Binging with Babish: Arrested Development Special (feat. Sean Evans)

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    And now, the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and their occasional culinary inventiveness in the face of adversity. From faulty deep-fryers to a legacy built on frozen bananas, the Bluths have dreamt up a wealth of money-making treats. Well, except for hot ham water. Somebody call Gene Parmesan.
    Music: "Love is Not" by Broke for Free
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    1. chickenisnic

      That casual Steve1989 reference was gold 🤣

    2. Adrian Sagala

      what’s the song at the end?

    3. bellybutthole

      2:43 So it seem every countrys ham producers have that person employed to fart in the ham packages, jeez I even heard there's a job to be had sunday morning coming to the cheese doodle factory so you can blow your breath into that bag of cheesy crunchyness before sealed and sold!

    4. El Vasama

      In any Hispanic country these are called choco de bananas

    5. TheDragonGamer

      Why though? Why pig trotters? 😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😣😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😢😭😭😭

    6. Remy Celeste

      “LFT” in the background at the end of the video? SUBSCRIBED

    7. 3000 subscriberswithnovideo

      Banana are not my favorite but nice video

    8. joshua louthan

      Pee nuts hahahahaha

    9. Nicolas RAGE

      Simply insert your rock hard banana 😂

    10. dmurphy915

      Definitely thought the thumbnail was sausage

    11. simoane the curly hobo


    12. Phleet Gaming

      so is like just any brick of chocolate gonna do? was going to just grab a bag of chocolate chips off a shelf but then my friend got in my head about the health benefits of coconut oil so it seems weird to grab preserved chocolate instead of a homemade brick

    13. Harmless Bystander

      “Insert your rock hard banana into the chocolate” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    14. Blake Weigel

      wrapping a tattoo in plastic actually increases the time needed to heal. Old school myth that was never backed up. I would say old wives tale, but I guess it would be old bikers tale or something.

    15. Borkowski Creations

      I also have a banana allergy.


      I feel like Superior stock would have been a much better choice for a gourmet version of hot ham water. The stuff's delicious, you can drink it straight up, and it uses actual ham.

    17. Thicc Mama

      Are friends with the mre guy

    18. trevor holdham

      No way! I'm allergic to bananas too! There ARE dozens of us! I've never met anyone else with this allergy so I feel validated.

    19. John McIlwain

      Bro the mre guy impression 😂😂

    20. Scrambles the Death Dealer

      Holy crap, Babish is the only other person I know of that's allergic to bananas! I miss banana nut bread 😕

    21. spehizle

      Instructions unclear; kidnapped Sean Evans and gave him a jar of chocolate.

    22. D Scimmy

      I lit up at that SteveMRE1989 reference, and I fucking knew the comments would be full of the same thing, hahah I love this channel

    23. Nicole West

      I'm deathly allergic to bananas

    24. di butler

      Hushpuppies need malt vinegar-born & bred Deep South Southerner

    25. Forty2Times

      The most sexual Binging with Babbish to date

    26. Mistah J

      Is it just me or was that full of double-entendres?

    27. Hannah Harrup

      I can’t believe you didn’t do parmesan cheese and mustard!! Classic Bluth family recipe.

    28. JustSomeEWTrash 001

      “Your rock hard banana into the living embrace of the chocolate.” Kinky!

    29. Мария Совдагарова

      Finally,somebody else who has a banana allergy! None of my family/friends have it.

    30. Kaito Ajin

      god i love the cute hands covering face thing -w-

    31. Meis magiic

      Improve Life pd Boris holodiets recipe

      1. Scrambles the Death Dealer

        You can't improve on Boris's super Slav cooking.

    32. NonBinary Code

      Dude I thought I was the only one allergic to bananas! glad I'm not alone

    33. stockart whiteman

      Personally my favorite way to eat Hush Puppies is just the hush puppy. I don't need many fillings to enjoy what is essentially deep fried cornbread.

    34. DackxJaniels

      2:05 I'd kill to see a video with Steve and Andrew just mucking around, making gourmet dinners with MRE packs.

    35. Bosco Pappas

      Hot Wings Challenge with Babish when?

    36. O_M525treble

      But like why would you date a guy who can’t cool tho. I have new standards

    37. Dylan Fioccola

      Life of Boris showed me how to make pigs feet jelly already

    38. Konatada

      I think you snuck in a mre guy reference. n i c e

    39. anna moore

      7:35 that hip thrusting tho

    40. M O X Y

      Nobody: Babish: I HaVE foUr pOUnDs Of piG feEt.

    41. The Life Of Me

      My mom is allergic to bananas, you guys can be allergic to bananas together.

    42. Creasing Drip40

      I too have a banana allergy, I feel your pain.

    43. Juan Perdomo

      2:55 I laughed my ass off 😂😂😂

    44. Justin Mayo

      WAS THAT A STEVE 1989 MRE REFERENCE? Babish you absolute legend.

    45. Mackenzie Smith

      Hey! I'm allergic to bananas too, you aren't alone!

    46. gijs

      Out on to a tray... Nice!

    47. R Murphy

      Holy crap was that an MRE Steve reference??

    48. たにし

      Tonkatsu = deep fried breaded pork Tonkotsu = pork bone based broth

    49. Luna Rose

      People everyday

    50. Austiiee

      "Bet you we're gonna see more of him.. In a few minutes" you cheeky fuck that wasn't even funny but got me chucklin 😂

    51. 21snipex isaac

      HE DID IT AGAIN!!! nice

    52. Jacob Short

      7:30 Boogie with Babish?

    53. Paulina's Serenity

      Woah I’m allergic to bananas too. I never met someone else who was

    54. Joshi

      Canned ham is one of those guilty pleasures that you know is bad for you but you can't help but enjoy

    55. Victoria Tellez


    56. Treeblox2007 21

      Rock hard banana In chocolate

    57. water . guns

      I like this angle we can see more of your face

    58. Brianne Bright

      Does anyone know the song at the end?

    59. Turquoise Sorcerer

      "Now that we have these bananas out onto a tray....." So are we gonna get that steve collab or what?

    60. Shelby Stuckey

      I'm allergic to chocolate so.....

      1. Scrambles the Death Dealer

        I'm sorry. That's a major bummer.

    61. JC Sandt

      Are you sure its a banana allergy and not OAS (oral allergy syndrome) which is a network of cross allergies?

    62. jungpunk

      @Steve1989MREInfo! Babish stole your schtick bro! Check out around the 2:03 mark man! :O

    63. Verona

      Where. Is. Tiny. Whisk.

    64. Amanda Gerdt

      I, too, am allergic to bananas.

    65. Firefairy Gaming

      I’m 1 of the dozen! I’m allergic to bananas and pineapple

    66. Drock1427

      Go away Sean evans

    67. Mustache Schultz


    68. FrostyChow

      That SteveMRE reference was awesome! "Nice"

    69. LeDerp Zod

      2:06 Steve is that you?

    70. Hober Swampson

      2:05 Steve reference lol

    71. CragScrambler

      2:06 SteveMRE that you?

    72. theskeptic fulana

      holly shit! I'm allergic to bananas too :)

    73. TK24

      2:05 yo was that a Steve 1989 mre reference???

    74. Guardian2059

      2:05 is this a reference to steve1989???

    75. TheProbewizard

      2:23 DOZENS

    76. commirevo89

      Be careful, you said "ton katsu" when you meant to say "ton katsu" (long "o" like "oh"). Ton katsu (short O like you said) is the Japanese friend pork cutlet - just as delicious but not what you're making and definitely not hot ham water.

    77. Mister Bread

      Looks like poo

    78. evanishei


    79. Myra Gongora

      have you ever made ichiraku ramen?if not please make it. If yes can i have the link

    80. B Rose

      Are you allergic to latex?

    81. Matt Huesman


    82. The Niga_Toni421

      Man I saw an ad and it showed me something about cancer and if I like people will think "Wow you are cruel" but if i dont Luke then they will think "You wont save these people" and now I'm in a pothole with the only exit of shame.

    83. jon adams

      "Now lets get this out on to a tray nice"Steve 1989

    84. sartorian darkstorm

      he micheal scott'ed that banana

    85. SHIYA

      I’m allergic to bananas too but it’s mild. Not anything that can kill me

    86. Grace Graham

      I also have a banana allergy!!!!!!

    87. dodgers doon1130

      You should call this thing a job guy

    88. Noam Cohen

      I also have a deadly banana “allergy”

    89. Lovely Vixen

      My little brother has a banana allergy you’re not alone :)

    90. Ldf 410

      "There are literally dozens of us"

    91. Kristen Varghese

      While i love the whole video, the end is what really made it

    92. jecksan

      2:14 *oh shit they got me*

    93. Le Epic

      I’ve made a mistake of microwaving chocolate at 2:00 A.M. sadly, it exploded and I burned my hand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    94. currently inexisting

      lmao that italian jand acting

    95. Cindy C

      There's always money in the banana stand 🍌

    96. Prod.Loner

      I need the last song ASAP

    97. Mónica Molina

      Chocobanano ? Smh

    98. Jane Howard

      I’m Allergic to bananas too

    99. Michael Quigg

      No way! I’m violently allergic to bananas too! Thought I was the only one.

    100. Jaewol

      It just crossed my mind: why haven’t you gone on Hot Ones yet?