Binging with Babish: Banana Pudding Pizza from Doug

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    Doug Yancey Funnie was voiced by none other than Billy West - and now, if you think about Doug's voice, you can't help but hear Fry from Futurama. You're welcome. Unfortunately we're not trying out Honker Burgers or Mr. Sleech's Donuts; instead, follow along this week as we ruin some perfectly good pizza.
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    Published on Year ago


    1. Ray Hopkins

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone having a banana allergy before learn something new!

    2. Christopher Jensen

      Hold up did those kids pick that pizza out of the trash or what?

    3. Nydsabel Grillasca

      In Puerto Rico we add fried sweet plantain and picadillo to our pizza, it’s pretty good!

    4. Donald J. Trump

      Jazz hands = Libtard (You seriously need to stop being a socialist hipster)

    5. Donald J. Trump

      Shave your beard off.

    6. Damned Legion

      No! Sweet pizza base, raspberry jam with banana and white chocolate chips and caramel swirl topping. OMG dessert pizza. Even apple and blackberry crumble topped on a sweet pizza base.

    7. pradabaw

      It’s crazy I’m a fan of your channel and my names Doug. I grew up in the 90’s and that theme song was everyone go to joke when they saw me lol

    8. Johey Jonsson

      Me: *hears "Swedish Pizza" Oh, you're making shawarma pizz... nope, he made an Africana...

    9. Wade Wilson

      Screwed this all up I don't think this should be served hot at all.

    10. KubeSquared

      I've witnessed 3 horrifying crimes against humanity.

    11. joe black

      Cici's pizza use to have pudding pizza 🍕 I loved it.

    12. herp22

      Dude, why not instead change out the marinara sause and use banana pudding instead then top with banana?

    13. viper100200

      Man, Sawyer's tie dye tee is slamming. Add that sweet tacky gold jewelry to boot and to top it all off, he looks like the homeless smell.

    14. Don D

      The easier way to do this to make a banana pudding pizza would be take and make your crust. On your crust put nilla wafers crushed for that texture and crunch. Put some banana slices on near the end to caramelize in the oven or sugar them and brulle them. Then Put your set pudding base on the crust after it's done so it gets warm like a cream filled pastry kinda. Bet that would come out more edible and dessert like.

    15. thewok

      A banana pudding with no vanilla wafers is scarcely a banana pudding at all.

    16. Centi

      That swedish pizza should've had pineapple and chicken on it instead of ham. Yes i'm not kidding and yes it's delicious as fuck. Y'all crazy

    17. MrUnlimitedTorque

      First the hawaiians destroyed pizza, now the swedish!

    18. whYLiE09

      allergic to bananas? how do you get your potassium intake?

    19. Andy Armstrong


    20. Aaren YASS

      Lmaoo you basically just made (NY americanized) Puerto Rican lasagna but as a pizza. Which is sorta the same, but uses plantains. If you aren't allergic to it, it's pretty good! -

    21. Angeliz Rodriguez

      Yeeessss! I dip bananas in pizza sauce because of Doug. My brothers dared me but I loved it!

    22. Daniel Brandenburg

      I think a bananas foster desert pizza might be good

    23. Hettie Petra

      Vanilla pudding is just custard...

    24. LucasWerewolf

      Swedish pizza? I'm swedish... never heard of it.. D:

    25. Harold Hale

      Pizza topped with sauce, mozzarella, bananas, pineapple (yes I said it), sliced almonds, and ham, and sprinkled with cinnamon.

    26. Algardraug

      Ooh, that Swedish banana pizza looks so good! I love that shit 😍😍😍

    27. Truth Fritzke

      I'm alao allergic to bananas

    28. Canned Disappointment

      Y'know honestly this gave me an idea about a chocolate and bannana pizza

    29. Damp Toasters

      I can’t imagine not eating banana pudding or muffins

    30. Jp Girardi

      In Brazil we have an awesome banana-pizza flavor, it's called 'Pantaneira'

    31. LeoVomend

      if you used plantain the last one would probably be amazing

      1. Masterful Moonlighter

        Would cooking time have to change?

    32. Nicky B

      Nutella as the base sauce with banana is nice

    33. Elie •

      Those ain't no plantain pizza, those are some big ass tostones😭

    34. Tony Rodriguez

      Ok that hum song at the end made my day lol I was humming along

    35. Jardanes Carrara Monfardini

      Banana and cinnamon pizza is really good! You should try It.

    36. J Woods

      Love and r e s p e c t the pizza cutter!!

    37. MrMiguella

      How can you go on living without being able to eat banoffi pie?

    38. shad oh

      i want u to shove that plantain all the way up in me

    39. Vonn Loren

      I've never had the courage to try banana pudding on pizza, but I did start dipping bananas in marinara sauce (as seen in the final journal scene of the episode) because of this show. XD Gosh, nostalgia... love that ending bit with the theme song, too!

    40. DjjC13

      Should have just made a banana desert pizza like pizza hut.

    41. Heavy Critic

      Banana and peanuts is an integral part of the dish "Flygande Jacob" (Flying Jacob) - which has chicken, bananas, bacon, peanuts, cream and chilli sauce. It was really popular in the 70s and 80s, mainly, but still remains a dish that is served on occasion. I.e. it's something that a lot of Swedish people have grown up with. Hence, a pizza with banana, ham and peanuts isn't that weird (and no matter what some people may tell you in the comment section, it really is popular). And, well, banana and curry just work really well together. :-) There's an even more outlandish version that adds pineapple as well - and may or may not exchange the ham for chicken, depending on the pizza place.

    42. Nick Reedy

      "There are dozens of us. Dozens!"

    43. Dreamatix TV

      just put some kaya

    44. JewelsVEVO

      So y'all would rather eat fucking banana on pizza but not pineapple on pizza

    45. MrLarry

      The thing is, Roger’s pudding recipe called for 5 bananas and he only had two, so he subtracted 3 from every ingredient. That might have an effect on how it goes with pizza

    46. MR. Bucket

      If it were me I'd just go with a Cuban or Puerto Rican spin on the pizza, fried plantains slices (taste like thicc potato chips) which are traditionally seasoned with garlic powder and just put em on the pizza, maybe with a puerto rican creole or "criollo" sauce cooked with plantains to substitute the tomato sauce? Since the sauce is tomato dominant with similar seasonings as an Italian red sauce

    47. Kayla Campbell

      Might be a bit late, but this might taste better if you made the crust like a tostone and fried it.

    48. Pillsnpie Gaming

      just order a Fiji pizza its bacon and banana. and fucking great.

    49. Katarina Stoiljkovic

      I can't imagine being allergic to bananas. They are pretty much my favourite thing to eat, so sweet and so yummy. Banana is the Fruit Queen, if you ask me. Damn, it sucks not being able to incorporate them in your life. But, the good thing is that there are plenty of other delicious things on this Earth.

    50. OmnissiahZelos

      As a swedish I can say, that is no traditional pizza here, we do not like it.

    51. lfutrell82


    52. Alien

      Gonna be real, my tastebuds are ruined or something. As a man who regularly eats fried peanut-butter, banana, bacon, onion, and Red Hot sandwiches...I think this pizza looks insanely delicious.

      1. kokugatsumoon

        I've never heard of this except from a pregnant woman.

    53. Maggie Felisberto

      There's a pizza place on the island of Faial that does a banana pizza that is actually good. It's just local island bananas and Azorean cheese. I don't think it had any sauce at all

    54. Antusj Gaming

      I only clicked this because I've been watching Doug on hulu

    55. Mr.Brine .Plays

      Could’ve put more effort into it and it might’ve been good

    56. XanderOnAutopilot

      After witnessing the horror that was banana pudding pizza, the episode was saved by them harmonizing at the end

    57. Nunya Damn Bidness

      Where the hell did you learn to make banana pudding? No no and no!

    58. Alex Zummo

      He should've topped a regular pizza with tostones

    59. Kad Xe

      You forgot the pineapple. Take it from a Swede. It's a disgusting combination.

    60. Comfy Cozy Are We


    61. leonardo luiz lima

      it is actually possible to make sweet pizza using bananas, but its not with pudding banana

    62. Kayle Mathew Comendador

      I'm surprised you didn't try making it a full on dessert pizza, that would have made it work better.

    63. The Sorrow

      NOT GOOD

    64. just someguy

      I'm stoked to watch this! I used to put banana on my pizza because of this episode!

    65. bjanca phillips

      That’s green banana not plaint-in not tain

    66. Giorgio Gazzola

      Gross, I hate bananas.

    67. Haven

      Swedish pizza... And people give Pineapple on Pizza a hard time, jeez.

    68. SantiagoBella Garcia

      Last step: throw it in the trash

    69. Drumple Thunder

      this is worse than pineapple on pizza

    70. carlos pacheco

      Dude, That ripe plantain pizza is sort of like the plantain lasagna my mom makes.