Binging with Babish: Backpack Recipes from Marvel's Spider-Man

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    More than once, Peter Parker takes a 'swing' (sorry) at hanging up the web shooters in favor of a skillet and spatula. And without wishing to spoil the entire game for you, he apparently makes a hell of a curry. Can he, however, atone for his failures in dumpling-and-wheatcake-making? Let's find out!
    Dumpling wrapping technique:
    Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Rick Sanchez C137

      The dumplings are so cheap at Asian restaurants it really isn’t worth the effort to make your own.... even the (relatively) bad ones at that bicolored bear restaurant are tasty and plentiful enough for cheap to preclude the need to make one’s own..... UNLESS.... you are lucky enough to have an Asian wife from one of the appropriate countries that will make a huge batch to freeze then cook up as needed..... (I am still in the market for a wife such as that since the first wife didn’t work out.... she was lazy and couldn’t cook....

    2. dimi terzov

      oh shit im so fucking late

    3. dimi terzov


    4. Aiden Does Games

      Peter Parker wants to know your location

    5. Hrishikesh Dabir

      His bad dumplings shape are my excellent dumpling shape

    6. Sky

      I've never had dumplings but ngl those look incredible

    7. Crab Rave

      Can you do a challenge one where you make the spicy ramen from one punch man?

    8. Zack Flamez

      I forgot to point this out but did anyone notice that Spider-Man, from the game, sounds like Ben from “Ben 10 Alien Force”

    9. Mirrir

      I've been going through your videos in the last couple of days, and didn't see any other videogame recepies. Could you make the Shadowking's favorite muffins from Stonekeep?

    10. Nyesss !

      Howly mowly pierogi! 3:31

    11. I have 90 days to change my name

      Next up: Peter Parker's pizza time pizza

    12. Dope Dylan

      Is that whole table a cutting board?

    13. Alexander Adaew


    14. Brayden Steel

      Love a good pot sticker 👌 on ya Babish

    15. Brandon Jerbal

      I still think you should make the coffee jelly from “Saiki. K”

    16. Dave

      2:02 incorrect. “Reduced sodium sauce” apparently...

    17. PandaPlayz YT

      Cock sauce, I know I'm inmature

    18. Hero of Kush

      how do you carry pancakes ina backpack?

    19. *• Jazzy •*

      Welcome, spider-man dumplings, to the "i ate seven of them" club

    20. raul castillo

      I did the dumplings...not disappointed.

    21. RoaringDream

      should try some of Ignis' foods from Final Fantasy 15

    22. BruhterHood

      Do the monster hunter world foods !!

    23. hua xiao

      No no no you don’t make dipping sauce like that I’m Chinese and I know

    24. 0Z73CCD

      I’ve been watching this channel for years never subscribed until I saw this video just now

    25. Naruto Namikaze

      Ur voice is calming

    26. Josef Creations

      Step 13: realize that your dumplings are bad, and go to the cheesecake factory and order the chicken potstickers

      1. StHeEm0rE’s DaNk

        Step 14: shit your guts out and die

    27. Treemaster

      Oh god

    28. Teemu

      What do u do wit all the food u dond eat do u just trowh it away or what


      W e t t e d

    30. Kelvin Tam

      FFXV has an entire game mechanic for cooking

    31. zholtiDAhacker

      For some reason I hate this guys voice for the first 2 minutes of every video and after that I can't stop listening to him

    32. Sodium

      I know it goes against recipe, but authentic dumplings are served with Chinkiang/Zhenjiang Vinegar. Soy Sauce is only used in Japan, and even there it's somewhat uncommon.

    33. Zalcry

      Dunno what tf you’re on those dumplings all looks so damn good

    34. j r

      Aunt May should have died

    35. Meme God

      2:21 “cocksauce” rolling in the floor in my room laughing my ass off at 3am 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    36. Gamers In Hell

      make minecraft cake ;> struggle mere mortals!!!

    37. RealGalaxy F.C

      Do Monster Hunter

    38. Voo_Hu

      Make perfectly preserved pie from fallout

    39. Beebo_ Vlogs


    40. VoidicusMaximus

      Chili cock sauce?

    41. Sophies Curse

      *uses pre-made, store bought dough for the dumplings that are just like pierogi* Poles: H-how could you...

    42. TSA Mario

      Spider man into spiderverse 2 should add u

    43. Mr Leo

      So are big dumplings called dumps?

    44. ShadowDeath Angel

      Can you do a Binging With Babish episode/video on foods from Skyrim or Fallout 4?

    45. Link Shepard

      Maybe it’s not the taste why Peter likes the pancakes but who made them is why he loves them

    46. Connor

      *C o c k s a u c e*

    47. Shamar Mills


    48. Sano

      Do mhw Meal pls

    49. Lia Yuqi

      Next time you wrap dumplings, make sure to cover the unused wrappers with a damp cloth. If not, the wrappers will dry out, making crimping the edges even harder.

      1. thebman80

        Personally I would have also mixed all the ingredients by hand into the meat for a more homogeneous meat mixture. It looked like he was scared to touch raw meat.

    50. IV_NUKE

      I love tiny whisk

    51. Nacia Grace

      Bruh! Your dipping sauce was basically Guams own finadenne! Lol yeah! ❤

    52. Vexs

      Does he do a voice over for the entire video

    53. Ann Kinomes

      Um sorry I heard Weed Cakes. I'm sorry.

    54. Larry Kincer

      Garlic chili what sauce?

    55. Mac Jameson

      Aunt May would be proud... ==The fire department would also be proud to see no fire was caused in the making of those dumplings.

    56. M L

      *W E T T E D*

    57. Ben Walker

      Omg thanks so much what’s the chances I just started downloading the game today and this popped up in the recommended

      1. Diniz Cavalcanti

        dude, you are being watched

    58. tae au

      *w e t t e d*

    59. Masterstrings534

      Its pancake time

    60. Max Reeve

      3:20 for a surprise

    61. Gaming With brother birds

      When you said wet the dumpling did you mean pee on it if it’s that I got it correct

    62. IncreasedChance

      That’s one hell of a chicken curry

    63. Michael DeSanta

      1:50 They're Peter's favourite because Aunt May use to make them for him. Nostalgia is powerful and people often appreciate things that they grew up with, or that family members or loved ones made for them, even if they aren't particularly spectacular.

    64. Adam Knox

      I know I'll never make anything he makes but I just find it satisfying to see his creation anyone feel the same?..

    65. Yeet

      Make Tony Stark’s cheeseburger

    66. 23torrew

      *uMmMmM aCuALlY sPiDeR-mAn iS OwNeD bY SoNy!¡!¡!*

    67. Random Dude

      3:15 *W E T T E D*

    68. Mark Zoobkoff

      Do something interesting and make some vomit from another movie after they eat something already. Most of that shit looks disgusting. Actually make a turd and wrap it in a burrito after you eat something else in a movie. FK.......

    69. kevin weinkauf

      2:18 cock sauce

    70. Lenny.

      I just realised spiderman is ben 10

    71. geralt rivia

      Good morning, mid day, evening to you Mr Babish. I am here to show my gratitude for all youre hard work in the kitchen, showing us the viewers how simple and especially delicious looking foods. It is a pleasure and honor to witness such skill in cullinary arts. Sincerly, a teen viewer

    72. Spooky Trumpet

      Stan Lee would be proud

    73. Dextr0


    74. Clarence Dela Cruz

      pizza time

    75. Dion Speelman

      Is this some kind of mini cheburek?

    76. Tony Tiger

      I love watching your videos I’m gonna be a chef bc of you you are my favorite chef

    77. Jared Mohansingh

      Thats ben10 yp

    78. Hunter Holley

      I like the “I ate 6 of them club”

    79. therrien victor

      Are you Canadian

    80. DERPATRON360

      It gets a lot easier to wrap dumplings when you have to make them every year for Korean New Years at grandmas

    81. Ney Me Hoi Minoy

      Ha, cock sauce.

    82. 马猴烧酒


    83. Ch33zey Ch33t0s

      Idk whY but I think ur voice is so relaxing!

    84. Harrison Wegner

      Plz more video games

    85. John

      Garlic chili what sauce?

    86. Spittz The beast

      Tmnt pizza dumplings

    87. Will200

      I love the newest spider man game, so goooooood

    88. Cyrus Wilson

      More of these spiderman recipes pleaaasssseeeeeeee!!!!

    89. Issak Castaeda


    90. Matsuo Tanuki

      3:50 Not bad for a first try though. :)

    91. AutomatonPotato

      Oh shitttttt idk if it was mine he saw but I commented that he should do this

    92. Nathan Lee

      Gordon Ramsay is the worlds best chef. Binging with Babish: Hold my beer.

    93. Elle R

      Is this based off the old Spider-Man? Cuz I have no idea what’s going on

    94. Elle R

      Spider-Man’s *backpack* ?

    95. Deadendassassin . . .

      *Cock sauce*

    96. luka watzak

      i dont think spider man is marvel isnt it sony?

    97. the commenter

      you forgot to burn down your girlfriends apt complex

    98. Malachi L

      Eat my shtinky hole

    99. big nib dolphin

      COCK sauce

    100. Arron Shen

      “That looks pretty stiff and not DRY” Two seconds later..... “Setting that aside we’re adding to the DRY mixture”