Binging with Babish: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Aseenah Rasulalah

      I know too many people probably have said this already. You said Pumpkin and Apple...But, The all Mighty Sweet Potato Pie definitely need a mention!!! Love your show...

    2. Billy Kaufman

      0:43 Missed opportunity to say “Until it resembles the skin of your weenus”

    3. silent Shu-Shu

      Stuffing is nasty no matter how you do it . The bird is dry or the filling is under cooked . That's why dressing is better and safer . Tasty too.. biscuit cornbread and chicken dressing . 😘

    4. Gray Tenebris

      > Apple pie as an acceptable substitute to Pumpkin pie Pecans: "Am I a joke to you?"

    5. Lavenderp

      A best substitute for pumpkin pie is sweet potato pie it tastes almost like pumpkin pie but more sweet and creamier

    6. Lightning Runner

      Babish : "Skin around your elbows." Me : "Wenis skin."

    7. tankedmaddogg

      I like that subtle foreskin joke, if you missed its 0:44

    8. Darkwolfpocco

      Your are supposed to let the wishbone dry before breaking.

    9. “”gamer”” moments HQ

      *Babish you meant to say penis*

    10. DragonGuy GTO

      10:21 what about Sweet potato?

    11. Kaitlyn Johnson

      Wouldn’t it be better if you seasoned the under side of the chicken skin just my thoughts

    12. cherrrybb

      we still have a wishbone in our kitchen and i don't remember from what thanksgiving i think it's from 2 years ago... lol

    13. Ball Pythons are da best

      not to be rude, but I think I would have preferred for him to make a gourmet version of the weird one at the beginning

    14. sari bsunt

      Make the septucentennial cupcake in a cup from Wall-e.

    15. Jnxx YT

      The fact he said ass first instead of cavity is very interesting

    16. Athanasios Logaras

      You should make a TurTurkeyKey from HIMYM.

    17. Astrxcat XIII

      Those pumpkins looked like those candies you get on Halloween

    18. Angie Domine

      Did anyone else pause the video to look at the skin around their elbows?

    19. angel _ isbored

      **very quietly** rie can hand whisk whipped cream no problem

    20. Avian Ascended

      Nobody: Really nobody: Babish: D A R E I S A Y

    21. Donutt_69

      Y’all niggas gay

      1. Donutt_69

        Hada wuse wards

      2. Donutt_69

        Hada Macdonald yakol teezik

      3. Donutt_69

        KFC fee teezik

      4. Donutt_69

        I agree lol

      5. Donutt_69

        Lol ya

    22. Sarah Key

      This is my favorite babish episode something about it just makes me feel so warm and nostalgic and happy inside. Maybe makes me think back to simpler times waking up to thanksgiving dinner cooking in my grandma's house when I was a kid. She's dead now though and things just aren't the same around the holidays. Anyways sorry for rambling on I just super love this vid

    23. J Ritchie

      Where’s the Gravy? Where’s the pumpkin pieeeee? -peppermint patty

    24. Solly Msp

      did he just call salt and pepper seasoning, or I'm aging rapidly?

    25. Lil' Homie

      I wish Banish would stuff MY cavity lol

      1. Lil' Homie

        @Jasmeet K yes

      2. Jasmeet K

        Lil' Homie no-

    26. YuriIsMyWaifu


    27. Yin Fang

      me and my brother had a wishbone break so close to the middle we needed to hold the pieces together again just to see that i lost :(

    28. Jessie bee

      The day I got my hand mixer was the best lol i always hated having to do whipped cream by hand. They always made us do it like that when I was in culinary school

    29. ejej shej

      1:18 nice pumpkins

    30. AterLupus

      Last thanks giving i missed out on food due to having had my wisdom teeth removed. This year, i want to help out with the food, though knowing my family they are going to think im weird for wanting to actually make things from scratch rather than use pre made stuff.

    31. Sam Walker

      I’ve never used those types of pumpkins for pumpkin pie it’s always been neck pumpkin in my family

    32. ishai picus

      Pleas ohh pleas make butterbeer or pumpkin juice from Harry Potter!

    33. Near theEdge

      If you put halves of lemons and onion inside the turkey it makes an amaaaaaaazingly moist turkey. Definitely the best way to do it

    34. Oscar Scheepstra

      Babish, the rest of the world uses grams as a measurement instead of ounces.

    35. Cydea

      does your family call you babish, babish?

    36. Rick Sanchez C137

      BABISH: “But what the hell is turkey without gravy?” ME: “Dry...”

    37. Stitchpuppy01

      I'm watching this in June. Don't question me.

      1. OpalFur


    38. T SexyRexy

      I too love fingering my Turkey

    39. musicalmegan

      I have only one critique: you have to leave your wishbone out to dry before you pull it, that way it doesn’t just break in half.

    40. Iain Ronald

      Babish dressed like J-Lo: *spreads his legs” It’s Turkey time! Gobble gobble...

    41. Silvana Felix

      No soggy bottoms.

    42. Melanie Filips

      your supposed to wait a few days to let the wishbone dry before breaking it sure it looks gross but its better for snapping

    43. Cinspiria

      How many fucking times did you have to watch the fucking snoopy christmas to know what to make??

    44. Cor Ri

      He forgot mashed potatoes.

    45. 400 gaming

      7:25 spoilers btw

    46. Daniel Lara

      Family: what are you going to make for thanksgiving Babish: *yes*

      1. The Creeper King

        “Why did Andrew bring an entire thanksgiving dinner?” *”Because of my youtube audience”*

    47. Sean O'Connor


    48. N

      no mashed potatoes...... may as well be eating cat feces

    49. Wesley Long

      Instructions were un-clear. I put a whole bird in the oven

    50. Kev3004

      Can someone tell/explain how stuffing tastes like? And turkey? We don’t eat turkey for thanksgiving lol

    51. Shadow Pokemander

      with the pumpkin puree can you add a splash of like a dark rum or brandy or would that just not work

    52. Introbulus

      God damn these videos make me hungry

    53. Kit

      I like every video from Babish I see, but I ESPECIALLY like this one.

    54. Victoria Rose

      OMG HE CUSED this is the first time I heard him cause 😂😂😂

      1. Light tower Friend 101


    55. Khaos Beatz

      You should’ve done the whole meal. Also the memories are insane.

    56. John A.

      pealing skin off coworkers... now that's an interesting company party you got there

    57. Mei Yue

      i would like to be ur roommate

    58. Crowbachprints

      nice turkey Tom reference

    59. Side Salt

      this guy is the bob ross of cooktube

    60. Jazzo Vogel

      I thought you were flashing for a sec when you walked out with the pumpkins. 😂😂😂

    61. Kiwi

      can my marriage be fixed with aluminum foil???

      1. God damn it Battler/Tom/Zucc

        No but it can with flex seal

    62. Cool Cal

      You gotta let the whishbone dry, if not what happened in the vid will happen, if you let it dry then it will split unevenly/ somebody will win or lose

    63. C.C Yuu

      I thought the only food that would be serve is Peanuts.

    64. Valerie

      Poultry parcel.

    65. JammyBoii_528

      Babish can now say that he used the family meal as content! 👍 Love your vids this is a joke so don’t take it too personally

    66. Matthew O'Neill

      Platinum rolex ?

    67. Vanessa Swayze

      I thought you were adding some crown royal to the pumpkin, but I guess maple syrup works too

    68. Xzabriel Stayner

      Were the freakin mashed potatos

    69. scifinatic Tizz

      I got excited when he said add sage, thyme, and rosemary, and chopped parsley. That stuffing is going to Scarborough Fair.

    70. Victoria Light

      Or if you have any pie wights (edit) it's white and about the same size as a fishing line wight