dawn?

    35. Cory Pointer

      Please be calm and Amazon influencer so that we can purchased the tools in you use.


      Glad needs to sponsor this man!!

    37. Alexis Wilson

      His background music reminds me of an icecream truck jingle

    38. Jared Sweitzer-Oakes

      Dorm life sucks, would it be a challenge to use only a microwave and a tea kettle to prepare a nice meal?

    39. Yaya Boss4

      He was fully shaking at the end

    40. Tyler Sisk

      How to we calculate the amount pf butter if we don’t have something to measure it?

    41. Ganhiwa

      Way to much frosting, can you even taste the cinnamon? Just use a frosting tube to make a crisscrossing pattern over the bunch or a small swirl on each. Maybe just springkle som granulated sugar on top. Getting cavities just watching this.

    42. Paul Dolman-Darrall

      Really yummy and came out perfect thanks to the mistakes being shown

    43. Nova Cat

      Have you ever wonder how people discovered how to make bread, I bet they thought," hey why don't we put this bacteria in a bowl with ground up wheat, sugar. Then we can let it sit for an hour and bake it for a little while".

    44. leena dakhaikh

      I just made this recipe and I LOVE IT.

    45. Galaxy Mew


    46. nethkenm

      A bit of a suggestion: throw some of that lemon juice into the frosting and mix up your sugars with your butter and a bit of heavy cream to increase the delicious gooey factor. They look truly amazing though.

    47. YouTube God

      Should have raisins.

    48. Sumsum HUI [11U07S]

      Extradite my buns. Mmmmm

    49. CyanideKokonut

      This is just an excuse to make cinnamon rolls

    50. Wimpy Denton

      Man if that would be my only mistake making them. I would be happy... But I was short before bringing the apocalypse on mankind by cooking this recipe.... Only a little joke

    51. beariibee !

      who the fuck do you think you are making me want cinnamon rolls at midnight

    52. Anime Person Here

      1:58 I have a bowl like that

    53. Sumo Wrestler #26

      Babish: So this should double in size Dough: *doubles in size* Babish: *surprised pikachu face*

      1. Nivan Jeffries

        My messed up brain just read the would dough and pronouned it like Doug. Wtf brain, you're supposed to be smarter than this.

    54. starry eyed

      it wouldve been perfect to add that cinnabon scene from better call saul

    55. The Daywalker

      You forgot to add pieces of butter throughout with the sugar and cinnamon. It mixes with the large amount of cinnamon add sugar to where they don't need to add any frosting. That's how they do it at the county fair i always went to as a kid. I like that you showed that you made a mistake, very honest cuz it does happen. Thumbs up!

    56. the eighth survivor

      mistake number one was making the filling wrong

      1. Alfred

        What was wrong with it?

    57. Theophilus

      "Philosophically washing your hands" just got you a subscriber.

    58. Korey Hewlett

      too creamy *adds cream*

    59. lIx Stryker xIl

      Mistake #4 Using a fucking cream cheese frosting, that shits nasty

    60. Raffy Punzal

      what brand of plastic wrap does he use? it almost looks like wax paper but flexible, and yet ive only ever seen clear plastic wrap

    61. Dopamine

      Coulda mentioned Louis CK... Though it would make the frosting part awkward.

    62. ItsYaBoyNoodle

      I love both your channel and Jim Gaffigan

    63. Riftt On Wii


    64. Mystic Zander

      I’m not a big fan of cinnamon but these looked pretty damn good. I really like how you went with a thicker frosting, it looks like it holds to the buns a lot better than your typical store bought cinnamon buns.

    65. basterfa84

      Hot Pockets brand would like to know your location.

    66. Batman

      gotta oil out our rolling pin

    67. Hamilton and JJBA ate my soul

      bruh my mouth is watering

    68. Gerdy the grey

      I wish I had an oven still, so I could try this.

    69. puccagarukiss

      This is why I love you so much. YOU ARE HONEST! You dont bullshit about the taste of these fictional recipes (or more traditional ones like this) and then you do your best to improve upon them! That's why I trust you and support you! Other channels that make fictional food often say what they make is "great" despite the recipe being mediocre at best. Which would be ok if they were just more honest in their reactions to tasting their food. Love you Babish! Thank you so much for everything you and your team do!

    70. Fourthgirl

      I haven't made cinnamon rolls since my teens.