Binging with Babish: Banana Pudding Pizza from Doug

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    Doug Yancey Funnie was voiced by none other than Billy West - and now, if you think about Doug's voice, you can't help but hear Fry from Futurama. You're welcome. Unfortunately we're not trying out Honker Burgers or Mr. Sleech's Donuts; instead, follow along this week as we ruin some perfectly good pizza.
    Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. PChamileon97

      the things this guy risks his life for

    2. jullie soares

      Banana on pizza ir good. A Brazilian famous pizza is cheese, banana, cinnamon!

    3. Victor Oliveira

      If you take off the tomato sauce and the pepperoni and just stick with the cheese and banana adding just a bit of cinnamon it's a great sweet pizza!

    4. owl lego stop motion

      That is why i hate the swedish

    5. Philip Nilsson

      i'm from sweden and i know that that pizza exists but pretty much nobody likes it that i know of

    6. serene2681

      That pizza turned out so good! Ruining it with banana pudding made me sad. But fun video as always!

    7. TheSmokinOgre

      Maybe banana chips?

    8. Master Farr

      You forgot to subtract 2 of everything from the pudding

    9. Just a Top hat

      This is a disgrace. No Nilla wafers is sacrilege. You dishonor the name of banana pudding. Begone with you.

    10. F Figueira

      bro banana pizza is a thing in brazil, its a desert pizza, and its great lol its just cheese, banana and cinnamon

    11. Aidan Gallagher

      Skeeter is my favorite black character

    12. Scrumptious Dingo

      Dude make some Cajun bouillie (which is basically an egg Custard) please my maw maw makes it and I suggest eating it with a vanilla wafer

    13. Trent Pattillo

      The only fruit that belongs on pizza is pineapple.

    14. Torches O

      A+ for effort man

    15. Rokkiteer

      Could really go for the swedish pizza right now

    16. David Ramtulla

      Roger subtracted 2 of everything in an 8 banana pudding recipe maybe try that

    17. Nickolus Joynson

      Didn’t think it was possible to be allergic to bananas

    18. sahib lamba

      Well you could have tried a banana bread crust. It might turn out to be better.

    19. Slimy Pixel

      Why do I even want to move to Sweden?

    20. TheRedRayBeam

      See, I actually trust Swedish Pizza. Only trogs don't like fruit on pizza. And as an avid defender of Hawaiian, I will now set out to try Swedish pizza.

    21. Rodsa Ghosh

      Slice the green banana thinly and fry them, it tastes so fucking good.

    22. Hey Alfred

      The out to is so nice 10/10

    23. scouttyra

      You forgot the pineapple on the Swedish pizza!

    24. Incessant Sand

      I remember once when I was in my early teens somebody brought over a big aluminum pan full of pizza. But somebody had also put a half-melted pack of banana flavored popsicles in the freezer on the rack just above them. The melted popsicles soaked through the cardboard packaging (one of them was open inside the box) and found its way into a hole in the cover of the pan below. The entire pan of pizza was ruined, but I tried to eat some of it anyway... didn't go well.

    25. Guy

      Yeah, I never understood the banana/peanut/ham pizza either. It looks and tastes like an absolute mess. Kebab pizza is by far the most popular pizza here though. /swede

    26. Overall Cactus74

      Who seen attack on Titan chapter 118

    27. Nyamochan

      Banana curry pizza is the bomb with chicken, no ham or peanuts. Just banana slices, cooked chicken, curry powder and cheese. My Swedish boyfriend introduced me to it and it is amazing haha.

    28. Revineski

      I never knew someone could be allegic to a banana

    29. Crystal Waters

      A good way to make a banana pizza wouldve been trying to make it a dessert pizza. The cicis where i am has a banana pudding kinda dessert pizza and while i have no idea how its made, i love it to death.

    30. Spike 92.3FM

      Allergic to bananas that sucks... ah man I'm sorry for ya

    31. Amir zaheen Minhaj

      U need to try Malaysia Domino's Banana Kaya pizza....

    32. Arianna Roccio

      I could see Camila Cabello eating this...

    33. Jacob Short

      6:15 Bitonality with Babish

    34. Jayden Calderon

      Babish loves bullying Sawyer. And love that. Sawyer is the GOAT

    35. zwizzy89

      Never saw a Jamaica pizza here in Sweden that had ham on it. Nor do they have mozzarella.

    36. Black Iron Seamus

      You’re allergic to bananas?? I’m sorry Bab ;-;

    37. ffranciner20

      End credits was boss😆

    38. Samone Haywood

      You should of made the bread sugar cookies dough and the sauce marshmallow fluff blended in with bananas and slice bananas on top

    39. Johnsin

      What kinda person is allergic to bananas

    40. Eggsallent Boi

      Give us steam hams

    41. Master Farr

      You need to open your own restaurant

    42. Master Farr

      Roger used six bananas

    43. YaBoiDanny XD

      Heh banana... (In caveman voice)

    44. Valter Wilson-Hessle

      noone in sweden eats these

    45. Dark Mask

      You're allergic to bananas but can eat plantains?

      1. Sketchy Dude

        He probably kept an allergy pen nearby, that's what I do when I eat mango.

    46. George Day

      Man it would suck to be allergic to bananas. I’m so sorry.

    47. SPE3CH 100

      He’s allergic to gay shit 😂👌

    48. CinemaGraphic

      Who let Michelangelo in the kitchen again? 🤨

    49. Kvon Curry


    50. Khalif Farmer

      Sloppy Waffle from Sam and Cat

    51. Dashcrash 1

      The only fruit allowed on pizza is tomato

    52. Beth Cobb

      YAY! Banana-allergic people unite!!!

    53. sweaty sweaty cheeses

      After that episode, i started eating banana dunked in tomato sauce (like doug does in the epilogue of the episode) and it’s quite enjoyable

    54. Oy Blech

      what the fuck is wrong with Swedish people? just watching him assemble this... thing made me throw up in italian

    55. Adam Schilling

      When I was a kid, my parents used to take me to a pizza place that had a so called "Pizza Sweet". It was topped with tomatoe sauce, chicken, banana - there might have been pineapple on it too - and extra cheese on top al forno style. It's definitely something I'd revisit as an adult were it not for my apparently common ailment of being allergic to bananas.

    56. Aerolgel

      Now the Swedish Meatballs and stuff are fucking amazing at IKEA. *_But Swedish pizza? I don’t know._*

      1. MrTroll

        Actually around where I live we have banana pineapple and curry the 3 most odd things to have on pizza but it actually tastes alright

    57. AnimeNox

      The nostalgia is REAL. DAMN.

    58. C e r u l e a n

      Mix the banana with "sri kaya" or coconut jam. It should taste good.

    59. Peter Neddo

      For "banana pizza" I would suggest pre-cooking the green plantains like you would for tostones. Then proceed as you had in the video. That would likely give less bad results.

    60. Lazygaming

      Dude you basically made a patacón

    61. Benjamin Stenlund

      4:00 as a swede, if you eat a pizza like that you're a fucking tool

    62. Azim Ali

      Is it really dough?

    63. Davis Tuck

      Does anyone else remember that cheap pudding that came in like paint cans? It was one of those things that was good because it was cheap

    64. Link

      You forgot the cookies in the banana pudding

    65. Giorno Giovanna

      can you please do a coffee pudding from the anime The Disastrous life of Saiki K. pleaseeeee

    66. Arthur_Rezi

      it looked like he was bouta take a bite outta the plantain pizza😂 watch out you forgot you allergic

    67. Christopher Heinberg

      The green plantain would've worked. Suggestion: the unripped plantain should've been made in the equal process as mofongo or tostones for a crispy thin crust. Another option would be boiling the green plantain with a pinch of salt then adding a binder agent to boiled plantain in a mixing bowl.

    68. Vahalo OO

      I think i died a little

    69. Francesca Cipriani

      Non sai fare un cazzo fai schifo americano di merda, fallito peggio di follettina creation merda

    70. Teni Teni

      Omg i'm not the only one allergic vs Banana. Thank you Babish, for letting me know that there are other ppl like me 😘😘😘

    71. Cs Gambler

      So he just made crepes

    72. Rachel Hudson

      UHM babish you said you were allergic to bananas but you had a bite of the swedish pizza! are you alright man???

    73. Darrian Weathington

      The Swedish only gave us 2 good things... Chocolate, and Pewdiepie.

      1. oof kek

        Darrian Weathington there is also Volvo, Saab, and koensegg , but that’s all lmao

    74. Eric Skates

      Hey, I’ll die if I eat a banana too 🙂

    75. Emma Anzen

      Never have i ever seen a pizza like that in sweden I don't think anyone in any country would make something like that

    76. Federico Grassilli

      "Italians mad at food" is needed

    77. Swag Cheese

      im from sweden and i have never seen that in my life we just make kebab pizzas with kebab sauce

      1. Waffles

        Swag Cheese yeah or like just a normal pepperoni pizza

    78. Cpt. Noms

      Banana somehow cancels out most marina sauce's flavor spare the after taste.

    79. Jerry Beans Man

      Whenever I think that east Asians have the strangest palate, I just remind myself... Swedes. Btw I'm a Brit and I know we have some weird foods, but not banana on pizza.

      1. Waffles

        Jerry Beans Man we dont we may have pineapple on pizzas but we’re not weird we dont have banana on pizza we just have like kebab pizzas

    80. Shua Glenn

      plantains and pork with pickled onions would be a great pie

    81. Kairu Hakubi

      Not to be a Mr. Bone, but if I were allergic to a food, especially one you could cut with a plastic spoon, I wouldn't be cutting -towards myself- with a sharp knife so it could get RIGHT into my blood

    82. Kevin Beaubien

      I'm allergic to bananas as well... thanks for saying that. Now my wife doesn't think that I'm messing with her. Lol

    83. Algardraug

      Shut up, banana curry pizza is delish!

    84. Janae Salas

      Sad when you came out saying you were using the plantain while it wasn’t even ripe yet... but then you fixed it

    85. The Creeper King

      Time to delete Sweden

    86. Tommy Eleven Incognito

      Make the pizza puff from hey Arnold

    87. •KATLA•


    88. Aaron Smith

      Lmao, the Doug theme song at the end 😂

    89. Marwand Kochai

      Monk fish turducken from malcolm in the middle plz

    90. PolySypher

      I like Pizzaz 🙃

    91. Ahmad Nieves

      Where is banana pudding just vanilla pudding with bananas?

    92. Lance Bradshaw

      I bet it would have worked well if it was a dessert pizza.

    93. Adr Sngp

      Allergic to banana? Allergic to the fruit of the paradise?

    94. koukaakiva

      I've been making banana pizza for years. You just slice up the bananas and put them on top like pepperonis. My favourite is banana and pepperonis together.

    95. Deadman

      Swedish Pizza is better than Pizza Hawaii

    96. TheRat AFB

      omg i thought no one else in this world would be allergic to bananas ! I always get funny looks!

    97. sarah harris

      Hay I am allergic to banana too !

    98. tyrone kinard

      Make the aquateen hunger force foods the broodwich Carl's hot wings frylock fries master shake and meatwad balls hand banana cream pie.