Binging with Babish: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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    Published on 11 months ago


    1. Gopnik-001

      Thank you Babish for the best pumpkin pie recipe ever.

    2. Scrumptious Dingo

      If you don’t have a hand mixer try shaking first then whipping, whipping with your wrists more, or use a blender ball protein shaker with the whisk ball

    3. Michael Hof

      Thanksgiving 2019 what's the ideal Thanksgiving Turkey please!

    4. Blue diamond

      A bird eating a Turkey

    5. Tyler Abner

      My whole arm hurt after you did the elbow comparison 😂😢

    6. Anna Girling

      Let the wishbone dry out for a day! Then see who gets the longest end!

    7. The Casuist

      Bro your girlfriend is obviously having sex with your friend behind your back, you might as well kill her bro.

    8. Tseng Akera

      if you let the turkey rest for 30 minutes how is it not cold by the time it gets to the table?

      1. NicDoesDumbThings

        a whole bird would take a lot longer than 30 minutes to get fully cold

    9. Miika B

      Didn't know about the baking powder in the rub !

    10. Andreas Evans-Adamecz

      you are, dare I say, hands down the best cooking US-newr

    11. Richard Hotvedt

      Watching, " Garfield Thanksgiving" at the moment... having thoughts toward how the meal prepared for the occasion, of which John Arbuckle has prepared by his grandma to rescue him from his culinary inadequacy..and how it would look on this channel prepared.

    12. Steven Dennison

      You're welcome for the 12 views it took to get this recipe right.

    13. Noble Savage

      do a hannibal recipe next time

    14. Hassan Ashraf

      im sad i cant celebrate thanksgiving before you ask why it’s because y’know Malaysians and because religion?? I’m not sure but the only thing we celebrate is hari raya (hari means day and raya means.... actually im not sure what it means feel free to google it) and it’s fun actually! We take these small kinda pop and we throw it on the ground as hard as we can and it go’s pop basically i remember being scared of it we also play bunga api my personal favourite (Bunga Api means Fire Flower) it’s a stick with some coal on the top (again not sure what’s on the top but it’s flammable) it’s a iron stick so yeah light it on fire and wave it around run with it ( I also remember naruto running with both of them lit)

    15. Steven Dennison

      Making this recipe for Thanksgiving and I'm putting the bacon in my stuffing.

    16. Sean E. Belcher

      You didnt make it right you gotta slather the Turkey in butter


      I was distracted by the watch, does anyone know what brand and model it is?

    18. JoshBeut

      Any Canadians here this weekend?

    19. BoDuke2 the original

      3:22 make a video about what happens and what are the differences in putting the egg in at the wrong time

    20. dumpster fire 69

      I need a show where babish plays the dad to a shy child just so he gets to say "let them get to know eachother" allot

    21. Ahmad Shahid

      He looks so much like my teacher

    22. Roman Kaplan

      As a Brit, we don't have Thanksgiving, but this also serves as a great tutorial for the Christmas turkey, thanks Babish!

    23. Rosalina Urquia

      Bird eating Turkey WHAT IS LIFE NOW

    24. Lucy Rose

      Why am I here it’s not even thanks giving

    25. Penalty Prime

      Stretch the chicken skin until it resembles a scrotum. That’s a more accurate representation. It just makes you not want to eat it.

    26. Conn

      This is nostalgia right here.

    27. Silvana Felix

      *No soggy bottoms*

    28. Make memes in my comments so I’m popular Please

      I’ve never had this kind of thanks giving and it looks soooooo good

    29. I’m just saying the truth People

      Can you do the poison soup from the night before Halloween

    30. I’m just saying the truth People

      Can you do a special treat from the night before Christmas because for some reason I watch this movie while I am eating Thanksgiving


      K o s h e r s a l t a n d b l a c k p e p p e r

    32. Daniel Walker

      Good thing I'm watching this in the fall. Making me crave Pumpkin spice frappuccino. Also you forgot the red cabbage.

    33. SuperBruhMoments 69

      He made Thanksgiving meal and its not Thanksgiving....

    34. john hincapie

      Oh boo i thought was how to make toast and popcorn

    35. DJ Does Dumb Stuff

      Can anyone explain to me why I always felt so depressed when watching a Charlie Brown? Something about it just made me deeply upset. Whatever, lol. Maybe I’m just a weirdo.

      1. DJ Does Dumb Stuff

        christina broadhead Good to know I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      2. christina broadhead

        Well, for me, it's very sad too. It's the content, true to life, holidays, family, loss, and it's deep, existential. Certainly not funny. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!atb

    36. NylertheMarshmallow


    37. Cecilie Ward

      We noticed you didn’t make your own bread, that gonna hurt your score

    38. Chubby Blobfish

      I always get so hungry watching this channel

    39. Drake Vicorian

      That opening gave me so much nostalgia

    40. C Martin

      Dare I say

    41. Evan Barber

      Omg we made this when I was in 1st grade at school! Good times.

      1. Makenzie Stieber

        My 1st grade teacher adored Charlie Brown/ Peanuts and I'll always fondly remember watching the movies for whichever season

    42. BTS OT7

      Those are the prettiest pumpkins I’ve ever seen

    43. Cayly!i! From Earth-77

      What nobody noticed, is that this was the beginning of the phrase that is "To let the flavors get to know each other"

    44. Harambe Keemstar

      my dad makes the best stuffing you could ever imagine but that doesnt do him any justice as i say that about everything he cooks but the stuffing... fucking hell the stuffing...

    45. Christopher Salas

      Im subscribed but not joined & I just want to know why we pull the skin away from the meat?

    46. Ninja Kitty

      A Charlie Brown thanksgiving

    47. Tharealcracker

      I’m scared of pumpkins

    48. Xander

      Snoopy actually *did* serve pumpkin pie

    49. Agasthya Mavilla

      4:38 Okay, who all went back just to see what the old shirt's color was? i know i did. :P

    50. They Call Me Felix

      Who knew turkeys were just big gross elbows

    51. Broken Space

      I just want to say I very much appreciate this chanel. Not many channels made me want to make my hands as dirty as this one.

    52. Nudedragon


    53. Dendran Gardner

      Was Woodstock even aware that Snoopy had a *_bird_* cooked/roasted/flamed/baked in the beginning clip you used?

    54. mo makes vids

      im a vegetarian and watching how to make a turkey lol


      Can't wait for this year's Thanksgiving video!!!! 2 months and counting down

    56. cherry i guess

      wowi that's a gorgeous turkey

    57. Lu Wei

      "until it resembles the skin around your balls."

    58. Mel

      Hey Babby quick question: what size is the pie pan? It's not mentioned any where...

    59. AtmaDragoon

      10:17 - Pretty sure that's a Wishbone Double Jeopardy: you both get your respective wishes, but they're fulfilled Monkey's-Paw style.

    60. JustSomeCringyKid

      *nobody:* *elementary schools during november:*

    61. LOCATOR


    62. KingEagleGaming

      Serious question, could you cook and eat the brown rice after it was used as a pie weight

    63. Josh Gwynne

      If you weren't from the US, elbow skin wouldn't be the most apt description,

    64. eddie spaghetti

      chugafreeze from the weekenders

    65. Tyler Walter

      Can’t wait for thanksgiving and Christmas 😂😂

    66. Everybody has left the chat

      The opening clip was the biggest nostalgia moment I’ve had for a while.

      1. Boden Langlois

        Same bro


      Anybody got the song in this video???

    68. uHuliJi

      Family: what are you going to make for thanksgiving Babish: yes

    69. MottoOG

      I dare say....

    70. James M

      Mr babish i been watching for a few years now and i love the way you execute everything you do. I have a request It would mean the world to me Can you please make something from mean girls October 3rd is mean girls day I would love to see kalteen bars or cheese fries