Binging with Babish: Car Panini from Family Guy

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    Recipe giveaway thing! What are the rules? Post images and descriptions of your sandwich to Instagram or Twitter, tag me, use #babishpanini - I'll choose the winner, they get a dope knife, and I share their recipe on the 3M subscriber special. Deadline is August 15th!
    Peter Griffin isn't a practical, intelligent, kind, or relatable man. I'm not sure where I was going with that - point is, guy is a slob (even for a cartoon), and he made a sandwich and you guys all wanted to watch me eat it. Well here ya go.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. seymourglass26

      Trash show, trash food. Why do this except to show off your car?

    2. express0 Depress0h

      that supra right in front of you 👀👀👀👀

    3. Infatuateed _

      Car panini Drag car do a wheelie, aye


      I hope Doug Demuro saw this!

    5. Pablo White

      That doug score though.

    6. KXL Squad

      Lil nas x just entered the chat -

    7. Crystal


    8. juan perez


    9. Drew Cass

      Most ambitious crossover of all time

    10. Legend

      Car panini don’t you be a meanie

    11. Ashana Stone

      Brioche French toast with dorito crust (mix nacho & cool), duck sausage with pine nuts, rosemary, dried cranberries, and thyme, sauce made by melting Cadbury eggs and Reece cups and mixing thoroughly Make duck sausage with toasted pine nuts, rosemary, thyme, and dried cranberries Process Doritos in food processor, make French toast with dorito crust Melt eggs and cups over double boiler, mix well (maybe even whip it?) Duck sausage smash burger Spread candy sauce over French toast & add sausage patty, top with second piece of French toast also with candy sauce

    12. Meemaw Peepaw

      Dont u be a meanie

    13. R99pinball

      Didn't look like he used vienna sausage Td for your doug score

    14. Galactic Shroom

      Oh my god, he owns a Audi I love Audi's I can't believe hopefully you love Audi's too

    15. Washmi Wijeratne

      Next do the same dinner peter and his family have been eating for 18 years

    16. M Gallo

      Make the sandwich from the breakfast club

    17. ABE

      Took peter 9 seconds to form it Took babish a minute and 40 seconds to form it Now who is the better chef

    18. Klaas Derksen

      Chorizo goes with chocolate, maybe try it?

    19. Willer 18

      Hey panini......(u know the rest😉)

    20. Saxon Hale

      Why didn't you just get a cigarette lighter to wall plug adapter? You went through too much to get the panini thing working.

    21. Nathan Jennings

      It would have been better with some other kind of sausage, viennas are gross lol

    22. Lindsay Deer

      This is the first video I watched on your channel and it got me hooked, I love your voice, it's so soothing.

    23. Joergon

      You forgot the the spare glove compartment underwear napkin

    24. Coolbrosryder 12

      Is a panini press and a George Foreman grill the same thing?

    25. Kaidyn Atkinson

      Love the Doug Demuro reference at the end

    26. Spung

      i knew that you stole this from peter

    27. Miss Moxie

      I was like NOOOOOOO when that sandwich spilled in his car

    28. Game Over

      Hey panini

    29. Nebula357

      I'd prolly like it ngl

    30. Jodl

      Probably the richest undies I’ve ever seen

    31. Jacob Gragg

      Doug score😂😂😂

    32. LOCATOR

      That Doug score part was hella sick 🤘🏽

    33. Annie Burke

      If you were gonna do a recipe from Family Guy, you should have done Meg's dinner she made when Lois and Peter swapped lives with Chris and Meg: Seered ahi tostadas, couscous, asgaragus, and molten chocolate lava cake!

    34. ItsJustRoseLove

      Okay just go off on my favorite show like that 😭

    35. Subaru Impretzel

      Got my like for the doug score. Love you babby

    36. darkenblade986

      so when is the babbish panini episode coming

    37. Dat Scary Boi

      Ay panini

    38. Ok Cuber

      Groos but cool

    39. Josh Blount

      Maybe... buttered bread with a slice of spam (any variety you choose). Then...maybe Nutella with maybe a little peanut butter? Then maybe some Nacho Cheese Doritos with your buttered bread on top. ...I don't know man, that's the closest I could think of to Peter's ingredients without it sounding too disgusting.

    40. Ordinary Otaku

      The sandwich looks good but I have odd tastes

    41. Mia

      It would be good without the sausage

    42. G H

      You really nailed the homage to DeMuro, but you really needed a, “Thiiiiiisssss, is a disgusting sandwich.”

    43. foster_the_shota_thread

      car panini, dont you be a meanie

    44. Rat Tank

      Aw. I wish I had been watching this show a year ago. Chorizo with Cadbury peanut butter mole? Nevermind, still probably disgusting.

    45. hermest99

      Loved the Doug DeMuro style rating! Must be where you got your good taste in cars.

    46. Ketutar Jensen

      I would use some sort of dessert sausage, like chocolate salami or something that looks like Peter's sausages, like churros, or chocolate fingers. It was a bag he ripped open, not a can or a jar.

    47. I Will Eat Your Children

      I have a Tesla

    48. Marcus Cherski

      Yeah I like how the food Guy starts giving Doug scores😂😂😂😭😭

    49. Rochelle Haught

      Gross sandwich. Badass car.

    50. Yoshi M

      I know this is quite old but try replacing the sausages with Bananas and propably removing the Doritos entirely, makes a very nice dessert.

    51. Detective Fat Weedington

      use raw egg instead

    52. fireman154

      Can you do other items from his food truck menu

    53. Wilson Godoy

      Put bacon in it, everything is better with bacon

    54. the dark night alpha

      Do the peanut butter and onion sandwich from little monsters

    55. MixagiTrya

      Now I want Doug to review a car like reviewing food

    56. Owen Racker

      That is the most unhealthiest thing ever?

    57. Doughy Guy

      I know this is over a year past, but you have to think of it as a sweet breakfast or a dessert of sorts. Use Texas Toast with breakfast sausage patties. Instead of PB Cups, Reese's makes a 'bar' version of the regular peanut butter cup, usually find them in Walmart or some movie theaters. That, along with the sausage being patties rather than links makes the sandwich better, structurally. Next, you need crushed up Ranch Doritos, and instead of the Cadbury Creme Egg, just make some vanilla icing. Dip the whole sandwich in a beaten egg with a splash of milk, grill it, and then when it comes out, dust it with the Doritos and pour on the icing. A little bit odd, but I may end up trying this if I decide to ruin my King Sized George Foreman grill.

      1. Fanny Pack

        Please do thid

    58. MAK3X7

      Viena sausages suck, camela sausage is better.

    59. Sarah Fauth

      Ok well..I was enjoying this up until the cadbury egg....Im literally nauseous so...another vid

    60. Kevin /RDT Ramos

      He doesnt use viennas...thats why its so bad i thinks

    61. Salina Espitia

      That looks horrifying

    62. Logiic Panda

      Dont try this at home because of fire hazards. Try this at home and send me a picture😭

    63. Shitpost - o - Matic

      Is it me or did i see a nissan Silvia S13's rear ?

    64. Sas ig


    65. usern4metak3ns

      Needs more chips. For binding and savory flavors

    66. Matthew Powell

      Wtf you actually sound like doug

    67. MJA

      nice Doug score

    68. Dustin Bishop

      I like the doug score but here’s a keeper babish x regular car reviews that sounds like an awesome mashup

    69. Alexes Miranda

      Lost it with the Dougscore on a sandwich

    70. Hoot look