Binging with Babish: Car Panini from Family Guy

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    Recipe giveaway thing! What are the rules? Post images and descriptions of your sandwich to Instagram or Twitter, tag me, use #babishpanini - I'll choose the winner, they get a dope knife, and I share their recipe on the 3M subscriber special. Deadline is August 15th!
    Peter Griffin isn't a practical, intelligent, kind, or relatable man. I'm not sure where I was going with that - point is, guy is a slob (even for a cartoon), and he made a sandwich and you guys all wanted to watch me eat it. Well here ya go.
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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. wendy torrance

      i would definitely try it if i wasn't vegan

    2. Kenneth Shepard

      How’d you get Cadbury eggs in summer

    3. AJ Sweeney

      Family Guy's prime was seasons 3 through 10

    4. Dcm 85

      Haha the doug score. Best episode.

    5. Juns Lee

      This is exactly what I wanted to see. It looks tasty somehow haha

    6. whatevruminator

      The Doug score at the end lol!!!!

    7. Sour Ryan

      Hey panini, don’t you be a meanie

    8. Creepy Potato

      Nice Audi pal

    9. Walker Braswell

      Put Nutella instead of the candy, and put a nice brei cheese instead of Doritos cheese. Next through the spam out and burn it until it's dead. Lastly instead of a Cadbury eggs for the sweet cream add slices of a banana for the white creamy feature.

    10. Bastian

      Oh my god Doug de murro shoutout

    11. Marilyn Parrish

      I can't believe Randy Quaid gets to eat like this every day

    12. Deshion Brown

      It would be cool if you made something good with the sausages

    13. KMonkey


    14. gb godofwar

      Take out the Vienna sausage and it might not taste so bad

    15. Gondamar


    16. redrutectic 486

      Jesus that looks nasty, no offense your cooking in all your vids look delicious, even the bad ones but hotdogs, reses and doritos should just stay as far away as possible

    17. Ernie Scroggs

      Change the sausage to bacon. Done.

    18. ItsPrettyDeep

      !! I didn't know the USA had cream eggs!! They're like my favourite fucking snacks!!

    19. molotovcobra

      That mk3 supra though 1:54

    20. Justin Cui

      Ay panini, don't you be a meanie

    21. Style OtaKu

      And thats enough 🤣🤣

    22. 8 eyed guy

      How about getting pork, coat it in crushed doritos, glaze with a caramel version of the caberry caramel as glaze and top it off with reese's chocolate and peanut butter on a side of more doritos, finally mix doritos dust with cheese to add to the sandwich

    23. mr. ravioli 3rd

      Hey panini

    24. Benny Martinez

      Awesome video! 😂

    25. Alex Robbins

      Why am I not surprised you own an Audi

    26. [HY] Rainstormzs

      If you don’t like Cabberry Creme eggs you’re a monster.

    27. Sandwich Billy

      Gonna puke. Thanks

    28. sinister is random

      I want it

    29. Monkey Farts

      I was watching a “history of pocket pie” documentary... (yea, I’m that lame.) anyways, some would have a sweet side and one would have a savory side. So men in the mines could eat their whole meal, in one small package, carried on them. Perhaps a half savory, half sweet fried sandwich would have the same effect? Like half peanut butter chocolate, and half sausage and nacho cheese?

    30. What u want Bro

      is it weird that almost every food in a animated series or movie looks very good?

    31. Tyler Alberico


    32. NikkoTheNeko

      Eh you just need to change the prep method to make this palatable. While getting your meis en place, get the whole kitchen smelling like burnt marjoram. But dont actually use marjoram. Puree half the dortios, peanut butter cups, and Cadbury egg to make a rough paste to hold everything in place. Fuck the butter (not literally). Section the Viennas and arrange them on top of the peanut, fake cheese, choco paste like pepperoni slices. Crush the other half of doritos and sprinkle that over everything. If the dining area no longer smells like burnt marjoram. Burn some other herbs and enjoy!

    33. Zephozia

      Peter clearly did not use Vienna Sausages. That's the problem.

    34. Jollu Pollu

      that looks really good

    35. rahman xephyrus

      Lol doug demuro scored 😂

    36. ElJorro

      I think it was hot dogs not sausages

    37. R T

      Good to know he also has a spare change of underwear in his car

    38. Blaise Avey

      This whole episode went over my head cause I have no idea what a Doug score is 😅

      1. kilometers edgelord

        Refference to Doug Demuro, A GOD IN THE CAR COMMUNITY.

    39. Morgan Cronin


    40. Ivan Flores

      A Doug score omg 💀

    41. Amber l

      My face when he ate that sandwich...

    42. thetrue chexmixer

      Once that Doug Score was added in to the video, I just had to give it a like.

    43. Paul Grant

      In case you needed any more proof of how much of a slob Peter is after watching 17 seasons of Family Guy

    44. Kenji

      Dude. Love the Doug score but what are it's quirks?

    45. Izabellla Garcia

      Heres an idea: Use real sausage, replace the cadbury egg with normal egg, and replace the resses with cheese and it could be great

    46. MonotoneYay

      Andrew, the type of guy to make a disgusting sandwich and potentially mess up his Audi

    47. Scott Carpenter

      You probably could transform it into a dessert. Probably could use a dessert brioche. Some sort of a desert sausage. Maybe Maple. Resees. And the Cadbury egg. Might turn out better. And for the chips. Maybe use a cinnamon dessert chips..

    48. talkingdogpro

      Don’t lie, you liked it

    49. theironworker781

      This could be a good dessert if you leave out the meat and chips and add marshmallows and Nutella.

    50. bluescluessuperagent

      I love the Randy Quaid joke in the FG clip

    51. MyNameJeff


    52. Eli R

      Babish, you are getting so POPULAR, that cartoon editors will start throwing food concoctions together to watch what you put together. im curious to see how you will make them palatable

    53. amberthesuperfox

      Peter didnt use veana sasages he used Carolina u can tall by the package veana sasages dont comein that package or look that way mabey it will help

    54. Kevin Le

      it’s actually a weird taste I enjoy

    55. Ben Wilko

      Surely a vietnamese banh mi would work? Not sure what type of sausage would work best but they use thisnkind of peanut butter thats not too sweet and more savoury and then add a normal chicken or ducks egg to it depending how fancy you want to be

    56. FoxtrotMouse

      Use Breakfast sausages instead of Vienna sausages.

    57. Highflyer Potatoe

      Sweet ride Babish!

    58. Mistabutts

      DOUG SCORE 😂😂😍😍

    59. James M

      Can you redo this but without Vienna susages

    60. Corey McCormick

      the doug demuro scoring in this is gas

    61. Gimme Tokiz

      Will you do the same sandwich sometime later on, but without canned sausages, and maybe, breakfast sausages...............?

    62. redcandi nunya

      Commentary is terrific 😆

    63. Ryan Villain

      The Doug Score!! Bahahahaha!

    64. ammar nasser

      If I make it and eat it all do i get a set of knives

    65. Kanga Roo

      everyone's laughing about the dougscore but did anyone notice that he hooked his car battery up to a panini press just so he could film himself making a disgusting family guy sandwich in it? this man is seriously dedicated to his craft

    66. peter Magnone

      The Supra in front has me interested lol

    67. Jericko Craig Yraola

      have you ever faced that you just found something out on youtube and when you type it out its already auto filled d

    68. Bansuu

      Wierd flex to cook in your car but ok

    69. MarwanPGX

      Get two slices of half inch brioche bread, start making a vanilla flavoured mayo sauce instead of Cadbury egg(a little vanilla extract, half a tablespoon of sugar, 4 tablespoons of mayo, 2 teaspoons of salt, a bit of spices like mustard powder, some pepper, and paprika), get a mixing bowl and crack open 2 flavors of Doritos and add some cheese with the mixture (normal blue colored chili and the nacho cheese with a ratio of 2/1 chili to nacho, add some mozerella and or cheddar to the mix), get some homemade Bacon instead of sausages (preferably 1/3 of an inch thick and atleast 3 slices) and for the Reese’s substitute use a sauce as well, a good mix of 2 tablespoon of peanut butter and semisweet dark chocolate with some garlic powder and sautéed onions and tomatoes with a bit of salt and pepper {spoon to your liking}

    70. Young Brats

      Candy to the side and eat meat on bread and the chips to the side

    71. Gregory Melissinos

      A cypriot car panani- lounza, halloumi, one egg, on peanut butter spread on slices of toast with a hint of dark chocolate baked into the bread

    72. Marcus V

      Wth is a panini

    73. First Last

      That car panini looks like a heart attack

    74. MrRichardchisholm

      you are one of the worlds best youtubers........

    75. elroy frater

      This is the first video I watch of this channel now it's awesome keep up the gud work bro

    76. Philip Vochoska

      The show family guy, all characters, the way they face life embodies this nasty panini sandwich

    77. Ronald Mata

      You should've said, "THIS is the Car Panini from Family Guy." Y'know, like Doug DeMuro.

      1. Liben Warsame

        Ronald Mata “...and it is THE most disgusting panini...I have ever had.”*car screeching to stop**ball bouncing twice*

    78. KingJorge 4th

      Doug DeMuero at its finest

    79. Mist_of Dankness

      Without the Reese’s and Cadbury eggs it sounds great

    80. One More

      for some reason I think it would be good without the egg candy

    81. I'm RaZeM

      Nice doug demuro touch

    82. Dankduck

      You don't, it's from Family guy

    83. AJOO2

      1:51 IS THAT A SUPRA?

    84. Kevin Ragnauth


    85. Alex T

      Did anybody else notice the mk3 Supra he parked in front of

    86. Ameer Jaffery

      Ommmyyyyyygoooodddd stahhhhhhh

    87. Erased

      nice audi

    88. Impress Divinity

      Peter is a R tard....he is willing to eat some ish none of us down for PERIODT lls but you the GOAT for this...especially with the car bit.

    89. Omni Levven

      I love this man

    90. Austin B

      Make Peter’s version of RedBull from Family Guy

      1. Austin B

        natalia castro yes

      2. natalia castro

        with real kerosene

    91. Treeblox2007 21

      You keep shaking

    92. Felix Kolojov


    93. Skrt King

      Doug score 😂😂lmao

    94. 5dethtojoker

      He uses packaged wieners not Vienna sausages.

    95. Tigerman1138

      A+ for using the underwear as a napkin!

    96. Peter Carey

      Well at least it's better than a trabant.

    97. Milo ballz101

      "Sausage juice" 😅😂

    98. løåth ViŞɨOή

      Step 1:Slice sausages landscape Step 2:add nutella Step 3:add super crushed Doritos Step 4: Never add the thing Step 5:cook Step 6: EAT AND RATE

    99. Kanser Memes

      You've been fooled.

    100. Duck sauce

      It’s fully palatable as is.