Binging with Babish: Arrested Development Special (feat. Sean Evans)

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    And now, the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and their occasional culinary inventiveness in the face of adversity. From faulty deep-fryers to a legacy built on frozen bananas, the Bluths have dreamt up a wealth of money-making treats. Well, except for hot ham water. Somebody call Gene Parmesan.
    Music: "Love is Not" by Broke for Free
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    1. Tyler

      Allergic to bananas gang 🔥🔥

    2. DisFam 81

      It's not a wired allergie I'm alergic too

    3. Impact Man

      Life of Boris did a cooking video of making Soviet Meat jelly, and I was wondering if you could try to remake it..

    4. Frank Cue

      I love the humor in this vid 😂👍

    5. CKojiro

      Did Sean actually burn his fingers?

    6. Casey Gray

      Bro I’m allergic to bananas too!! You are the only other person I’ve ever seen with the same allergy

    7. Lys Foley

      Also allergic to bananas but also a million other things 🙃

    8. Zia Zaidi


    9. yujin8168

      2:05 is that a stevemre reference??

    10. Lo_ Zarkx

      Babish dancing is just what I needed!

    11. Riley Holmes

      No way he made a Steve MRE reference

    12. Matt Haynie

      Haha! I loved the Steve1989MREinfo reference at 2:08! "Let's get this out onto a tray.... Nice."

    13. Santiago Melo

      i really wanted to see the plate of parmesan with mustard

    14. Natasha Jooste

      Dont use the Lords name like this, please take the video down.

    15. Sir Pineapple

      There are literally DOZENS of them. Its a worldwide epidemic

    16. TheRhino4545

      2:22 well played

    17. Joe Roberts

      hot ham water screams tonkotsu bruth?

    18. Smilys Prid

      I’m disappointed these weren’t hot dogs

    19. Navi Illeib

      you didn't do the mayonegg :(

    20. dodgers doon1130

      There's always money in the banana stand!!

    21. Chance Whistler

      Literally dozens of us!

    22. SeanBasedSwag

      My dad is deathly allergic to bananas as well. Tf is wrong with y’all

    23. Glitch Symphony

      Nice mre steve impression

    24. LyanderTheGreat

      2:05 I love that several US-newr have veiled references to the legend that is steve1989.

    25. Daniel Nizzi

      I can’t believe you left off Parmesan mustard! Afraid to attack such a delicacy?!

    26. Kai _

      Who else is here because of Totally Not Mark?

    27. Rob

      Might need a whole episode dedicated to the Skip's Scramble

    28. Benito De Leon

      I also have a banana allergy!! Wooo not alone!!

    29. princechingo

      I’m making hot ham water for dinner tonight. Thanks 🙏

    30. Outdated Tastes

      I wonder how high his gas bill is

    31. Samuel Nicol

      YOU LISTEN TO EMILY KING TOO! I have so much more respect for you, and I already had a ton. Love you Babish

    32. Stanley Bacon

      Did anyone else get the steve1989 reference at 2:06

    33. psylowv2

      Steve MRE fan eh?

    34. 666LaVey666


    35. Aar0nMiami

      I love that he knows and called out Steve1989MREInfo

    36. nunciata22

      Why is this in Mark's playlist

    37. Shiloh A

      With the amount of Steve1989 references, if you do not collaborate together, I will do it myself and just invite you both to the same restaurant, like a child with his divorced parents.

    38. Ethan Woodie


    39. Anez

      Love the Steve mre reference

    40. Beezle

      That legit looks like a shit, a tasty one.

    41. OmnissiahZelos

      that doesn't look like balck peoples dicks at all.

    42. oliver

      2:04 nice steve1989mreinfo impression

    43. Ryan Sheldon

      Hot Ham Water next?

    44. Gaming Monster

      "Get this fella out of his can and drop it gently, tenderly-OH JESUS be careful!" I'm dying😂😂😂

    45. Aesthetic Deluxe

      please god get Steve on the show

    46. Lillith Pegan

      How would you go about making the homeade magic shell without coconut oil because I am allergic to coconut

    47. lil meatwad TV

      I'm allergic to dumb ass bananas too you know how fucken bad I want banana pudding

    48. Xx Selena xX

      Corn?!?!??????!!!!! 🌽?!?!?!?!?! Inside if it!?!?!!?

    49. Xx Selena xX

      Dozens of us

    50. TOTALLY not A COP

      Out on a traayhh, nice!

    51. +Hugo^:

      Babi, when are you going to do the recipes of Hannibal?

    52. The Nerd

      What if you can't use coconut oil for the chocolate?

    53. NeToRare64

      Dancing with Babish.

    54. Tarquin Kellough

      I thought I was the only one with a banana allergy

    55. CT-0616 Oaks

      AAAAAHHHH...... so I see he is also a man of culture

    56. viziroth


    57. Stephen Storck

      Now im craving hush puppies

    58. Sly  Fox

      Steve1989 lmfao

    59. Greg Cameron

      There's literally dozens of us. Nice touch

    60. D. Prince


    61. Murdo Hinchliff

      2:22 hahaha theres dozens of us dozens

    62. cookie9112324

      What was the song name playing at the end?

      1. juan velasquez

        The one he is dancing too is sleepwalker by Emily King

    63. WolfsbaneFilms

      That ramen broth is amazing on a normal day. But imagine just having a bowl of it when you’re sick. That’s about as close to heaven as you can get.

    64. HELLo FriEND

      Just make an MRE already!

    65. Newb Gingrich

      2:04 "nice m'kay"

    66. Caydenphx

      I’ve seen you eat bananas before

    67. PhoenixFyre30

      I loved Andrews face when Sean was freaking out 🤭

    68. Joeseph Broeseph III

      This water tastes watery, I wonder why

    69. Teriyaki Soce

      Corn balls.are not hushpuppues, its a widely cooked thing here in the south.

    70. OptimusProvost

      Who wants a banger in the mouth?