Binging with Babish: Backpack Recipes from Marvel's Spider-Man

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    More than once, Peter Parker takes a 'swing' (sorry) at hanging up the web shooters in favor of a skillet and spatula. And without wishing to spoil the entire game for you, he apparently makes a hell of a curry. Can he, however, atone for his failures in dumpling-and-wheatcake-making? Let's find out!
    Dumpling wrapping technique:
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    Published on 10 months ago


    1. Luke Haave

      Did you give the leftover wheat cakes to the homeless girl?

    2. Alexander Agcaoili

      Ok I recreated this sauce measurement for measurement This Sauce Tastes.... Awful. Too much soy sauce and too much heat that most friends I’ve had eat this said they couldn’t taste the sauce/dumpling after the third dip. But worst of all WAY too many sesame seeds! To make up for this on basics with babish could you please make common dumpling sauce for Chinese all-you-can-eat buffets? My dad has always wanted to be able to make it on his own but he’s never found a recipe that gives him the taste he desires

    3. Andrew Castor

      Just seen Harold and Kumar escaped from Guantanamo bay. Teach us how to make a cockmeat sandwich

    4. JD Stencel

      I love the "im just leaning on this kitchen aid to kill time pose"...any one who has ever owned one know damn well why your doing that 😁

    5. Pedro Gomez

      Did anybody else get this in their recommended since Spiderman was taken from marvel? Sad reacts

    6. Bleebis

      Spider-Man is no longer in the MCU

    7. Onyx Angel

      🕸OMG! This explains my obsession with pancakes as a toddler. My first pair of sneakers had Spiderman on them. 😊

    8. ArchAngel Knights

      Fucking stupid as fuck. Sigh

    9. Kain Sanchez

      ᵀᶦⁿʸ ʷʰᶦˢᵏ

    10. Xeon 772

      Now its *I ate the rest off cambra club*

    11. Crissyfox Does Stuff

      Double dipping was myth busted.

    12. nevakidakida

      It's been said before, I'll say it again "tiny whisk's best friend, tiny spatular" = anime wholesome face.

    13. coffeemug190 98

      That looks good

    14. Kin Hang Cheung

      Tips for dumpling: add some corn starch in the fillings, it will make the pork taste smoothly and doesn’t have the rubber texture

      1. Bailee Ku

        My family also uses a bit of cornstarch in the water to seal the dumpling, and we only wet half of the wrapper....though I'm not sure if that's just personal preference

    15. QueenScrumptious Talks

      You have no idea how happy it made me feel to see this on my home page

    16. xStreakk

      For the dumplings, I like to put oil and water into a cold pan, then put the dumplings in and cover. That way, when the water evaporates, the oil is left over and it will pan fry the bottom.

    17. Wayward_dsheep

      I know that if i want to be successful i can that if i find myself suffering it’s because i chose to but i just can’t find it within myself to motivate myself. I feel like i’m in a prison i’ve put myself in and the door is open and i could walk through it and free myself but i don’t believe i can get up. God if i wasn’t certain that life went on after death i’d end it now but i just can’t bring myself to it. I don’t have resentment towards life i just can’t stand the way it is. I have options, i just don’t want them. So i’m ungrateful and lazy fuuuuck i don’t think i have what it takes man

    18. spider Pig

      So wheat cakes are basically pancakes

    19. Maiko Garcia


    20. Bora Petak

      Wooow mini chebureki

    21. Chara346 Meep

      Y e s as soon as I saw the recipe for aunt may's wheatcakes in game I thought if someone could actually make it

    22. Terrell Littleton

      I tried the pancakes and mine turned out really dark.

      1. Kimathi Washington

        When I made them they were the same color as babish, what did you do?

    23. Carlos Magana

      “at WONG last” did anybody else hear what I heard? lol

    24. Freddie Hansen


    25. Cody Sovo

      The I ate seven of them club is my favorite club

    26. OOF Sushi

      Who adds wasabi in their dipping sauce for dumpling?

    27. a bottle of vodka

      Now do mortal kombat

    28. Weird is A Compliment

      That's Ben ten. That's 100% Ben ten's voice. No one can tell me otherwise

    29. Dolan White


    30. Kazuma

      the wheatcakes looks damn good

    31. Lone Libra

      Being honest, when I saw the pancakes, I didn’t know what I was thinking they were 😂

    32. Milk Dud

      This man must have ridiculous roaches throwing away so much food

    33. Dio Brando

      I’m impressed that you actually made real dumplings Like Real dumplings

    34. Allison R

      Just tried making these dumplings and they were wonderful! But this recipe makes way too much.

    35. Winnie the tooth

      Mate Chinese dumplings use Chinese vinegar as a dipping sauce, not soy sauce

    36. Maksim Radosavljevic

      Omg yes

    37. tusheer datt

      We need a "gaming with babish" show, stat pronto ASAP.

    38. 「вluє wíshєs」

      Since the voice actors sound extremely similar, I thought that this was from The Amazing Spiderman video game, and I was so confused lmao (I fgucking loved that game agh)

    39. Maybelean


    40. red

      weed cakes?

    41. Jay sole

      If this is your first time they look pretty damn tasty

    42. Kat LaBash

      You are awesome!

    43. Nick The Human

      Isn’t that gyoza not dumplings?

    44. Dragon TV

      step 10 : don't burn babish's kicthen down

    45. NOVAWOLF

      Hehe you said cock sauce

      1. NOVAWOLF

        I had to

    46. Jay Bofa

      Can I substitute the meat with Spam?

    47. Nizar Bashir

      Garlic chilli cock sauce?

    48. ashish negi


    49. Wi Fine

      are you retarded by any chance? why don't you mention the ingredients?

      1. Uncouth Rapscallion

        Wi Fine wtf

    50. J05_The Coffee Guy

      for some reason it pains me to see him fry then steam dumplings when dumplings are supposed to be steamed only

    51. FuZe VooDoo

      Next is Pizza Time

    52. sirclaire

      I just made the dumplings at home, It turned out really good, if I ever remake the recipe I will add more Ginger and onions but that's just my personal preference. I would warn anyone else copying this, be careful how much oil you put in and act fast the second they seem golden or you might burn them a bit like I did 😊

    53. Rainman

      2:20 what sauce??

    54. Pro Gamer

      I made the dumpling sauce and me personally wouldn’t use the chili garlic sauce and I would use less garlic

    55. lincoln jordison

      I'm a sack of shitty meat in skin like dumplings

    56. MissyMysterious

      Made the dumplings today - couldn't get chives so I substituted them with spring onion, but they still tasted great!

    57. luqman sani

      Can you made the turkey that aunt May made (san raimi spiderman) the scene where norman osborn try to taste it before the prayer is lingering in my mind🦃

    58. Unknown User

      When I saw the video, I was like, how to you cook a backpack?

    59. Imp Again!~

      I started watching you when you made the Steven Universe Ube Roll, and have since binge watched nearly your entire channel. You're awesome, thanks for putting in so much work and inspire me to try cooking.

    60. Abby Hernandez

      I'm always worried steaming them for a few minutes isnt going to cook the pork throughly...

    61. dbnightangel

      chicago deep dish... welcome to the I ate seven of them club (FML...)

    62. WolfClaw

      Do angry grandpa recipes

    63. The depressed Manatee

      Do foods from monster hunter world

    64. nopushbutton

      oh no... dr. connor's class! I got so caught up in what I was doing I forgot all about it...

    65. Andrea Lopez

      Realized halfway through the video that yt had unsubscribed me?? Like, I know I didnt accidently do it myself lmao

    66. SupaTroopa57

      Why does the maple syrup bottle looks like a whiskey bottle

    67. Midori Gurin

      Dumplings look like potstickers

    68. Kyle Kringle

      I thought you were going to make nut cookies from Spider-Man 3

    69. Dinidu Samaranayake

      “Stiff but not dry to me” “Setting aside to the *dry* mixture”

    70. ohthreefiftyone

      Damn, our boy must have really been feeling shitty because I've never seen anyone walk away from a plate with goyza still on it unless it would harm a relationship to eat the rest.